Upgrading a 10 Year Old Gaming PC

by birtanpublished on August 22, 2020

Hey how's it going guys Jack and Maddie with the toaster bros and today we're gonna be upgrading this 10 year old gaming PC yes this thing is 10 years old well not everything but the processor is most definitely 10 years old and we're gonna

Be upgrading it to than they dissin greatest rise in 5 1600 AF but before we get into that let's hear a word from today's sponsor today's video is brought to you by us and our two new YouTube channels toast eclipse in toasty DIY

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Those channels by clicking the link in the description down below now how we'll get back into the video shall we so this PC was brought to us by a friend this has an Intel i5 2500 K 2nd gen and it's its overclockable but we

Did realize that we don't even think it's a man overclockable board and also the stock cooler is a stock cooler and it's Intel we have an autumn out of RAM 10 gigs it's very slow it's like 1333 we have a 2 terabyte get this Western

Digital purple drive so it's 5400 rpm that's it no SSD or anything all housed inside of this DIY case with a 1060 so the 10 16 the case good but then we're gonna upgrade these other parts to make them better so let's go ahead and talk

About each part that we're gonna be doing for the upgrade and then kind of dive into doing this just AM upgrade so the obvious things that we see here with this PC we know as an i5 2500 K look at all the dust inside the heatsink no clue

What the thermal paste looks like this thing was probably thermal throttling and probably was not boosting as it should not to mention it wasn't even overclocked so what's the point of having the K we have it inside of this

Really weird DIY PC case with this yeah with this going on and on top of that the way that it plugs in is USB via through the back I don't even know they got it through there but yes so that's gonna have to go we're gonna put some

Nice RGB in it we're gonna have to get rid of this Ram we have 10 gigs of ddr3 that's running at 1333 a very odd amount it's three slots so we're gonna make sure that we're just running some good old dual channel

We have the 1063 gig which we're going to be keeping because that's honestly a good card and the cards being held back by this processor and motherboard Ram configuration we have a 2 terabyte Western Digital purple drive which I'll

Show you guys in case you've never seen one of those it's a has it's purple on it and it's for surveillance it's for surveillance systems it even says in the listing for old surveillance systems so yeah that

Needs a SSD which Matt will talk about a minute and then we have a 750 watt power supply from I'm gonna turn it around again I don't know why this is too soon from company I've never heard of um my PC right my PC DBC me yeah it's like 750

Watts is really weird it doesn't appear to be certified but I mean it has kind of sleeved cables so it's not the cheapest power supply we've seen so as far as the upgrade goes it'll work and Matt's gonna go and talk about

What parts were upgrading with to make this PC amazing here's the stuff boom there we go alright so what we have right here guys is a risin 5 1600 AF now for those who know this is basically a rise of 5 2600

But you can get it for 85 bucks 6 core stole threads will be a great upgrade from this a little 2500 kid that this guy was using who uses just four cores nowadays in the gaming PC this is gonna be a great upgrade and to how's this

1600 AF we have the gigabyte be 450 MDS 3 H this is a micro ATX motherboard that we've used numerous times it does have 4 RAM slot so it's great for upgrade ability and speaking of RAM we have this Corsair Vengeance lpx kit 3,000

Megahertz 16 gigs of memory this is gonna be great to get him off the ground and running but again as I mentioned he's running dual channel rise in perfect but he also has those two slots up here in the future if he wants to so

The system has a lot of room to grow with him when he wants to upgrade it doesn't come with flashy RGB ease but it does come in at a great price point so that's a good compromise to make and lastly of course we have to throw an SSD

In this build this hard drive 5200 rpm the guy who brought it in basically said he was waiting like numerous minutes for the system the post so adding an SSD and giving him like sub 20 second posts would be really awesome

And this Selk empower SSD is 15 times faster than a 5400 rpm our tribal look at that it says it right there that is absolutely perfect for this scenario so we're gonna throw it in there 512 is more than enough to do base applications

And you can still use that 2 terabyte hard drive for other games and he wants to load up and have to worry about super slow loading times so you know I'm very excited put this thing together let's clean this up first because it's kind of

A mess and then we're gonna be upgrading this to an awesome gaming PC all right we have this thing all taken apart we're gonna do next is use our lovely air compressor to just kind of

Clean up all this random dust that's here and we're probably gonna clean off the graphics card to here's this 1060 which looks relatively nice I mean I can't really complain it looks nice good card tends to three gig yeah we're

Gonna go ahead and clean this case up make her looking nice and new and then we're going to start building this thing

Alright ladies and gentlemen now that we've upgraded this computer let's talk about those benchmarks real quick shall we now we only tested a couple games for tonight Rainbow six siege and call of duty modern warfare because well this is

Just kind of a modest upgrade and we just want to show you what kind of performance numbers you can get from going with the system like this now before you really weren't getting really good performance you were having issues

With that hard drive being the main boot drive which is never a good idea in 2020 and then you were having some issues with just stability with the system overall with something like a 2500 K well at the 1600 af being readily

Available six cores 12 threads for 85 bucks we were easily able to run through games like call of duty modern warfare on lower ish settings the 1063 gig is the bottleneck in the situation three gigs

Of VRAM on some of these games is kind of limiting you might want to offer something like 1070 used if you want to go used or if you want to go to new and do something similar maybe look somewhere like the 1660 super is like a

Minimum card if you plan on playing Call of Duty regularly but regardless we were getting well over 60 FPS on lower settings at 1080p and called any modern warfare it was definitely more than playable

With those optimized settings the same thing goes for fortnight fortnight was more than playable being an eSports title you're really not gonna have too much trouble running fortnight nowadays the system would work really well for

Games like valor n't as well if you look to build something similar or upgrade your PC to something similar and the same thing goes for Rainbow six siege you really had no issue whatsoever running the built in benchmark goes to a

Hundred FPS at times with optimized settings and ideally this could be a good platform change if you're somebody rocking an older Intel system or even an older AMD system let's say you're on like the FX platform buying something

Like a be for fifty bar with the 1600 AF and ddr4 Ram for roughly $300 makes for a really awesome upgrade for even an older system that may have a still a decent GPU like a 10 60 or below this could be a good upgrade for you to get

Yourself on a good platform and be able to upgrade in the future and make your system quote unquote more future-proof so we're all very impressed with this upgrade didn't expect anything less from the 1600 AF and this configuration how

About we go ahead and bring Jackson back in here to wrap this video up real quick alright guys so this is not quite the normal you know this was a good PC for the price because well we don't really know how much he paid for it in the

First place but we do know that for a 300 dollar upgrade from what it was before this is a very very big step up and as you can tell we didn't dive into the benchmarking all that much because we benchmarked systems like this

Numerous times here on the channel 1600 AF is a great option for those coming from an older platform and wants to get in at a really affordable price point so definitely if you are considering upgrading your old PC or just building a

New computer for around 500 bucks links in the description down below those are affiliate links that you do purchase using those links they do support the channel so we do love you for doing that but overall very impressed with this

Computer so before I tell you guys to have a good day and like comment subscribe if you don't mind follow us over on twitch.tv slash toasty rows we do live streams of us building stuff like this we help you guys pick up parts

We do all kinds of cool stuff live stream there also we have two other channels that you're gonna see here we have toasty DIY and toasty Clips toasty Clips involves the twitch team's toasty DIY is basically a whole new channel

That we just do all kinds of crazy DIY stuff that you guys will probably really love so we highly recommend going and checking it out and dropping a sub so don't forget to Like comment and subscribe

Yeah we will see you guys in the next one on our numerous channels

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