Vegan Outreach Gets Disrupted at Yale University

by birtanpublished on August 29, 2020

But then again we have to take it beyond just taste right so that's one aspect of it but then we do like the pain well there is a queue but you be more than welcome to well I mean I mean depends there is a little queue forming so it depends and cutting the queue I'm a very

Important person I got things to do give them the trough my name is ed a carnivore or an omnivore I'm here at Yale University and I have a tablecloth that reads if eating animal products is a choice than why do we

Choose to be cruel you sat down very kindly you said you're proud omnivore so tell me more about the proud that the pride have been an omnivore it's not necessarily that you know um hurting animals as it is that I'm cooking and I

Like when I cook I like to have a large array of choices that includes meat and it's not necessarily limited to me but I do like the choice of animal products in my food so it's you'd say an idea of choice absolutely is very important but

Also like a flavor you enjoy the taste of it you that see it's not because it's interesting we see proud on the board one of my first questions I was going to say too as well I you therefore proud of what happens to animals

We're all animals but you are you proud of what so when you buy like a piece of steak or or a chicken breast from KFC or whatever it is I when you say well I'm a proud omnivore because I enjoy how it tastes are you also proud of the

Suffering that's caused by the purchase am i proud no am i ashamed enough to change my behavior no because it's very far removed from me absolutely since degrees of separation and so let's take I want to come back to

Tasting but let's follow this train of thought degrees of separation so we buy a product in a supermarket or wherever and the consequence of that is that supermarkets bought it from a slaughterhouse to have killed the

Animals so let's say I hire a hitman and I pay a hitman to kill someone the Hitman kills someone am i them morally excused because there's degrees of separation in place well I think we should draw a

Distinction here when we're talking about morality because you know say say you a Christian right you thou shalt not kill it doesn't include animals but there's also no asterisks that says it shouldn't

Include animals and you also said that humans are animals just a moment ago yeah well don't kill other men or kind of a stretch if you try and equate you know killing another person with killing a chicken you know so what we

Necessarily mind you know killing the chicken well what we then have to establish is is what is about non-human animals what trait or characteristic do they possess that makes it worthwhile killing

Them is it just because we enjoyed the taste or is there or is there something more bile well it was the trait in non-human animals that means that were moral excused to kill them instead they don't have I wouldn't say self-awareness

But they don't have the same level of consciousness as a person so maybe they don't have like the cognitive abilities right the emotional capacities maybe yes would we define that as like form of intelligence yes but I don't want to say

That humans without those cognitive abilities are safe to eat so I think I well not necessarily I think that you can like put all humans into one bin and generally the case is true that but what we have to do so if we're

Differentiating humans from non-human animals then we have to find a trait in non-human animals that if applied to humans were would not make that justifiable so if that's that's that's that's I don't know

Man I don't know if I agree with that because I think you can find a trait that's generally true in all animals and then you must apply to say is that trait generally the case in all humans because you're always gonna find an exception

And you don't necessarily need to apply the rule in the same ways to those exceptions but if we if we wanted to create a distinction between two to separate groups there has to be one thing about one group that isolates it

From another group that if applied to the other group would still not be valid so what is your response to higher level of consciousness well the idea of heightened level of consciousness I don't know I'm not sure exactly that

Means I think the point is of consciousness right so these animals are conscious and I think mommy say heighted were very more to like a an emotional or intellectual cognitive capacity rather than just conscious like to be conscious

Is to be conscious but the other add-ons to that what separates us right so I I agree with that so when you say heightened level of consciousness what are you referring to specifically intelligence self-awareness

Ability to build giant structures like Yale yeah you know so see any chicken farms looking like this well I mean we see massive chicken farms produced by humans but the point is that if so what were then saying is if if life is to

Find TWiT by intelligence right so that's what I'm making the claim of then we do have to to be consistent we have to create hierarchies within our own species to say well those of us who built Yale are worth more have a higher

Worth of life than those of us who could icon I think we're totally oh oh yeah seems somewhat that was craziest thing she's actually a vegan oh that's fine then she's more than welcome um okay so we have to be to be consistent to use

That idea consistently has to be applied to to this situation as well say well those of us who built Yale which was not me would therefore and probably not yourself maybe your forefathers it but must therefore have a higher worth of

Life than those of us who couldn't build Yale well they're certainly worth more money but that's another rebel okay let's go back to taste okay unless say you say well I'm a proud on nabob because I

Enjoy cooking these things I like choice I like flavor nothing's gonna nothing I feel like would make me not be an omnivore just because forget forget the food if you made this food tastes exactly like real

Chicken then I would eat it you know I think it's morally a correct decision here but currently the food doesn't taste like that and it's a lot more trouble for me than its than it's worth especially causes as you said the

Degrees of separation yeah so if everyone else was a vegan like I'd obviously have lots of vegan choices and it'd be very easy I'm sure in 50 years the technology will be excellent so my my fake chickens will taste like real

Chickens so it is just a taste thing right and a convenience thing for you a convenience and taste I like that because I think that I think that's not honest but then the question becomes well in the present time and we can get

Beyond burgers they're pretty good the question then becomes I mean what has higher value taste or life or or more to the point can we use sensory pleasure alone to morally just define action yes but then if so if we use sensory

Pleasure alone to more interest to an action again we have to be consistent and so anything that provides us with sensory pleasure that could be taste it could be feeling it could be sight must therefore be justifiable so then

Dogfighting is justifiable because we enjoy it it's not cat it's that categorical man there you've got to be consider but there's there's weights to every every wrong and I think though weight to killing a chicken is less than

The weight to you know the dog fight but why why because chickens were raised to to be killed but some dogs are bright too fights yeah but that's like for not necessarily the culinary pleasure is of like a person which i think is a shoe

Elijah I mean taste pleasure and visual pleasure in terms of what's moral well I think I think taste and like appreciation a good food is a lot closer to the human soul than watching some

Other animals hurt themselves I mean look historically we've always found pleasure and entertainment and watching gladiators I was humans but even just more like animals fighting animals yeah I'm sad so we've always

Found pleasure in there so I would argue that the two are probably intrinsically similar in terms we've done them for a long time we've always provided this pleasure bread came before circuses

Rented but french-speaking satisfied here's no bread spreads good but I guess the point is then you know we have to we do have to be somewhat consistent and so if we do just do you say taste provides justification then we have to say well

Anything that provides me sensory pleasure you know let's just let's take our humans out and just do animals right and non-human animals then that does be justifiable so you know is eating dogs justifiable because people in Southeast

Asia enjoy it is eating pilot whales justifiable – okay let's get sure that's good to be logically consistent but then again we have to take it beyond just taste right so that's one aspect of it but then we do like well there is a

Queue but you'll be more than welcome to well I mean I mean depends there is a little queue forming so it depends I'm cutting the queue I'm a very important person I got things to do give them the trough how well I mean it

Depends I think I'm just I think I'm just finished and we're wrapping up my way yes I mean I think I think this was a really productive and sketch and I love two of us but you have to sit down okay but have you seen this guy's you

Know he seems prettier so are you are you happy to wait 10 mama knows thank you I appreciate it guys and I'm really sorry about this this is very uncharacteristic well let's make it happen let's make happen because these

Guys have been waiting very patiently and I appreciate their patience which i think is a virtue okay so are we ready firstly my name is Ed what's your name Spiti Smitty yes it's me I'm here at Yale

University and I wrote a book off that reads if eating animal products is a choice then why choose to be cruel so what is your thoughts on on that statement why don't you just like raise cattle ethically and then like kill them

Ethically and like eat delicious meat that like makes your body feel good okay we got to describe those so describe the process of raising killing animals ethically and also I should before they define the word ethical what does the

What ethical mean you like make them use live good lives great no object subtle each other they have their children objectively what does the what ethical mean not inflicting suffering on like creatures

That are innocent okay so okay so with that in mind so then it's continued so how do we then kill an animal ethically you like raise it well then what it's time to die you do that thing in no country for old men you shoot the

Counterpart in his hand guys painlessly then yeah then you're like prepare it cleanly then you eat like if you're like on a farm you eat like delicious meat for like six months okay but we said without suffering and

So the animals suffer when we do these things to them why would it suffer there's a great life it fucks the other it fucks the cows but you're not thinking about is logically because the reason we found the way we do is not

Because we're cruel is because it's the only way to do with its economic or environmentally viable so the way you are proposing wouldn't work or the situation you're asking for maybe we should just like commit genocide might

Kill other people so that way like it's not so that way like like eliminate the cattle farms cuz I'm the summary shitty cows there's a lot of shitty people I think the Great Plains I just like the shitty people so you said that there's

Not many shitty cows which so would you say that cows are innocent yes okay and then you said that the word ethical was not to harm in animals that are innocent so cows are innocent which means we can't kill them ethically so why isn't

It ethical to like raise them really well and then it's time try to kill them you just take the cattle thing yeah it's shooting in their head when they're not looking they instantly die then you have delicious food that's very healthy

Because it's not a necessity so in the absence of necessity to take the life of an animal would be an act of cruelty because they don't need to die nor do they want to die and if they live in a good life is

Almost crueler because they value their life and they find happiness in their existence and so if they live a good life to take that from them is is almost they arguably crueler because they value their life more than those who are

Raised badly they don't live a good life if they're like in if they're in nature they don't live a good life because instantly killed by wolves yeah well I'm fortunate we've hunted wolves to the point of extinction so

That that isn't true in today's world but that doesn't that does to beside the point just because in nature horrible things happen doesn't mean that you and I are justified to horrible things I guess but they live fine lives we've

Identified we've been to fight the Bison animal in this cow so like why don't we just raise it well then like it's time to kill it we kill it we have delicious food that makes us feel good because because that's an active

Morality because these animals immoral because it's unnecessary and you go back to taste so what is higher value oh no no it's not say that um do we require more than sensory pleasure to morally justify an action no you can be

Vegetarian but you shouldn't because it's healthier to eat red meat I'm talking about being vegan and actually when we actually it's not healthy to be red me it's been it's been proven time and time again that actually read me is

Is bad for us is high in touch rate fast cholesterol trans fat ik it's actually a class I think considered a class to carcinogen meaning it can cause colon cancer well what is it about red meat that makes it healthy

It's not that people eat red meat live like a much worse a much unhealthy existence so they eat like the bloomin onion at the Outback Steakhouse like the Cheesecake at the Outback Steakhouse well you could take that out of the

Equation that doesn't change objectively whether or not something is good or bad but ok so dis sensory pleasure morally justified action no ok so then taste itself does not justify what we do to animals it plays a role but it doesn't

Justify it no ok so then what justification do we have it is not taste and it's not necessity because we are designed to eat red meat it should be no dairy so should not be dairy that's good the cow to suffer and vegetarians eat

Dairy I'm vegan ok but like soy is terrible for you soy beans and nuts are terrible for you y soy twice it's horrible and why would I'm based on what reasoning why soy terrible for you your stomach it makes

You fly why the why writing food but why you've got it but if you're gonna make claims you have to tell me why that's the case it's a legume and the grooms are unhealthy but why I don't know because personal experience plus like

First anecdotal evidence is not it's not provide I can't cite them cuz I'm not a loser like study stuff like I'm pretty sure that like and from personal experience ok looks I think we can all agree right though you know you and I

Are not going to throw no citations and studies of each other but we have to look at kind of what a generic the scientific consensus would would would met would mandate and by Monday I'm gonna give this debate to me cuz I crush

You but I'm gonna give you like a last word because I like to wrap up my videos like on it even though so we're gonna go to 7 so we're gonna wrap this video up now 55 seconds why are we wrapping this video

Up now I'm happy to go longer I'm bored you're bored really I was so excited right he was so excited to sit down debate me yeah but I won the debate how did you how did you win the debate we proved that taste doesn't justify

Something the animals are innocent by your own logic and therefore we can't ethically kill them but just because we raised them in a good way doesn't justify taking their life from them but the way you propose that the way you

Propose is not environmental economically sustainable and the reason we do what we do to animals is not because the crab the US population should humans no no then we just we could just go

Vegan and then we don't have to weed out to call animals or humans humans but animals as well yeah being vegan is better for the environment it is better for your health and also it's better for the animals

What we do to animals is unnecessary and therefore what I would say is their sensory pleasure justify it thank you for your time enough do you have a t-shirt okay have a nice day you

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