published on August 1, 2020

Securing data is useful securing uh what data are you securing any any data that you would what data are you securing uh financial data mortgage data but on your what

it's immutable it's every 10 minutes it's verified and that's who i ask give me that money you don't need bitcoin either

You should do because it's the most secure it's the only secure database that's ever been invented that's the technology you fail to understand that it's a new technology that is as profound as the

Printing press or the electric light bulb you're comparing it to things that you shouldn't be comparing it to it makes no sense you're talking nonsense yeah this is okay

It's a brand new breakthrough of technology says your kids are gonna be wondering why their dad didn't see the value they'd be like dad must have been on drugs because you never saw the value what's

Going on guys it's kdub here with another episode of crypto zombie welcome back to the channel hope you're having an awesome day today bitcoin basically at zero percent move

Lots of the other coins are having their time to shine ethereum up one percent xrp up six and a half percent eos five percent why is this happening well when bitcoin goes sideways the alt coins come out to

Play and bitcoin is coming to the end of a consolidation pattern now look i know we just had a massive bitcoin move but we are already at the end of another

Consolidation so i'm expecting a big move for bitcoin within the next several hours in fact i hope i can get this video out in time to let you guys know i'm gonna show you some of my key targets

For the upside and to the downside now you can see right here we did in fact come down and sort of test that ten thousand six hundred dollar level was that the confirmation we were looking for i want

To discuss that a little bit today i also want to talk about the fact that we have gold pumping as well as bitcoin in a time when we're seeing traditional stocks actually falling we're seeing that

Correlation separate i want to talk about why this is so significant and what this means for the price of bitcoin also the fact that yes investors are still

Interested in fact grayscale has had one billion dollars in assets under management added in just the past 11 days and i want to talk about bitcoin hodlers not only hodlers but the bitcoin whales

Who are keeping their money on the exchanges and what that means for the price of bitcoin so all of that today if that sounds good to you you know what to do also every single monday we do give away a ledger nano s

Comment below if you want to enter to win and i also actually have some unfortunate news that came out from ledger there was a data breach now don't freak out your coins are safe your bitcoin

Is safe but there was something that happened with the information of their clients their customers and i do think you should know about that so we're gonna go into that at the end of today's video

So big move expected for bitcoin if that sounds good to you definitely consider getting subscribed and without further ado let's dive in also guys today's video needs to be a little bit quick

I have somewhere to be today wasn't going to put a video out but this looks like a pretty exciting chart let's talk about it so let's talk about the bullish scenario first if we do have a potential chance

To break out to the upside and like i said you guys might already know what happened you know like i said this is going to happen within the next few hours if we do take the uh you know basically

From the bottom to the top of this breakout right here if we use the flagpole and put it right here that actually gives us a target of just below 12 000 so it is very possible

That within the next few days we could see bitcoin trading at 12 000 or above now if we do have that out to the downside that does bring bitcoin back down to some of these

Previous levels to toss the to touch the previous resistance right now you can see right here as i said we did have this little wick down here now was that enough to really confirm

The fact that we were retesting the support well i'm going to get to that in just a second but let me talk about one thing the first thing i want to discuss right here is the fact that if we take out this

Right here you can see bitcoin was struggling right here on this trend okay we hit it right here when bitcoin pumped to about eight thousand seven hundred we hit it again in october of 2019 we

Hit it again right here in february of the beginning of the year and right here you can see that we're actually being held down so if bitcoin does fall down from this level we will probably retest the 10

500 level but also we could potentially come down to this uh trend right here and continue to just consolidate all the way around to the apex of pretty much august of next year now

Keep in mind that that would still put bitcoin around the 12 500 level although i know that you guys want more explosive moves than that so having a look over here you will notice that we are pushing on the top

Over at cme futures again now cme's futures has a little bit more room for bitcoin to play around so if we don't have the explosive move on the spot charts you could potentially

See bitcoin over here come back down maybe to around i mean honestly we could stay in this trend around the low eleven thousands now it is trading higher over on cme futures than it is on the

Bitcoin spot chart but like i said i still i don't think this was a clear enough retest to really show that the previous resistance has turned support i i

Personally i'm not saying that i want the bitcoin price to dump i'm not saying that at all i don't want to dump but i would like to see bitcoin kind of come down here and have a healthy retrace

Back down to around the 10 500 level with a nice bounce off of it then that would solidify the fact that we've had that healthy retrace right after the you don't wanna have a blow off top

Where we just keep going up to the moon because the faster you go up usually the bigger and the harder you have a crash right so i would like to have this be a nice sort of healthy move and for everybody

Out there the volume nazis out there well we did have volume look at this volume guys this shows that there was actually volume on that trade and the most important thing though

Aside from whatever happens in the next few hours the next couple days well actually the next couple days is important because we're going to have the monthly close and interestingly enough that also

Happens on friday which is the last friday of the month which we do know we've seen some massive volatility on the cme futures contracts now in past months we have seen a lot of

Negative price movement on the final day of the month right we tend to see contracts get closed and sometimes we have a dump to the downside but the level that we need to stay above essentially

Um for short term confirmation is above 9600 but really the key level right here which bitcoin has started to pull back to is around 10 hundred and seventy dollars

And the reason for that being is right here when we had the massive pump of bitcoin all the way up to fourteen thousand dollars in june of last year we closed that monthly candle out you

Could see right here at the 10 700 and around 67 okay and then we did proceed to go downwards we tried to get above that level again in february of 2020 and we failed so

Moving over to this candle if this daily close right here can close above this close excuse me monthly close can close above this close of june 1st 2019 then i do believe that we have

Full-on 100 confirmation of the bull run and uh yeah well i don't have to tell you guys what what's gonna happen after that it is moon time baby so talking about what bob lucas said he says time frame is important now

He's actually looking at the three-month chart he says i like this view bitcoin quarterly with a five bar average close above 14 000 is confirmation

14 000 would be the high of 2019 so as you can see right here guys we are consolidating tight and tighter we are expecting that move actually we do have declining volume as well so let me know what's going on maybe by

The time this video is out we already have our answer but let's talk about some fundamentals let's talk about some macro not just what's going to happen in the next couple hours okay

So we have gold making an all-time high and we have this happening alongside nasdaq and snp actually having a fall showing that there's been a decoupling and you can

See right over here short story zero hedge goldman sachs says real concern about the longevity of the us dollar as a reserve currency has started to emerge jason a williams commented and said do you hear that

Sound the us government and federal reserve are gonna print another 13 trillion dollars look at that number for a second and then whale alert 120 million usdt minted at the tether

Treasury so you guys following this pattern right here and like charles edwards says he says the two thousand dollar move in bitcoin is all the more sweet because it happened with gold and not stocks he says it's a tumultuous

Year bitcoin is proving itself as a safe haven crushing all other asset classes up 50 you just have to be patient we are just getting started now let's also talk about what's

Been going on with crypto fund manager grayscale investments okay this is showing interest from institutions you can see right here they are up another one billion dollars in less than two weeks

They currently have 51 billion dollars in assets under management with the majority of it being in their bitcoin trust and uh yeah you can see the next biggest would be the ethereum so

Not surprised to see bitcoin and ethereum being the highest in demand and here's something even more interesting despite the recent surge in price the bitcoin balance on exchanges has not

Changed the balance remains at around 145 percent of the circulating supply this suggests that no deposits are being made also no withdrawals but here's the thing we saw massive decline in the amount of bitcoin

Being held on exchanges all during the beginning of this month which means that they were taking it off of the exchanges they were putting it on their hardware wallets their ledger nano s's their traysors whatever wallet they

Use meaning that they are not looking to sell and even with all of this massive price action we haven't seen massive deposits of bitcoin in fact

We actually see tether minting tether so what are you gonna do with all of this usdt hmm probably buy some bitcoin and altcoins right not saying that we couldn't see a

Short-term dip but on the macro scale definitely looks like we're gonna have a pump definitely looks like it's gonna go to the upside right guys so let's talk about this tweet from

Robert kiyosaki he says new york city is going broke all cities count on income tax sales tax and real estate taxes especially commercial um ad pension contribution for teachers firefighters police

Usa going broke fed printing fake money cannot save you gold silver bitcoin save yourself now let's talk about the data breach guys so you guys know i do use ledger i'm a huge fan of ledger we give

One away every week on the channel they are my go-to hardware wallet so they did in fact have a data breach now if you have bought something from them you probably got this email

Ultimately they basically had their database compromised and what happened was a third party was able to get access to a bunch of information so according to this the email addresses almost 1 million

People that's a lot of people the firm added that for a subset of about 9 500 of those 1 million customers details such as first and last name postal address and phone number were

Exposed the company claimed the api keys used to access the data has soon been deactivated so what does this basically say well it says that everything is fine your ledgers have not been compromised

Your bitcoin your alt coins they're all safe but 9500 customers did in fact have their information leaked this shows the flaws with centralized systems okay this has nothing to do with

Ledger as far as their products are concerned this actually has to do with centralized data being compromised so this is really why we're going towards a sense of decentralization but

Long story short yes there are about 9 500 people out there that unfortunately somebody knows your name somebody knows your address and somebody knows that you're probably holding cryptocurrency so

Be safe out there and also guys be careful now that this uh you know data breach has happened because now somebody out there has your information they know that you bought a you know ledger from them so

If you do get an email please be very safe there might be phishing links don't click on any links that you don't know if it seems too good to be true it probably is and always verify that it's coming from the actual source

Ledger okay and if you're concerned reach out to the team and ask them don't take any chances with your bitcoin and cryptocurrency okay but on some brighter news today so today

Is the absolute launch of shelley we are moving from byron to shelly for cardano people are totally pumped about this the team stated that no interruptions to the blockchain's normal operations uh

You know should be expected elaborating quote that this is the moment when shelley comes alive on main net introducing features like staking pools delegation and rewards opening up

A new era of decentralization for cardano everyone out there that's been huddling your ada for my cardano fans congratulations it has been a long time coming

Cardano founder charles hoskinson is extremely optimistic in fact you can see in his tweet right here he says this time next year i predict there will be hundreds of assets running on on cardano

Thousands of dapps tons of interesting projects and lots of unique use and utility 2021 is going to be so much fun watching cardano grow and evolve the community is definitely ready to

Innovate so it has definitely been a long journey lots of um i don't want to say setbacks but let's just be honest these guys they do a lot of peer reviews they're very

Meticulous about the way that they release their um you know updates so congratulations to cardano and also big news for australia we have australian telecom

Giant enabling bitcoin payment support so customers of a1 telecom subsidiary will now be able to make cryptocurrency payments based on a recent collaboration with the austrian crypto payments

Processor salamantex so quote they say with a1 payment businesses across austria oh is this austria oh my goodness it's austria i'm sorry guys i thought this was australia

It's austria yeah definitely read that too fast well it's still big news it's still good okay whether in australia austria still good news um basically now companies with only one terminal have the possibility to accept

These currencies alongside conventional payment methods so there you go a little bit of adoption for you guys having a look right here how are we doing oh my goodness look at bitcoin just

Winding up at the end of this yeah we are we're gonna have that breakout um i mean i'm hoping to the upside guys but you know it has been a crazy run we might need to have that re-test back

At around the 1005 oh and just to say even if we do have a breakout two twelve thousand dollars that still doesn't mean that we couldn't have that retest down to those lower levels

And you know if we were to re-test down to about the 10-four level you could see like a 12 to 15 bitcoin drop before having that bounce just keep that in mind either way

Neither of those situations is bearish whether we break to the upside or the downside the most important thing is that we come down and we retest that level at around the 10 400 level which is i

Totally lost my place totally lost my place where is it right here so that is basically what i'm looking for thanks for coming back to the channel i know today's video was a little bit quicker than

Usual or at least i spoke very fast i tried to cram as much info in it as possible because i definitely got to get out of here got to take care of some things today

You guys rock let's see what happens let's see what happens guys i'm feeling good i'm feeling confident about the markets right now if we pump feels great if we retest

That's also a confirmation of bullishness so see you guys tomorrow thanks for coming back get subscribed join the free telegram yada yada you know the drill thanks again my name is kdub this is cryptozombie until next

Time stay crypto and of course peace out

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