US And China Every Draw The Line In Talks; Trump Extends Ongoing NKorea Sanctions | NTD

published on July 3, 2020





welcome to NTD news I'm Tiffany Mayer

here today's top stories more talks

between the US and China Secretary of

State Mike Pompeo led to discussion for

the us while Beijing made familiar

demands with each side holding a firm

stance no one appears to be budging

the US trade chief is pushing for a

broad reset of the world trade

organization he says it's a mess and

needs to change lawmakers are asking for

the names of all businesses that

received government stimulus payments

under the Paycheck protection program

the request is part of oversight

measures to find out where funds are

going the ccp virus infection rate in

new york hits its lowest point while

deaths dropped to just 17 in the state

leading governor andrew cuomo

to end his daily briefings more details

are released about clashes at the border

between India and China among Indians

angry sentiments against China run high

across the country and mortgage

applications hit an 11-year high

homebuyers are taking advantage of

historically low interest rates some

expect the rates to remain low into next



as us-china tensions sour a face-to-face

talk between Secretary of State Mike

Pompeo and a top communist party

policymaker does little to bring the two

sides together the faceoff ended with

seemingly little gain for either side a

meeting between Secretary of State Mike

Pompeo and Communist Party politburo

member youngt Jeter gave each side the

opportunity to raise matters of

contention face-to-face and there are

plenty the high-level talks in Hawaii

covered multiple points of friction that

have dramatically worse in this year

each had demands of the other young told

Pompeo that washington needs to respect

Beijing's positions on key issues and

work to repair relations he said the US

should halt its interference on matters

like Hong Kong Taiwan and Xin Jeong

there was little room left for any

suggestion a Beijing backing down

Pompeyo stress the need for fully

reciprocal dealings between the two


and full transparency and information

sharing in handling any future virus

outbreaks both points are central to the

demands the US has made of the regime

over recent months already this week

foreign ministers of the g7 countries

including Pompeo issued a statement

calling on China not to follow through

with its Hong Kong law which critics say

will snuff out the rights of Hong Kong's

pro-democracy protesters while the

meeting was under way president trump

signed legislation calling for sanctions

against those responsible for putting

Weger Muslims in China Xin Jiang

re-education camps to which Beijing

responded demanding the immediate

undoing of this action and threatened

countermeasures of no specific

description the president noted that he

would regard some requirements of the

bill as advisory not mandatory as it

might limit his constitutional authority

to conduct diplomacy after the meeting

China this morning said it's top

decision-making body will review the

draft of the Hong Kong law and in other

news president Trump is extending

existing US sanctions on North Korea

mostly because of the country's nuclear

weapons program in a notice sent to

Congress Trump wrote that he's

continuing the national emerge

urgency with respect to North Korea that

was first declared in 2008 the executive

order calls for sanctions on North Korea

for its nuclear and ballistic missile


Trump stated that North Korea's policies

and nuclear weapons pose a threat to US

national security he added that the

regime's policies also destabilize the

Korean Peninsula and are putting us

armed forces and us trading partners in

the region at risk and in other news

speaking to lawmakers the US trade chief

is vowing to push for improvements at

the World Trade Organization he also

says he's hopeful that China will hold

up its end of the Phase one trade deal

US trade chief robert light Heiser told

lawmakers the Trump administration will

push for a broad reset of the World

Trade Organization

he said the WTO is a mess and changes in

their tariffs are urgently needed to

reflect today's economic reality light

hyzer said a new WTO leader could

jumpstart reforms but Washington will

veto any candidate with a whiff of

anti-americanism in their past the Trump

administration has voiced concerns about

the organization's failure to hold China

accountable for unfair trade practices

they say China the world's second

largest economy should no longer be

treated as a developing country last

month the US Trade Representative said

both the US and China planned to meet

phase one of the trade agreements one

lawmaker asked if China will live up to

their side of the deal

what signals have you received from

China that give you confidence that they

are prepared to do the same in terms of

their agriculture purchasing commitments

when I have every contact I've had with

the Chinese they have they have

reaffirmed their commitment to living up

to the agreement light hyzer said the

WTO treats the US as the world's

greatest trade abuser and finds the US

at fault in up to 90 percent of disputes

filed he says this undermines the

negotiating process last year Washington

blocked appointments to the WTO Zappala


which rules in these disputes they move

cripple the organization's ability to

intervene in trade wars light hyzer said

it will be fine if the body never


and America's top trade negotiator

Robert light Heiser says allegations

that President Trump asked Chinese

leader Xi Jingping for help to win

re-election are quote absolutely untrue

the allegations are part of John

Bolton's controversial memoir the room

where it happened do you out June 23rd

excerpts from the book were published by

some media on Wednesday Bolton was

Trump's national security adviser from

April 2018 to September 2019 when he was

fired by Trump over policy differences

light Heiser told a Senate Finance

Committee hearing on Wednesday that

Bolton's claims are quote absolutely

untrue never happened I was there I have

no recollection of that ever happening

and on Tuesday the Trump administration

sued to block Bolton from publishing the

memoir arguing that parts of it were

rife with classified information and in

other news amid concerns that Congress

members are linked to businesses

receiving stimulus payments lawmakers

are pushing for greater oversight of pay

check protection program loans they say

the names of the companies that receive

them should be disclosed lawmakers are

pushing the Trump administration to name

each company that received government

payouts through the Paycheck protection

program the PPP was launched in April to

help businesses stay afloat during the

pandemic over 4 million companies

received funds and their concerns that

businesses linked to members of Congress

are among them a compilation of

recipients is held by the Small Business

Administration they administered the

funds but lawmakers want the information

made public chairman of the Senate Small

Business Committee Senator Marco Rubio

said there is no dispute over disclosing

which larger companies received funds

but micro business owners sole

proprietors and independent contractors

are the subject of discussion last week

Treasury Secretary Stephen minuchin told

Rubio's committee

it wouldn't be releasing a list of the

names due to confidentiality but on

Monday he said he'd take another look at

it in a letter Representative Jennifer

Wexton heading a group of dozens of

lawmakers made this point that borrowers

were made

where the company name and loan amount

was subject to automatic disclosure

because it was written on the loan form

the Atlanta police officer who shot a

man in a Wendy's parking lot has now

been charged with murder the incident

has sparked riots in the city including

the burning of buildings the Atlanta

police officer who shot a man in a

Wendy's parking lot is facing a felony

murder charge Fulton County District

Attorney Paul Howard made the decision

after concluding that 27 year-old

Rashard Brooks did not pose a threat of

death or serious injury to the officers

according to Georgia law an officer can

only use deadly force if death or

serious injury could result to himself

or others

Brooks was found asleep in his car and

was questioned by officers he was shot

twice in the back after resisting arrest

and attempting to run away with one of

the officers tasers he turned around as

if to fire it's when one of the officers

shot him the officer then kicked Brooks

and offered no medical treatment to the

dying man Brooks was the father of four

children and following the felony charge

of a former officer police officers in

Atlanta are reportedly leaving their

posts in large numbers the city's police

department has denied this but rumors

about certain police scanners being

silent suggest otherwise the Atlanta

Police Department acknowledged on

Twitter that a higher than usual number

of officers called out of work but the

department added that it still has

enough resources to maintain operations

and respond to calls on the other hand

posts on social media say the police

scanners in two zones within Atlanta

were either radio silent or barely

active Fulton County District Attorney

Paul Howard jr announced eleven charges

against fired former officer Garrett

Rolfe including felony murder which

could lead to the death penalty if he is

convicted and moving now to New York

Governor Andrew Cuomo says the state's

ECP virus deaths dropped to 17 in a day

while the infection rate is less than 1%

it's the lowest numbers seen in the

state since the pandemic took hold

New York was once the center of CCP

virus infections in the US but Governor

Cuomo says it now has the country's

lowest rate of virus spread

he says the state's virus death toll and

hospitalization rate continues to

decline 17 deaths in the state of New


17 lowest number since we started I feel

the only way I could feel better is if

that number ever becomes zero

Cuomo also pointed out that the rate of

infection has gone down even as testing

has gone up 60,000 tests across the

state number who tested positive

less than 1% that is the lowest

percentage of positive that we have had

since we have started he says the number

of people in the state with the virus

entering hospitals dropped to just under

1500 the lowest level since March 20th

while at 17 the number of daily deaths

is the lowest since the outbreak began

he says New York City will soon enter

the next phase of reopening catching up

with the rest of the state

hospitalizations since reopening the

numbers of good are good so New York was

on track to enter phase two on Monday

the same metrics we use in New York City

are the same metrics we've used in every

region across the state all other

counties in New York are at least in

Phase two with the majority already in

Phase three

Cuomo expects to end these daily

briefings on Friday the US Army is going

online in an effort to recruit thousands

of new soldiers the military branch has

started its army national hiring days

it's the Army's first nationwide virtual

hiring campaign the goal is to recruit

10,000 new soldiers to serve in 150

different occupations according to its

website those who enlist during this

time could receive an extra $2,000 bonus

or a four year scholar

to enlist you must be a US citizen or

permanent resident between the ages of

17 and 34 have graduated high school or

received your GED and met medical and

physical requirements among other

stipulations the Army National hiring

days is already underway

it wraps up on July 2nd more details

about the border clash between Indian

and Chinese soldiers and analysts as

Beijing might be trying to create issues

at the borders to shift trans people's

focus from the domestic crisis mortgage

demand soars to a record 11 year high as

interest rates remain at historic lows





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we have more details about the border

clash between Indian and Chinese

soldiers an analyst says Beijing might

be trying to create an enemy abroad to

ease domestic pressure high-level

military talks between India and China

failed to break a standoff over a deadly

border clash in the Himalaya Mountains

at least 20 Indian soldiers are dead

Indian media reports is the first loss

of life in border clashes in at least 45

years under an old agreement between the

two countries no shots are to be fired

at the border an Indian official told

the BBC there were 55 Indians against

300 Chinese he said quote they hit our

boys on the head with metal batons

wrapped in barbed wire our boys fought

with bare hands

Ligon in a TV address to the nation

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi said

the soldier stairs will not be in vain I

want to assure the nation that the

sacrifice of our soldiers will not go to


for us the integrity of India and

sovereignty is at the top and nobody can

stop us from protecting them nobody

should have an illusion or doubt in this

matter the Chinese side has not released

a number of death angry sentiments

against China are high in India and

caused to avoid called China make

products are erupting across the country

tensions at the border went up in May

when China surprised India by deploying

troops to disputed areas it's unclear

why Beijing did it but China affairs

commentator lines who told us is a

common tactic Beijing uses it creates

small border clashes when faced with

domestic or international pressure

shifting focus away from the ccp's

wrongdoings the India China issue is a

historical issue the issue has already

existed for a very long time but why

does it break out now it is because when

the Chinese Communist Party is in

trouble it needs to find an enemy from

abroad so as to shift the focus from its

domestic problems its main purpose is to

transfer the focus of Chinese society

examples include China announcing war

against Vietnam in 1979 at that time the

regime was in deep pool

go and economic crisis after the

Cultural Revolution Beijing also ramped

up anti-japan propaganda in 2012 when

currents calmness leader Xi Jinping was

about to take power and internal party

struggle was tense Beijing is currently

facing a potential second wave of the

virus outbreak and a struggling economy

the conflict may escalate but whether it

will indeed lead to a war that depends

on how deep the conflict is inside China

because the domestic conflict involves

the stability of the communist rule if

the CCP cannot solve the domestic

problem it is facing it may create

larger scale conflicts this is possible

China is also stepping up his activity

near Taiwan on Wednesday Chinese

aircraft entered Taiwan's air defense

identification zone for the fourth time

in nine days through movement meanwhile

Japan reported that Chinese government

ships have recently been seen moving

near disputed islands in the East China

Sea Japan had protested to China and

vowed to respond panel and TV news China

social media giant just bought a piece

of Warner music an important move for

its overseas expansion but this company

has a track record of facilitating

Beijing surveillance and Deedee's Juliet

song reports

a Chinese tech giant under the thumb of

the Chinese communist regime now owns a

piece of Warner music this June

China's $010 bought an almost two

percent stake in the world's

third-largest music company Warner Music

Group while it doesn't look like a big

piece of the pie the move is still

significant for the overseas expansion

of the Chinese internet conglomerate

with the deal it now owns minority

stakes in two of the world's three

biggest record labels just three months

ago $010 bought ten percent of the

world's largest music company Universal

Music Group the company has the option

to increase the stake to as much as 20

percent Universal is home to big names

such as Taylor Swift and Justin Bieber

aside from record labels ten cent also

owns 9% of Spotify the music streaming

giant but $010 is also a company that

has a track record of helping the ruling

party to spy in its own people it owns

China's largest social network WeChat

the platform boasts over 1 billion

monthly active users around the world

the apps soaring popularity gives the

company a treasure trove of data to

which Chinese authorities have access to

including deleted messages under the

Chinese law internet companies have to

hand over user data if regime officials

want it also in big Internet companies

like 10-cent Chinese authorities have

stationed web police whose job it is to

crack down on information the regime

deems harmful the state calls these

rumors one such example is whistleblower

dr Lee wen Liang last December before

China's authorities admitted the

existence of the CCP virus he warned his

colleagues about it in a we chat group

four days later he ended up in a local

police station he was reprimanded for

spreading false rumors on the Internet

Lee later caught the virus himself and

died four months before his son was born

for the apps overseas users politically

sensitive posts may not land you in a

Chinese jail but the messages on the

platform don't escape Beijing's eye this

May a Canadian security research group

found communications between

we chats overseas users are subject to

the same pervasive content surveillance

because of the apps popularity among

overseas Chinese many Western

politicians opened accounts on the

platform to engage their Chinese

immigrant constituents in 2017

Jenny Quan a Canadian Parliament member

posted a statement on her WeChat in the

post she praised the young pro-democracy

Hong Kong protesters saying they stood

up and fought for what they believe in

and for the betterment of their society

WeChat quietly took down the statement

last year a BBC reporter posted photos

of Hong Kong's Tiananmen Square

anniversary vigil on WeChat his account

was later suspended for spreading

malicious rumors he was able to regain

his account after the app scanned his

face and collected his voice in a

previous statement

Tencent said content shared among

international users of WeChat is private

and that their policies and procedures

comply with all laws and regulations in

each country in which they operate

reporting by Juliet song and T dnews and

coming up the dates are set for

professional tennis to return and in

Italy the final of the Coppa d'Italia

has been played but superstar Cristiano

Ronaldo had a rather unpleasant evening

and a huge percentage of Americans say

that they have changed their eating

habits during lockdown lots of them also

say they're snacking more more on that

when we return





a retail organization says people want

this Father's Day to be the best one yet

the National Retail Federation expects

consumers to spend 17 billion dollars on

Father's Day this year they reports that

77% of the shoppers they surveyed say

Father's Day is especially important

because we are in a pandemic they want

their dad to have a gift that matters so

what kind of gift fits the bill 41% of

shoppers told the NRF that this year's

gift had to be unique or different 36%

said they wanted it to create a special

memory the NRF says each consumer will

spend around one hundred and forty nine

dollars on Father's Day gifts that's

approximately ten dollars more than last

year a survey shows a huge percentage of

Americans change their eating habits

since early March with a third saying

they're snacking more for one American

it was not only about comfort eating but

comfort baking New York City's

stay-at-home order kept Claire Cutler

inside her apartment in Astoria Queens

for months and so the opera singer

turned to her favorite pastime baking

just brings me a supreme amount of joy

and so does eating what I have to bake

you know at the end of it so it's just

been one of the things keeping me kind

of grounded and happy during this time

of so much uncertainty and this is just

fun one of my little saviors in in these

94 days of quarantine on Instagram

Cutler shared her biscotti sourdough

blueberry loaf banana bread ginger snaps

and cinnamon rolls

but the baking binge is emblematic of a

larger trend many Americans turned to

food often comfort food as stay at home

restrictions disrupted their lives the

annual food and health survey from the

international food information council

found that 85% of Americans changed what

they ate or how they prepare

meals since early March 60% have cooked

at home more frequently and almost a

third reported snacking more many have

found their exercise regimens disrupted

as health clubs basketball courts and

spin classes were forced to shut down

individuals sometimes alone have had to

rethink their health

sometimes meal by meal Cutler says she's

put on five pounds since the stay at

home order with reopening is underway

Americans are starting to re-emerge from

their homes return it to gyms and

restaurants and possibly find more

comforts outside the kitchen even though

the 2020 Summer Olympics aren't

happening for another year gymnast

Simone biles isn't on vacation the most

decorated American gymnast ever is

practicing a new skill the move is

called a triple twisting double back the

balance beam dismount takes less time to

perform than to save while biles is

still training for the Tokyo Games this

move won't be in her routine the

gymnastics international governing body

says it's too dangerous

and professional tennis is returning

tournaments announced the dates they

plan to continue and in Italy the final

of the Coppa Italia has been played but

soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo did little

to shine professional tennis is set to

return the men's ATP in women's WTA

issued revised calendars for their torch

the men's tour will resume on August

14th in Washington DC while the first

WTA event will be staged in Italy from

August 3rd Serena Williams will play at

this year's US Open some feared she

wouldn't attend the tournament due to

the strict health protocols a number of

top layers like Novak Djokovic and rough

an adult have expressed concern about

attending the US Open the world's top

golfers will continue to shake off the

rust as they return to competition at

this week's RBC Heritage in South

Carolina the PGA Tour returned last week

in Fort Worth Texas after a three-month

break the effect could be seen in the

players the world's number one golfer

Rory McIlroy finished fahrt behind as

usual ranking in a share of 32nd place

celebrations erupted on the streets of


as Napoli claimed the Coppa Italia after

beating Juventus the game ended 0 to 0

after 120 minutes so the penalties had

to break the tie Naples finished 4 to 2

after penalties Napoli had the best

chances throughout the game while

Juventus forward Cristiano Ronaldo so

little of the ball and had a frustrating

evening a tiny Tiger hand raised by

zookeepers is now the star of Madagascar

zoo in western Russia the cub and his

two brothers were born in April but were

rejected by their mother since then

they've been fed and cared for it by

zookeepers the Tiger Cups were given a

special formula based on goat's milk

with vitamins and probiotics

she was very difficult especially during

the first weeks when he was taken away

from the mother because he does not

understand why there is no mother's milk

but instead there is goat's milk they

fed him six times a day and took night

shifts to monitor his condition like a

young child he is little but often now

small pieces of meat have been

introduced into his diet he also enjoys

regular visits to the zoo's vet

Alexandre elif's Cova who closely

monitors his health great his condition

is very good his temperatures normal

the mucous membrane is good there is no

problem with ice he healthy baby ready

to eat

despite two of the sibling cups have

already been sold to other zoos this

little feline is not alone he has a

canine companion the zoo's dog Lulu has

developed a close bond with a cup and

visitors can watch them play together it

works this is our first experiment of

this kind we have a dog she's very loyal

to kittens and as an experiment we have

brought her into the cage with tiger

cubs so she looked after them when we

took the Tigers helper walked the zoo's

manager explained that it's common for

zoos to sell animal offspring the

remaining cub will also head off to

another suit soon and that's the end for

our broadcast audience but the show

continues on our NTD youtube channel

catches again at 6:30 pm Eastern Time

I'm Tiffany Mayer








Senate Republicans introduced a 106 page

bill on police reform the Senators say

that they hear the cries for change

around the country and are hoping to get

the legislation passed as soon as


Senate Republicans introduced police

reform legislation the 106 page justice

act includes police accountability

banning chokeholds and more senator Tim

Scott introduced the legislation and

shared his own experience of being

stopped by police she and we find

ourselves at a place with a package that

I think speaks to the families that I

spoke with yesterday who lost loved ones

we hear you

I think this package speaks very clearly

to the young person whose concern when

he stopped by the law enforcement

officers we see you Scott said the

legislation would create greater safety

for both suspects and police Scott also

addressed the fact that the government's

not getting certain data from local law

enforcement necessary to make policy

decisions the senators were adamant

about getting the new policing reforms

passed quickly and urged their

Democratic party colleagues to come

together and not delay legislation in

our democratic friends if they want to

make a law and not just try to make a

point I hope they'll join us in getting

on the bill and trying to move forward

in the way the Senate does move forward

when it's trying to actually get an

outcome rather than just sparring back

and forth the bill will be addressed in

the Senate next week Democrats in the

House are preparing to advance their own

legislation to a floor vote expected by

July fourth New York state lawmakers

announced the passing of sweeping police

reform bills yesterday the reforms make

sure that police who are arrested get

medical aid if they need it the new laws

also make police misconduct records

public some of the bills received

bipartisan support Aunt Edie's Kevin

Hogan has more and I'm very happy to

hear today he was a big help and a big

push in New York state lawmakers

announced the passage of landmark

criminal justice and police reform bills

senator jamal bailey said the reforms

would allow the Attorney General to

investigate cases of police killings

when the suspect is unarmed

other things you may have seen something

about the repeal the 58 that ensures

that we no longer will have a bar on

these disciplinary records in that in

case of a bad act by an officer that the

public has the right to note we will now

be able to find that information out

last week Governor Andrew Cuomo signed

sweeping police reform bills into law

the move bans police from using choke

holds and requires officers to get

medical aid for arrestees who need it

Assemblywoman natalia fernandez

sponsored that bill a constituent from

the bronx was in their custody having a

heart attack begging begging begging for

help and was ignored and was mocked and

i feel my legislation would remind them

that there will be consequences for such

malice attitude and and and neglect in

2017 a bronx man died in police custody

from a heart attack after police ignored

his plea for help

his widow speaks about the abuse each

and every time that he stated that he

needed a medical attention

officer mark weeks failed to – to do

that – call the ambulance – – radio on

his own recorder and give him the

medical attention that he needed he died

one minute before he got to the police

station and you see this all on dashcam

You New York senator Sepulveda is

chairman of the corrections committee he

said he plans to propose a bill that

would take away the pension from any

officer who engages in police brutality

and is convicted we don't want the same

situation that happened in Minneapolis

where officer Shelvin or mr Shoven I

refused to call him an officer despite

causing the death of mr Floyd will

inherent a pension for approximately a

million dollars during his lifetime

some NYPD officers have said some

lawmakers have gone too far with the

reforms as police are already in danger

given what has been seen in the recent

violent riots they said sometimes to do

their job they need to use force but now

they are afraid to do so out of fear of

losing their jobs five of the 42

Republicans in the New York Assembly

voted across party lines in support of

Hernandez's bill Kevin Hogan NTV News

New York

the virus has hit many small towns heart

but one town in Washington State came up

with an interesting solution to help its

residents by looking to its own past the

small town of Toninho in Washington


is now printing wooden dollars to help

its residents whether the economy

residents will receive an allowance they

can spend in local businesses a local

resident hands the cashier a slice of

wood marked $25 and walks out with our

items in plastic grocery bags it was one

of the town's first transactions but you

can't get change for wooden dollars so I

add up in my head what I'm buying so I

can spend the whole twenty-five dollars

because I don't want to waste it the

town set up a similar program during the

Great Depression now decades later

Toninho is again dipping into its

emergency accounts giving people in need

up to three hundred dollars per month in

wooden currency to spend so we're trying

to take it upon ourselves to spur the

economy and inject some capital back

into the local businesses and help out

some of the folks that have been

affected by the pandemic businesses can

redeem the script for real dollars at

City Hall or sell them on the side some

merchants say coin collectors across the

country have offered them three times

the face value mortgage applications for

new homes are at an 11-year high

mortgage rates are at historic lows as

the federal reserve cuts interest rates

to help the economy through the pandemic

despite the economic uncertainty around

the pandemic home mortgage applications

are at an 11-year high they're up 21

percent compared to the same period last

year the surge in demand comes as

mortgage rates are at historic lows the

rate for a 30-year fixed-rate mortgage

has dropped to three point three percent

compared to almost four percent last


refinancing has also become more popular

applications are up 106 % on last year

people want to lock in lower repayment

rates the Federal Reserve is helping by

keeping its benchmark rate close to zero

it's an effort to lift the economy

through low-cost credit and Fannie Mae

says mortgage rates might be heading

even lower the mortgage Association says

the annual average rate for 2020 will be

32 percent and will fall to 29 percent

next year as business is reopened

they're facing a new situation getting

sued for someone catching the virus some

businesses are using waivers for

protection from liability but workers

groups say it isn't fair on employees

many US businesses are asking customers

and employees to sign forms saying they

won't sue if they get the virus the

liabilities waivers protect businesses

and states that don't have any liability

limits or immunity from virus related

lawsuits at least five states already

have these limits and more are

considering them but critics say the

waivers would allow corporations to

skirt safety protocols and workers

rights groups say the forms force

employees to sign away their rights if

they get sick however in many states

workers risk losing unemployment

benefits if they refuse to go back to

work because they won't sign a new

monument and Berlin has an innovative

design to honor the heroes of democracy

from 1989 towards the end of that year

East German protesters took to the

streets and helped bring down a

communist regime entities Germany

correspondent Christiane Watson reports

in the heart of Berlin a new monument is

being built it is dedicated to those

ordinary citizens of East Germany who

stood up for freedom in the face of

tyranny thirty years ago large-scale

demonstrations helped to bring about an

end to the communist regime and usher in

a united Germany

it's an unusual Monument a huge movable

bowl-shaped platform that invites

visitors to experience it in dimensions

xed the people themselves actually bring

the monument to life so if they manage

to communicate with each other while

to move together in one direction to

jointly apply their weight they can

change the position of the bowl the

designers call it a social sculpture the

bull will have two slogans inscribed on

it that protesters chanted we are the

people and we are one people like the

protesters of East Germany visitors to

the monument can choose to interact with

each other and literally stand together

to make the bold move they also create a

vivid image in this vivid image of

course the image of demonstrators

reminds us of the peaceful revolution of

89 90 and also honors the courageous

citizens of the GDR who took to the

streets at that time the project took

over 20 years of discussion budget

hiccups as well as some controversy to

get to this point critics took issue

with the location and the design and

some said there's no need for a monument

since another already exists Brandenburg

Gate came to symbolize Germany's

division and reunification the new

monument is located next to the Berlin

Palace which is currently being rebuilt

and will house a large museum the

construction of the monument behind me

is slated to be completed by the end of

next year Danis optimistic the Berlin

residents and visitors alike appreciates

a new way to remember the men women who

helped topple the Berlin Wall Christiane

Hwacheon entity news spillin at one

urban farm in Brussels sustainability

and biodiversity has been extended to

the world of flowers cycle farms flower

orchard is a blissful oasis where

poppies bees and crickets prosper side

by side as part of the same ecosystem

creating a biodiversity heaven for

pollinators was one of Melillo van

clusters goals when she started her

sustainable flower business four years

ago in linked peak a green suburban area

on the outskirts of Belgium's capital

all flowers in the orchard ballooned

from organic seeds they're sourced from

Belgium or nearby France and England

this red plant my flowers according to

their blooming season I don't so see

that wouldn't be able to blossom in that

particular time of the year customers

come to Vann clusters orchard to cut

their flowers of choice and create their

own floral arrangements the price

depends on the size of the bouquet and

money is collected in an honor system

via a money box the orchard is part of

cycle farm an urban garden that includes

larger land parcels devoted to vegetable

farming buying pesticide free local

products is an attractive idea for cycle

farms clients are they talking I love

this project that's based on trust

I find it worthy of respect considering

the times we're living in what's more

the place is wonderful to come here to

pick up a bouquet of flowers or

vegetables as a Zen moment and I enjoy

it a lot

the goal of urban farming is to produce

and distribute products that respect the

environment and promote organic seasonal

food varieties as well as foster

biodiversity also on cycle farm produce

farmer Nicolas Flamenca plants about 60

different varieties of vegetable for his

clients they pay a yearly membership fee

to come and pick their own vegetables I

also think that many people want to work

the land need to go back to the land to

dig their hands in soil it's a basic

gesture that we've somehow forgotten

about we were so disconnected from the

place our vegetables come from

he says urban farming is a rewarding

practice that not only allows him to

make a living but also helps people

reconnect with the land and eat

healthier that's the latest updates for

now thanks for tuning in catch up again

at 6:30 pm Eastern Time I'm Tiffany





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