Upcoming Cryptocurrency Events (9th-15th of July) – UTRUST, Cappasity, LinkEye, WaBi, Modum

by birtanpublished on September 30, 2020

hello the Chicagoans and welcome to
another cryptocurrency event overview
video in which I am looking at the
becoming the currency events that could
potentially affect the price so anything
like a major milestone achieved any
development updates anything really so
the aim is is to basically buy this
cryptocurrency early enough and then
profit on the hype up today I'm looking
at events happening from 9th of July to
15 of July and as always thank you very
much for watching I will have some
personal pics at the end of the video so
just because I cover something in this
series it does not mean it's a good
investment we will begin with 9th of
July where we have you trust with a
bunch of releases so there will be a
release of client API and also a wallet
web app then we have Algar which has
been under the radar for quite a while
and there will be migrating to a new rep
token contract basically it's not a big
deal but something to mention anyway
library credit they will have a hard
fork with one major change but apart
from that it really shouldn't affect the
cryptocurrency in any significant manner
bitcoin 1 there will be a snapshot for
token swap I'm not a fan of this project
at all any of the Bitcoin Forks maybe
apart from the Bitcoin cash and maybe
private I pretty much use this then
there is event called rice Hong Kong in
Hong Kong obviously and the likes of 10x
datum Monaco in cash any few more will
be taking part in it and at the same
time there is an event called hack
summit which is a virtual conference
about blockchain and the likes of
stellar Manero and Birkin banker and few
more were we taking part in this in
general not that many project this week
so this video will be very short then we
have link I where they will be launching
a main network now this project is the
first time much you hear about it but I
did look it up and it's actually seems
to be quite interesting it isn't top 300
but they do have some nice partnerships
so see if you like Chinese projects look
into it because it's quite an
interesting one then 11th of July with a
blockchain World Conference in Atlantic
City New Jersey in the United States
credits bit cliff unicorn gold and few
we taking part in it and be free coin
they do have a community meeting 12 of
July capacity with a bonus l-dub for the
holders and an ion there will be
releasing more tokens in the circulation
the doors they do this very very
regularly and 14 of July did you bite
taking part in the digital currency corn
in Park City Utah USA and that's it
because there's nothing happening on
14th and 15th of July some of the
cryptocurrencies to watch first of all
you trust which has been quite on the
radar for quite a while especially if we
look at evaluation capacity always doing
some development always doing different
interesting project like I mentioned
before link I it's a Chinese project
it's probably not in China but you
should probably say it's Asian project
actually and then two projects which
doesn't don't really have any
developments this week but I've decided
to put them in here because usually I do
have five coins in the end and I've
picked once that two coins at hearts
been flowing under the radar for quite a
while first of all Wahby over the
masternodes and few roadmap milestones
upcoming and modem that has been really
quite under the radar just like the UM
process which I covered very recently
another kind of shipment you know
logistics cryptocurrency that seems to
be really not doing that well mostly
because people look into the likes of V
chain and Walton but it seems to be
still seems to be very solid with a very
solid team as well as always this is not
a financial advice so make sure before
investing into you know cryptocurrency
in general because it's a very volatile
volatile space make sure you do your own
research as always thank you very much
for watching and I do hope it was useful
indeed I still love you
Cheers and bye

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