Understanding Cryptocurrency Holders in Europe with Bitpanda Data

by birtanpublished on September 26, 2020

That's our credo gang welcome back to another episode if you guys are new here we do a giveaway at the beginning of every single episode and today's winner is gull teas thanks so much for commenting on the previous video with your Bitcoin wallet bill t's just sent

You some Bitcoin in this episode I go over bid panda bit panda is one of the biggest exchanges in Europe with over a million users they've launched their new token called best which is effectively like a B&B for finance type token and

They are crushing it right now with the amount of data that they have and they did share a research report that I wanted to dive into before we dive into that quick disclaimer this video is sponsored by bit panda I reached out to

Them directly to work with them as the exchange is super interesting it is a massive exchange in Europe and having over a million users in this space is very powerful for data and research that was one of the main reasons why I

Reached out to them originally was because they have over a million users and they are studying and researching all the aspects of what cryptocurrency holders do in their behaviors with their investment strategies and all the

Different aspects of their portfolio so in taking that strategy of analyzing their data it is a very powerful and compelling story and that was why I really wanted to reach out to the only projects I cover on this channel are

Ones that I believe in and that is why I wanted to bring a bit panda directly to you guys and there will be a link in the description that you guys can sign up with another main reason why I reached out a bit panda was the fact that they

Are supporting metals and I said that in my previous video about this is a mega industry gold is over seven and a half trillion dollars just sitting there so that money needs to eventually flow into a two hundred billion dollar market cap

Of Bitcoin which is very tiny it's almost like pouring a bucket into a thimble right now platforms like bit panda that are allowing investors to move between assets like Fiat crypto and metals altogether is going to be a

Massive win in the near future they support over 20 different assets right now so in the report that we're going to dive into today you will see the different diversification of people's portfolios roughly you'll see their

Demographics you'll see behavior you'll see all of the different specs that go into their decision-making around investing then I love that they sent this survey out and they had over four thousand responses so this is

Actually a substantial amount of data that we're dealing with before we dive into the report I want to mention that that bid pan that did partner with global Web index that helped them really analyze and visualize this data and

There is a lot of it they cover all the bases and it is a very powerful thing and it isn't getting as much attention as I would have hoped with a strong report like this using a platform that has a million users and really

Diversified out across 20 different assets including metals I think that that is a really interesting thing for us as a community to understand and dive into one of the most interesting stats that I don't go over quite deeply in the

Report analysis that I'm going to show you guys is the media consumption with social media people that spent over an hour a day it was over 57% 43% spent an hour doing a music streaming each day and then 38% were streaming online

Television and 28% were reading a press on the internet so articles that came out on Bloomberg CNBC or Forbes were 2 to 3 times more likely to be read by cryptocurrency investors and interestingly enough over one hour a day

Was being a spent watching television by 58 percent of cryptocurrency holders in Europe so there is a lot of information to go through here and having gone through the data myself I've spent days looking at the report and it was

Literally like a glimpse into myself which I thought was really funny just seeing all the things that other investors are doing in Europe it very much reflects the investors in the United States that I know and talk to

And hang out with bit panda is doing an ILO like I mentioned in the previous video the link to their site will be in the description below so go check them out it's called the best token there's a lot of really great functionality that

They're incorporating into it and a very well-established exchange that's been around for a while and it has over a million users that's working on metals as well as crypto and fiat all on one platform is a winning scenario so that

Link is going to be in the description below but with further ado let's jump into these reports and I want to show you guys some of this insanely cool data so one of the most interesting pieces to the bit panda

Research reports that I want to go through real quickly is that they do have the data to back it up they have over a million users as I've mentioned and partnering with the global Web index they're going to give a full scope of

Cryptocurrency holders in Europe and it is a very in-depth research report I'm a data nerd as I've mentioned and I really wanted to dive into this and show you guys just a glimpse as to how deep they went into the users that are using the

Platform in Europe as well as even their portfolios as the breakdown that they have in different types of assets on the platform understanding cryptocurrency holders in Europe you can see here one of the key objectives of the report was

To draw a wide set of data points to paint a more holistic picture of European crypto investors and provide an insight into the attitudes and behaviors that set them apart from the average investor the risk takers with a strong

Sense of economic empowerment they pursue novelty open at risk and strong sense of economic empowerment we see this pattern with more affluent Internet users as well but is particularly pronounced in the crudo

Community interested in business and technology just like my podcast that European cricket currency holders are interested in business technology they have technical knowledge higher disposable income and they tend to lean

Towards risk-taking and gambling all right diving into a little bit of the data here highly educated young and male the archetype cryptocurrency holder is a young highly educated high income male working full-time or as a freelancer in

A major European financial center in IT engineering or finance but the stereotype is challenged by increasing diversity among currency holders one in five or women and 40 percent are over the age of 35 this is a very big change

Over the last twenty four months that I have seen in this space I'm really glad that they did this in Europe specifically I'm used to the US data and the US data is skewing a lot more mail than this so this is very

Exciting to see some diversity has come in majority fifty four percent don't have university degrees even though cryptocurrency holders are far more likely to jumping over to the medium post that they originally did

Understanding crypto holders in Europe I wanted to scroll down to actually see the breakdown of the portfolio's that they did with the global Web index the currency forms a part of the portfolios of four percent of the Internet users in

17 European markets making the least common of nine named investment types tracked in the survey Switzerland and Austria have the highest rate of crypto ownership in Europe and among the highest in the world seven percent of

All Internet users their whole cryptocurrency higher investment in gold also has a strong connection with the share who invests in cryptocurrency this association is mostly down to Turkey where 40% of savers reported

Owning some gold so store value very similar now this is the park that I really wanted to show you guys this is a very exciting piece of data that they're sharing with everyone out of their entire community

They dug into the breakdown of the portfolio so as you can see here cash savings / pension crypto holders 74% index vs. holders of other assets is 0.95 index stocks at side shares is 33% it's two point zero five and other

Assets gold is 28% which is pretty pretty phenomenal that's that's a high high amount and then 2.11 index real estate 21% mutual investment funds 19% bonds 14% annuities 14% art and antiques

Very cool category there 12% crypto landscape is really interesting here they've gone all across Europe for their users and you can see that Switzerland has 7% Austria has 7% that was what we mentioned in the report earlier and the

Breakdown here is really distributed like this is completely distributed across all of these different places which I really like to see obviously in the space that we're in with decentralization having

This so distributed out is really fascinating they actually narrowed down by the city so London and Zurich seem to be the top and then Stockholm which is pretty fantastic I've actually been there

That's that's really cool that they broke this down the demographics full-time 23% freelancers 17% student is 16% here retired unemployed is 14% full-time parent is 13 married is 39% it looks like the gender is 74 or 78 to 22

And age is 33% are 25 to 34 that makes perfect sense this is the majority of people on the channel here are who's viewing it 35 to 44 is less or so and then a lot of people in their early 20s so income top 10% is looks like 18 top

25 so middle class is 41 percent look at that that is uh that's a bold statement right there 35 percent in the top 25 percent and then the top 10 percent they're still trying to figure things out

Another great breakdown was the professional lives of these people IT is a clear one that's 12 percent manufacturing nine percent engineering eight percent software development in computing I thought that would be higher

Actually with five percent general management this one's impressive 23 percent direct report and team management 70 percent sales 16 percent that would kind of make some sense a lot of people there are are very there

Characteristic is bullish and they're very much about selling things and preaching and all that when it comes to products so that would make sense sales would be a little bit higher purchasing of tech products 16% recruiting new

Employees that's an interesting one 14% and these these are much much granular much more granular here retail and fashion 4% health care medical services is 4% and education and government so 5% on both of these really

Interesting they're national or local government 5% are holders in Europe the investor mindset they asked these questions 56% of cryptocurrency holders say they're proactive about investing money which compares to about 41 percent

Of people who hold at least two other assets that aren't cribbed up the same percentage describes themselves as risk takers a much higher rate than the average investor I am proactive about investing money 56 percent I am a risk

Taker 56 percent I feel positive about the global economy 39 percent there and 31 percent the holders of other assets are much lower than the people that are investing in the crypto there I would consider myself to be much more affluent

Than average good question 39% in crypto holders 32% in other assets I am comfortable borrowing money 35% say in crypto 24% in holding other assets as a really interesting breakdown on that last one 24% of other assets are

Uncomfortable borrowing money crypto holders expressed confidence optimism about their finances and the world economy and show a sense of personal finance empowerment this line right here is a very very bold and good

Extrapolation from this data great part here with the mindset is financial products owned 92 percent on a bank account 74 percent of a credit card 29 percent have a short-term loan and the financial products surf purchase foreign

Currency 22% car 19 life insurance that's pretty self-explanatory health insurance mortgage is 10 percent pet insurance I like this one 9 percent there so that is it for my overview of the research report as well as bit panda

In this episode and there are some really interesting numbers in here and like I said before this is like looking at myself in the mirror as well as a lot of the investors I know here in the United States a lot of people are going

To be interested in this data so all the links will be in the below so you guys can check it out for yourself one of the more interesting ones that I didn't mention because there is dozens of different metrics that the

Report showcases is the fact that 43% of people visited online casinos in the last month 41 percent listened to a podcast shameless plug check out the sound money podcast link in description 47 percent used an online dating service

In the last month 58 percent visited a business news website like a Bloomberg in the last month 44 percent used voice command like a Google home or a Siri 66 percent visited a blogging service like a WordPress in the last month and 49

Percent watched a vlog in the last month just like what you're watching today and I'm really excited about this project that pandas doing an amazing job not only with research but also with their best token and the platform allowing

Gold investors to move between different types of crypto assets I'm very excited about this project I'm glad that I could connect with the team and work with them and that is it for this episode I hope you guys liked it if you did slap a like

If you guys are new here don't forget to subscribe for more giveaways and more fun episodes like this one and I will see you on the next episode of hair crypto

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