US, Poland To Broaden Safety Cooperation; Trump Celebrates Well being Care Ruling | NTD

published on July 2, 2020

welcome to NTD news I'm Tiffany Mayer

here are today's top stories

President Trump and the President of

Poland talked defense and security the

two nations are finding ways to expand

on their existing cooperation including

defense energy and combating the virus

the president says a federal judge

ruling is a big win for patients the

decision upholds a rule requiring

hospitals and insurers to publish

negotiated healthcare costs that would

normally be kept secret from patients

president Trump sends an executive order

designed to help more children in need

find long-term safe homes and the

president is taking action to protect

the us lobster industry with possible

tariffs on China if they don't honor the

agreement to buy more lobster

the US and Poland are increasing their

cooperation on a number of fronts

President Trump says thousands of US

troops stationed in Germany will be

leaving some of which will go to Poland

he says Germany is failing to uphold its

financial commitment with NATO President

Trump and Polish president Andrade Duda

are announcing plans to expand their

nation's centuries-old cooperation they

said trade security energy and defense

are set to benefit the two nations will

also share any advances made in the

fight against the CCP virus a hot topic

for Duda was the security for NATO's

eastern flank which includes Poland both

nations stressed the need to invest in

defence and deterrence capabilities for

Poland that means additional troops the

SS if we would send some additional

troops they're going to pay for that

they'll be paying for the sending of

additional troops and we'll probably be

moving them from Germany to Poland us

troops in Germany would be reduced to

25,000 the US has around 50,000 troops

and civilian personnel currently

stationed there including the National

Guard and Reserve forces 1,000

additional troops would go to Poland

the president said Poland fulfills its

financial obligations to NATO but

Germany doesn't NATO requires members to

spend 2 percent of their GDP on defense

Germany spends only around 1% NATO also

called the North Atlantic Alliance was

set up after the Second World War to

prevent the communist expansion of the

Soviet Union in Europe NATO provides

unity in deterrence against the threat

from Russia with all of that being said

we expect to get along with Russia we

expect to get along with everybody but

Germany has they really owe a lot of

money in NATO and this has been going on

for many years when you add it all up

you're probably getting close to a

trillion dollars President Trump

welcome to Poland's long-term contracts

with US companies for the purchase of

liquefied natural gas and supported

Poland's initiatives to move its energy

supplies away from Russia independence

initiatives that also benefit

neighboring Eastern and Central European

countries President Trump is celebrating

a win

in federal court a judge says hospitals

can be made to disclose the actual cost

of health care services giving patients

more transparency about their treatments

president Trump welcomed the ruling

posting on Twitter that patients deserve

to know the price of care before they

enter the hospital because of my action

they will a federal judge ruled the

Trump administration can compel

hospitals and insurers to publish the

negotiated costs for health care

services costs patients don't usually

get to know the President signed an

executive order in June last year

requiring this it aims to lower health

care costs for patients it also allows

them to look around to find the best

value for the highest quality of care

the Department of Health and Human

Services introduced a rule last year

defining standard charges hospital and

insurer organizations disputed the move

saying it would get in the way of

providing services for patients judge

Karl Nichols ruling disagreed with the

American Hospital Association's attempts

to sue

he said the hospital trade group was

attacking transparency measures that are

intended to enable consumers to make

informed decisions the aah a says it

intends to appeal president Trump sends

an executive order to strengthen the

child welfare system the administration

hopes to see more children in the system

get the long lasting help they need

president Trump signed an executive

order aimed at strengthening child

welfare programs it comes as child

protection agencies nationwide struggle

with obstacles related to the CCP virus

pandemic Health and Human Services

Secretary Alex azar sees the order as a

step toward bold reforms he tweeted that

his and other federal agencies will use

the order to benefit children and help

them find safe stable forever families

and the lifelong benefits that come with

them the goals of the order include

curtailing child maltreatment

strengthening adoption programs and

encouraging support for at-risk families

so fewer children need to be separated

the HHS says there are about four

hundred and thirty thousand children in

the foster care system which includes

almost 124 thousand who are eligible for

adoption about twenty thousand of these

young people aged out of the system each

year without a permanent family many of

these young people meet tragic outcomes

the White House says 40 percent

experience homelessness half are

unemployed by age 24

more than a quarter end up incarcerated

and one in four face post-traumatic

stress disorder vice president Mike

Pence tweeted that the order includes

bringing all adoption partners to the

table including faith-based

organizations and houses of worship to

provide a permanent and safe home for

every child waiting in foster care

HHS said it's administration for

Children and Families has helped to

reduce the number of children entering

foster care by nine percent since 2016

President Trump is stepping up for

America's lobster industry signing a

Memorandum to protect it the memorandum

addresses the impact of China's

retaliatory tariffs on US lobster

President Trump is directing his

administration to protect American

lobster fishermen his memorandum directs

financial assistance to lobster men

making up for lost income from Chinese

tariffs China agreed to buy seafood

including lobsters as part of the phase

one us-china trade deal trade advisor

Peter Navarro said if those purchase

commitments are not met the US can

impose reciprocal tariffs on the China

seafood industry senator angus King of

Maine welcomed the move

he said the timing is good this has been

a tough summer for a lobster meant the

industry was first hit by Chinese

terrorists in 2018 and then with

collapsing restaurant sales because of

the virus locked outs 80% of America's

lobster haul comes from Maine Maine's

lobster industry supports 4,500 state

licensed lobster men and an additional

10,000 people it generates about 15

billion dollars in economic impact each

year the administration hasn't said how

much 8 the lobster industry will get but

from 2018 to 2019 it put out twenty five

billion dollars in similar offsets to

Midwestern farmers hurt by trade

policies the lobster industry could also

see massive aid a Canada Europe trade

agreement has also eaten into the us

lobster industry's market share the US

Trade Representative will develop

recommendations over the next 90 days to

address that

coming up governors of the tri-state

area say visitors from states with high


rates must self-quarantine when they

arrive the sheriff in charge of the

country's largest department shares his

point of view on the recent turmoil he

says it's not easy to be a cop today

also the Pentagon has compiled a list of

Chinese companies with ties to the

country's military in an effort to

protect US investments and technologies

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the man leading America's largest

Sheriff's Department says it's not easy

to be a cop today we've heard a lot

about protests in recent weeks today we

hear his point of view on what's going

on Los Angeles County Sheriff

Alex Villanueva shares his thoughts on

the state of police reform in recent

turmoil he called the video of George

Floyd's arrest revolting but said it

must be recognized as a rare event

people are trying to sell the idea that

what happened at George Floyd is

happening every Police Department across

the nation and that's absolutely not the

truth we have to keep it in perspective

he says police officers have an

obligation to intervene in situations

like what happened to George Floyd if

one of their their partners is cross the

line is now an abusive or using

excessive force they have an obligation

to stop it if they don't they will be

held accountable and they're all says

culpable as the one that was used in the

excessive force the Los Angeles

Sheriff's Department is facing rising

tensions last week a deputy shot and

killed 18 year old security guard on us

cuidado after he reportedly showed a

handgun the death sparked fresh protests

and a curfew in Santa Ana

sheriff Villanueva leads the country's

largest sheriff's departments he says

they have to walk a fine line it's not

easy to be a cop today and at the same

time just navigating through this whole

whirlwind of defunding the police and

the police are bad and the bad people

are good I mean it's it's like the

world's upside down but we're we're

gonna black out the noise we're going to

stay focused on keeping the people safe

governors of the tri-state area say

visitors from states with high infection

rates half to self-quarantine when they

arrive earlier this week some states

reported record increases in virus

infections New York New Jersey and

Connecticut governors say visitors from

states with high infection rates must

self quarantine for 14 days on arrival

this is a smart thing to do we have

taken our people the three of us these

three states through hell and back and

the last thing we need to do right

is to subject our folks to another round

the states with high infection rates are

mainly clustered in the south with the

exception of Utah in Washington the

announcement came as the us recorded

the second largest increase in virus

cases since the health crisis began

earlier this week five states recorded

their highest increase in infection

numbers since the outbreak began New

York was for a time the center of the

pandemic in the US but has since lowered

its rate of infection visitors to Times

Square will now have to walk a little

farther to satisfy their cravings for a

Big Mac McDonald's closes iconic

restaurant in Manhattan's flashiest

Quarter the golden arches location on

42nd Street opened in 2002 at a time

when many retailers were opening

flagship locations in the area the

company says it's decided to close that

branch before the pandemic hit but New

Yorkers and visitors hoping to grab a

bite won't have too far of a trek the

next closest McDonald's is a mere three

blocks away and coming up massive floods

in southern China run through a local

market and create a waterfall the heavy

rains drenching the area are expected to

last for 10 days authorities say it's

now a critical point for flood control

and the us is considering new trade

tariffs on European products it's the

latest move when the trade disputes

between the US and EU over plane

subsidies added more after the break

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the Pentagon has compiled a list of

Chinese companies was ties to the

country's military it's part of

intensified efforts by the Trump

administration and Congress to make it

harder for Beijing to secure US

investment and sensitive technologies

the Trump administration has drawn up a

list of companies from China that have

ties to the country's military which may

lay the groundwork for fresh US


they include tech giant Huawei the video

surveillance company hikvision as well

as China Mobile and China Telecom both

of which are publicly listed in New York

Huawei was placed on a trade blacklist

last year over national security

concerns and Washington has led an

international campaign to convince its

allies to exclude Huawei when setting up

their 5g networks the Pentagon putting

these companies on the list doesn't

trigger penalties per se but it's

compiled as part of a 1999 law that says

the President may impose sanctions which

could include blocking all the company's

property it will also likely add to

tensions between the US and China the

world's two largest economies

they've been butting heads over a litany

of grievances recently including the

global health crisis and Beijing's move

to impose security laws on Hong Kong

most of the companies on the list and

the Chinese Embassy in Washington did

not respond to requests for comment the

heavy rainfall that soaked a vast area

in southern China is hitting a new high

state authorities say emergency rescue

efforts are now at a critical stage

entities Juliette song has more a video

surfacing online shows a local market in

southwestern China overflowing with

flood water the water pouring into the

river below making a waterfall

China's longest river is entering flood

season state authorities say flood

control and emergency rescue efforts are

now at a critical stage since the

beginning of June southern China has

been hit with five rounds of heavy rain

and some areas are seeing their worst

flooding in decades

China's southwestern cuejoe province is

among the worst-hit floods have


villages in the mountains a local

resident said the floods triggered a

mudslide some houses were washed away

there's probably not much crop to

harvest this year the rain storm is

expected to hit a new high this Thursday

and to continue for the next ten days a

Chinese water resources official says

several of China's largest rivers could

see flooding exceeding the warning level

in the coming days

he said flood control is in a dire

situation reporting by earu and Juliet

song and TV news coming up after a

three-months closure the public is

finally able to visit the Eiffel Tower

again and they get added exercise thrown

in find out more when we return

how do we get to this point back in

December the corona virus was already

spreading in Wuhan and the Chinese

Communist Party was covering it up and

punishing the whistleblowers who dare to

report the truth their actions led to

this pandemic which now has us in

America stuck in our homes and losing

our jobs to this very day the Communist

Party is still lying making it more

critical than ever for us to get honest

reporting about China The Epoch Times is

able to bring you the uncensored truth

because we maintain a network of

underground sources inside of China

hidden from the sensors of the communist

government for instance our

investigative team has been contacting

individual funeral homes hospitals and

they've obtained leaked internal

documents which show the China's

official numbers are massively under

reported by a factor of at least 10 if

you're looking for an honest source of

news that can keep you informed and safe

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the latest in the eu-us trade conflict

the us is now weighing new tariffs on

European products it's part of an

ongoing dispute over aircraft subsidies

the us trade representative said it's

considering new tariffs on over three

billion dollars of European exports like

beer Ollis gin and trucks it might also

increase duties on products including

aircrafts cheese and yogurt luxury

European brands that make leather goods

and champagne could get hit heart of the

US follows through the new duties might

be as high as 100 percent or double the

price it could completely prevent the

goods from entering the US the review

stems from a us dispute with the

European Union involving Europe's Airbus

and US rival Boeing the World Trade

Organization previously found the two

plane makers both received billions of

dollars of unfair subsidies last year it

allowed the United States to levy

tariffs on 75 billion dollars worth of

EU guts it's also considering granting

the EU similar tariff rights against

Boeing trade chief robert light Heiser

said his goal in increasing tariffs is

to persuade the you to agree to a

settlement but talks between the two

have stalled the potential tariffs are

open for public comment until July 26th

and in other news while many businesses

are reopening some companies are facing

pushback like Disney World

petitioners are pressing Walt Disney

World to delay the July 11th reopening

of its Orlando theme park citing recent

spikes and virus cases in the state a

Disney employee created the petition and

sent it to local officials over 7,000

people have signed it so far it says the

virus is not gone and has only gotten

worse in the state

Disney closed its parks in January to

curb the spread of the virus the company

estimates its lost 1 billion dollars in

the first quarter because of the

closures and up next a very special

situation emerges for a shopping center


it lies in two different municipalities

each with their own lockdown rules that

means the different rules apply to

different parts of the ball

by not more when we return

viewers have described China uncensored

like The Daily Show but about China but

at the beginning I was super excited

when I got 500 views and now the show's

grown to about half a million

subscribers on YouTube one episode

reached 79 million people I am a little

freaked out that that many people have

seen my face in five years I see China

uncensored as the sole source of

edutainment worldwide

even though the number of infections

keeps rising in Brazil some areas in the

state of são Paulo have eased lockdown

restrictions but not all of them it's

created a very special situation for

this shopping center that lies in two

different municipalities each with

different lockdown rules to shop or not

to shop that is the dilemma Brazilians

face at the Sao Paulo shopping center

it's located across two municipalities

each with different lockdown rules and

is creating confusion among consumers at

the Eco semi Esplanade a shopping center

stores located in the voter ante

municipality can resume business while

stores located in the same shopping

center but under the jurisdiction of the

neighboring Sorocaba municipality must

remain closed it comes after Seoul

kaaba's local government announced it

will not be relaxing quarantine measures

like other parts of South Paulo state

have done that's due to a reported

shortage of beds in public hospitals in

the area the stores inside the mall that

are allowed to open must still follow

all health requirements only a certain

amount of customers are allowed inside

the stores at once

and of course face masks are obligatory

but apparently not everyone is following

the rules some people do not use the

face masks correctly they use it however

they want and that complicates the

situation for us Brazil's populous South

Paulo state has struggled to flatten its

infection curve the state first put

quarantine measures in place months ago

but just this week they recorded a new

highest daily death toll with over 430

deaths within 24 hours after more than

three months closure due to the lockdown

the eiffel tower is ready to welcome

visitors again our France correspondent

David vivaz has the story

a moment worth celebrating the Eiffel

Tower the so-called Iron Lady of France

reopens its doors to visitors but I feel

mature upon all some kept having the

tower closed for a hundred and four days

was really sad for all of us today all

teams and I are really happy to open it

again there are some operational changes

to keep the public safe from the virus

which requires a bit of exercise

there are 674 steps to climb to get to

the tower second floor visitors are

encouraged to take this route because

the elevator can't welcome many people

with the social distancing rules the

monument usually welcomes 23,000

visitors of which 80% are foreign

tourists 10% from the United States the

management Society now expects to have

three to four thousand per day of mostly

French visitors according to the eiffel

tower management head there is

uncertainty due to the virus situation

but the tower had to open again of

course we would like to welcome back our

tourists from the United States as well

as other countries we've put in place

all of the safety measures for them but

now it depends on whether tourists want

to come the situation remains

unpredictable the three-month lockdown

represented a loss of 27 million euros

or 30 million us dollars the Eiffel

Tower was built in 1889 and was at the

time the highest monument in the world

the first building to take over the

record was the Chrysler Building in New

York City 40 years later

report by David Rivas and TD news coming

up taiwan holds its annual dragon boat

race and festival while one village in

hong kong is said to be the last place

to make the traditional dish that goes

with it more on that when we return

this year's New York City Marathon isn't

going ahead organizers say they are

concerned about the virus spread the New

York Road Runners Club said the decision

to cancel the world's largest marathon

was due to health and safety concerns

the race was scheduled to take place

November 1st the 262 mile race

traverses all five boroughs of the city

it routinely attracts over 50,000

runners and more than 1 million

spectators the Berlin Marathon and the

Boston Marathon were also canceled this


Boston's for the first time and it's a

hundred and twenty four year history and

in Taiwan one annual tradition is still

going strong despite virus concerns the

area is one of only a few to hold a

dragon boat race this year as part of a

larger festival the same celebration

took place without the boat race in Hong

Kong but that didn't keep locals from

cooking up a traditional dish to go with

it Dragon Boat teams were seen rowing in

unison down a river in Taipei to compete

in the annual Dragon Boat Race the

festival was downsized to due to virus

precautions but almost 2,500 athletes

were still able to compete

they paddled vigorously to the beat of

drums along the Geelong River covering a

distance of over 1,500 feet spectators

cheered them on but were required to

have their temperature screened and

follow social distancing measures the

festival has its roots in Chinese

folklore it's held annually to

commemorate the death of legendary hero

julienne who drowned in the Mila River

over 2,000 years ago to protest the

state alliance the story goes that the

people attempted to rescue Chilean by

beating drums to scare fish away and by

throwing dumplings into the water to

prevent the fish from eating his body

meanwhile in Hong Kong the race was

canceled but the festival and its

culinary traditions are still going

strong local resident Chung Woon Phan

has been producing sticky rice dumplings

for the festival for decades the food is

crucial to the celebrations it's

tradition to eat them while watching the

boat race Chung cooks the dumplings with

help from the last old-style outdoor

wood stoves in wong tai shan village

it's thought to be the only place in

hong kong where the dishes cooked the

traditional way Chung starts building up

a stock of them weeks in advance they

can then be safely stored and then

reheated or steamed at the festival

preparing the dumplings is a skill in

itself the procedure for wrapping sticky

rice dumplings is rather complicated and

it's a hot season and so I don't think

many people would like to make them in

such a traditional way anymore

I only keep doing it because it's a

family tradition

Chung makes it look easy as she deftly

packages the dumplings but it can take

up to 7 hours to make them including

preparing ingredients wrapping the

dumplings and cooking out and Chung

insists that the best flavor comes from

boiling them on traditional stoves

boiling rice dumplings with gas over a

high heat won't keep the authentic

flavors of the dumplings many Hong Kong

dim sum restaurants serve a simpler

version of the same dish made without

the traditional wood-fired stove but

still wrapped in bamboo leaves and

that's the end for our broadcast

audience but for those watching online

we'll continue live after the break

Democrats block a Senate police reform

bill the bills authors senator Tim Scott

expressed his frustration saying it

delays a chance for the government to

show it cares about the issue of

Republican police reform measure

collapses in the Senate blocked by

Democrats the bill was led by South

Carolina senator Tim Scott 55 senators

voted in favor of advancing the bill for

a full vote and 45 voted against it two

Democrats and one independent voted with

Republicans in favor of the bill Scott

told senators before the vote that if

they don't like the bill they should

make it better rather than just voting

it down the bill would increase

transparency in departments by providing

incentives for using body cameras and

would ban chokeholds would also create a

national database of police use of force

incidents and create new training

procedures and commissions some

Democrats are looking for an end to

qualified immunity for police officers

qualified immunity is a legal doctrine

that shields police officers from civil


although the measure failed to get the

60 votes needed Senate Majority Leader

Mitch McConnell changed his vote to no

he gives him the option to call the

measure back up for a revote later Scott

was frustrated after the vote and said

he offered Democrats every possible

amendment they could want he said in a

Twitter video that it's another missed

opportunity to show vulnerable Americans

that the government cares the actual

problem is not what is being offered it

is who is offering it Scott also tweeted

that he offered Democrats the chance for

at least 20 amendments but that they

still walked out in a following tweet he

said it's about politics and a refusal

to find a solution charges against

former national security adviser Michael

Flynn are dismissed a new development in

the aftermath of the FBI's probe into

the Trump administration a federal

appeals court ordered a judge to dismiss

all charges against lieutenant General

Michael Flynn on Wednesday President

Donald Trump hailed the decision

I'm very happy about general Flynn he

was treated horribly he was treated very

very horribly by a group of very bad

people and I think you'll see things are

gonna start to come out

Flint pled guilty in 2017 to lying to

the FBI but later withdrew his plea a

review of the case ordered by Attorney

General William Barr this year resulted

in new evidence indicating that the FBI

tried to catch Flynn in a lie an

improper purpose for investigation the

Justice Department moved to drop charges

against him after an internal review but

Flynn's District Judge Emmett Sullivan

made the unusual move to argue against

the department so as to determine

whether Flynn should be held in contempt

for reversing his plea after which Flynn

appealed the decision with the appeals

court ultimately siding with him

protesters occupied the area in your New

York City Hall calling to defund the

NYPD they're demanding the city's police

budget be reduced by 1 billion dollars

they say they want that money to go into

Social Services and marginalized

communities entities Kevin Hogan has the


protesters chanted in front of New York

City Hall today voicing their concerns

about the city's police budget the death

of George Floyd in Minneapolis police

custody has spurred calls to defund the

police even senior citizens ventured out

of their homes to participate in the

rally while making sure to wear masks

and practice social distancing the

protesters are demanding 1 billion

dollars be taken from the police budget

and used on social services instead but

the police budget doesn't seem to be the

only grievance at the rally

one woman donned a shirt that red white

lives matter too much

one sign called for defunding the

military and another claimed capitalism

is racist one woman who came to support

the rally has a 26 year-old autistic

nephew who assaulted his aunt and later

assaulted her she says the police

released him after holding him overnight

for the first assault he should have

received some type of help to address

his aggression and

he did not receive it had he received

the services maybe he wouldn't have

assaulted me and I wouldn't be in this

position that I am that I'm not homeless

a priest at the rally agrees with

reallocating police funding into

troubled communities see simply move

that money that lowers the temperature

over in the in the dangerous part of

town you might say improves it so it's

as nice as the rest of town and then the

police can just go to you know Public

Safety and not be the first call when

you need a social worker or the first

call when a corporation needs frankly

private security not public security

another New Yorker says defunding the

police won't solve the problem and that

it may be dangerous the police are not

the source of your problem if you defund

the police you're removing all authority

all protections that keep you safe

some of the protesters here occupying

City Hall want to take some of the money

from the police budget and put it into

marginalized communities they argue that

money can be used to improve their

housing education and health care but

some are concerned that this may make it

more difficult for police to respond to

violent crimes reporting from New York

Kevin Hogan and TV news and in New York

City the Transit Authority says subway

and bus ridership has reached two

million that says it's still struggling

to move its capital program forward

thanks to virus related financial

setbacks as New York City moves closer

to a complete reopening of its economy

the MTA remains on the forefront as it

continues to run its transit system the

MTA announced that overall ridership had

passed the two million mark on Monday

ridership on subways had increased to

over 900,000 while bus riders increased

the 1 million that more people are

coming back to our system sooner is a

note of optimism from New York as we

start to return to a new normal the

agency also reported that in a survey 70

percent of passengers noticed that

vehicles were clean and disinfected MTA

employees are continuing to wit subway

cars and facilities of pathogens during

the overnight shutdown but due to the

extra investment in the drop in revenue

the agency has been completely reliant

on federal money to continue its serve

since this is put development plans for

more station accessibility and other

projects on hold the simple fact is that

the capital program of the MTA is frozen

because of uncertainty about how much

money is going to be available the MTA

is expecting to lose over fourteen

billion dollars due to the pandemic it's

now waiting on Washington to provide

close to an additional four billion

dollars to get through to the other side

of 2020 talk about police reform has

made its way into schools a handful of

school boards in different cities have

already taken steps to remove school

resource officers entities Melina

weisscap has the story

school boards in Minneapolis Portland

and Seattle have eliminated contracts

with school resource officers Oakland

and Denver have taken steps in the same

direction the schools are now closed but

what will be the situation when school

comes back in the fall we asked some

families about how they would feel if

school officers were taken out of the

picture completely you have to be

captured of the actions that you're

gonna take and the consequences that

they will have and and the kids they

need to need protection protection in

the schools so I don't think it's safe

to remove them from the school I think

it would be a little dangerous because

then more people can come in and affect

our school some media reports point to

data showing that officers are

ineffective at preventing campus

violence executive director of the

National Association of school resource

officers explains why that may not be

100% accurate with a law enforcement

presence in a school environment if I'm

a would-be attacker from the outside and

I pull up to a school and there's a

police car park there that's going to be

a deterrent for most people or they see

a uniformed police presence that's going

to be a deterrent kennedy says he thinks

reforms can be made to better train

school officers but that overcorrecting

the problem isn't a solid solution

either I think what we're seeing right

now at this moment is a massive

overcorrection another argument against

officer presence in schools is that it

will accelerate the school to Prison


collected by the National Association of

school resource officers shows otherwise

juvenile arrests in this country not

just schools but overall have plummeted

from around 25 million in 1996 to

around 500,000 and 2018 advocacy groups

that want to remove police presence in

schools proposed that school officers

could be replaced by counselors and

mental health workers I don't think that

would necessarily be like a negative

change but I don't know that they would

have the same role as the police officer

would have in that kind of a situation

we very closely with counselors

Kennedy's Association already offers

courses about adolescent brain

development how to handle students with

disabilities in the mental health

he said they already teach about racial

bias and he plans to broaden that course

more in the future

Melina wise cop in DD News and the Los

Angeles Unified School District Board of

Education as one that recently voted on

whether to defund school police the

board overall rejected the proposal some

board members called the decision

drastic and they felt reluctant to do it

without considering alternatives and

over to Europe a whole neighborhood in a

German town was put into compulsory

quarantine after a CCP virus outbreak at

a nearby meat processing plant and DD

UK's near woodrow brings us news from

Europe thanks

welcome to anti D UK bringing you UK and

European news a neighborhood in the

German talyvel was sealed off and his

residents put into compulsory quarantine

on Tuesday after a corona virus outbreak

at a meatpacking plant nearby gotta slow

is the first area in Germany to

reintroduce a lockdown after

restrictions began to ease in late April

authorities say it's the only solution

they could come up with given that's

many meatpacking plant employees live

side-by-side with their neighbors they

ask questions of course and I would do

that too if a fence suddenly appeared

around my house

the mayor says they are making people's

lives as pleasant as possible police

will deal with anyone who refuses to


but so far that has not been necessary

at all the atmosphere has not heated up

at all and I hope it stays that way that

is our challenge more than 1500 workers

tested positive for the CCP virus plus

some family members and 24 people with

no connection to the plant moving on

Belgian judges will decide whether to

extradite a former catalan minister back

to Spain Luis Puig's fate is now in the

hands of a Belgian court on August 7th

the judge will decide on the extradition

request catalonia is a semi-autonomous

region in northeastern Spain

it's home to 75 million people with

their own language flag and anthem in

2017 it voted for independence but the

Spanish government declared it

unconstitutional and sentenced nine

leaders to jail terms

queeg fled to Belgium said it Karla's

Puig Daman the former Catalan president

Spain also requested extradition for

Puig d'amour but he has since been

elected to the European Parliament

so now enjoys immunity to Romania a

former Iranian judge and cleric was

found dead in Bucharest

Romanian authorities are calling it a

suicide but his lawyer says that's not

likely golem breeds a Mansouri fled Iran

last year he was found dead at a hotel

on June 19th iran says Romanian

authorities informed them that Mansouri

threw himself out of his hotel window

his lawyer says he and the family don't

believe he would commit suicide Mansouri

was accused of corruption in Tehran and

of human rights violations by activists

he is among a group of judges facing a

high-profile trial that started earlier

this month Mansouri was arrested by

interpol on june 13th and was awaiting a

remaining court's decision over his

extradition back to iran also in Belgium

moths are now an everyday item yet most

are dull and impersonal but they don't

have to be this Belgian entrepreneur

decided it was time to give maths a

human face literally sharla de Beauvoir

used to run an event company but during

the pandemic that business dried up so

he needed to get creative so smiling

mask is about to

gives the opportunity to people to wear

masks that actually enables them to

vehicle some emotions positive emotions

and to be able to recognize them in

front of their peers smiling masks I see

to make using portable photo booths that

the belvoir used to rent for events

customers take a photo it prints and it

gets ironed on to a mask you can even

decide how big you want your smile to be

smiling mask also has an app so people

can order their personalized masks

online each costs about twenty two US

dollars and can be washed eight to ten

times to France where Paris's iconic

Museum Doce is open again to visitors

which sharply reduced numbers the

museum's head is calling for State help

to recover visitors need to book tickets

online and inside the museum they must

wear masks and keep a safe social

distance that means a museum can only

receive five thousand visitors per day

compared to fifteen thousand in a normal

summer season that's the challenge

seventy percent of the museum's revenue

comes from ticket sales we will have for

sure a lot of dialogue with the Minister

of Culture and budget to see how we can

deal with our revenue shortfall linked

to ticket selling Frances borders are

also still closed to many tourists which

is another challenge foreign tourists

account for 70 percent of all visitors

during the summer or say is a former

railway station on the left bank of the

Seine River

it houses the world's largest collection

of impressionist and post-impressionist

masterpieces and in the UK baby Theo who

was born three months premature at the

peak of Britain's pandemic is finally

going home in April Kirsty Anderson was

rushed to hospital to give birth to a

son who wasn't due for another three

months born weighing just two pounds

four ounces he was immediately rushed

into intensive care and later an

incubator due to cccp virus restrictions

his family couldn't see him together

baby Theo gained world fame though after

his photo was featured in British

newspapers and news sites globally today

Theo is 9

weeks old and weighs six pounds four

ounces and finally 16 months old

our lo can meet his baby brother that's

all from the entity UK newsroom back to

New York thanks Neil and that's all for

now catch us again at 6:30 pm Eastern

Time I'm Tiffany Mayer


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