US Says Hong Kong Is Not Free

published on July 2, 2020

the US says Hongkong is no longer

autonomous from mainland China as

Beijing moves to implement a new

national security one welcome back to

China uncensored I'm Chris Chappell

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especially if you're in Hong Kong Hong

Kong the pearl of the Orient a pearl

that's currently being swallowed by the

gaping maw of an ancient once slumbering

evil the Chinese Communist Cthulhu

that's not me saying that it's the US

State Department okay they set it in

slightly less colorful language

according to the Hong Kong human rights

and democracy Act each year the State

Department has to tell Congress whether

Hong Kong is sufficiently autonomous

from China to justify its unique

treatment this week US Secretary of

State Mike Pompeo told Congress that no

reasonable person can assert today that

Hong Kong maintains a high degree of

autonomy from China given facts on the

ground that is huge not this huge but

it's significant

Pompeyo made that statement on May 27th

a week after Beijing suddenly announced

that the National People's Congress or

NPC would look at passing a national

security law for Hong Kong the law would

ban secession subversion of state power

foreign interference and terrorism

now all that would not be quite as scary

if we were talking about a liberal

democracy but we're talking about the

Chinese Communist Cthulhu that means

what this law would really ban is any

protest against the Chinese regime and

by extension the Hong Kong government

like all the protests in Hong Kong over

the past year the law would come

directly from Beijing and would be

applied to Hong Kong without a vote from

the Hong Kong ledge

of counsel that essentially ends the

autonomy Hongkong was promised under one

country two systems' on Thursday the NPC

officially voted to implement this

national security law two thousand eight

hundred seventy eight for and one

against don't get too excited about the

fact that one person voted against it

the same thing happened during the vote

to end term limits for Chinese leader Xi

Jingping it's how the Chinese Communist

Party likes to pretend these are

Democratic votes

I mean having everyone vote for

something unanimously would look

suspicious so let's just have one person

vote against it perfect looks totally

legit now now it's important to clarify

that the NPC vote does not mean the

national security law has been passed

they have to write it first yeah that's

how it works first the NPC votes for the

law and then the NPC Standing Committee

figures out what's in it look don't ask

questions but we do have at least an

idea of what will be in the law from the

text of the NPC's decision to establish

it for example section 2 says that the

state will employ necessary measures to

counter lawfully prevent stop and punish

foreign and overseas forces use of Hong

Kong to carry out separatist subversive

infiltrative or destructive activities

so I'm not sure how welcome China

uncensored would be in Hong Kong under

this new national security law but the

most alarming part of the upcoming law

is in Section 4 the organs of the

central People's Government relevant for

the protection of national security are

to set up institutions in the Hong Kong

Special Administrative Region as

required to lawfully perform duties

related to the preservation of national

security let me translate that means

that Chinese secret police either the

Ministry of State Security or some

thing like that would be allowed to

legally operate in Hong Kong

that's never happened before and it's

one more sign that one country two

systems' is over you know millions of

Hongkongers marched in the streets last

year because they were afraid of being

dragged away to the secret police in

China which then really happened the

good news Hong Kongers now you won't

have to worry about that anymore because

Beijing is bringing the secret police to

you now despite the risks the people of

Hong Kong haven't taken this lying down

thousands marched through the streets

over the weekend to protest the National

Security Law these signs say heaven will

destroy the Chinese Communist Party yeah

holding or even printing those signs

will probably be illegal under the

national security law meanwhile those

protesters were met with familiar tear

gas and peppered guns from the Hong Kong


but protests broke out again on

Wednesday when the Hong Kong Legislative

Council was debating a national anthem'

law yeah I haven't even talked about the

national anthem law yet it would mean

that Hong Kongers could be jailed for up

to three years for parroting or

insulting the Chinese national anthem

and Hong Kong's pro-beijing lawmakers

have been trying to push that law

through this week but it hasn't been


this is pro-democracy lawmaker Eddy Chiu

being physically dragged out of ledged

coat for opposing them and Hong Kong

police were stationed across the city on

Wednesday to stop protesters from

marching against it when there were

protests anyway police responded with

pepper guns and more than 300 arrests so

where do things stand now it's not clear

how long it will take the NPC Standing

Committee to write the national security

law for Hong Kong it could take as

little as a month or it could be several

months meanwhile the backlash against

the Chinese Communist Party for the law

has been more substantial than they were

probably expecting

the US UK Australia and Canada issued a

joint statement condemning the move

taiwan says it will welcome Hongkongers

who flee the security law crackdown but

the most significant response is the

us declaring that hong kong is no

longer autonomous from china that could

be a huge blow to hong kong status as an

international financial hub it opens the

door for the US Congress or President

Trump to issue sanctions against Chinese

and Hong Kong officials or to revoke

America's special trade status with Hong

Kong now while those actions would

definitely harm the Chinese Communist

Party some of them could also harm Hong

Kong but many Hong Kongers are welcoming

the US government's actions anyway

that's because one of the growing themes

of the Hong Kong protests has been the

idea of Lomb Chow in English this idea

has been translated as if we burn you

burn with us basically the Hong Kong

protesters know they can't stop their

city from being swallowed by the Chinese

Communist Cthulhu but they can try their

hardest to make Cthulhu choke on it

so Hong Kong might suffer some damage

but they say it would be worth it to

bring down the Chinese Communist Party

one thing's for sure it's going to be an

interesting few months ahead and this

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next time


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