by birtanpublished on September 29, 2020

we got some exciting news about virgin
cryptocurrency all in general this is a
great day
we're gonna start off with the market
cap market cap is 1.2 billion we got
volume of 1.4 billion
Wow that is insane you got a circling
supply of 14 billion you got a mac
supplies 16 billion let's go to the news
so the news is that verjus partnered
with mine geek so mine geek has 115
million daily users 3 billion ad
impressions 15 terabytes of uploaded
content 1000 plus employees worldwide
and 7 offices worldwide you don't know
what mine dicus I'll let you know
so my geek owns pornhub brazzers youporn
reality porn EP and mancom mine geek is
huge guys and verge is also giving away
three hundred thousand dollars and verge
to celebrate they have some more little
contests that they're doing to celebrate
Dobby a virtual date with stormy Daniels
that's another porn sir and people also
get an opportunity to go on a date with
Akira I probably didn't pronounce that
right but who cares plenty of people in
crypto market excited about this news
just the reactions are hilarious that
I'm just seeing right now so one pornhub
announced his charlie was trying to cut
them up about this whole situation like
why you trying to cut them up this is
huge for cryptocurrency in general this
is like the Vegas partnership ever you
know what all the banks and stuff aside
like those guys are just they are shady
you know but this is cool people are
actually gonna use this like real people
so this is the message that Charlie was
sending pornhub on Twitter Charlie was
like you should start accepting like
corn send me a message pornhub is like I
thought you stole all your litecoin
charlie responds if you accept LTC I'll
buy some just so I could spend LTC to
pay for porn deal
pornhub hasn't responded after that
they're pretty much burning him you know
cause Charlie was dissing verged the
whole time throughout this whole
situation people I just I've just been
cutting up birds you know I don't know
why people hate on other people with
different currencies and stuff it's like
shut up man like this is for the greater
good this is such great news another
reaction was by Doug Pope Doug Pope was
making videos cutting up virgin and just
dissing him dissing him again
you know just disrespecting verged
community and the developer says
everything about verge right and skier
spotted today when he saw this
partnership wow what a great partnership
this is the greatest partnership in
history of crypto and he's right this is
the biggest partnership in history of
crypto this is gigantic Wow
so in discord Doug Polk was admitting
that he made a mistake right so he's
sending messages back and forth to
somebody so he's saying I guess I was
wrong you were all correct you just got
it one like I did I made a video and now
I realize I was wrong it was eye-opening
for sure people are like making an
apology video to cancel the FUD and
damage that you caused you owe xvg that
much at least
Doug post is working on it now but I
can't get away from this amazing news a
partnership with a company who provides
the third most traffic and Internet a
day qualifies as large so there you have
it guys this is a great partnership this
is huge for crypto congratulations an
average team congratulations to the
developers congratulations to all the
holders congratulations to everyone and
crypto in general this is such a great
day to celebrate guys this is what we're
doing this for this to see this all
happen we're all the early adopters
right now so this is such great news I
just see major companies just keep
signing up with cryptocurrencies in the
future man this is just it like one
after the other and and all the prices
we just go up up a higher and higher and
higher these institutional investors
were just full more right in and all
these prices will go astronomical man
this is uh this is insane I'm I'm really
really happy about this so this was k7
from crypto pedia if you like the
content press that subscribe button
smash that like button leave a comment
below let me know what you think about
this verge partnership is it great for
crypto is it not what do you think about
Charlie leave comments what do you think
about Doug post comments who was right
and who was wrong
who trolled who let me know what you
think guys are in the comments uh eight
anyways guys until next time I got more
videos more reviews to come yo we out

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