by birtanpublished on September 2, 2020

like a schoolboy again she likes it sloppy maybe next time a little bit more cream ah we got great stuff you want to make out there's nothing I love more than slurping up some bread bones I like the

Hot dog but we some jelly oh bitcoin actually broke this six year structural line that we talked about in yesterday's clip roll it this would be my ultimate case maybe we got to pump up to over the next few days pump up to like nine

Thousand came back down tested this for support and continued guys that is ultimate bull mode scenario absolute Bar None hands down without a doubt the craziest scenario that we could be saved well we may be seeing a short-term

Pullback after yesterday's massive rally overall this bullish momentum is absolutely insane coming within 500 dollars of actually testing the three-year-long top of the symmetrical triangle of this entire market a

Correction to the downside would make the most sense at this point when it pumps it dumps and when it dumps it pumps but looking forward a week a month guys this is absolutely the most bullish scenario that we could have seen and

Guys this is huge the best article I found on coin Telegraph here three factors why bitcoin price exploded over 9.4 overnight but what's more important is that there's so much evidence this was completely organic and in fact

Pretty much the best case scenario of how a breakout could have played out for Bitcoin let's get crunching Oh what's going on everyone welcome back to an extremely exciting episode of Bitcoin guys without a doubt yesterday was one

Of the craziest days for Bitcoin that I've ever seen well deserved it was a great day yesterday absolutely wonderful I'm glad everyone was a part of it but we do have a lot of news to get into and a lot of Bitcoin information guys

Because there's some more information coming out specifically about yesterday some exchanges such as coinbase went down because there was potentially a huge I mean is pretty much confirmed a huge influx of organic interest in

Bitcoin okay they really need to get that fixed but completely bananas guys so much to get into and as well we did select the winner for the giveaway we actually sent her bitcoins so guys we're still gonna give this one away and

We'll do it in this video so because I still have two left because I sent her Bitcoin instead make sure to drop a comment below and we'll give this one away in the next video hit the likes hit the comments hit the dings whoa let's

Get into it guys so this is I mean this completely surpassed my expectations when I made the video yesterday we hadn't even broken above this line just yet and things I mean every single every few hours the price was pumping more and

More I just got absolutely and crazy so the biggest thing I think that happened yesterday because I think a lot of people are struggling to put it into a perspective of like wow what's going on so it is kind of a struggle because we

Broke pretty much the hardest resistance seemingly on the Charter on that 8k level down around this level here we just completely shot through it we actually traded there for a few daily candles you see about I mean it was

Wicking up here all the way back to April 23rd and now it's exactly a week later and we did break through that okay we also broke through completely shattered we shattered the 200-day moving average this purple line here

Guys absolutely insane I mean this candle is completely nuts I mean look at this look on this chart where do you see a candle this size okay in the last in the last five months you don't see it anywhere definitely one of the biggest

Daily candles in bitcoins history here now again I want to preface this by saying we just had a massive pump so I think for the most part most people understand that we're probably good not going to get another 15 20 percent

Candle for Bitcoin today guys basically in these types of situations what we want to look for is some small consolidation just not a massive drop say for example we did this this would probably not be the best-case scenario

But I do think I do think that it is possible if because there's two scenarios there's a scenario where we cool down for a few days and then continue this massive pump with the having coming up in less than two weeks

The excitement is there the excitement is building and I could actually see that happening but what I think is more realistic if anything I do think that it is likely that we could have to come back and test some of these key levels

For example the 200-day moving average and this wouldn't be today this would be over a few days if anything but most importantly maybe even more tests along this line like the 85 this would be very bullish but again even if we broke this

Line again and then continued up that wouldn't be that bad we don't have to bounce exactly on this line but overall we want to I personally think we should be kind of moving along this momentum as we go forward and as well guys I mean

That area on that on the daily the 200 daily here we have the 21 weekly still at the exact same area so we completely smashed through that so that's gonna be absolutely key again if we get downside I completely expect support here which

Is right around the eight thousand seventy nine hundred dollar level but this is actually really cool so I think I saw this um mentioned earlier this morning six consecutive green weekly candles and then a massive break out

After shattering the twenty one week okay now we have six consecutive daily candles and a massive break out after shattering the twenty one week so it is also likely that we actually just continue up similar to this guys when we

Break the twenty one week that momentum went strong this was actually crazy because it was going into the litecoin having back here now we have the Bitcoin having so very similar circumstances very odd with moving averages pretty

Identical on the weekly even the candlesticks are absolutely crazy on the weekly how similar they are of the momentum is nuts and they're both after extremely big drops granted both drops were one was for a technical reason and

One was for kind of a global catastrophe but still very identical in the charts here so well I do think it would make more sense that we come when we pull back over the next few days I honestly would not be shocked at all if this if

This bad boy absolutely continued pumping into the having guys this is the having line right here roughly where it is on the weekly chart and you can see we're literally right beside it so the time is now Bitcoin is absolutely in

Crunch mode and clearly guys we are fighting a little bit of rejection here we went all the way up to about nine point four nine point five on some exchanges so absolutely nuts so overall I would actually prefer to see some

Consolidation here and guys let's look at it this way if we consolidate today and tomorrow and maybe we get a dump into the weekend that's not even a bad thing because we would have a gap to the upside following coming to the next week

So that could be pretty bullish I hate gaps the downside that's what I don't like but gaps the upside aren't bad because they indicate oh well maybe the price has to go back up which you know what's crazy enough is on this

Chart the gap here literally Bitcoin went absolutely nuts when I made the video I think the price was like right around here nobody I mean a lot of people were thinking yeah I mean we're definitely not gonna fill that gap all

The way up here guys not only do we pass it we shatter it by like four hundred dollars so we completely fill this gap which is absolutely nuts so again the rumor of a gap I know a lot of people don't like it I'm still kind of on the

Fence about it but yet again here's more evidence that that the gap absolutely just got crushed oh now I wanna spend some time here guys Joseph young one of my favorite contributors here published on coin Telegraph there's three key

Factors okay this is a beefy beefy article and I have a lot of things I highlighted in here that I really want to share of why the price exploded so in crypto a spot exchange refers to a platform that facilitates crypto Fiat –

Crypto trade such as finance coinbase for instance they can trade Bitcoin with USD or stable coins like USD T without leverage okay but as you guys know coin weighs absolutely crashed yesterday it was a big thing a lot of people were

Having trouble getting into it here volumes coming from spot exchanges are not inflated by leverage or borrowed capital such as vy 'but what i talked about earlier in the video but you don't have to use the leverage here but spot

Volumes typically demonstrate authentic retail demand and they often increase during and accumulation phase which could give more credence to that idea that we are completely about to be ready to go absolutely moonshot similar to the

Past two having's however unlike past rallies the recent upsurge of bitcoin was primarily led by spot volumes okay by ants and coinbase saw record high daily volumes okay according to CZ look at this he tweeted this yesterday you

Can see here twelve billion actually he tweeted this earlier today different times around the world but the demand for bitcoin and corn bates reached a point where the exchange could no longer handle user activity for a temporary

Period and the relatively low volume on bitcoin futures exchanges indicate that the up search from 7700 to $9,500 in basically one single 24-hour period was completely organic so again i think that's probably the most bullish i mean

It is it is by far we talked about this yesterday before it happened it is literally the most bullish scenario that could have came out of it and the fact that it was traded this way seemingly again is just more credence to being

Extremely bullish here so historical BTC levels were broken with ease remember we talked about 8000 being extremely hard guys we just shot through it now again with so much exuberance I definitely think that it would make more sense that

We come down over the next week but really I mean it's really up for grabs at this point it's a game of probabilities and it's more probable that we come down however it was less probable yesterday that we would get to

9500 but we did so absolutely nuts when I say Bitcoin can do whatever at once I mean that's like the perfect example yesterday we had the 100-day 200-day in this six 180 fibonacci completely all broken

Yesterday okay huge and now what's crazy here is this institutional demand acted as a safety net we're finally seeing this we were talking about this back in late 2018 where a lot of people were saying if bitcoin is actually going to

To moon we need institutional interest and guys institutional interest has only increased over the past two years it's been absolutely perfect 88% of inflows this quarter came from institutional investors the overwhelming majority of

Which were hedge funds okay according to this year grayscale the gradual increase of inflow in capital into institutional products of grace Dale since just a few months ago the beginning of 2020 indicates institutions consistently

Invested in Bitcoin throughout this first quarter and now we're a month into the second quarter here very interesting to see a significant increase in organic retail demand resulting in surging spot volume the breach of key resistance

Levels in the accumulation of institutions created the perfect storm to push Bitcoin above 9,000 so is this the the end of the having pump okay we have about a little less than two weeks away is this the end of it or do you

Think we could rally into it and guys there's no doubt in my mind that if we fast forward a few months down the road we are not going to be trading below 10,000 I think I think this year that's definitely the trajectory I think

Bitcoin is headed and guys 2021 everybody expects 2021 to be insane and this thing is kind of like a freight train guys once it starts maybe it maybe it won't stop Wow so very awesome so anybody interested in

Trading on here definitely make sure to check out the link pin to the comments there guys again word of warning I would not recommend leveraged trading at all Wow

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