US Wants China to Pay for Coronavirus

published on July 2, 2020

should China pay for the corona buyers

around the world people are demanding

reparations the Chinese Communist Party

is having


welcome back to America uncovered I'm

Chris Chappell

so how's your quarantine going been kind

of a long time massing it may be getting

a little upset at the Chinese Communist

Party for covering up the corona virus

just long enough for it to spread around

the world well the Chinese Communist

Party understands your feelings and is

trying to subvert them according to this

op-ed by the Chinese ambassador to the

US now isn't the time for

finger-pointing it's the time for

cooperation definitely not the time for

scapegoating other countries unless it's

you know Chinese state-run media trying

to scapegoat the US we're seeing this

kind of bipolar rhetoric because the

Chinese Communist Party is in trouble

they can't let the world hold them

accountable for the coronavirus or as I

call it the CCP virus well yours

President Trump last week well Charlie

there are a lot of ways you can hold

them accountable we're doing very

serious investigations as you probably

know and we are not happy with China a

lot of ways are there specific ways we

can hold the Communist Party accountable

Beijing is going to pay an enormous

reputational price for this Oh wonderful

the corona virus has cost the world

trillions of dollars and hundreds of

thousands of lives but Beijing might not

have a great reputation anymore so let's

be a bit more specific it's going to be

very difficult to hold the Chinese

Communist Party accountable for covering

up the CCP virus that's because China

has tremendous power over international

institutions like the United Nations

China sits on the UN Security Council

and can veto just about anything and

even if somehow the UN did rule against

the Communist Party they'll just ignore

it like that time in 2016 when a UN

tribunal rejected Beijing's claims in

the South China Sea Beijing just

rejected the tribunals ruling and then

built a bunch of military bases

in violation of the ruling on the other

hand we've all got a lot of time on our

hands right now don't we and you know

who else has a lot of time on their

hands the US Congress and some of them

are using that time to come up with ways

to hold China accountable for the CCP

virus I know shocking even more shocking

it's bipartisan Republican Marco Rubio

has introduced a bill called the

strengthening America's supply chain and

National Security Act it's targeted at

lessening America's reliance on

pharmaceutical products from certain

countries no country in particular

although it comes after Communist Party

mouthpiece Xinhua said China could

impose pharmaceutical export controls to

quote throw America into the mighty sea

of the coronavirus like I said no

country in particular anyway

Republican Senator Marco Rubio's

legislation has gained the support of

Democratic senators like Tim Kaine Chris

Murphy and Elizabeth Warren meanwhile

Republican members of the House of

Representatives have introduced this

legislation that would authorize the

President to impose sanctions on foreign

officials for the deliberate concealment

or distortion of information about

public health emergencies of

international concern they're calling

this the Lee one Leone global Public

Health Accountability Act of 2020 in

case you don't know Lee when Leon was

the Chinese doctor who got in trouble

with the police for warning his

colleagues about the corona virus on

social media back in December he later

died of the corona virus so I guess this

act is kind of aimed at one country in

particular meanwhile senator Josh Hawley

wrote this memo saying a fourth stimulus

package should tackle America's supply

chain issues never again should the

American people find themselves

vulnerable to the Chinese Communist

Party for critical medical supplies and

industrial components in a moment of

crisis okay so yeah this one is

obviously about China senator Ben Sasse

says the US should also get other

countries on board

to investigate what the Chinese

Communist Party has done China needs to

pay a price at the international level a

full investigation into China's initial

cover-up of the outbreak and ongoing

propaganda campaigns the US should lead

the international community in

determining an appropriate punishment

once that investigation is finished one

way the international community could

work together is seizing assets of

Chinese state-owned companies in their

countries according to john yoo a law

professor at UC berkeley under its belt

and road initiative beijing reportedly

has loaned billions to developing

nations in Africa Eastern Europe and

Latin America and then taken over their

strategic ports and facilities once the

debts fall do the US could turn this

strategy on its head by supporting the

expropriation of these assets by legal

process and the cancellation of these

debts as compensation for coronavirus

losses of course the Chinese Communist

Party rejects calls for compensation


here's China's foreign ministry

spokesman Chengdu Union Fujiyama

since the outbreak began China has

always acted in as he opened transparent

and responsible manner it has taken a

serious you should press I can't keep

reading this

yeah I don't think I could have gotten

through that either but the commies

party does not like to be blamed when

that happens they tend to lash out I

would like to stress that the US

politicians are ignoring the facts and

lying repeatedly with the sole purpose

of deflecting attention and

responsibility there insufficient

response to epidemic prevention and

control at home well according to

China's foreign ministry this is all a

conspiracy by the US government and the

Chinese Communist Party knows exactly

how to get us to blame each other for it

they've started calling it a cover-up by

the Republicans but it's far

more than Trump or Republicans or even

just Americans calling for China to be

held accountable the london-based

International Council of jurists and All

India Bar Association filed a joint

complaint to the UN Human Rights Council

seeking compensation from China which

sounds like a good idea except China is

part of the UN Human Rights Council the

largest newspaper in Germany said in an

article called what China already owes

us that China owes a hundred sixty

billion dollars in response the Chinese

embassy in Germany wrote that some

politicians experts and media want

mutual blame to distract them from their

own failures and weaknesses when

Australia floated the idea of an

independent investigation into the

origin of the CCP virus the

editor-in-chief of my favorite Chinese

state-run media the Global Times wrote

Australia is always messing around I

feel it's a bit like chewing gum stuck

to the soles of China's shoes sometimes

you have to find a stone to scrape it

off yeah

calling Australians chewing gum stuck to

China's shoes that'll make Australians

not want to retaliate with an

investigation you know what else helps

having the Chinese ambassador to

Australia say that Beijing could

encourage Chinese citizens to boycott

Australian exports and products if

Australia was to initiate the probe also

having the Chinese embassy accuse

Australia of petty tricks

well now I'm convinced that an

independent investigation is totally

necessary so what do you think leave

your comments below and remember this

show is abhorred mainly through the

direct support viewers through the

crowdfunding website patreon go to





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