VFX Artists React to Bad & Great CGi 23

published on July 18, 2020

I hate it when movies do this dude this is true craftsmanship and true art right here oh my god dude I can tell you exactly how they did this thanks three-cone for sponsoring this video stick around to the end of the episode to figure out you can get 15% off your

First order hi everyone welcome back to another episode of visual effects artist react now you might be saying to yourself wait a minute a new episode you guys are sitting right next to each other in this quarantine ha this is a

Trigger perspective we are in fact quite distant from each other and we will be giving you an episode here socially distance at the corridor digital studios where all want you home these days but we had to come back in order to film

This one thing we said quite distance but how distance Nikko justice our way oh this is exactly don't let them breathe on that so a little further than about six feet there we have it Co get that near me the friends are about seven

And a half anyways we got a lot of great clips for you guys today we got some good stuff we got some bad stuff we got everything in between it's gonna be good let's break it down and tell you guys how they made the magic and how they

Maybe have made the magic even better movie splash starring Tom Hanks it came out I don't know 50 years ago it's currently up on Disney Plus but because that's a family-friendly network they actually had to track in some CG hair

Over her her but as she goes running off into the haha that is rough and it kind of just makes everyone ask why I can tell you exactly how they did this so that is the clone tool probably an After Effects we've cloned one spot of her

Hair literally over and over so that is her hair rocks all the hair rocks on her but the same way just a up the video clone tool oh boy that is a flat 2d car does she like dives in this seeing this on Twitter today made me realize I have

No idea what the original shot was maybe we saw a little bit more the hair bikini looks real like that definitely that's nothing practical I could see him being like ooh when she dies into the water and back in the day

They're just like whatever release it but it would've been so much easier for Disney just to fix that a little bit with the clone tool rather than cloning a giant fur Pelt over her entire keister the problem with this is that it comes

Down to the effect is just very obvious yeah and the clip has gone viral because it's obvious and has drawn everyone's attention and now it's become a greater problem than they initially bargained for but that's because that's how these

Things work whoa studies papa I I have yet to watch this same I have yet to actually watch this I've been meaning to I start a part five is finally up the guy finally got his YouTube channel back and under

Control which is great because it was lost for a while hey guess what it still looks excellent it's beautiful man the crazy thing about a star DS is it's basically one dude I mean there's a couple other guys that like helped out

Here and there were some things but this is a testament to knowing your workflow and knowing how to like solve problems in an efficient way did that surface imperfections on the shoulder mmm so nice

All that service yeah let this placement map yeahit's do you think that's a displacement map or an actual like model definitely displacement map displacement maps are super super cool because displacement map so they basically let

You do is they let you take a texture and they let you deform something geometrically based on that texture is basically based off of like a luminance value so the darker something is the more sunken into the object it goes in

The brighter the pixel the more away from the object it goes Renne you made a really cool lego brick about your leg over using just this placement mask yeah so like just using a displacement map you can turn just a box model like

Literally just six polygons into like a highly detailed Lego brick because and actually have like the little circles go up and then if you're to flip the whole cube over you have like the whole insect cube going in and you actually make a

Whole leg over it because simulating all of that all of that geometry would have just broken the system right yeah because we had to simulate like literally thousands of LEGO bricks falling down I'm simulating a cube is

Easy but simulating a Hugh Blythe pegs on the top and hollow things on the bottom that's hard exactly the computer thinks is a cube but we think it's a Lego brick thanks to the displacement man it's a way to get tons of extra

Detail without having to like overtaxed your system dude whatever this look is modeling and I thought that he put helmets on these guys just to be like you know what I'm not the best at you know facial

Information so I'll just rock with some helmets and some armor but no he just took his helmet off guys is there any motion capture in this I guess that's nobody so I think this is all hand keyframed I think I think so when you're

Animating like an actual fully CG character there's so many different things you have to like keyframe over the time like every joint every position of every arm everything has to be like intentionally placed in order to create

The motion that's why people use motion capture suits or motion capture studios to streamline all of that data so that I can like do this and then it's captured obviously there's some work going into translating and converting that stuff I

Would be surprised if somebody helped out maybe gave him some base animations but even still like there's so many specific things that you can't really do with motion capture that he has here there's specific timed animations the

Finger twitch there like guys the guys like going in people for example yeah one of the crazy things about this being animated is the the armor you need to make it sure that I guess things move that they don't clip and like you know

You'll have rigged bodies that will deform you know basically the skin down to a bone system but with armor you need to have things that stay solid and they all need to like work together and move correctly and overlap with each other

And you can always tell a good animator because they keep inertia and momentum into account like let's say I have a carrot I want them to punch and like you know okay so they're here and they go here right what's so hard about that

Animation in real life you have to accelerate and then you have to decelerate and you know it throws your body into it in your head you know gets pulled chin hurts and then when your forehead follows afterwards and all

These weird little rules about how things move apply to animation and you said to have broken down the universe effectively to understand all these little tricks it's one of those things was like an animator who's done a lot of

Animating a walk around be like oh I can see how that thing swings a little bit differently because that thing moved the way that person moved cause this little thing to move differently over there some of those weird little curses you

Have to live with I don't know bout you guys but I walk around looking at things back okay so if I were to replicate it's the material I would need a bump map do the same thing interesting like you can do that with a

Noise map you can stretching on the y-axis a little bit and like I totally didn't seem like I want to recreate this texture just on a walk and Kim's like hey hey pay attention – I'm sorry I was just staring at the ground

so I think at a certain point you know you get to the point where it's pretty easy to make something look really nice but what sets this above everything else is the composition and the lighting and

The shot structure and the editing like it's all so well done you know it's not just oh this model looks nice it's no look at this beautiful world put together brilliantly composed brilliantly edited together

Just in an amazing way this is this is true true craftsmanship and true art right here this guy has a patreon I'm a supporter of him on patreon I really want to see him make more stuff well the link in the description below if you

Guys want to help this guy make more of these things yeah are you guys enjoying the content so far good when I want you that subscribe button we got a whole bunch more for you Indian Jones oh my god dude and I was watching the

Originals in quarantine it's the best movies here we go red buckle up oh my god physics don't matter bad green-screen screen it looks janky to me because first off you have this light wrapping

Of the background kind of bleeding into their hair the the side of the window their shoulders everything is just evenly wrapped around and it looks it just looks off look super off to me the background is like dim like really dim

The colors are weird it's the whole King Kong ring from the dinosaurs sequence problem where it's just like weird fuzzy mats everything is light wrap like like that live-action yeah is static her hair's not even blowing in the wind yeah

It's just a classic issue though of like green screen in an environment that's really dynamic and the green screen is nowhere near as dynamic as the environment because this is coming off you know the prequels where they did a

Whole lot of blue screen green screen like well fix it in post and like they just kept that attitude here and just it feels lazy it feels like they're on set they're just like okay well let's fix it in post like you know they have like

Hundreds of people with like you know costing them thousands and thousands and thousands of dollars doing the effects but they can't be bothered to put a fan it's just obvious that they're not doing this for real and it takes you out of

The movie you establish rules in your world but if you violate those rules you violate your world and therefore the story doesn't really matter anymore the stakes don't really matter like in some films you can do this Mary Poppins you

Can do this Indiana Jones physics need to matter otherwise his daring stunts don't matter like if everything's Looney Tunes cartoon and then somebody jumping from one car to another it's not a big deal and they've established clearly

Clearly that were in Looney Tunes land so like the dude jumping off the back of the car then MIG on the edge of the cliff there's zero stakes because if they drive off the cliff they're just wily coyote they're way back onto the

Road somehow at least that's how it feels it's like they're being real physical consequences I mean this is the movie that had Harrison Ford's private nuke what getting in her fridge so it's not really following the rules but it's

Just compared dude compared to the originals man this is like what is this dude like this compared to the tank chase oh yeah dude yeah anytime like hanging on to that that turret and getting scraped

Against the rock does it go hard it's getting closer and closer like that's so intense compared to just cg world and you're like yeah it doesn't matter I just remembered when you guys left a comment for this very next scene if you

Guys have a scene you'd like us to react to I'll leave a comment will react to it very next episode my kids my kids 3d this is back before like 3d movies and theaters for commonplace Robert Rodriguez just screw

It it's a kids movie I'll just get her done this guy's freaking desk that is death I hate it when movies do this dude they do that fricking janky super gimmicky 3d move no Joss 3d as well so I guess this whole movie is based on the

Gimmick of 3d which is why they have things like sparks flying to camera because it feels like it's actually coming through the movie screening hitting you in the face whereas most commonly over the last

Decade or so 3d movies have all been about extending the set behind the screen and giving depth Dino wise Cheech or whatever his name is in this Danny Trejo machete Shetty till you show me flying it or a pig

Bill paxton our IP these are like the code an Adam Sandler movie but for Robert Rodriguez forgets all his friends together and they just goof around but you know what the fact that it's a kids movie means it's like pretty chill like

They're clearly on a green screen the whole time wait are those CG glasses because they weren't wearing them a moment ago so there's a cut there so CG glasses there there's a cut right

Okay so it's just a jump cut okay okay this is a justified 3d shot in my piggy mm-hmm that's justified those perfectly glossy metallic robot I know this is basically Pacific Rim now at this point can you forgive yourself it's never too

Late semester oh that's great Hakan these timepieces fall off so a huge thing for my inspiration when I'm jumping into say like a visual effect shot I'm trying to get creative and

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Slash corridor crew or click the link in the description to find out how you can get 15% off your first rake on order thanks for watching everybody we've officially ran out of footage so we've

Had to start recording new episodes here we're doing it as safe as we can we hope you are staying safe as well but we'll still be here every Saturday to entertain you let me see your quarantine haircuts not bad Renne looking kinda

Almost a little bit fro yeah can I go see if I can stick my hair out and like dude that's like a wall dude Narwhal anyways please consider subscribing if you have not already I look forward to hanging out with you guys in the next


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