by birtanpublished on August 4, 2020

oh wow the Bollinger Band width has decreased to its lowest level since November 12th of 2018 you guys may remember what happened on November 12 2008 een a massive return to volatility after about three months of incredibly

Sideways action very similar to what we're seeing only now in these charts are we about to see a massive return of volatility however this time is it possible we swing to a upside we'll be looking at some data that might show

That however on the flip side here of bitcoins daily chart you see at the very top of this EMA ribbon a consolidation that we only usually see before a massive dump so which one is it we have most indicators actually showing a

Bullish move but this indicator right here will show you later on the video actually very often signals a massive dump to the downside and as well as Bitcoin actually failing to hold this 21 a day moving average we'll take a look

At that and huge we're gonna get into why the ultimen rally has just started even if Bitcoin does take a tumble over the next week there is a ton of data showing that alt season has a ton of juice we are just getting started with

That and yet again Bitcoin getting a bounce at the bottom of the such sending triangle so again this leads to more bullish bias in a short term alts maintaining the gains of the last few days linked xtz as well looking prime

For an explosion and most importantly Digi by looking absolutely primed as well over the next two weeks I think this is a trade with Bitcoin that could end up going very very very northward absolute massive gainers let's do this

Welcome back exciting Tuesday webisode we have a lot to get into guys and specifically the move is on the way so we have a lot to get into it Bitcoin TA and is well we're gonna be talking about alts guys and as well everybody in t4 we

Actually digits update this morning to the active investments July 14th we cover about seven or eight different alts in this update look guys huge check it out this is available on mobile and you get 20% off

With the code platinum at check wow so as we said most things on these charts especially longer time frame are showing that Bitcoin has a very big bullish bias the only thing that I'm seeing right now we're gonna get into is this eme ribbon

We're gonna show you details about why this has been very bearish in the past I'm very uncertain about this metric because again we have so many indicators showing bullish right now however I noticed this this morning and this has

Been continuing to tighten and tighten over the past few weeks ever since June 22nd really so we're gonna delve into that and then as well we have a lot of other stuff to delve into including defy altcoins guys this is huge now that

Doubt in my mind the old coin space is about to boom you guys see it across the board all of your top favorite crypto channels as well everybody is talking about all coins and for good reason thank goodness just a few weeks ago

Those same people were Bitcoin maximalist now they're talking about all coins like crazy that's how you know old season could be right around the corner guys so as well make sure to leave your comment below to an enter for this

Ledger make sure look at that Bing subscribe turn on the light groans and without any further ado let's jump into the website okay guys huge we're gonna talk about bitcoins volatility about to increase

Massively but I also want to talk about this so this was published before getting to the TA by William sue Burke here on coin telegraph it's mainly what I want to cover in this is just some pics on some old coins here particularly

With this Bitcoin not moving however aetherium being more active in trading and as well all coins in general uploading findings using on chain monitoring resource glass node on July 10th one trader knows either exchange

Balances remain high while Bitcoin balances have dropped a lot Ethan says on exchanges have been increasing but Bitcoin has been leaving exchanges for over three months now one of the reasons he says here is that the current defy

Trend may be influencing investors defy sector has sparked a token boom and associated trading and ERC 20 tokens on aetherium are required for some of these transaction guys these are probably going to be continuing this trend but

More importantly this talk of old season a period of growth and profitability and all coins continues to gather pace two weeks ago you look at all the top YouTube channels for crypto everyone only talking about Bitcoin now guys

They're basically only talking about all coins now if that isn't a sure sign that something is brewing in the all coin space I don't know what is and as well most alts should gain on Bitcoin in the near future so when you go to that

Bitcoin pairing you should see alt coins actually gaining a lot of momentum and we should also see Bitcoin dominance continue to decrease which has kind of been a trend over the past few years particularly in 2016 and 2017 is when it

Was massively important and massively apparent zooming out beyond defy though also major all coins still remain a fraction of their all-time hi for more than two years ago okay for example eath was trading it like fifteen

Sixteen hundred US dollars but it hasn't even gotten up to like twenty percent of those levels okay many of these coins that we talked about as well are still like ninety percent down from their all-time highs which in

My opinion are some of the coins that capture most of my interest because there potentially is a massive amount of upside that could be recaptured in this old cycle and in this bull run however bitcoin is still about it's only about

Fifty percent from this all-time high all-time high around 20k bitcoins been right around that 10k mark for months now so while Bitcoin is down about 50% a lot of these old coins some of these are

Actually down 95 even 98 percent from their all-time highs huge now we have a lot to get into with bitcoins price but one thing I want to start with is here so this is the EMA ribbon and you can see if we zoom in here I'll zoom in

Close because you guys have told me before that you've been unable to see some of these darker lines oh and as well people keep telling me to take off my glasses for some reason I keep getting called a nerd in the comments

Because I wear glasses but guys I can't really see without them so guys I actually just made the EMA ribbon lines a lot bigger so you can see this but you can see all this consolidation here where the top of this EMA Ribbon gets

Very tight and you can see that because you can see them overlapping here okay for example they're not tight back here but then you see here where they getting very tight what usually happens and what I've seen many times happen when that

Does happen is a dump so let's actually show the opposite okay when it consolidates at the bottom when it's red and it can solid to the bottom you see that leads into a massive pump right here right now this is more like

What we're seeing right now we see it consolidate green at the top and you see what we've had happen in the past is a massive dump so again I'm not sure how likely this is to happen considering all the bullish things we're seeing on the

Chart however from my experience with using this this has been somewhat of a reliable indicator as you can see here we see a consolidate towards the bottom massive pump up I mean this has kind of just been truly reliable if we even go

Back to July of 2019 you see it did consolidate very green for a while but then it continued to pump but ultimately what ended up happening as you can see was a dump so it's kind of like consolidation a little bit of a fake-out

And then continued dump so again it's not like guaranteed as soon as we see the consolidation then it immediately dumps but it does have a pretty good track record of showing when it consolidates at the top here often what

Does happen afterwards is a dump and that's exactly what we're seeing here so this makes me a little more neutral about the price action as well ultimately I've been pretty bullish lately with all of the

Indicators this makes me lean a little bit more bearish ultimately bringing everything a little more neutral again making this in my opinion still a pretty risky zone if you're trading or something like that right now my main

Goals again are to pick up some very cheap alts for you know a one two year hold that's my primary goal here that's where I've made most of my money and that's where I continue to think that that's where most of my longer-term

Gains are gonna come from yeah I'm curious about this as the EMA ribbon something I noticed here and this is just on the daily try to have pulled up on BitFenix however something we see on this chart a return to volatility so if

We go back to November 12th guys after trading sideways basically for a few months at the very end of 2018 again I remember this like it was yesterday it was the most boring period in crypto I can remember Bitcoin trading between

6100 and like 6800 for like three months okay it was insanely boring very similar to what we're seeing now if you look on this weekly chart the only times that we've traded this sideways for a few months are back here and basically right

Now okay for the rest of the chart you can see for the most part it was pretty explosive each weekly candle had at least some movement usually you know five to five hundred to a thousand dollar weekly candles at least but again

You can see these periods are very similar and what happens when this does is a massive return of volatility as you can see here this wants a downside however I'm gonna read this article that actually showing that we actually might

Be on the opposite end of this where this is actually showing it might push us higher so one thing we have in common with right now is the Bollinger Bands okay so this article on coin desk by Omkar bully here Bitcoin volatility

Metrics are like November 2018 all over again he's talking about this he's saying it's this all over again bitcoins ongoing low volatility range play is reminiscent of the price doldrums observed ahead of a sudden 40%

Price crash in the second half of November 2018 this time however the price squeeze may end with a bullish move on chained metrics and macro factors suggest which I agree with all of that I agree with 100% except for the

EMA ribbon indicator that we were just talking about everything else in my opinion is very macro bullish as a result the Bollinger Band width has declined to point zero for the lowest level since November 12th 2018 guys

Again leading me to believe we are this week going to see a massive return of volatility and a potential you know 1000-2000 price in a day or two Bollinger Bands are placed two standard deviations above and

Below the 20-day moving average of price meanwhile the Bollinger Band width is calculated by dividing the spread between the volatility bands by the 20-day moving average volatility as represented by the Bollinger Band width

Topped out at point eight nine following the March twelfth crash dubbed Black Thursday and has been on a declining trend since a prolonged period of low volatility consolidation often ends with a violent move in either direction okay

Guys that's what happened back in November and again that's most likely what we're going to see here very soon so get ready it's probably get pretty explosive here so what he's saying in regards of on chain data being a bullish

Over 62% of Bitcoin has not moved in over a year according to glass node a blockchain analytics firm and guys that's usually a very bullish sign we see that as we enter up trends so very big we definitely have to consider that

As well what do you think I definitely agree we're gonna see a massive return on volatility like this and it could i 100% think we're gonna be seeing it very soon i've been saying for a while i think it's gonna happen in some time in

July and i think it's going to happen towards the middle of july which is right now i think it's gonna happen most likely this week and that's also i made the video yesterday about that date but guys as of right now as well we are

Holding right at the tippy-top of the 9200 yet again as price volatility continues to get lower and lower the volatility declines you can see the volume has declined as well volume just continuing to go down on this daily

Chart because we do not have a lot of room left before we're gonna see something like this we're most likely gonna see a massive break in volume and that's going to increase the volatility more importantly here guys we are

Running out of room in between these two very important lines two and a half year two and a half month okay both of these are very critical in my opinion so I think we either need to see a break up it to at least about 10k to test the top

Of this or we're gonna see a massive rejection more likely I do think it is possible that we're gonna go up but again the thing throwing me off a little bit is seeing these this EMA ribbon I'm just not sure what to think of it right

Now I'm not sure how much actual impact it could have but historically that is not a good sign if we're looking for upwards momentum and as well guys it's actually awesome seeing link maintaining right now above that seven dollar figure

Absolutely insane xcz as well looking primed for a move we have did you bite I just cannot wait to see this blast off and huge guys so if you want to get more in detail with all of the alts and everything I'm looking at make sure to

Sign up for t4 v4 link is in the description and current during 20% off with the code platinum so many of you guys have been joining this week it's absolutely awesome and we have already been keeping up-to-date updating

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Link below you can get these deposit amounts added to your account to trade with absolutely huge when you deposit just point to Bitcoin you get a hundred extra dollars to trade here on dudx absolutely huge so guys thanks so much

For watching I'll see you next webisode you

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