Updated Samsung Galaxy Fold 5G hands on

by birtanpublished on October 1, 2020

hey what's going on guys I'm Nick ray
from Phandroid and we are at Aoife 2019
checking out the newest version of the
samsung galaxy fold now the device here
is pretty much identical to the original
one which was unveiled right alongside
the galaxy s 10 during the first quarter
of this year and was supposed to launch
later in q2 but right before that launch
it was actually recalled or postponed
due to reliability issues with the
foldable display breaking with debris
getting in behind that display now this
newer version is simply a cosmetic tweak
over the original Samsung's product team
went back to the drawing board in order
to figure out how to stop the debris
from entering into the hinge mechanism
they put some end caps on the hinge at
the top and the bottom so that nothing
could fall in behind the display and
they've also tweaked the design just a
little bit around the other edges so
that it's a tighter fit than it was
Sampson's also tweaked the front of the
phone or the foldable display itself the
original one had a protective layer
right over the foldable display with the
seams exposed which many people mistook
for a screen protector that needed to be
removed now they've updated it so that
the seams of that protective layer are
now hidden underneath the bezels that go
all the way around the display which is
something that they probably should have
done from the very beginning as far as
functionality and other features go this
phone here is identical to the original
you get a smaller display on the outside
of the phone which can be used for
making phone calls sending test messages
or even taking a picture with the
cameras that are on the back of the
phone but then when you unfold the
display to see it on the inside you get
a much larger canvas in order to put
applications side by side which can then
be used to drag and drop files or
messages between the different windows
well there does appear to be some
limitations as to what you can do with
the three windows setup on the inside of
the Galaxy fold Samsung's actually done
a lot of hard work to ensure that the
user experience is cohesive and easy
enough to use as for availability the
Samsung Galaxy fold is available right
now in South Korea and is coming to
select European markets on September
18th and then u.s. launch later this
month for more information about the
Samsung Galaxy fold make sure you check
out Phandroid com
thank you guys so much for watching and
we'll catch you in the next one

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