URGENT Message to ALL Bitcoin Investors This Video is a MUST Watch!

by birtanpublished on August 23, 2020

Alright wait guys before we start the video let's do like a quick thought experiment ok I need your full attention what is the first picture that comes to mind when I say this word ready 1 2 3 money now remember that picture write it down if you have to if I was to guess

The first thing that probably came into your mind or most people's mind is somewhere around like rappers you know with chains and watches Wall Street brokers or the united states bill like a fiat currency it's funny because you

Know i asked my girlfriend and she immediately thought of an old rich white guy why is it that our innate perception of money represents the exact opposite of the logical definition of sound money even though money is highly sought after

The quality of money is massively underappreciated in a developed world reliable money is taken as a given and who cares right as long as I could buy what I need I'll be ok but money is an economic good that allows food to

Reliably show up on grocery shelves gas to be put into gas station electricity to power homes clean water to be abundant all the most important necessities a human needs you know relies on sound money

Civilization as we know it will not exist without money money represents the collective recognition that everyone benefits from the existence of a common language to communicate individual preferences it aggregates and measures

The Preferences of all individuals in an economy at any point in time and it will not be possible to communicate value if it not for a common median of exchange which everybody can agree upon being that money is arguably one of the most

Important variables of society we are going to be asking the hard questions in this video why is Bitcoin better than money now why is fiat currency going to ultimately fail and of course how the price of one Bitcoin can

Easily easily reach two hundred and fifty thousand dollars per coin and that's of course if you know two hundred and fifty K that number even means anything to you by the video

what's going on everybody Alex back with another cryptocurrency video and what a time it is to be alive what a time it is to be involved in cryptocurrency it's not that big of a deal at least I got

You know some stocks to kind of balance out the losses you know I had a good run you know I had a good run might as well go back to get a job you know I'd do better off in sales anyways obviously crypto has been

Going down about 40 percent you know we lost about a hundred billion a hundred billion almost one-third of all crypto currency all the money is gone right you know right now traditional finance it's pretty crazy Trump just said that you

Cannot you know travel to Europe for the next 30 days you know I'm not gonna say the name of the virus for you know D monetization but it's going down right now you know I clicked onto YouTube today

And I saw a trend of videos all these you know finance influencers and cryptocurrency as well as you know traditional markets they're all putting like these red thumbnails of people like you know dying and like everybody's

Going gonna you know go to zero and all these numbers and whatever you know and I didn't want to be that person you know when I made my channel I specifically went a certain route for a specific reason right I'm not the smartest guy

When it comes to math you know I can't make any special charts I'm not gonna stay here and tell you I'm a master you know technical analysis guru that didn't show you exactly how to make money in day trading actually I'm the exact

Opposite I said a stop day trading I say to stop using you know margin and leverage trading which by the way guys today will be marked as the day with the most liquidations in crypto currency ever in the history of all crypto

Currency stop trading but like when I made this channel guys I made this channel because of two reasons one I feel like I can communicate these complex extremely complex problems to the average person my communication is a

Little bit better and in crypto currency you guys really don't know how to talk throughout they're kind of just confusing everybody only amusing people that are like them and so I felt like I could come to this

Market in a unique way and to you know I generally feel like I'm a great leader so I decided to make this video right so I'm going to tell you obviously you guys know what's going on in crypto everybody else has made a video on that in this

Video right here it's going to three things one if you do not believe in Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies it will completely ruin the structure of false security and perception that society has given you since you are a little baby

It's already being ruined right look around you look what's happening right you can't even go to the store without people looking at you for coughing right and you've been spoon-fed your whole life most likely if you don't know what

I'm talking about if you don't believe in crypto currencies and blockchain yet it's time to let go of the nipple too if you already believe in cryptocurrency it will reinforce your understanding of the fundamental principles of sound money

Okay even though this video is titled you know Bitcoin price prediction I will primarily talk about sound money this is the foundation in which a truly innovative society should stand on guys everything's burning around you right

Nothing none of the indicators people are talking about is working you have to have a strong foundation right so vending crumbles you are emotionally intact right you're emotionally

Attacking you ought to make the right decisions don't make the wrong decisions this is the worst time to make the wrong decisions and then three of course I'm going to show you simple math anyone can do this math you know showing that

Bitcoin will ultimately no matter what's going on right now in the short term will ultimately hit two hundred and fifty thousand dollars per coin in about three to five years meaning if you put a thousand dollars in today you know it

Will turn into like 30 to 250 thousand dollars and three to five years can change your economic situation for your whole bloodline most people can not save fifty thousand dollars and if this doesn't you know sound interesting to

You it's probably could your Hope virus man advice now obviously it would be foolish for me to come here on the internet and make these ridiculous claims without providing some type of serious evidence okay I'm gonna be

Providing you guys with overwhelming evidence but before we get started guys I have some really important announcement to make one second hold on one second a dollar bill here krispy hundred maybe

Something really interesting here it's gonna be really interesting okay so first announcement I gave people the option to call me on my personal cell phone number talk about any problems they might have

In crypto take advantage of them now – I created something called Alex's insider briefing it's basically a free daily newsletter that provides you with all the content that doesn't you know make it to my channel like charts news and

Special offers three if you're you know sitting on a toilet at 11:59 and the clock strikes 12:00 isn't it still the same shit just a different day for you will not find this canvas art anywhere else on the Internet have way too many

People ask me because I hired someone to make it in five I have a private group that pays you money to talk ok all the links are in the description below you're probably wondering why I just burned you know there's $100 you know

Bill right here to a crisp it's because that $100 bill right there is literally and figuratively fake ok and plus I kind of wanted to ethical II bribe you into smashing the like button on this video to make it go viral for other people to

Talk about Bick I'm gonna let you in on a little secret ok seriously I have the highest quality cryptocurrency channel on the Internet so let's jump right into the video now the first thing we have to agree upon is specific principles before

I can make my case ok these foundational principles will create the simplicity and clarity you know for the total this video is gonna be very complex and try to keep it as simple as I possibly can remember guys nobody buys Bitcoin for

Its Superfest transactions or its revolutionary technology people adopt Bitcoin because of the unique properties it's you know it has and that is superior to other forms of money right relative to all crypto currencies these

Properties stand out and of course you know people trying to get rich that's obviously another factor money is a tool that was invented to satisfy a very specific purpose in the market you know it's facilitating trade right we

Facilitate trade let's think about the origin of you purchasing anything like for example you know you purchase an iPhones right the individual no number of contributions you know and skills that are required to create this

Thing is is crazy it's ridiculous it's going to detail me show you exactly the detail I'm talking about for the coordination of marketing wrecking a marketing campaign to get you into the store to the sales representative that

Works at the store to the transportation of the devices of the cell phones to the cellphone store you know the company packaging the device to the device you know actually being constructed for the coordination of all the individual

Parts right like the camera right these this touchscreen right here all the individual parts to the actual harvesting of the metals and you know glass or whatever whatever elements it takes to make it the harvesting to the

Actual equipment that's used to harvest these metals and you get what I'm talking about it's very complex right consider all the unique inputs and outputs that goes into anything around the world right anything that you find

Convenient right think about like the internet like an energy grid water waste management systems think about any complex system everything is extremely complex practically all the networks are connected and it's all made possible

Through the coordination of functional money everyone is able to contribute their own unique skills based on their own personal interests and preferences guys think about you know a life with no money for example people when most

Likely all converge on being like a farmer or hunter think about your life if there was no money you'd you try to survive right you wouldn't be able to have the ability to create intricate iPhone processors or cameras or stuff

Like that and the value would mean nothing if it weren't transferable right me making an iPhone you know lens here if I couldn't you know get paid for that then I can't go buy food correct you receive money in return for you know

Value that's delivered today and then you use that same money to acquire specialized value that's created by others in the future people don't really think of money on this deep level but you should money helps facilitate this

Activity by acting as an intermediary between a series of present and future exchanges okay think about that one an intermediary it's kind of like a language right monies language the value you place on a specific item

Will change but the need to consume and communicate with others with value does not change and applies to all conscious Minds across all time across the whole entire earth everybody's kind of simultaneously agreeing on money and

Trying to you know convince you guys that money is needed right we all need money money serves like as a measuring stick for value and without it you know the concept of price would completely go out the window you know the concept

Without the concept of price it would be impossible to do anything of economic calculation right think about that imagine if there was no way to put a price on like an apple or something like we're good right how would you know what

You need to do to produce that item so if you eat the Apple or it makes no it makes no sense so we can all agree that money is extremely important probably one of the most important principles across time it's probably one of the

Best innovations we've ever you know developed ever because it kind of set the balance for every other innovation do you understand what I'm saying it's the value language correct so I'm pretty sure we could all agree upon that now

The second principle okay economic systems like societies economics countries you know however you want to categorize economic all the systems converge on a single one monetary medium now it might be a little

Bit more difficult for you to understand this you would initially think that this principle has to be incorrect right there is no one monetary medium because there's about a hundred and sixty four official national currencies that are

Circulating around the world how could there be only one currency but you know I want you to consider this right this is literally okay just consider it you don't have to believe it but I'll convince you this is solely on the will

Of individual countries okay and we have all paid for their bad decisions and let me explain according to the bank of international systems the foreign exchange market or forex if you ever heard of forex the market cap is 1.5

Trillion dollars a day this market is solely created on the inefficiencies of the exchange in government from one currency to the other okay no economic innovation you know no value just net zero arbitrage speculations with banks

Charging massive fees to exchange currencies obviously it's way more complex than that but if you all have one cryptocurrency we all converge that one unit of exchange and his whole marque will be completely obliterated it

Makes no sense to either have in the first days the existence of a constant creates order guys that makes it a lot cleaner a lot easier for everybody everybody should agree on one single monetary value it's literally and their

Individual and collective interest to do so it would literally be better if we all agreed on one you know currency total currents and the fundamental reason is that if we all accept one currency that currency will grow in

Power and it presents greater utility for everybody everybody wins right yes all these fiat currencies exist like the dollar the Euro the lend they all coexist today but this is not a natural phenomenon this is not a representation

Of an open global economy right actually the fiat currency and I get really excited about this is a fractional representation of gold which the world you know have previously used as the monetary standard okay so we had a

Standard before and believe it or not the gold standard was formerly a banded in 1971 fiat systems actually represent the opposite of a free market let me explain the only reason Fiat exists today because there's never been a

Solution there's never been a solution until a Bitcoin and it's funny I say that because you know as we're coming up to the bitcoin happening which if you don't know what that is I'll explain it it almost seems like you know Fiat is

Collapsing right before our eyes right you saw the money burn you see what's going on in the market ever since bitcoins creation people have been converging upon this new monetary standard and a trend that will only

Continue if knowledge gets distributed it's a it's a click you guys you got into crypto for what reason right because you understand it now it's clear right so just like this you know beautifully crafted video do me a favor

Feel free to share it on to your social media by clicking that little airplane icon at the bottom right of the video we have to all converge on this you know single Mian of exchange to let people know about Bitcoin and oh and really

Quick there's a chart of here Bitcoin versus the top fiat currencies the world kind of reminds me of you know the Conor McGregor and the cowboy Cerrone fight except for the last 10 years represents four seconds of that USC fight

Wow that was quick if you think that's a long time the Fiat system really started you know getting away from gold with the Nixon shock in 1971 which was a direct

Response to the increasing of inflation and the printing of money to actually fund World War two let me explain there are actually very smart economists out there okay you can look it up for yourself that claim that world wars

Wouldn't have happened if governments didn't have the ability to print money to fund their free war they would have ran out of money relied on US civilians to you know pay and taxes to fund the war which I've ultimately would have

Stopped because whole bunch of people would have died mass casualty people would have stopped paying for we were too ran out of money but instead they just printed more money out of thin air and diluted the value of our savings and

From 1971 till now is only a 49-year experiment right so it's only been 49 years where they had this control over the money supply and for the past ten years of this 49 year experiment Bitcoin has been completely dominating which

Brings me to my last principle Bitcoin has the best monetary properties what makes money good Bitcoin has all of them what makes money bad Bitcoin does a gold is valuable because of its scarcity but it sucks because you can't send it

Across the world in an easy way actually banknotes were literally created to solve this problem instead of you know sending gold you actually get a receipt of paper receipt aka fiat money that would guarantee you to have the rights

To that gold fiat paper money is valuable because it's divisible and it's easy to transfer all across the world it's just a little piece of paper they went wrong because they started getting away from the backing of gold right the

Gold pegged standard right people got away from they started printing their own money imagine if we can get the best of both worlds hmm what does that sound like to you what does that sign it sounds like Bitcoin right now explain

Finite scarcity in Bitcoin provides the greatest assurance for the value exchanged presently to be preserved into the future as more individuals collectively identify Bitcoin as the monetary good with the greatest scarcity

Okay as people more people come in it comes it gets way less volatile obviously right now it's going up and down like crazy but more people comment more money right there the diminishing returns and becomes less

Volatile the ability to be divided easily into small units practically everybody a limit limitless number of individuals can convert and communicate value through this network Bitcoin can literally be split into a hundred

Million satoshis one Satoshi is equal to one twentieth of a penny guys one twentieth of a penny so literally the communication transferred is actually twenty times better than a penny think about that and then the real knockout

You know argument punch right here is where Bitcoin can be sent all across the world neither dollars or you know gold has this property without an intermediary without somebody being involved Bitcoin can do this you know

And communicate well then without anyone there's no you don't need to trust any money and this is fundamentally different than both of the currencies guys Bitcoin provides the physical strength of gold with the strengths of

The digital dollar without the limitations of either gold is scarce but difficult to divide and transfer while the dollar is easy to transfer but not scarce and both of them you know have to have a third party Bitcoin is you know

Finitely scarce it's not just scarce right you know gold they say that in inflates about 3% a year Bitcoin obviously has inflation but one day Bitcoin all of them will be mined up and it will be finite nothing in the

World has ever even seen this so there's literally two properties of money that nowhere else could you know replicate in physical world no one can replicate it to properties so not only does it take the strength and though you know you

Know kind of codes out the weaknesses they cut out the weaknesses but it has two properties that cannot be recreated that's crazy bitcoin is finitely scarce easy to divide easy to transfer and bitcoin is

Trustless optimized for the strengths and weaknesses of both which is fundamentally why the market will ultimately converge and continue to converge on the standard of money like I said before and people realize or

Something better and that's why bitcoins been doing so well you know versus fiat currencies they converge you know as people learn more about this stuff it's just a hand down it's like

Literally like it's so funny because when people come into cryptocurrency they know they feel it they know something's going right right they know that this right here is nothing this dollar right here

It's nothing they know that they literally know that it's like literally like an innate instinct right and people as they learn more about cryptocurrency they're ultimately all going to converge on Bitcoin as a standard and so now for

The part you're waiting for right you want to potentially invest and this might be one of the best times to invest the market is so down if you have money in your bank account and you're willing to you know take on a little bit of risk

This is the time to do it so how can Bitcoin actually turn into $250,000 pretty straightforward and I'm gonna explain to you with historical evidence so let me jump to the screen now the first one is the stock to flow ratio

Maybe some of you have seen it before but it can be applied to anything it's not just Bitcoin this model treats Bitcoin you know being comparable to commodities such as gold silver platinum these are known as a store of value

Commodities because they retain value over long time frames due to their relative scarcity it is difficult to significantly increase their price the process of searching for gold then mining is expensive and takes time

Bitcoin is similar because it's also scarce in fact we just talked about how scarce it is is the first ever scarce digital object to exist and there are a limited number of coins in existence okay stock the flow ratios are used to

Evaluate the current stock of the commodity you know against the flow of new production so it's the current stock versus how much are being you know pushed out into the supply for the store value commodities like gold silver

Platform high ratios in the case they're most likely not consumed in industrial applications instead majority of stories or whatever okay so I'm gonna just explain in my own words so as you can see here the red indicates that we're

Further away from the happening okay so if you don't know what the happening is I have a video that explains it in more detail than I'm gonna explain to it here right but just imagine if like you know for example we have a 3% you know we're

Finding gold at 3% a year so literally you know let's say we have a hundred gold that means that we're literally gonna get you know three more pieces of gold a year that's just obviously not correct but I'm just making it simple in

Math terms so three more pieces of gold every single year now imagine if we cut that in half all right so every four years we cut that in half that means the next four years instead of getting

Three pieces of gold per year we're getting 1.5 pieces of gold per year now imagine Clinton that 1/2 again now Bitcoin does that automatically into its algorithm so its algorithm literally makes it so it becomes more and more

Scarce over time right increases the scarcity so as adoption comes in makes it more scarce the actual supply gets cut and makes it more scared that's why we see these massive parabolic runs and then at

One point obviously we've talked about how finite it is that there's a point where there's going to be only 21 million Bitcoin and no more that's it you can't find more right so that's the whole point of this talk the flow mark

So the red right here basically means how far we are from the block happening that's what it means we've cut the block size in half and right now it's about 12.5 Bitcoin every 10 minutes being pumped out that's gonna be cut into 6.25

In a very short time I think it's like less than a hundred days or something like that I don't know the exact number don't quote me on that but right here is the red okay if it's red that means we're far away from the block happening

Okay if it's purple that means it's happening right now guess what the block happening is happening right here it's happening very soon very very soon the block happening will happen right now let's just go over

The historical evidence right so we're kind of medium here okay we're going blue okay blue indicates that you know we're getting closer and closer purple we're really close to the block happening and then boom the price of

Bitcoin went up okay then it drops back down and in boom and went back up again okay just keep that in mind and then people oh man we're really far away from having right we're green now we're green yellow really far away from the

Happening the price goes down like we see and everybody's all the bubble pop the bubble popped right and then we're getting closer we're getting close to that happening and then BOOM another big jump okay now you can actually go back

Here and you can see that there's always like two big spikes so you know this was one big spike and another one there so essentially you know you know having according to history and you could say that bitcoins not does having a

Historical evidence telling been around for 10 years whatever but you know according to history according to stop the flow Marsh model here you know we should be going up again and if we do guess what you know how these people

Always talking about a hundred thousand dollar Bitcoin 250k I'm gonna explain more detail I'm talking about but look how is that far off it could go back notice notice right here the stop this right here is a sock

The flow model this line alright that's actually to stock the flow model see how perfect it is compared to if you look at like you know gold and stuff it's not gonna be this straight why because it's an algorithm

And algorithm literally makes it that way but you can see here the tip is here the tip side 100k notice how Bitcoin goes above that price every time so I'm gonna show you there's actually a number that we can take from this right here to

The top there and average out how big these are to indicate how far up it's gonna go okay so there's another chart here that I'm gonna pull up his name's Benjamin Cohen thank you for your contribution to cryptocurrency

Originally I quoted when I was charging my video start you know forgot to cite him so man Benjamin Cohen he's great check out his videos but basically he made this chart here so I want to make sure you know I

Give him his credit I'm gonna use it to kind of you know add to my argument for a 250 thousand dollar Bitcoin so he did exactly that he took the tops here and the bottoms here now this is basically a logarithmic

Regression line and what that basically means is they take the historical data predict the future and this rep from here on is a prediction they predict the future and it takes in consideration the law of diminishing returns so like I

Explained to you before Bitcoin more money comes into it you know it becomes less volatile right there's actually less opportunity to make more money so this tip here is way higher than this tip here when it comes to the bottoms

And then this here it literally gets shorter over time it literally gets shorter over time we all the arguments I'm talking about all coming to the historical data that actually literally makes sense so he basically did the

Average of this this and this and you can see that you can make a prediction and he did I kind of dropped the line he saw in the future and we're seeing like about 2023 2024 around this time we could see a 10 trillion dollar market

Cap now this is not Bitcoin sorry if I explain Bickle and this is the total market cap of all crypto currencies total cryptocurrency market cap now let me explain for it further so I go to Cormac Capcom we can do some

Calculations we can see that Bitcoin currently has see 5% dominance okay and we could even go and look at historical evidence like for example this is like back in 2017 when aetherium was booming

You know actually almost passed Bitcoin and Bitcoin only had 37% dominance you see that right there versus he theorem and then it went back up to 62% went back to 33% almost passed Bitcoin right 44% so we can take a conservative number

And say something like you know 45% let's just say 45% of the market so if all of cryptocurrency has ten trillion dollars in it in 2023 to 2024 according to historical data according to the stock the flow model right according to

All the principles that we talked about if it has ten trillion dollars in it in three to four years or something like that and there's no big numbers because nobody really knows the answer guys nobody knows the answer if anybody on

The internet claims they know the answer they're lying to you but but I made this video to solve that problem that really bad burning feeling that you get when you woke up in the morning you saw 40% of your money's gone you know this will

Solve it you don't sell don't sell hold out for a little bit longer you know look into the long term of things let's be an investor right be an investor actually maybe you should buy some more if Bitcoin still goes down if it goes

Down to like the 5000 levels I'm buying a lot more so we could see 10 trillion right still that number in there that's 1 billion you got 1 billion and then ten trillion so we take that 10 trillion number we know we could predict the

Price of a coin by taking consideration their total market cap divided by their circulating supply so we have to take the 10 trillion and assuming that they only take 45 percent of the market cap right like you're talking about only 45

Percent they don't have to take it all Bitcoin keeps it you know kind of stronghold it's the number-one cryptocurrency divide that or multiply that by 0.45 45 percent so that means that bitcoin is gonna capture 4.5 you

Know trillion dollars okay and it's market cap which is not too far off because at one point all of crypto currencies had 1 trillion so we're just 10 xìng from that point right so we're just saying it's gonna go higher than

Its last all-time high so it's not too far off take that 4 point 5 trillion and divide it by let's just say you know let's just say it's a 19 point 2 million right just to be a little bit more I believe you can Auto IV it's an

Algorithm you can automatically calculate it but for the purpose of this video let's just make it easy so the supply divided by 19 200,000 19 million two hundred thousand equals two hundred and thirty four thousand dollars per

Coin that's how you make the prediction the total market cap of that cryptocurrency divided by the total supply and this is the same like stock market stocks you know any type of you know value derived if it has a market

Cap you can predict the future okay so I mean that's it for this video guys this is a 250 thousand dollar prediction don't feel bad yes you know technical analysis is clearly out the window you can't really use any charts to kind of

Hold up your argument anymore people are scared you know in times like this you know people are just literally trying to get their cash out to buy you know food alright you can't eat Bitcoin so it makes sense

Emotions taking over right now and this is happening with all markets across the world not just Bitcoin so don't feel so bad you know any stock market right now we're technically in a recession we're literally technically in a recession you

Know it's literally technically bearish on one of the most non volatile markets in the world right sp500 Dow Jones look at all of them everything's going down ok so it's not just Bitcoin don't feel too bad use this video you know share it

With people that need to learn about Bitcoin or they're talking bad about maybe they're just like really emotionally scared cuz it was lost some money share it with people man this is not that big of a deal it's a blimp and

The fact that we're looking at Bitcoin in a long run you always should be looking at Bitcoin in the long run don't trade you know don't get involved with margin trading people that's a big scam but that's it for this video guys if you

Like the quality's content hit like if you don't leave some constructive criticisms subscribe for more video updates and like I always say if you don't get with this technology you will I promise you will I promise

According to everything here you will get left behind thanks for watching this video guys I'll catch you in the next one

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