Vechain (VET) Price Prediction – Update

by birtanpublished on September 14, 2020

welcome everyone to hfn today is what uh july 30th 2020 this is our v chain period against the tether price prediction forecast update all right

Now before i get started in that hey if it's your first time watching our video you guys see how easy it is to understand verbally as well as visually see how it easy it is to predict price

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Other topics cryptocurrencies that we are releasing on our website so make sure you do that as well too so v-chain here we are market update for v-chain you guys can

Literally tell that we expected the market to move higher on our last video which was done on july the 16th for v-chain now you guys can tell let me zoom in for you and we're going to talk

About the performance of the market trapper against our forecast yes i said it forecast so here we are right here on the 16th we expected the market in v chain to move

Higher price it did and our tp was at this .091 price level and it was tagged right there on the 21st of july so minimal almost six percent profitability

To the market since that video was had in this space now you could have tagged out the next day uh following our video forecast for v chain

With 5.94 as well so hopefully you all saw that video right before the market tanked or moved to the downside since those two days occurred because now it's over so now we need to

Update you all on the price movement for v chain and we're going to do that right now now our premise our purpose is to make it easy all right people in the technical space which we

Don't follow technical analysis let's get that third straight we do not do technical analysis we do language analysis in the market based off what has already occurred

So in the case of v chain the market here has seen a massive rally that started all the way back in march now back in march you guys can realize that the overall world economy was

Taking a major hit due to the coronavirus situation and since that time all of the markets whether it's silver gold the stock market

Cryptocurrency space have seen this massive run-up vechain participated in that run-up so we're going to adjust this chart in the market for v-chain i'm going to go ahead and get rid of

This line right here because the market is not playing it so that is one major key into understanding and keeping your charge clean is that the market is not playing against that

Particular line get rid of it what's the point we need to take the action up to where the market is trading at so we are going to take this line right here

And readjust it to where the market is actually playing so we can use this to our benefit as to what the market trap is going to do right so we're going to continue to

Follow this market in v chain so simply by adjusting that line we can see here that the market in v chain on the daily basis

Is in a uptrend simple the market is going to follow this up trend so when you think about it do we have any leg room to continue to move lower based off this chart

And the answer is yes we do and i'ma show it to you this area right here is where the market in v chain can move lower so we have chances and opportunities to see the

Market continue to go lower in price that is where we're at now even if the market was to come into this area that i have identified it doesn't mean that the market is going to crash or even

Continue to move lower the longer that we trade alongside this line to above it then that means strength is in control the moment that we break this line to the downside that lets you know that

Weakness is in control simple okay now taking a look at the chain on a weekly perspective real quick again you guys can see we're

In the uptrend now the last three weeks has we've seen indication that no one is really interested in vechain at those high prices at around a two cent level 0.019 that price level

Lost the demand for that cryptocurrency and when you lose demand price automatically will fall it's the simple law of supply and demand so the last two weeks even the last three weeks

The market got inundated with selling and the lack of demand reduced to where you have to see the market moving to the downside so we're in that case right now we're in that situation to where

Weakness is in control and we're not seeing the market participation coming through to validate the demand for this cryptocurrency plain and simple so when you look at the

Weekly perspective for v chain there's two areas of restriction that the market trapper will have to overcome in order to regain the prospect of higher price and those levels are

0.016 and then the next price level is 0.017 so as we continue to trade out for the rest of this week going into next week even the week after that if this trap cannot break price above

Those two price levels then the market breaking this ascendant line is increasing dramatically okay so that's there and looking at v chain on the monthly we had

A very fantastic month no doubt about it you guys came into the market and v chain saw that interest to where last month v chain broke through .008 for the month of june

You guys saw massive gains congratulations to anyone who capitalized on that because we're seeing something different now one more day for the month of july this

Bar will be done and it will be historical information we are closing well off the highs we haven't seen this much volume in v chain on binance ever since it's been listed on this

Exchange so what is going on in the market well there's weakness going on there's selling going on in the market for knee chain so when you look at these

Multiple charts on different time frames weekly monthly daily time frame you're getting the understanding that the market is giving us weakness so we're going to play that

Simple so we have this lined here and we identify that the market area of restriction is at point zero one six and then point zero one seven so that's where we're gonna hold restriction at

Okay now we got this area right here in the green that could substantiate the profitability in the market for v chain and we can still see the market move higher

Okay so this is our objective going on into the market for v chain this is our forecast as to what we are expecting the market chopper to do we're expecting him to try to take the value of the chain

A little bit lower and we're going to play this on the daily time frame okay so we have opportunity to see this

Marking of each angle a little bit lower we're going to play that our tp we'll skim off a little bit right there around 0.015 but then definitely right there 0.014 okay

So this is it relatively simple to see and understand and again what is your forecast what is your prediction for v chain over the next couple of days let us know

With a comment in the comment sections video and make sure you guys continue to come on over to our website subscribe to the channel as well share the video and then we're

On social media too so make sure you follow us on twitter facebook and instagram to make sure you stay in tune with information that we are delivering make sure you maintain a profitability

And i will talk to you all on the next one

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