Unity Game Devlog #0 – Introduction

published on July 20, 2020

Hi and welcome to my very first dev vlog video in this video series I want to show off the game that I'm currently working on the game doesn't have a name yet so if you have any suggestions then I'm totally open for them the game is basically as you can tell about dumb

Stick figures with silly physics and you're able to interact with pretty much everything in the world so that's really the main idea behind the game I'm currently developing the game in unity and I'm using a writer from

IntelliJ to do the coding in c-sharp and since this is the very first episode I want to go back in time and show you guys how this game all started and how I got to where I am today so it's going to be a bit of an introduction episode and

Not too much developing but in the future episodes we will be moving on from where the game stands today so let's go back to the beginning the very first thing I had to do was

Make a stickman who could stand walk and not fall apart I learned about hinge joints and scripts and eventually managed to put together yeah this but you got to start somewhere and after a while I worked a bit more on the script

And and the stick figure and managed to put together a somewhat believable stick figure it was definitely not the best but this was a good start for me he could move his hands he could grab on to things and he could walk he might not be

Moving his legs when he walked but he could walk or float but that's still pretty cool and so I had successfully put together the very first version of my game as you can tell it's not beautiful it's not a pretty sight but

This was the base idea and this is what I used to create the next version of the game which is a bit better than what you're looking at right now because this is kind of the Frankenstein of stick figures but let's look at the next

Version let's fast forward a couple of weeks and and see where the game goes so I scrapped all the old stuff and completely started over and as you can tell the result is much better than what I previously had he cannot move all of

His limbs as his arms and feet can even fall off he can die and things are just much more smooth than what they were obviously this is not the final version and this is not what it looks like today but this was definitely improvement from

What it previously looked like and I was happy about this but I kept on working and a couple of weeks forward I have now improved the movement system and I've added multiplayer to the game the reason I implemented multiplayer to the game so

Early is because multiplier is going to play a big role in the game I'll talk a bit about that later so it was important for me to get that working first and as you can tell it's it's definitely working some things are kind of buggy

But the main idea is there and I was quite happy about this and me and my friends had some fun playing this so I got the multiplayer working and now I could finally move on to what I really wanted to do with the

Game because I didn't just want the game what you're seeing on screen to be the game because that would basically be a copy of stick fight the game I wanted to create my own thing so the idea I have is I want to create really big and open

Maps as you can see on screen now where you kind of play through maps that each have their own story and theme so the first one that I'm currently working on has a western theme where you play as bandits on this train and there's

There's Cowboys trying to kill you and and a lot of chaotic things but that's kind of the idea I want I want each map to be to be very special and have its own little thing going and of course you can play these maps with your friends in

A co-op mode if you don't have any friends no worries I got you covered you can play alone but it's definitely meant to be played with other people and I think that would be way more enjoyable but again you can't play alone if you

Really want to and I think the biggest challenge with this game is going to be creating the maps because each map requires so much art and so much so many individual things that I will have to implement with programming and and all

The things I'll have to make for each and every single map so I think that will be the biggest challenge but I'm having a lot of fun doing this anyway so I mean I think it's going to be a fun process

for the last couple of months or so I haven't really been able to put too much work into the game because I've been very busy with school and other things that I had to take care of but I kind of

Want to get back into really working hard on the game now like I used to when I first started off and so I think also making devlog videos is going to help with that and if you guys want to come along on my journey then you are very

Welcome to do so here on YouTube or you can join my discord where I also try and post some pictures and screenshots and whatever every now and then so that's really going to be it for this very first introduction episode and hopefully

There will be a new episode in not too long

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