Unibright (UBT) | Driving Mass Adoption! (CEO & CTO Interview)

by birtanpublished on August 17, 2020

Ladies and gentlemen and welcome back to the channel I know you guys were big fans of the last video I did with crypto fiend about Yuna bright so today have a special a couple of guests on the channel from Yuna bright the co-founders Martin and Stefan so welcome guys thanks

For being here thanks for having us absolutely absolutely so you know you know brights one of these projects is really getting a lot of buzz these days there's a lot of you know developments coming out and your videos are coming

Out about it but I wanted to go back to the beginning and ask you guys how you know bright got started like what inspired this project RIA okay so that's already some years ago I mean we we love technology with our enormous head

Companies built on new technologies and then when we came about a few years ago we somehow said that it can be used in enterprise processes and enterprise environments as well we started looking into it and then we just saw the huge

Potential of torsion and of what we already did and then we combined everything and came up with the bright idea of helping enterprises make use of flood chance awesome so I would I would guess it's safe to say they both your

Backgrounds at least in some way are related to enterprise tech and you have you know some intimate experience with how technology's adopted in enterprise totally so I mean the the the line we put a business integration and if you

Just take a business integration part you actually see what we've done the 15 years before founding unit right so connecting IT systems of different companies making use of new technology and integrating it into the existing

Processes and tech stack so the very beginning when we started to look into blockchain for us it fails in the beginning just like another technology but then the deeper you dive into the subject the more potential you see and

That's why we are also dedicated to heaven I decided to have a dedicated startup with YouTube right with this blockchain seeing and watching environment ecosystem yeah it's already been some

Some developments since then but it comes out of our history as business integrators that's awesome that's awesome so then again I think it would be fair to say that you know brights core mission is probably to drive

Enterprise adoption of of blockchain technology and and not just that but you know the more complicated underpinnings of it like tokenization and you know just deep business integration with existing ERP systems and CRM etc would

That be fair yeah absolutely there that's a greatest I mean fast forward from when we started that's exactly the two of us we are working on I mean and the best option adoption around the EA and baseline this

Is yeah something that came quite naturally and everything about tokenization that's just the second pillar I mean this is where crypto just started and made a lot of stands with all the tokens and I suppose so

And now we have those fields were working on mostly on a technical level but now we have building networks helping companies make use of it so it's these great who feels we see a very positive one awesome last week it's it's

Also in the nature of when you start up any new technology that driving the adoption is part of your work so of course in the beginning we we tackled it more from the from the tech side deciding what products will be needed by

Enterprises if they want to make use of blockchain technology this is where the unified framework came from but the more you dive into the space and the more your ecosystem grows the more you also get into the role of driving adoption

For the company's ecosystem so this is also something where frequency for example an optimization stuff came out because it's a it's a very good use case for watching and we don't we do not only want to sit and wait for adoption to

Happen driven by others or to be an active part yeah I think you're right on this and especially when you look at it we one step before so to say once they're fake in in eddying workshops to output for

You we rented some steaks companies out there that don't have a clue on what to make out of blockchain how they can somehow use it within their enterprise environment and then we had these workshops and they they really

Yeah was something that was missing helping companies get a feeling on what what is possible with this technology so there's still this huge gap like you somehow have to help them get over absolutely and I think it's probably

Hard to reconcile at least in my experience the fact that a lot of enterprises they want to try and adopt block share they want to make a strategic investment in it for their business but they have no idea where to

Start or they're doing it backwards right they're saying we have we have blockchain now let's just try and hit every problem we have with it until we find one that works when instead these workshops are probably helpful gentle

The clients you know for enterprise in your case figure out what are the problems that you already have that blockchain can solve so you're not wasting your money and I think that's the biggest the biggest thing for

Enterprise liens I mean we're working there on use cases they have an educated looking at use cases and next week we have this demoed with based I know we have a dedicated use case something within the scope of supply chains let's

Do a use case to show people what you can what you can build absolutely and so you mentioned it just now and that's the baseline protocol you guys are you know significant contributors to that along with plenty of other entities you know

Very much focused on the etherium space where where did you know bright fit in and in that the development of baseline and how are you guys working with it going forward slow from from universe history that made a perfect fits to the

Current developments around baseline I mean we it's almost philosophical to say but if you have if you have these integrators perspective then you always have in your mind that you don't rely on one specific

Technology but rather care about connecting what is there and also we talked about use faces before you new bride never promoted that one single use case or that one single protocol we always promote a Juniper I to be

Something more on the high level modeling site that we can adapt to whatever blockchain technology comes out and with baseline finally some of the major concerns that enterprises have in getting their feet wet with blockchain

Technology have been addressed privacy and permission and public availability of a network and so this makes perfect sense from our perspective our technology stack like the unified framework with the connecting of say an

SI p system with the blockchain this tech stack just remains the same and we adjust on the end of it now connecting to the baseline protocol so that's where it really makes sense for YouTube right because we have this integration

Perspective and for the people in baseline it makes sense because we have that perspective to the octane world and to business processes so it's a it's a good match for perhaps one could add that we have this software architecture

Background so we can add setting standards or within a for example we are working on defining standards which is something that is not so common in the production world yeah just we done in this very very

Still very young technology yeah so this is the other part where we keep our input that's great and standards are that's a great point because I think a lot of times people in this space are so focused on trying to create the most

Decentralized thing on earth and so standards almost feel like centralization button there it just gives you a structure to yep you know to work with and within enterprise especially personally I think

Without standards you'll have a really hard time getting these these networks of different enterprise participants globally to actually work together you'll have everyone using different protocols and different you know API is

And it's just not it doesn't work yeah absolutely from from an outsider perspective if you look at only the optional protocol market or universal you see I mean hundreds of possible options for a company where to build I

Mean this is a way to start this is you know an empty because you're saying that standards themselves are centralized concept so to say and it always depends on the use case that a standard is fall so for example in the baseline

Environment when we talk about zero knowledge proves there's also standards involved and in the end the standard tells every participant let's agree on a standard where nobody can I don't have to tell you my secret and you can keep

You a secret for you so this is the standard helps both of them to protect their privacy so this is also standard organization and I completely agree and especially for enterprises I think the goal should not just be to get

Enterprises to use blockchain in a closed environment exclusively it should be to provide them the rails to get on to public networks at least in some way and I think that's really what the baseline protocol is is tailor-made for

We've been offering interfaces to both public and private blockchain to calls but if you take at the if you look at the big picture and you have a private blockchain then in the end it's just another state machine that is off train

So to say because every private chain can be seen just like a sexualized to your pieces soon so then you have to integrate this private chain with a public chain so this is also something that's technically bassline to finally

After the major message bus between participants on a public available not restricted open for everyone to speak to the letter and this is of course the idea where this process reaches the highest level to have at least one

Public available layer that everybody can access that's one of the obvious main advantages of the e theorem in it for example that you have this always on trustworthy let's call it magic bus that is able to connect entities you can

Think of maybe enterprises or yeah private entities whatever ya know it's powerful stuff and I think people forget about the idea of finality and the the trust that comes just from having your your system of record be non centrally

Controlled you know cuz in at least in the tech world that I live in it's like you have these databases where there's always an admin right and no matter how much you trust that owner there's always an opportunity for a hacker or that

Admin to change things or lock you out and all that sort of thing so it's this is where the world is moving in this idea try to get it going running on the centralized databases obviously you can't work yeah it's not

The same awesome so going back to to you know bright and your framework and the tools that you've built you know to bridge that gap like you said between private and public block chains as well as blockchain and existing systems that

Enterprises have can you explain to folks that are watching that might not have that background just at a high level what you're offering is yeah of course so there's some basic methods that we actually write believe in and

It's that if somebody is a specialist at something you should take his domain knowledge and just keep it there we want to offer tools that allow business specialists to drive their business without becoming a developer themselves

So everything that uniprot beans tries to help the domain specialist for example a supply chain manager or somebody who's working at a bank to stay in his domain to use a nice graphical user interface to define processes and

Everything comes out of this which is needed for example to run a smart contract in the blockchain or to connect an s AP system should be generated automatically by software that acts deterministically ever tried the same so

You don't have to rely and then one specific developer you have to find out the market who's perhaps not available just on that day where you need him that's the main idea behind everything that you knew Brad Hills we meet the

Business specialists at their level and take care of the technical stuff I think that's powerful stuff because again in my experience in this space I develop applications very much like what would probably come out of the unit's

Tools and the tricky thing is always a finding people to work with right finding the the developer talent to implement these things but also the amount of time it takes to extract the domain knowledge and to extract the

Information about the problem you're trying to solve from those people and so by you know I think underneath the the very clear surface level of what you know bright offers that's one of the biggest things is that you give the

Power to create the workflow that is encapsulated in the smart contract to the person who knows the problem the best and I think that's underrated yeah and that's a modeling approach we've been asked many times if the unit

Price texting could be copied in some way or some big success to the code or if he sees our UI he could just copy it and build a unified competitor but that's only that's only the part that you have

To do and we are very good at that we are doing it but the magic is in finding the right level of modeling so you don't have to do all the work over and over again if you have a new client or a new industry or a new block chain or a new

ERP system you don't want to start that whole thing from from the very beginning every time again and that's what what you need is grated absolutely and again going back to your offering I think the the thing that most people might not

Realize about implementing blockchain applications whether you're doing it on the public mean that or you have a private blockchain or multiple the time that it takes to develop the contract this or the contract smart contracts

Plural is probably the smallest lift out of the entire project the biggest lift is figuring out the problem and doing the modeling like you we just talked about but the absolute largest effort and where all the money is spent is in

Integrations and for me integrations are what I spend most of my time on out of anything and so that you could use that helps you with that you would be very happy on a daily work yeah absolutely absolutely and also if you think about

The pace of change you know sometimes when you by the time you finish integrations for contracts that you've built new versions have come out and they're breaking changes and you need to now migrate your contracts and then

Maybe upgrade your integrations it just it takes so long to do that sometimes and that's why I'm really excited about you know Bright's tools because you guys have the you know I think it's you be connector that helps you abstract out

Some of that integration work here and I mean we absolutely make the same experiences as you just described like you have this huge workload and the integration projects you have to do and as what we came up with with all of this

And they are still some some basic building blocks and that key in every business process and those are again standards we can already build on so when you just over and over start from scratch you are

Repeating things repeating things and this is just unnecessary and this is where a lot of time gets wasted so there's a common error in integration projects is you mentioned that if a part of the technology changes and there are

A lot of integration projects that refuse to decide on a common standard in the interaction but they just adapt to the biggest player so for example if you have SAV involved and the big buyer tells all of their suppliers they should

Deliver that data in that specific format and then the century ERP system would decide to change that standard that everybody has to adapt and if they had a formula we decided on one common standard that both can integrate you the

Work would be way easier but this is work that comes on top when setting up a project let's just skip it and then with every breaking change in the technology they pay for not paying these first from a stay is over and over again yeah and

Being being in the picture that plot chain is still very early of course it's not that we could could state that great standards established over the last decades because of course everything still changes and tools like those from

Unit right can help to to come along with these changes and to not have to do everything from scratch yet it's on my it's on my list of things to do to try out the tools and to just see how it would fit into even my workflow to help

Make my job a lot easier right so that's also a video dating what's it what's a daily work my daily work I do adapt development basically full-time and you know there's obviously some of the the standard helping figure out business

Problems and modeling and doing all that stuff as well but most of my work is is hands on code and architecture stuff as well so this is this you know breaks right up my alley in terms of what you're all about and what the product is

It's right in my wheelhouse so that's why I was so excited about it when I started reading and learning about what it what it's all about and then if you're also in the architectural level then I guess you're also in the position

That's you yourself talk to the client and have to understand him on his domain level that's something that computer scientists are often underestimated about everybody sees computer scientists as pure Icarus colors or whatever but

Doing that minds twist to actually understand the world absolutely absolutely and and so speaking of those clients you know let's just take a scenario where an enterprise is ready to jump in they want to use you know bright

To accelerate their move to blockchain a the critical fuel for that is that you be T or you know bright token that's like kind of the the pay's pay-to-play sort of token for the ecosystem can you explain to folks that are watching how

That all works and how enterprises can pay for their their services the idea behind the token is a utility voucher system so for an initial use of whatever component in the unified framework you have to log at a certain amount of you

Depart opens in the framework and from then you are allowed to reload your transaction number on a monthly basis for example with fiat money or crypto or whatever so it's not an unknowing payment model but it's it's an entry

Model to get into the system yeah and speaking of the complexity we've been asked this many times before it's way harder 99% of the process convincing a client making use of blockchain technology is making him understand

Blockchain him and then if he got that explaining him that for the first month he needs to lock in some booty is very easy so the still trying to convince companies of

The benefits of function that's also why we establish these workshops and so on this is the harder part and then using UT is for energy actually and from a business perspective of course using the talk it just makes it a lot of easier

For us so we don't have to do or have to deal with foreign exchange rates or so on we have this this voucher we can use for our services or for the workshops and it's it's some common ground we can build on and we can even do things like

Automatic billing or or accounting when we say one token is worth one transaction between some systems first it's quite logical and easy to use in this if we are already using blockchain then make sense to use blockchain it's

Universal in from our perspective when we offer blockchain agnostic services and then we can very much of this a transaction cost of a specific protocol in our uvt and this is again one example where we extract from a specific

Technological problem if the client says I want to use another blockchain that we would actually explain him you need another wallet you need another gas transaction costs whatever he doesn't have to care about this because we can

All count it in the transaction cost annuity and then coverage for him got it so it's basically like you you sort of lock in upfront based on your level of usage and the services that you're gonna want your transaction throughput those

Types of things and then on a rolling basis you continue to is it there like a REIT there's like a rebuy process every X number of days or months we are waiting for the point where we can tell you the experience of thousands of

Customers on this right now it's just every case it's different some of them and decided to log in quite a large amount and model tokens that gets them on their POC level perhaps through one year and others just decide to log in a

Smaller amount of tokens and they renew it every 30 days for fear so we are still there we can adapt to what the client wants at this early level yeah and we excited to tell where the majority is heading

Towards when you have more experience in the prompt change yeah fantastic and so for a person who's sitting you know on the other side of the screen now that's you know that's thinking you know I really like Yuna bright I think this is

A powerful piece of technology and a framework what is the unibrow token mean for them when you if you're an average person you don't plan on using the tech per se but you want to invest in the token what is that is it kind of like an

Investment in the ecosystem itself I mean very clear on this during this talk sale it is a utility token for a b2b use image so the token should be used by those who want to use a product to lock them in and those who own the token I do

Not want to use them in the software stack they can give them or sell them to people who want to use it that's not everything in between is not the scope of the utility table except somehow comparable perhaps I mean the

Main use of ether is happiness gas for transactions so so the same with us it's just the ticket to use what we offer the token model is structured in a way that it incentivizes early adopters on a new technology to have a very easy entrance

Into the system and incentivizing larger players to go for long time contracts where they can go for a medium-price within the platform at a higher level so this already played out very well last year it was most of the times it

Was smaller proof-of-concept things and now with baseline and the EA stuff also the big surprises come into the coming through the field and they get interested in integration so it makes sense if you take a look at the

Complete development of the project awesome and and I'm glad that we got to address this because I think you know I'm all for for speculation I'm all for the idea that you know you want to be a part of projects that you're passionate

About but really keeping it focused on the utility and what the token is all about I think is the healthiest thing for ya not just you but for everybody you know with more utility or more verticals that we offer I mean the totem

Just it gets worth more everything else follows I mean and that's something that actually changed that you put it that way so so directly and we love to hear that because we decided very early on uniprot that we focus on building

Software and then we focus on large utility the token stands for and not everybody agrees with this strategy because there are also crypto projects that are morons speculative level perhaps but we think in the long run

It's just the best to keep on building to provide higher level software to do the real thing even if it takes a little bit longer it just makes sense specifically because integration projects once they're up and running

They run for years so if you if you take that home of integrating a complicated process then you will not change it one week after but you were happy if it just runs and runs and runs and this is what we also aim for yeah you got it you got

To be clear about the brand and what it what it really means so it's also in our favor if we if we show the world like we did it very fast with our publicly accessible unit demo we were one of the first projects that actually delivered

Functional software earlier than promised and this is something that we always have in mind to keep adding new value to them to the program stick yeah fantastic so this would be this will be my call to action

For this video for folks that are watching if you believe in you know bright and you've you like what you've been hearing if you're watching you probably know about the project at least somewhat you know you take advantage of

The tools that they've created and continue to develop with that give people who might not have come from a technical background the ability to approach solutions to these problems you know if you have you know bright tokens

Use them try you know try it out and I think that's the best way to help the project is to keep using products and then shout out and say hey I'm noticed a bug or hey this could be better that's how a good quality software is built

Hundred-percent awesome and I think that's about it I think that's about as good of a note as any to end on it I wanted to really quickly though before we do give you guys a chance really quickly to just tell folks where they

Can find you specifically and you know bright you know social media website anything you want to promote our website and then there's our blog and I mean on the blog we have all the things that are going on the data that is coming on next

Week and all the great things to follow and of course the Italian community that is greatly managed by our Community Managers it's always fun to be there so you can find the link on the website as well of course there's social channels

Like Twitter and Facebook that just follow but I would stick to the block and telegram who cares awesome sounds good yeah I'm in the telegram I would highly recommend it use lots of good knowledge in there

Especially if you're gonna start tinkering with YouTube right great place to ask questions awesome Martin stuff and thanks so much for being here and we'll definitely do this again as we have plenty more to talk about with

Unibrow yeah so thank you very much great interview yeah absolutely awesome son thank you cheers everyone

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