Vegan CRASHES Annual Hot Dog Eating Day

by birtanpublished on September 12, 2020

So I'm here at Rutgers University today and today is the annual the hot dog eating day as you can see behind me from the blow-up hotdog as well and so there are a variety of hot dogs that are on offer there entirely free and students can choose between one made from a cow

One made from a chicken and also a vegan one as well and so I'm going to ask some of the hundreds of students here today whether or not they'll choose the vegan one and if they won't why not it's hot dog day today I think I might

Know the the answers but you happiness hot dog day I am very happy it's hard to okay this might one of my favorite days of the year like the best day of the year why are you so happy then because I love that

Everybody comes out here on college at it's like one big block party there's a bunch of cool events going around and it just really pulls me all together why are you excited so what type of hot dog you gonna go

What kind of they have they got a special hot dogs the question I'm asking people is are you happy that it's hot dog day today yeah I'm pretty happy that it's uh no why are you pretty happy though okay

You're free hot dogs that's a big incentive right have you had your hot dog yet no I haven't oh right so are you happy the question I mean let me a bit more formal the question I'm asking people is are you happy that it's hot

Dog day today yes definitely why do I be that it's hot dog day I love hot dogs and it's a really nice day and what is it about hot dogs that you love they're delicious always corn dog yay what so what's a

Corn dog I'm ENGLISH I don't know tell me what corn dog is it's a good it's a good hot dog with braiding around it there's a deep fried yeah so it's kinda like crunchy on the outside hotdog in the inside and what's the corn dog made

For like what what is the actual dog made from ask you a question no no you know what the answer hot dog what's it made from think about that what I mean I mean I've been told that we have a beef one chicken one in a vegan one which to

Each of those three defeat your game probably either the beef for the chicken and why didn't you get to be for the chicken of the vegan one throw me I don't know then what is it about real meat that makes you more appeal to it it

Just comes I to be honest with you I don't know do you think note when you're queuing and you're going to buy you the beef or chicken will you think about what's in the hot dog like the process I mean

Honestly I prefer a more organic hot dog over over something that's a little bit more fake why is that what for yourself for the environment for the animals what reasoning would that be kind of for both reasons because it's like you know what

You're putting in your body you know what you're having and then you know it's a lot healthier and coming for more sustainable sources so there's three varieties if I'm right there had a beef or chicken and a vegan one yeah that was

Cool yeah the vegan one was really cool but I just had the normal like beef hot dog it was really good there's a lot of condiments to it just condiments are very important when it comes to hot dog game and so what made you choose to be

For them that's just like the traditional hot dog and if I'm celebrating the national holiday I'll just kind of go with what's you know the traditional type of hot dog it's a wide is that why you chose say the beef one

Over the vegan one then yeah I mean I could have tried the vegan one it's just I don't know well what stops you from trying I do you think lambs are you know what stopped you from trying the vegan what do you

Think I don't know just maybe the idea of what it's made out of typically like it's the nasty bits of animals right yeah do you think about the animals what animal is in a hot dog cows and

Pigs are they I don't know they're everything right do you think that the pigs are happiest hotdog daddy if you die or else it'd be like they name it like pig dog day I don't know yeah do did you ever think about the animals

When we queued up for a hotdog do we think about what the animals have to go through foot fill out for that products usually you know what I'm out here too big event like this I'm not worried about it

Grilled at home you know you make sure it's like grass-fed beef like like like you know it's like certified meats make sure the animal is treating made you can look this stuff up like this when you're shopping but you meat and I do that but

An event like this I doubt they're doing that for like large colonies or hot dogs definitely why did you look for grass-fed animals are treated better there and then were treated better than it's better quality me for me and have

You had your hot dog yet yes what a hot dog did you get if you don't mind me asking a be fun and what did you do with the beef one with your buddy condiments and such other tell me what goes into a beef hot dog I have no

Idea and someone said to me at always proper like a mixture of different animals I think what are the most do you think are inside though I'm pagan a cow what happens to the animal for organic or non-organic products like a hot dog I

Know that for the most part it's usually a lot of the more unused parts for the animal and so how do we get those unused bits from the animal what was the process like you'll once the animal gets picked like like for the chicken wants

The breasts gone the wings gone all the desirable parts are gone I'll just throw whatever is left picks it up I guess right yeah what do you think is higher value because in this situation we've got

Three choices and one of them speaking it and I think that you were quite interesting to send it you wouldn't choose that one yeah well what do you think is higher value when we have three choices they tell you tastes not like

The life of an animal they taste of the product I mean granted I also work in a restaurant I grew up around a restaurant so the taste of it honestly comes through well let's presume it's just cows to eat

When you want you queued up of all the beef what did you think about the cow what you think you didn't think about the cow I don't know it's always there you don't think about it you don't think about it do you think if you'd fall

About it you fall about the cow who's obviously was killed you think that maybe would have compelled you to buy the vegan one more after the fact sometimes when I am thinking about going vegetarian and vegan so that's a really

Good father if I had known before exactly so what do you think is higher value taste on life I feel like life we all think that but when we buy those products we say taste don't we because if I'm gonna buy the beef went over the

Vegan would all take the people so we can buy cheaper taste has been higher in life in that scenario which is easy because it goes against our morals does know how do we think we morally justify taking the life of an animal that if we

Don't have to I guess we morally justify it because you don't know I guess we don't we're not educated and we're not aware of really what's happening so we just kind of are eating the things better in front of us instead of really

Knowing the process of what it is that what we're eating and how we're getting the food absolutely right another duty maybe up to today maybe go home and do a little bit research and see what happens to the animals I don't see next time

Will you have the choice between one or the other see if you choose the vegan what it's toads I appreciate the conversation have a very nice day when you queueing up did you think about

The animal before you bought the hot dog yeah do you think there was a reason why we did we don't think about it I don't think about an animal glamour I you know I certainly didn't used to that's true right sir

Oh it's funny because we call them hot dogs would you have taken the the sausage if it was made from a dog no definitely not no I would presume so right yeah and why do you say no well because I have a dog

I mean it's not actually mine it's my boyfriend's he's raised to it and you think that there's a difference between a sausage made from a dog and a sausage made from a cow or a pig yes and then what would the difference be dogs are

Domestic pets so I feel like eating them would just be like eating a baby and what about in countries where they do consume dogs is that moral in those countries I think it's terrible but I think it's because we have Pez

Obviously they probably don't have that dogs they're for eating much yeah I mean yes exactly so it's almost like a cultural thing exactly but youth in a culture to dictate morality I guess in cases like that it would do you think

That that's that's the right standard to set morals so on based on cultures and traditions I feel like it's hard to set morals you kind of just believe what's right and wrong and it had lot to do with where you go up it absolutely does

And so do you think in countries where I say it's they do consume dogs it's not immoral acts because that's how they were raised I think of it as immoral cuz I wouldn't do it but I could understand why in

Their cultures it would be immoral and so one of the questions I'm asking people is a why did you choose say the beef one over the vegan one I know what do you think is higher value in that circumstance it's a taste or life

I guess taste in that case why do you why do you value – because the question will be sensory pleasure and so do we think there's sensory pleasure or the joint enjoyment we get from consuming something justifies what happens to the

Animals just sensory pleasure alone so the enjoyment we get from consuming the products justify what happens to animals well I feel like humans have been eating animals for all of time so animals chickens I would say yeah I do see the

Longevity of action determines whether or not that action is it should be deemed tomorrow because we've hurt each other for thousands of years as well of course I guess not I guess they're kind of moral speeds over time also yeah

Morally – changes – yeah and so what would stop us now from encompassing not just dogs but the cows and chickens and pigs into our circle of moral compassion as well personally I think going vegan is too expensive

So that has a lot to do with it if vegan food was cheaper and they could make it taste the same then I think more people would be beginning next year so we have hot dog day next year and then you have that choice of a vegan when it's

Completely free and there's no taste there's no expense barrier though would you choose it then to try it I would still choose beef but I mean I could try it like I wouldn't be against trying it give it a try I don't want to keep any

Longer so preciate that but it terms a price the cheapest foods we can buy late rice potatoes vegetables fruits they're all plant-based and so we can definitely be you know very affordably on that as well and we'll have a lovely day I

Appreciate you stopping and he's very very cute okay thank you so much what went into your beef hot dog what was the what was the the product to size I don't know myself specifically I've been working to planning this event I'm doing

A lot of the staffing so there's better people that ask for that dog show what animal wedding to the be fault but I don't know Oh animals beef beef is cow okay that's that's all I was wondering like the animal that goes into it they

Were all hope hello so we got them they're all halal show where the salami hello means no halal means that they were killed before without being stuns okay I don't that's right

I'm not worried about that aspect of it um the question one of the question asking people is when we have a choice between say a few different options what makes this choose say the tastier products over the life of an animal I

Don't know it's up to the individual what made you choose taste over life for that's me I just chose tasting them do you think that that sensory pleasure or the enjoyment we get from a product

Justifies what happens to the to the anima I'm not going to comment and why is the taste that what about taste them why is it that it has higher value it's just in general the stuff that you put in your body it's you have sometimes you

Have to have a balance of taste in that but at least coming from my perspective the taste a lot mostly comes first and so I guess the question for that means did you think this sensory pleasure is a good enough justification for what

Happens to animals that's a difficult yeah what do you think it is taste alone just if I take in their life it depends on the situation like there's some like you know for chickens for cows so it's gonna

Be a lot more just it's gonna be a lot more justified because we've been doing it for so long as opposed to something like something like venison or just a longevity of an action make it moral like we've you know we've been killing

Each other for a long time does that make it moral just because we've done it for a while I wouldn't necessarily say so but it's just a matter of we've been doing it for so long and we don't have a solution that changes that don't we what

What solution would change that it'd be it'd be the vegan hot dogs but the problem is it's not necessarily the taste of the vegan hot dogs is you necessarily you can't necessarily replicate it not necessarily but the hot

Dog today is free so what would stop you from trying the vegan one today seems you've got nothing to lose now that you've actually convinced me I actually might think about it and how are the animals killed

I don't know how the animal process killed cheetah how the animals are killed like way maybe if you have to think of a slaw house what do you think happens in a slaughterhouse think about how nice

It's like they cut they're gonna cut the throats right yeah yeah so maybe something worth thinking about our dog Dave about how we have fun and we celebrate we don't have to celebrate by harming others we can celebrate by doing

Fun things they don't involve suffering right so have a nice day guys appreciative eggs take it easy last question what has higher value taste on life that's a tough question definitely a tough

Question anything life you can get good tasting food but you don't have to sacrifice the life he's not clean my point yeah appreciate guys have a lovely day take it easy


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