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published on July 2, 2020

hey come on just tell me what happened


Zack and I broke up oh my god sweetie no

Joel don't don't do anything we just

have no idea what I'm going through

you'd be surprised I'll tell you a story


you were singing dancing on a fountain

that's how I remember it I go over the

hill to Hollywood



let me get out of here where would you

want to go anywhere

what would you wanna do anything


bad news you don't date guys like that

maybe that's good for a change

are you doing this those rich people are

gonna hate you yourselves I got a

special guest here this evening

there's fashion College where is it

clean of city

you're not moving across the country

with the guy we've never met so you have

this shiny bright perfect life I don't

know how to fit into this

everything my friend thought about you

you just prove them right why do you

care what they think


it's just me and you





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