US vs China: Who Started the New Cold War?

published on July 2, 2020

the US and China are on the brink of a

new Cold War but who started and what

are Western media getting wrong welcome

back to China uncensored I'm Chris


last week Chinese Foreign Minister Wang

Yi warned the us against taking the US

and China to the brink of a new Cold War

yes as the US government increasingly

calls out the Chinese Communist Party

there is growing concern among Western

media over the idea of a new Cold War

for example this article saying that a

new Cold War could devastate the global

economy why is it happening now well

it's because of the corona virus

pandemic no it's because of Hong Kong

look the important thing is a new Cold

War has begun it's already underway and

who started this whole Cold War anyway

did Trump ignite a cold war with China

to win the election or did the new Cold

War start in Beijing look the answer to

that is clear everybody knows that

whoever smelt it dealt it

unless whoever denied it supplied it

obviously now the idea that the US and

China are heading to or are already in

some kind of Cold War isn't new in fact

we did an episode on Cold War two almost

two years ago when the CIA was talking

about it when the CIA was talking about

it publicly

we don't have an Inside Man at the CIA

anyway there are a lot of opinions on

this issue but the most important thing

to know is that the us doesn't need a

new Cold War because a cold war with

China would be a mistake look no one

wants a new Cold War except maybe this


but many although not all of these

articles warning about a new Cold War

make the same fundamental mistakes the

first mistake is that they don't take

what the Chinese Communist Party has

said and done seriously

take this Washington Post opinion piece

it acknowledges that the common wisdom

that the US and China and their

intertwined economies would inevitably

get along

he is also fading hmm I wonder why the

piece mentions how China's entry into

the World Trade Organization nearly two

decades ago was once seen as a towering

achievement of globalization then it

suggests that the Trump administration

considers that bad because Trump doesn't

like the WTO but the article fails to

mention all of the ways that the Chinese

Communist Party has constantly cheated

and broken their promises since they

joined the WTO through things like

unfair trade practices keeping out

foreign competition and forced

technology transfer this is the US Trade

Representative 192 page report to

Congress on China's WTO compliance it

concludes that a consistent pattern

existed where the United States raised a

particular concern China specifically

promised to address that concern and

China's promise was not fulfilled but

you know what that's nothing to worry

about because this Wall Street Journal

opinion piece says that the us

government is overstating China's

ambitions and capabilities because

Beijing isn't seeking to overturn the

global order obviously I mean it's not

like China has some kind of vision for

the new world order it's not like they

have plans to win control of the global

order just because according to a leaked

internal Chinese Communist Party

directive they see themselves as being

in the

it's of an intense ideological struggle

for survival or because Chinese leader

Xi Jingping made a speech about how the

party must build a socialism that is

superior to capitalism and lay the

foundation for a future where we will

win the initiative and have the dominant

position does that even really mean


Xi Jingping is probably overstating

China's ambitions he's just full of hot

air the basic message from these Cold

War articles is that a cold war sounds

scary nobody wants that so we don't

really need to confront China okay

maybe confront it a little bit but not a

lot because our economies are

intertwined because we need to cooperate

on the coronavirus because we shouldn't

upset the balance of the international

order sure the Chinese Communist Party

is doing a bit of ethnic cleansing here

and there and militarizing islands in

the South China Sea but if we just

continue with the same normal diplomacy

we've used for decades we can get them

to stop I mean it hasn't worked so far

but you know what they say 580 third

time's the charm

you know who agrees with this

perspective the Chinese Communist Party

they don't like being challenged and

they know that the term cold war brings

up bad connotations so they keep

accusing the US and other countries that

criticize them of having a Cold War

mentality when it comes to trade or the

Hong Kong protests or just you know in

general I wonder if they ever get tired

of repeating themselves anyway the point

is that when Chinese government

officials criticize what they explicitly

call a Cold War mentality in the us

they aren't calling for an end to

ideological competition or great power

rivalry but rather to us attempts to

stymie Bay

Asians plans that's because as I said

earlier the Communist Party does see

itself in an ideological struggle for

survival that's clear from their own

internal documents which brings me to

the second mistake that many Western

media are making in their Cold War

articles they're not taking the Trump

administration's response to the Chinese

Communist Party seriously look

regardless of how you feel about Trump

as a person it's important to look at

what his administration is actually

saying and doing about the Chinese

Communist Party some media are just

playing it off as something that's

happening only because Trump needs a

campaign issue more promising than the

plummeting economy or casting it as an

attempt to prevent China's rise so how

is the us actually responding to the

Chinese Communist Party the Trump

administration recently released a 16

page document explaining the United

States strategic approach to the

People's Republic of China it's worth a

read because when it comes to changing

America's China policy the Trump

administration just let it rip for one

the document specifically calls out the

Chinese Communist Party which they will

hate it also lays out how the party's

actions threaten America's economy

security and values and it clearly says

that this is an ideological struggle for

the party given the strategic choices

China's leadership is making the United

States now acknowledges and accepts the

relationship with the PRC as the CCP has

always framed it internally one of great

power competition the administration

states that the us is not trying to

prevent China's rise and the China's

future can only be determined by the

Chinese people themselves but they're

also clear that they're not going to

accept how the Communist Party wants to

frame things

calling out the CCP's attempts at false

equivalency as well as Beijing's

propaganda and false narratives that

distort the truth and attempt to demean

American values and ideals the US will

also respond to what the CCP actually

does not what it promises to do and when

quiet diplomacy proves futile the United

States will increase public pressure on

the Chinese government and take action

to protect United States interests by

leveraging proportional costs when

necessary Wow like I said the whole

document is worth reading so whether or

not you want to call it the new Cold War

it's clear that the us is not backing

down from an overall strategic approach

to confronting the Chinese Communist

Party the question is how will the party

respond to the US government's tougher

stance after all for years they've

managed to get there silent but deadly

diplomacy passed the rest of the world

and now the US has lit a match now it's

time for me to answer a question from

one of you fans who contribute to China

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Curtis L Christiansen asks so I've

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it doesn't mean no ads it means limited

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just because YouTube threatens to take

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see you next time



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