by birtanpublished on August 29, 2020

well it looks like the Bitcoin having is not the only thing coming early this year will show you exactly where the Bitcoin having might actually becoming slightly sooner than a lot of people realize guarantee to only a few days

Away guys but it could be inching up even quicker as well a Bitcoin technically got a higher high here on the four-hour and daily charts you can see here on Biffen x matrix coinbase guys does this mean the price can keep

Pumping we'll take a look at that and this is huge at the exact same time that the halving is set to be happening Bitcoin is testing this almost 3-year downwards trend line guys this is massive and as well as it's just a

Warm-up history showing Bitcoin may see an epic rally after one hundred fifty percent gains we could just be getting started here with everyone well aware there could be a dump what if there is not and what exactly could happen and as

Well we'll take a look at numerous predictions of bitcoins price that will surely whet your whistle let's do this what's going on everyone welcome back to another exciting episode of Bitcoin today we have a ton of stuff to get into

More than usual and in fact we are hovering at a very important spot for bitcoins price we did technically set a higher high so far but the price continues to want to push will show you if it does what that could mean and

We'll take a look also at what the downside scenario could be these are critical moments because at any moment we could see a huge collapse or a massive burst guys absolutely crazy so we are gonna be giving away at this bad

Boy at the end of the episode and as well guys do enter for the other ledger the other Ledger's make sure to leave a comment below hit the smashers smash the dings guys so this is huge we have a lot to talk about in terms of articles but

Let's start off with the ta this is absolutely massive so we have the halving right about here now this could actually becoming slightly sooner it's not going to shift by like two days or anything we're only a few days out

Anyway but it could be coming slightly sooner and we'll tell you exactly why it's I think some people might not know about I think it's really important there but most importantly here this is I mean this is roughly where it's going

To be happening on the weekly chart and guys this is absolutely insane if we actually zoom out on the weekly you can actually see Bitcoin is testing this resistance right as this having is going to occur now this is unprecedented we've

Never seen anything like this granted there's only been two other having's so this is just a very easy timing for this to be happening and as well this is a day and age where there is more and more media and content

On Bitcoin and cryptocurrency than there has ever been in the past more and more eyes glued to the charts more and more people expecting something crazy with the having been there has ever happened before

So to assume that what will happen will be a exact repeat of the last two having's which weren't even necessarily exactly repeats of each other I think it's crazy you know this is the third one and pretty much anything could

Happen now there is a lot of speculation that we could be seeing a massive dump but there's also a high likelihood that we don't and we absolutely massively rally guys here we are on our eighth green weekly candle this is looking

Pretty good we're coming towards the end of the week we could be seeing eight Green weekly candles which is absolutely absurd in a good way so let's actually jump over here you can see on the coinbase chart after getting this bounce

Right here guys very strong bounce look at that here's the high right around 94 80 roughly and we went up to past 9600 currently we're basically right about here again after this video gets uploaded we could see a smaller

Rejection here but I definitely think this is a very good bullish sign even in the short term you know over the next week because we have surpassed this high right here and in fact we have some pretty substantial green daily candles

Significantly above the bodies of these other candles so it's also take a look here on this with the bullish pennant here we haven't hit the breakout target of this just yet but it's slowly creeping up you can see this for our

Candle recently opened up here again here's the high on bit fan axis chart right around 94 38 and we went all the way up to about 90 $633 so nine thousand six hundred and thirty-three dollars currently it's not me filming we're at

95 52 and you can see here there's almost 365 day Fibonacci retracement you can see that here we're significantly above the golden pocket which at the very high is right around 89 and 54 so we're hundreds of dollars above that so

We could be seeing a massive breakout and specifically over the next few days the excitement going to the halving could give us a very very nice explosive rally in the short term now I want to draw your little peepers to this article

Here about the Bitcoin having coming sooner so this is pretty important I think a lot of people might find is interesting and then we have a lot to get into we have about four other articles want to get into here so

Michael Maloney the CFO of coin man LLC a Porto Rican based cryptocurrency mining company examined data from the Bitcoin blockchain estimating the halving would take place around 1:00 a.m.

New York time on Tuesday May 12th but on Wednesday he looked again and now appears to arriving on Monday 7:45 p.m. so why why is this changing well the earlier arrival of the once every four year Bitcoin having has engendered an

Almost cult-like obsession so basically what's happening is some computer operators on the network have already been pushing to upgrade faster more efficient machines and this combination has led to a net acceleration in speed

At which new blocks of Bitcoin data are confirmed on the distributed network so basically the reason you're seeing it potentially increase a little bit it's getting mind a little bit quicker essentially bringing us closer and

Closer than having is because Bitcoin prices are up so a ton of people are putting on their gear and this is just making it go a little bit quicker so there is no exact time when it's happening just yet because it's it's

Kind of inching in closer and closer as we get closer and closer because people are getting more excited so I wanted to point your attention to this tweet before we get into some really juicy content here Satoshi flipper has talked

About this having coinciding with this descending line of resistance dating all the way back to the very beginning of 2018 since we've been this bear market this is absolutely insane even if nothing comes out of that what a huge

Coincidence that we are testing this and we're consolidating so much and in terms of such a massive pattern okay we go back almost three years right around this area right in here where my mouse is circling is roughly where there are

Breakouts in macro patterns and and specifically triangles and in giant patterns like that so very likely that we could be seeing a massive breakout very very soon now let's take a look here this article by coin telegraph is

Titled a warm up Bitcoin may be showing an epic rally after an already 150 percent gain okay with the having less than five days away most technical analysts foresee a minor pullback occurring similar to 2012's having in

2016 halving the price rallied prior to the halving and corrected right after its activation in the medium term however the Bitcoin price tends to see a prolonged upsurge post having first having led to a staggering 10,000

Percent gains while the second having trigger a 2500 percent gain based on the price trend of Bitcoin since 2012 Mohit Suri out the founding partner of 'but as new capital suggested the rally Bitcoin could be just beginning after hitting

9,500 if the correction post having that many people are anticipating occur it would also strengthen the case that a Bitcoin could be seen as a digital store of value and nation agnostic borderless money okay huge

Because a lot of people are expecting it but who knows for sure if we're gonna get the pullback I ask you now in the comments guys I've read your comments for the past few weeks like always most people do expect there

Will be a big dump so with everyone expecting it what are the chances that maybe doesn't happen and guys as well I want to talk about some Bitcoin price predictions here posted on this Bloomberg article today

The global macro investor Rael Paul projects Bitcoin could reach 1 million dollars within the next three or five years it's already the best performing asset in all of recorded history it was born out of a financial crisis in 2008

For exactly what is about to come in this crisis this is literally what bitcoin was invented for so Tim Draper a venture capitalist predicts Bitcoin could hit 250,000 within the next two years okay absolutely huge Antoni trench

F co-founder manager director of crypto lender Nexo bitcoin can reach $50,000 by the end of this year implying a four hundred and seventy percent surge from the current levels though the halving they already pre priced in it would lead

To huge appreciation over time he says and basically summing up that's part of what we see when the last bike happened we know that an awful lot of people moved into the market because they felt they ought to get in the action guys and

What I want to basically say here is that similar what happened in 2017 when the price starts exploding it's going to be too late it is going to be too late you're gonna feel massive fear of missing out you're gonna be feeling

Massive FOMO we've been in a downtrend for almost three years now and I guarantee you I guarantee when this thing really lifts off there are going to be hundreds of thousands if not millions of people saying wow I wish I

Would have got interested I wish I would have learned more or got invested in cryptocurrency when things were so low because guys the real FOMO has not even begun it's going to be crazy there is going to be a time it may even be

Short-lived it may only be a few months but there most likely be a time where every single day you wake up in the price of Bitcoin or some other out coins you know interchangeably could be up 10 15 20 percent every single day things

Get absolutely wild things go parabolic now we haven't seen that in a few years remember if you remember back 2017 that was the last time we saw it in the last month of 2018 but I personally think it will happen again and again when that

Starts happening guys I personally think it'll be a little too late so you definitely paying attention he definitely want to be glued into these markets because eventually things are going to get crazy

Whether it's six months from now whether it's a year or two years from now you want to be prepared and you want to be thinking you know what am I gonna do so guys are the last six videos here let's do this generate okay video number five

So one two three four five we'll do this one copy the link cake paste that in there get YouTube comments 277 on this video guys let's see who the winner is Moses and we do am definitely bullish II says Moses make sure to hit

Me up in the discord or in the tweeters guys make sure to leave a comment for the next Leger giveaway next week and as well if you guys are interested in trading learning about technical analysis definitely check out the links

44 and for making it this far into the video here is a coupon code for $40 off guys you have to have seen this actual part of the video to actually see that coupon put in a check out you'll get $40 off and check out the other links as

Well thanks so much for watching peace you

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