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published on July 2, 2020

darling your father and I have something

to tell you

but we don't want you to worry my ginger

only barks when she sent this danger


miss Jones this is dr velinski I need

to reschedule our appointment for today


nothing is wrong I'm just a little under

the weather


humans that can all do one thing really

well they can all die are you you

recruited me into your little club

because we need a psychologist

we have feelings raping us changelings

vampire zombies which is ghouls you've

ruined my life this is Jimmy Dyson my


hey cheese that's where that you're not

naming of the photos there is something

not right come on you know this is a

perfectly safe neighborhood what if

there's a predator picking a blanket oh

thank you

we're here to see dr Wilensky he's in

the oven at the moment you're still

accounting I work from home okay so I

don't see my clients here's to a family

with no secret I think this is your


how are we gonna help this creature



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