Upcoming Cryptocurrency Events (1st-7th of July) – Bounty0x, Lion Coin, Loopring, Aphelion, Syscoin

by birtanpublished on October 1, 2020

hello dear capricorns and welcome to
another video of my cryptocurrency event
over this series the aim of the series
is to find any upcoming cryptocurrency
events anything that could increase the
hype so any type of any development
update milestone being achieved anything
interesting really today I'm looking at
events happening at the beginning of
July and as always thank you very much
for watching this video and this video
is just a good way to can attract
development for different
cryptocurrencies as well so first of
July we have Cisco with their CP as coin
l-dub snapshot taking place on a date so
if you are holding any siscon tokens you
will be you will get the cps coin
additionally as well Electra the
development of the masternodes will be
starting on that day high-performance
blockchain their partnership of UnionPay
will start dock net they will start
supporting something called SPV which is
a simplified payment verification
supports are a big deal didja poles they
will release the digital service on that
date live stars their marketing
department will be created on 1st of
July and then we have event called
change 2018 which is a boxing conference
in Seoul South Korea and we have CP
chain icon New York Yuta eternity among
some others so if you are interesting in
this event make sure you check out the
website to see who's doing exhibitions
there 2nd of July we have the iron Stoke
in Europe for the ironist token holder
so if you are holding any tokens you
will get more of them core they will
have a fork with plenty of improvements
taking place on that date so if you're
interested more about what type of
those are feel free to check out their
website then there's event called 2018
Asia digital asset induction Congress
taking place and some of the
cryptocurrencies doing performances
there a ripple hype from his boxing
finance I don t market and obviously few
more first of July there is a world
gaming executive summer 2018 taking
place and we have fun for and edges
performing other exhibitions there
then we have 4th of July with aphelion
launching their decentralized exchange
then we have byte going over their 6th
anniversary surprise yeah no I'm not a
big fan of those to be honest with is
basically an announcement of the
announcement then there is token sky
event in Tokyo Japan taking place and we
have smart cash Corbett oak and ash
walton sharing H and Neil and a whole
bunch of different currencies also
speaking there so if you're interested
or live and talk to for example feel
free to check it out fifth of July we
have flooring with the other and I'll R
and L job to the iris holder so if you
have any looping tokens you will get
additional tokens as well slide in
checks they're taking part in the insure
tech elevate Asia event in Singapore
they have civics they were starting them
bounding program I believe there is
nothing on 6th of July and then we have
7th of July with bounty 0ax
launching their beta version lion coin
they will be launching their MVP of the
exchange pass was very interesting
project that one I remember I think I
did it I did today I see a review of
this project and as we have seen in the
past quite a lot of different
cryptocurrencies that are focusing on
exchanges are doing pretty well waves
they were starting their summer Roadshow
in London and one chain they will be
having a celebration event in Kuala
Lumpur Malaysia some of the
cryptocurrencies towards first of all
bounties or X or their beta launch there
it's still a very unique project I don't
think they have any competition and
currently there are very undervalued in
my opinion based on the market cup so
very interesting project definitely
something to look into
lion coin their MVP finally proved that
actually that they actually have
something working loop ranked pretty
high valuation for what you're trying to
do but it seems to be a very solid
project in general and obviously any
type of air drops for the token holders
is always good for the token that
generates the air drop a feeling they
were launched in the decentralized
exchange now this project is known to
neo and I do believe it's only the first
decentralized exchange is running on neo
and thence it's going again a drop and
interesting project in general because
they do have and I believe they will
have master notes which always in
increases the interest in the project
that was it as always thank you very
much for watching pretty short of this
video Wars it's because not that much
stuff this stuff is really happening in
the beginning of July if you have any
questions or you know feel free to
comment below and as always I do
appreciate you checking out my video I
love you
Cheers and bye

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