US Calls for Corrupt WHO Acknowledge Taiwan

published on July 2, 2020

taiwan is standing up to the World

Health Organization China calls critics

a political virus and the people of

Wuhan are happy at least they're not

allowed to say otherwise and more on

this week's China news headlines


this is China uncensored I'm Chris


Taiwan is standing up to the World

Health Organization the w-h-o is part of

the United Nations which pretends that

Taiwan is not a country that's why the

WHU show also pretends Taiwan is not a

country and officially refers to it as

the Taiwan province of China the Chinese

commies party wouldn't have it any other


but this has meant that during the

corona virus outbreak the w-h-o let's

the Chinese regime represent Taiwan

which is nuts Taiwan's Foreign Ministry

spokeswoman Joanne Oh said this week

that only the democratically elected

Taiwanese government can represent

Taiwan's 23 million people in the

international community it's crazy that

Taiwan isn't recognized Taiwan has

handled the CCP virus better than any

other country but it's generally not

allowed to participate in w-h-o meetings

back in December Taiwan told the w-h-o

about the mysterious new virus but

whu-oh ignored them w-h-o corruption has

cost lives and now with a major annual

meeting of the w8 show coming up the

us is demanding that the w-h-o invite

Taiwan and the international community

is also pushing for Taiwan's


aside from Taiwan's diplomatic allies

and the United States officials from

Canada Australia Germany Japan and

Lithuania have also recently spoken out

in favor of Taiwan's inclusion in the

whu-oh you tell them Lithuania the

starting in 2009 Taiwan had been allowed

to attend the WH show annual meeting as

an observer but that ended in 2017 after

Taiwan's current president sanguine was

elected and started standing up to the

Chinese Communist Party so until the

world holds the Chinese Communist Party


I think Taiwan has a better chance of

being recognized by the WHO than the w8

show a Chinese economist with the Jong

tae securities brokerage firm in China

estimated that the corona virus caused

China's unemployment rate to skyrocket

to 20 point five percent that's three

times higher than China's official

number now that's a serious problem but

it's been solved by firing the

economists which just adds one more

person to the unemployment rate the

Chinese counties party has been accused

of not doing enough to stop the corona

virus early on but there's one virus the

CCP is eager to eradicate the Hong Kong

protesters which they are now calling a

political virus the Chinese Communist

Party's worst fear but fighting for

freedom is contagious

but if Beijing is calling Hong Kong

protesters a political virus they're in

good company this week a near-daily CCTV

commentary at acts Pompeo for calling

out china's mishandling of the corona

virus one saying he is turning himself

to be the enemy of humankind by

spreading a political virus wait US

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo is also

spreading a political virus I think

China needs to find more creative people

to stop the propaganda department

they're getting repetitive chinese state

media keep attacking Pompeo because he

keeps pushing a wild conspiracy theory

his theory is there needs to be an

investigation to determine whether or

not the CCP virus escaped from a lab

that's crazy

investigating to find out the truth only

absolute nutter

believe you can't trust what the CCP

says which is why China has challenged

him to show any proof the virus came

from a lab to which Pompeo said the

whole point is that we need to

investigate to see if there is proof so

let us go into the lab to take a look

around look we still haven't gained

access the world hasn't gained access to

the wiv virology Institute there we

don't know precisely where this virus

originated from China is not letting the

US or any independent investigation into

the lab after all they know exactly

where the corona virus came from the US

military I mean Italy I mean France also

the US again specifically New Jersey yes

the Global Times agrees with Mike Pompeo

a thorough investigation is needed as

long as that investigation doesn't

involve the lab in Wuhan that was

studying back coronaviruses so how are

things in Wuhan where the corona virus

definitely didn't start well no one in

Wuhan is complaining because they can't

they're being silenced the Chinese

authorities are clamping down as

grieving relatives along with activists

press the ruling Communist Party for an

accounting of what went wrong in Wuhan

lawyers have been warned not to file

suit against the government the police

haven't arrogated bereaved family

members who connected with others like

them online and volunteers who try to

thwart the state censorship apparatus by

preserving reports about the outbreak

have disappeared disappeared I wonder

where – in unrelated news China has just

launched a new rocket into space yes

that was a joke sadly this next story is

not European Union ambassadors to China

published a joint opinion piece in

state-run China Daily it was about how


I know ties are vital amid this global

crisis and it was published on the 45th

anniversary of diplomatic ties between

the EU and China now imagine these

European diplomats shock and dismay when

they found out that China Daily a

propaganda outlet of an authoritarian

regime censored their opinion peace

Wow who could have seen that one coming

but what was censored from this fawning

piece about how great cooperation is

between China and the EU this sentence

but the outbreak of the corona virus in

China and its subsequent spread to the

rest of the world over the past three

months has meant that our pre-existing

plans have been temporarily sidetracked

China Daily refused to publish it unless

they removed the idea that the corona

virus started in China before it spread

to the rest of the world other than that

this piece lavishly praised the mutual

support of China and the EU during the

corona virus saying things like that is

how true partners act even in something

as flattering as this the Chinese

Communist Party refused to leave in any

mention of the fact that the corona

virus started in China so what did the

EU ambassadors do the EU delegation to

China made known its concerns in no

uncertain terms but decided to proceed

with the publication with considerable

reluctance in other words they caved and

China daily published the censored

version in English but did not publish

it in Chinese at all which they had

originally agreed to do

in summary EU ambassadors to China wrote

a nauseate enchain e's state-run media

full of ccp propaganda about how the

world needs to work together with china

then the Chinese regime bullied them

into censoring the fact that the corona

virus outbreak started in China and even

after the e UK

the Chinese regime still went back on

their agreement that's called win-win

mutual cooperation and now is the time

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in other words by their own admission I

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