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published on July 3, 2020




good evening and welcome to NTV news I'm

Stephanie Cox here are today's top

stories a federal court judge has denied

the Justice Department's request to

block a book from being published the

former national security advisors memoir

is scheduled to be released on June 23rd

the mesh the Navy will not reinstate a

captain who was fired from raising

concerns about the virus an

investigation says he's partly at fault

for letting a ship's outbreak spread

Colorado passes major police reform it

bans chokeholds and makes way for

state-level civil rights lawsuits

against officers a new york city is

entering phase two of its reopening plan

but one small business owner took it

upon herself to decide when her store

should close and reopen


Attorney General William bar said in a

letter today that President Trump has

now fired a top federal prosecutor

Jeffery Berman who publicly refused to

step down yesterday Berman said he would

only step down when the Senate confirms

a nominee US Attorney General William

bar says the president is replacing US

Attorney Jeffery Berman

but Berman said he refuses to go yet

Barr announced that Berman would be

stepping down Friday night Berman said I

learned in a press release from the

Attorney General tonight that I was

stepping down as a United States


I have not resigned and have no

intention of resigning my position

Berman went on to say I will step down

when a presidentially appointed nominee

is confirmed by the Senate President

Trump is planning to nominate Jay

Clayton and he appointed Craig Harper

Nieto to serve in the interim while the

Senate considers Clayton's nomination it

goes into effect July 3rd according to

US law the president can remove any US

Attorney but the Attorney General cannot

but some legal experts say this

situation is different because Berman

was appointed as an interim attorney

they say he gets to keep serving until

the Senate confirms a permanent

successor but many experts point to a

1979 memo it says the president can

remove any US attorneys regardless of

how they got their position Berman led

the prosecution against Jeffrey Epstein

he still has not brought charges against

any of Epstein's associates Berman OSA

probed several people who were close to

the president including his lawyer Rudy

Giuliani House Judiciary Chairman Jerry

Nadler accused Attorney General Barr of

helping the president he said Berman is

welcome to testify about it on Wednesday

on his way to his rally in Tulsa

President Trump told media that he

trusted Attorney General bars decision

and that he's not involved and the US

District Court has denied the Trump

administration's request to block a book

by former national security adviser John

Bolton the court and administration

however are predicting that the release

of Bolton's book will end up hurting

Bolton in the end a federal court judge

has turned down the Trump

administration's request the blood the


of a book by John Bolton his book titled

the room where it happened lays out

details of the 17 months Bolton worked

as Trump's national security adviser the

order allows the book to be distributed

president Trump fired Boland last year

over policy differences the president

said he considers every conversation a

person had with him as classified

information so that would mean that if

he wrote a book and if the book gets out

he's broken the law and I would think

that he would have criminal problems I

hope so US District Court Judge Joyce

Lamberth denied the request because he

said the administration did not

demonstrate that an injunction would do

any good the judge pointed out that

national security was already put at

risk since the book had been distributed

widely Lamberth also said Bolton now

stands to lose his profits from the book

deal exposes himself to criminal

liability and imperils national security

the president expects that Bolton sealed

and publication of the book will

ultimately backfire on him the US Navy

is reversing course on a decision to

reinstate a captain who was fired for

raising virus concerns the news comes

after an in-depth investigation found he

didn't properly handle the situation the

us Navy will not reinstate captain

Bret Crozier as commanding officer of

the USS Theodore Roosevelt they will

also put Rear Admiral Stewart Baker's

promotion on hold an in-depth

investigation found fault with their

handling of a virus outbreak on the ship

in late March

Tom Navy officer Admiral Mike Gill D

says Crozier and his boss were slow to

move sailors off the ship and they

released some people from quarantine too


Crozier won't be able to hold another

command position on shore or at sea but

he could be considered for other key

Navy positions over 1,000 sailors on the

ship got the virus one died from it the

investigation found the ship probably

got infected during a port visit in

Vietnam in late March Crozier wrote a

letter to the Navy asking them to pull

sailors off the ship the letter was

leaked to the media the next day on

March 31st after the leak the Navy

announced they were already taking

measures to evacuate and Crozier had

been fired the letter was sent outside

the chain of command and through an

unsecured on

aasif I'd email acting Navy secretary

Thomas moly said it raises alarm bells

unnecessarily and made it look like the

Navy was ignoring Crozier the ship spent

two weeks in port in Guam

crew members went on shore for

quarantine the ship returned to

operations on June 4th with a reduced

crew Colorado's governor signs a major

police reform bill into law it's one of

the first states to pass police reforms

following the death of George Floyd the

governor of Colorado signed a sweeping

police reform bill into law it makes way

for civil rights lawsuits against police

officers at the state level but that's

just one change bans chokeholds it

creates new standards for the use of

force it includes requiring all piece

out for officers who interact with the

public where body camera duty for police

officers to intervene if they see a

fellow officer engaging in an

inappropriate use of force the aclu

hailed the decision calling it historic

for ending qualified immunity but it

can't actually end the federal level law

of qualified immunity which acts as a

shield for officers instead Colorado

created a state-level civil rights law

without the legal shield for officers so

now Ledge victims can sue in state court

Colorado's Fraternal Order of Police

says the bill was rushed and they were

shocked at the negative consequences it

would have on officers initially but

they say they managed to get lawmakers

to make some changes to the bill for

some black lives matter is a rallying

cry against police brutality but critics

of the movement worried that its aim

isn't really to quell racial tension

NTDs Miguel Moreno has more from a

Harlan pastor who says the movement is

pitting black lives against others black

lives matter protesters are calling for

police reform racial equality and an end

to racism


but critics of the movement are

concerned that its selective which

brings its purpose into question

pastor James Manning from New York is

one of them black lives matter only

comes to some sort of prominence or not

prominence but only come to the calls of

people that are potentially that are

killed by white people the worth of a

black man is only measured if he's

killed if he's killed by a white man

manning takes a tough stance against a

movement calling it a life or being

selective for example rather than

address the tragic and deadly black on

black violence of young men in chicago

the movement focuses on incidents

involving white police officers and

black men Manning says the movement is

pitting people against one another they

will pick black people against if you


southern people or more conservative

type people they will dwarf the power of

the Tea Party and the Trump voter and

really prepare for a racial war that's

what they are capable of doing the BLM

organization says they want to eradicate

white supremacy and stop police violence

against blacks its co-founder patrice

color says the group does have an

ideological frame adding that both she

and another co-founder are trained

marxist marx advocated violent

revolution to overthrow capitalism

through struggle or conflict between

different classes in society whether

people are aware that the co-founders

are trained marxist is debatable

nonetheless some BLM protesters have

protected police officers from violence

and others have emphasized peaceful

protests while demanding police reform

Miguel Moreno and TD news

New York City is moving into phase 2 of

its reopening plan on Monday Hair Salons

in store retail and offices will be able

to get back to business

Aunt Edie's Kevin Hogan spoke with a

hair stylist who closed before the

lockdowns began and reopened long before

they're set to end Sarah get her runs a

wig store in Brooklyn she's not allowed

to take clients because her business is

considered non-essential she got sick

with kovat in early March and closed her

shop for a while to protect others but

when she felt it was safe she opened

right back up

open she says people have different

opinions on how they want to handle the

virus and that people should have the

freedom to act on those opinions that's

on us

that's on me and that's on that it's not

on the government why is the government

telling me when it's safe when it's not

Sarah wanted to get the virus so she

could become immune instead of being

held hostage by it living in fear of

getting it and passing it on the first

time that I was ever sick that I

remember actually being thankful for

being sick you know shivering in bed and

as I thank God I have covered in Maine

New York Governor Cuomo disagreed with

protesters demanding he reopened the

state and he said police should enforce

social distancing at those protests

later Cuomo encouraged protests over the

death of George Floyd but told them to

quote be responsible he wouldn't allow

certain businesses to open until Phase

two and churches not until phase four he

pointed to churches specifically saying

quote the gathering is the issue and yet

mass gatherings at black lives matter

protests were allowed to take place

during the lock downs I was like ok they

have this agenda to get everyone to

comply with whatever they say so today

it's masks today it's the businesses

tomorrow it'll be something else that's

what scares me Kevin Hogan NTD News New

York after a new spike in infections an

Australian state had to reinstate

lockdown measures and Spain is finally

lifting its state of emergency people

there it can visit their families again

the Australian state of Victoria

announced that it will reinstate

lockdown restrictions the decision was

made after a double-digit rise in virus

cases for four straight days protestors

took to the streets despite the jump in

cases but Spain is set to lift its state

of emergency on Sunday residents will

have free travel across the country and

borders will finally open to tourism the

change will let Spaniards see family and

friends after months apart and it could

bring a welcome boost to business Brazil

has passed 1 million virus cases and is

approaching five hundred thousand deaths

but according to many experts the true

extent of the outbreak in Brazil far

exceeds official figures this is due to

among other things a lack of testing and

while the number of infections is going

down in most countries infections are on

the rise and others Mexico Argentina and

Iran all reported a spike in infections

over the past few days the Iranian

government blames its people for not

practicing social distancing as

commuters can be seen hopping on packed

trains and Turkish Airlines resumed

flights to the US after more than two

months turkey is starting to ease virus

restrictions to planes to Washington DC

and Chicago took off from Istanbul

Airport this week when we returned

European lawmakers say

should be taken to the UN's highest

court if Beijing imposes its new law on

Hong Kong the European Parliament

strongly condemned the law



no bombs no bullets this is an invisible

war and they've developed ways to

manipulate all of us and this is all

infiltration subversion to control the

narrative to shape your opponents

perceptions of you our god-given rights

are being silently eroded yet we are

completely unaware sending an official

that urging that an American elected

official shouldn't exercise his right to

freedom of speech make certain media

outlets and twice about reporting

certain issues or certain topics the

provost of the University personally

called me out and escoba mokuba's

telling me not to return an unnoticed

dark force is attacking America then

it's a struggle between freedom and





new details coming in today on the

proposed national security law in Hong

Kong this as the bill has already

received international condemnation

Chinese state-run media released the

blueprint of the proposed national

security law today the new law would

override Hong Kong's legislature in

other words it gives Beijing the final

say effectively removing Hong Kong's

autonomy it includes an office in Hong

Kong to oversee national security such

as collecting intelligence and handling

crimes according to the draft Beijing

has the right to define threats to

national security

it also gives Hong Kong leader Carrie

Lam power to appoint judges to try cases

despite the review the meeting ended

without a vote it's not clear when

Chinese lawmakers will meet again to

approve the draft but some Hong Kong

officials say it could happen in the

next couple of months if not sooner and

the European Parliament says the EU

should take China to the International

Court of Justice

that's if Beijing imposes its national

security law on Hong Kong lawmakers

called the new law an assault on Hong

Kong's autonomy here's Jane where'll

with the story the European Parliament

on Friday condemned Beijing so called

national security law for Hong Kong

lawmakers passed a resolution protesting

the law saying it would undermine the

city's freedoms I defend the one country

two systems' bill so I stand with the

people of Hong Kong and support their

freedom of expression the arrests of

four Democratic leaders the violent

crackdown of protesters and the new

security law or an assault on the

autonomy of Hong Kong in the text

members of European Parliament call on

the EU and its member states to consider

in the events the new security law is

applied filing a case

before the International Court of

Justice the International Court of

Justice is the highest United Nations

legal body it's based in The Hague the

group of seven foreign ministers on

Wednesday said that the law does not

conform to the legally binding

sino-british joint declaration which was

lodged in the UN it is awful an

international treaty lost at the UN that

gives us the right in fact if we wish to

take any infringement of it to the hey

lawmakers also called for an independent

investigation into the use of violence

by Hong Kong police towards

pro-democracy protesters the resolution

is not binding but can steer policy it

comes ahead of an EU China summit next


Jane Worrell NTD news a top Republican

on the House Foreign Affairs Committee

is considering tough tactics to counter

China's propaganda campaign it's a move

that was used effectively by the us

against the Soviet Union during the Cold

War the leader of the GOP led China task

force is pushing to form a special group

to counter Chinese regime propaganda in

an article published in the hill

congressman Michael McCall is calling to

establish a State Department led

interagency group saying he will soon

introduce a bill about it the idea is

for a modern-day version of the active

measures working group the group was

formed during the Cold War to counter

aggressive Soviet Union propaganda

propaganda the claimed US scientists

developed the AIDS virus is part of

biological weapons research McCaul said

the US right now is facing a similar

situation the Chinese Communist Party

has actively launched a propaganda

campaign against the us Chinese

foreign ministry spokesperson said on

Twitter that the CCP virus originated

from the US hinting that the US Army

brought the virus to Wuhan Twitter

refused to take the post down saying the

misinformation does not violate his

policies Huawei won't play any role in

Canada's 5g network Canadian company

tell us chose Samsung over it last week

that means all three of Canada's biggest

telecom companies will exclude Huawei

the latest setback for the Chinese

company the US UK Canada Australia New

Zealand and Japan have already banned or

planned to ban Huawei from their

networks German Telecom accepted Huawei


hasn't made a decision yet and India is

preparing its military for a worsening

situation along its border with China

this as the two sides try but so far

failed to ease the tension India is

preparing for the worst with China local

media reported Saturday that India has

moved fighter jets to air bases facing

China and deployed additional warships

in the Bay of Bengal Indian this week

also decided to buy 33 fighters from

Russia his Air Force chief said the

force is fully ready to handle anything

that might happen at the border while

preparing for deteriorating relations

top officials are trying to cool things

down Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi

assured the nation of Friday that India

has not lost any territory to China in

the clashes no boy nobody has intruded

on our borders nor have any of our posts

been taken over was hurt and angry in

response to 20 Indian soldiers who were

killed and 70 injured in the Monday

clash the most deadly clash in nearly

five decades China has not reported its

side of casualties

we're on one side we have given freedom

to our army to take appropriate steps on

the other hand we have also taken a

diplomatic route to clarify our position

to China public anger is sweeping

through India this photo showing rods

studded with nails is said to be one of

the weapons used by Chinese forces to

kill Indian soldiers causing an uproar

on social media in India calls for

revenge and boycotting China make

products are on the rise coming up new

data shows most states out of jobs in


indicating economic activities are

picking up around the country



just–how is the Chinese regime forcing

nations to choose between the China and

American models and punishing countries

like Australia and the UK that failed to

comply with its demands how is the

Chinese Communist Party exploiting the

protests and riots in America following

the killing of George Floyd for

propaganda and how is the concept of

racism in America been altered by far

left radical groups to fuel the race

equivalent of communist class struggle

in this episode we sit down with Joshua

Philip an award-winning investigative

reporter at The Epoch Times and the host

of the show crossroads

this is American thought leaders and I'm

Janiak Alec

a new report shows hiring was up across

46 states in May it shows that last

month's positive employment trend was

felt nationwide employers in 46 states

hired more people in May than April

evidence that the month surprising job

gain was felt in states that reopened

their economies early and those that

waited and unemployment has fallen in 43

states in May as Americans are going

back to work but the jobless rate is

still high thirteen point three percent

down from fourteen point seven percent

in April

Nevada's rate is 25 percent followed by

Hawaii and Michigan but the white house

as there's hope for a quick recovery

GDP is expected to grow significantly in

the third and fourth quarters and a top

economist at Haman is forecasting five

percent growth for the first quarter

next year

McEnaney says they'll put America's 2021

GDP above its 2019 peak Secretary of

State Mike Pompeo says China has

recommitted to phase 1 of the trade deal

the news comes after he met with a top

Chinese official in Hawaii china plans

to speed up its us farm purchases

after secretive talks in hawaii

bloomberg reports the communist regime

is asking their state-owned companies to

make efforts to meet phase one of the

us-china trade deal they're ramping up

purchases for everything from US

soybeans to corn and gas fuel US

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo tweeted

that China's top foreign policy official

quote recommitted to completing and

honoring all of the obligations of phase

one of the trade deal unquote they met

secretly at Hickam Air Force Base in

Hawaii on Wednesday China was falling

way behind the Phase one purchase

scheduled under Phase one China had

pledged to buy over 36 billion dollars

worth of American farm goods but in the

first four months of 2020 they spent

less than five billion dollars that's

only thirteen percent of their goal and

it's nearly 40 percent less than what

they spent during the same period in 27

tene bloomberg reported earlier this

month that China asked state-owned

companies to stop buying US agriculture

but Chinese importers increased the US

soy purchases buying over 2 million tons

of oil seeds in the first couple weeks

of June the UK government is borrowing a

record amount of cash to pay for its

pandemic aid programs as revenue from

taxes falls and welfare costs rise the

government has been forced to borrow to

make ends meet the UK government

deployed a large economic support

package to help businesses and save jobs

during the pandemic but to pay for it

government borrowing has hit a record

high it's had to borrow money because

during times of economic slowdown like

during the pandemic tax shields fall and

welfare costs rise is the first time

since 1963 that the country's public

sector debt outpaced its economic output

back then Britain was paying off its

World War two debts local and central

government borrowing hit nearly 69

billion dollars in May that's 9 times

higher than last year britain's finance

minister said the best way to restore

public finances is to safely reopen the

economy the prime minister said they

will manage their finances as prudently

as possible but it's going to be painful

and expensive although borrowing in

April and May was much higher than the

previous year it was lower than experts

predicted EU leaders on Friday began

talks on an economic recovery package

and a long-term budget while the

differences remain the group will try to

achieve a compromise later this summer

as they brace for the worst economic

downturn since the Great Depression

leaders of the European Union's 27

member countries have started discussing

the bloc's future long-term budget also

up for discussion a multi-billion euro

recovery plan for Europe's buyer said

economy this is a huge stimulus of 1,850

billion euros and it does not only help

the economies of the countries which

were hit hardest by the virus

it also helps the countries whose

economies have been hit hard indirectly

because of the lockdowns the II used

budget well cover its funding for the

next seven years a sum of over one

trillion dollars it's under

consideration alongside a proposal to

borrow over eight hundred billion

dollars from the market an effort to

help revive economies hardest hit by the

virus notably Italy and Spain but the

eight plan has failed to gain the

approval of a group of countries known

as The Frugal for the Netherlands

Denmark Austria and Sweden they opposed

the addition of too much common debt and

argue that the money should mainly be

doled out via loans instead of grants

the recovery plan has divided the EU

countries for weeks

the latest meeting made little progress

other than reaching the agreement that a

quick response is needed the leaders are

scheduled to meet again mid July before

the EU closes for its summer holiday

still to come Sesame Street characters

are joining forces to help children

stuck at home continue learning find out

what activities kids can do when we





in a world changed by the global health

crisis Elmo Cookie Monster and muffets

from around the globe are joining forces

for a special episode of Sesame Street

with many schools closed for months

and many parents taking on the role of

teacher Elmo's World News aims to help

kids and their families cope during

these trying times executive producer

Scott Cameron explains the research base

known to be successful and from there we

crafted was really visual that was

replicable so that kids could do it no

matter what their resources are and

matter where they're living around the

world the special will be airing over

the next few weeks in more than a dozen

languages across five continents The

Muppets will share fun at home

activities and advice on how to manage

feelings like frustration and sadness

and Cameron says a universal message of

the show is the importance of play you

can learn through that play and that way

helps you manage some of the big

feelings that are coming up for children

and caregivers you guys play is such a

powerful way for kids to express things

that they might not otherwise be able to

express or be comfortable expressing yet

and that's all for now

thanks for tuning in I'm Stephanie Cox




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