Underrated YouTube Creators that you should be following!

published on August 2, 2020

What's up guys it's here welcome back to another video today i want to talk to you guys about my favorite creators on youtube my favorite youtubers if you want to call it that now why am i making this video honestly

I don't have anything else to talk about i want to get back to weekly uploading and i want to upload a video this week um i figured i would talk about my favorite youtubers because

Um honestly i think they deserve it um i think these guys are very underrated i've created a list of almost 20 youtubers um most of them are under the two three lakh subscriber range

And i think they're very underrated they don't get enough recognition or enough they don't have enough subscribers for the kind of value they offer so that's what we're going to be talking about today um i am going to be dividing

This into technology and photography slash videography because those are the two main types of niches that on youtube that i personally follow um and every single

Creator that i talk about will be linked in the description below um there will be individual channel links but then at the end of the list i will also put a playlist link um which will

Feature one video each from every single um creator that i talk about so if you want to just go on a marathon and watch every single video from every single person from a video from every single person

Um then just click on the playlist link but without wasting any more time let's jump right into it i will start off with technology first um because i think that a lot of people that have subscribed to me uh still

Follow me for smartphone content so i'll give you guys smartphone content first i'll give you guys youtubers that talk about technology first and then we'll go to photography slash videography so

First on my list um is kd cloudy aka kostub uh he is actually a good friend of mine um and in fact all the people on the technology list are people that i personally know

So i will be a bit biased but obviously um i think that these are people that still deserve a lot of subscribers but anyway um jd cloudy if i were to describe his channel i would say um he

Mostly makes videos about consumer technology in general um he used to do a lot of rom and android customization videos back in the day um but i don't think he does that as much anymore these days

His most recent content has mostly been about the oneplus 8 pro a video about ios 14 other software videos and things like that his main strengths in my opinion personally lie um

In his writing and his editing i just think he does a really good job at those two things um and he just hit 5 000 subscribers which is pretty awesome and it makes me so happy because he's been doing it for

Such a long time and he is also a college student so props to him for being able to manage college and youtube together and uh yeah all around i just think he's a great

He's just a great content creator you should definitely follow him so i am going to keep this description short because um there's almost 20 creators that i want to go over as i said plus

I just don't think i will do a good job at describing it so describing somebody else's channel i will end up categorizing it into something which i think is not a very good thing to do when you're

Talking about a creative field so i will keep it short because i have to give you something um but otherwise you guys go ahead and check the channels out for yourself um to learn more i think that's the main

Purpose of this video i don't want to give you too much away i'm just going to give you enough to know exactly or at least have a basic understanding of what the channel is about anyway um up next

We are going to talk about technology harsh punjabi now this guy um firstly the number one thing that i probably love about his channel um is his consistency he is very disciplined uh unlike my channel

Which is what i'm trying to fix here um so if you subscribe to technology you can expect at least one video every single week um he does two or three videos most weeks i'm pretty sure but i don't put too much

Pressure so i'm just gonna say one video every single week um but i think he also does a very good job at uh striking a balance between quality and quantity um the videos are very high

Quality the production is very high and the actual content in it itself is also very good he mostly talks about the latest um generally again i don't want to categorize people too much but

He talks mostly about phones um he's been doing a bit of laptop content as well so right now he's covering the oneplus 8 the moto one fusion plus he did a video on the me notebook

Um personally i love his shooting style his flat lace um all that type of stuff his design choices um so all in all great channel um he's his videos are very relevant always covering the latest and greatest

In technology so if you want videos from an indian creator who does uh videos very well very consistently in english early also as a hindi channel um technology is the guy to subscribe to up next is bharath agarwal

Formerly known as justtech and honestly i don't know exactly how i would describe his channel in fact in my eyes um again i could be wrong i don't know how part would describe it himself but

I feel like right now he's going through a transformation phase his his channel is going through like a transformation phase right now he's evolving uh from one type of content to another he used to do what

I would call um like normal full-blown smartphone reviews but i don't think he does that anymore um his more recent videos have been targeting specific aspects of specific phones very analytical i

Want to say um it's it's a very uh distinct style for sure and his videos i guess i would just describe as like mkbhd meets dave2d um and not in a bad way at all i don't

Think he's copying them at all but like his videos are very minimal um like dave 2d but then his delivery and his um i don't know his general style reminds me of mkbsd a little bit i don't know exactly what

It is i can't pinpoint and say for sure but like his videos just have a very distinct style and they feel very badass to me for some reason like very like a they feel sophisticated i guess is the word i'm going to use but

Yeah that's how i would describe his channel um his recent videos have mostly been about again phones um the iphone 10r the oneplus 8 pro the iphone sc um all that type of stuff so part

Agarwal and i think he's going to be blowing up this year for sure so if you want to witness that now is the time to subscribe because he's at under 30k right now which is ridiculous given how good

His stuff is up next is zhang oslay who is a veteran tech reviewer that has been in the space for at least six to seven years i'm gonna say minimum um and i find that his content is very real very authentic um his

Personality on camera is very real uh he lets the mistakes uh he lets his mistakes be there on camera doesn't make any sense he lets his mistakes um be there as it is and he doesn't like cut them out and i think

There's very something very real about that um his production quality is has gone up like crazy in the recent times i love what he did with the iphone se video and yeah of course in terms of content

Um he's always been really good with that he obviously knows how to test um the phones that he gets or the tech that he gets uh he's super nerdy and he just knows his stuff so

Although he's at four lakh subscribers which she recently had congrats to him um i still think he's super underrated one of the i would say like easily one of the best um english decorators in india for sure oh

Worldwide in general i think he's been setting new standards for what it means to make a tech review up next is srish a creator that i discovered not too long ago under 15k subscribers super underrated honestly i was like so

Happy when i discovered this guy because like it makes me so happy to see an english tech creator in india it just it just makes me happy for some reason like after the whole jio revolution after

Him the creators started taking over which no offense to them by the way that that still takes a lot of work um i just feel very happy every time i come come across somebody um that is making videos in english um

But yeah i think his videos are great mostly in terms of the way he shoots um but also like in terms of the actual content uh they do tend to be a bit um on the lengthier side so upwards of seven

Minutes i'm going to say his most his more recent videos have been um but i guess that does i feel like that that does pay off if you watch till the end there is actual content um that you will definitely find of

Value so i would highly recommend subscribing to sri she's just actually i don't know how long he's been in it but i just found him recently and i just think that he is another

Person that is going to blow up very soon if he just keeps continuing to make content and i would definitely check him out up next is rev atlas run by sundeep uh he is or well he used to be a creator

From bangalore but he recently moved so i'm going to take away points for that but his content more than makes up for it um the videos are super well short um the content the actual information itself is very detailed a very well

Tested he has been in the space for a long time uh the driverless channel itself is not that old but i believe he used to make uh he used to work for the phone arena before that so he has been

Reviewing things messing with tech for a long time and he definitely knows his stuff the videos are to the point um and yeah just well shot super rich in terms of content and

They're definitely worth subscribing to they definitely don't have um enough subscribers for the kind of content they make finally to wrap the list up on the technology list we have canopsi uh

He's the only um tech youtuber that i feature in this list that's not uh from india but um he's kind of somebody that i uh follow um on a frequent basis uh mostly for his style the way he

Shoots his videos it's extremely clean extremely minimal um but also his thumbnails and his design choices in general um he does videos in a wide wide range of

Tech like anybody else in this list um but he also does a lot of videos about setups and things like that which is something that i really enjoy productivity and workspaces that type of

Stuff um so yeah he is also pretty underrated in my opinion the videos are very clean very well structured very well shot and the actual content itself is also quite good

All right that brings me to the end of the technology list we will start off with the photo slash video list but before that i'm just going to take a quick sip of water um harsh i hope you're still watching

This video hashtag stay hydrated i've been rolling for 20 minutes and this is the fourth time recording this all right let's now talk about photography videography pretty self-explanatory

Videos about photography or videography uh it's what i've been enjoying a little bit more in the last i'm gonna say a couple of years but yeah the first on the list is sean tucker sean is the

Biggest creator on this list but in my opinion he's still quite underrated he uploads maybe two or three times a month at test um but when he does that every single time for me it's worth it um the videos

Are very long they're not short if you have a short retention span if you're expecting quick cuts if you're expecting catchy music that is not this channel um his videos tend to be like 15 20 minutes

On average and they are very slow um he talk he tends to talk about the process of photography the process of creating things um they almost have like a philosophical approach to them and it

Tends to get like really deep which is something i really enjoy um but he also talks about street photography now and then so um like on the whole i really enjoy his content

And i just think it's very meaningful um it's very structured very uh it it definitely adds value to me it's not necessarily what uh most people will enjoy

But for me personally uh i'm a nerd for that type of stuff and i love it up next is mumbo vlogs this is actually second channel his main channel is a minecraft channel which has over 5 million

Subscribers but this is this filmmaking channel and i think he is super super talented i follow him for his um cinematography shooting style also his design choices

I mostly enjoy his um tutorial type videos um where he's like either showing you how to do something or talking about gear and things like that but in my opinion his best work exists in the form

Of car documentaries um so he does these um documentaries about vintage cars and um the owners and their stories uh behind like how they got the car and everything um honestly i'm not even into

Cars like i don't like automobiles that much but um i just follow his videos i just watch the car documentaries mainly for his um style the way he shoots things and all that type of stuff

So if you want to watch car documentaries learn about filmmaking in general um he's one that i would definitely watch and his videos unlike sean um tend to be a little bit short so

I guess that's also a plus point for a lot of people up next is philip bloom he is a veteran filmmaker that has been making films and videos for a long time he doesn't release videos on youtube as

Often but when he does do it i think it's super worth it some of his videos can be as long as 15 minutes um they're mostly well he does all types of things in filmmaking but um my favorite ones are

His reviews his gear reviews um the sheer amount of effort that goes into it i think is boggling they're very well shot there's actual storytelling in it and it's just one of a kind i don't

Think i've seen anything else like it on youtube and uh if you want to watch it's not for everybody again it's very slow paced um and you can't watch it if you have like a short retention span but if you

Enjoy long-form content and you are in for some good uh storytelling and some good cinematography and you want a review um of cameras and things like that then he is one that i would subscribe to

Next we have evan raft um his channel i believe is something that would appeal to a lot more people um it's not as nerdy but it is about photography uh he is the one that kind of got me into doing pov photography

Um and i think he does it better than anybody else and generally his photography is very inspirit is very inspiring to me i love his style and i just love watching his content especially his pov stuff

I think it's really good not only is the actual photography amazing but the um the whole um thought process that he talks about and the actual value offered in those videos is also really good there's actually a lot to learn

Um and then he also talks about just other um camera related things he talks about he does vlogs sometimes and i just enjoy watching his channel it's very laid back it's very um chill and casual to watch and it's

Always a good time watching his videos then we have danny gowards um this is a channel that i discovered pretty recently i'm going to say less than two three months ago he talks a lot he talks about a lot of different things in

Filmmaking making music videos the process of creating self-development all that type of stuff um his content i would describe is wholesome that's not a word that i would

Use very often to describe a piece a youtube video but like that's just how his content feels to me it's just like very like very welcoming i guess and it just makes you feel like you're part of this community

And i just love watching his videos he's very talented and i feel like at just 6000 subscribers this guy is super underrated and it's only a matter of time till he blows up then we have grainy days super super

Unique channel he talks about film film photography which honestly i don't know a lot about um but i mostly watch his videos for his commentaries um as well as his general style he

Talks about film photography as i said but then his commentaries tend to be like very hilarious like super fun personality if you enjoyed dark comedy if you enjoyed self-deprecating jokes um

He's the one to follow if i honestly don't think there's any other channel like his where somebody's talking about photography and like has entertaining commentaries on top of it i just love watching his

Videos not just for the photography but also for his personality next we have tyler babbin um i hate to introduce him this way but uh he used to work for

Gary vaynerchuk not that i have anything against gary i love gary but he's been doing other things now and i want him to be known for his own content at some point but right now i don't think he's that

Big yet but his actual content itself is amazing i think he's very underrated he talks about again filmmaking the process of creating a self-development lifestyle that type of stuff i personally enjoy

His style very much his design choices and that type of stuff um he is always documenting the process of creating which is something i want to do a lot of my channel and just generally his videos are great

Um the actual content the design choices the style i love all of it and i watch every single video of his then we have wolfgrow um he is another veteran filmmaker from india so plus points for that um

And his videos are super nerdy um think of him like geeky ranjeet of i think i already used that reference once but um think of it like kikiranji the filmmaking

Um his videos are long they can be long not that long actually but they can be like 8 to 10 minutes to 12 minutes sometimes um and if you want to learn like hardcore cinematography filmmaking like no

Bullshit like straight to the point um informative content then he's the one to subscribe i don't watch his content as much anymore personally but he is one that i would recommend a lot

Then we have small or spelt smal uh aka smart alwa uh this guy's a creator that i discovered again not too long ago um he's at under 9 000 subscribers which is nuts for the types of content that

For the type of content that he creates mostly about film um tutorials um most of his content is actually travel films which personally i don't like travel films that much but

I have been enjoying his more recent content which is you know tutorials in everyday mundane stuff about doing things or editing and that type of stuff and that is something i really enjoy

Um plus points because he is from bangalore i am from bangalore he's from mangalore which is still the same state of karnataka so like um plus points for that but even otherwise

Um i just think his stuff is great his stuff is way better than mine and i would highly recommend you check him out then we have aditya varma a working cinematographer he's the guy behind ritwiz is sage

Prathik kuhar's gold and many other music videos in popular films not popular films but many other independent films that you may have watched um he now has his own youtube channel

Which again is very underrated not that big yet which is a shame um but he right now his channel is mostly like bts and just like his own work i think he uses it like a portfolio more

But i believe he will be making like actual youtube videos very soon because he just recently released a lut pack i mean all that so i am like i'm i'm gonna i'm gonna assume that like he's

Getting into the actual like youtube side of like youtube if that makes any sense but like either way i would follow him for sure um like he's a working cinematographer he shot

Cold he shot sage he shot a lot of other music videos and i think his style is great my love is color grading and yeah he's super underrated so yeah that about wraps up the photography slash

Videography list there's just one more creator that i want to talk about um he doesn't fit into either of these lists um he's not definitely not a tech creator and um he kind of isn't like the photo video

Space but he's not um his name is sharad ban sode he has just over a thousand subscribers um i found out his channel recently and i even promoted it on one of my instagram stories if you follow me

But i think his stuff is great um i want to say he is like matt diabella um and i don't mean that in a bad way like i don't like i don't mean that in a bad way i think he still

Has his own style but just if i were to describe him he does videos um about self-development um you know the process of doing things he also has a couple of um he also does like podcast now and then

And personally i love his content very much um and i definitely think he's going to blow up he's another person to look out for or watch watch for watch out for what's the right

Way to say i don't know he's not the creator um that i think has a lot of potential and he is uh creating videos on a weekly basis now almost weekly basis and it's only a matter of time that he

Blows up i'm pretty sure i believe he is a filmmaker um who i think left like the traditional freelance life um to become a youtuber i think he said that in one of his videos

Um and he just talks about minimalism productivity um all that great stuff so if you are into any of that uh sheraton soda but yeah that's about it for this video i don't know how many people are going

To end up watching it till the end i don't know how long this is going to be but hopefully you found it of value i hope you found at least one or two new creators that you didn't know about before

Um i promised you like if you end up like checking all the videos of the creators i mean if you do check them out or tell them i sent you but i promise you if you check them out you will um find at least

Somebody or at least like two three creators new um and you will enjoy watching the content you will subscribe to them so hope you found this video of value if you guys think there's any creators that

I should personally check out um let me know in the comments now if i make an episode due to this video at some point in the future one thing that i kind of want to aim for is um is is that i want there to be a

Lot of more indian creators in the photography videography list if you noticed um half the people that i mentioned in this second list in the photo video list

Most of them were from north america or from the uk um they were from outside india now i want that to change not because i have anything against them honestly i don't care what country you're from as

Long as you're making good content um for me i just think that um representation plays a big role um in anything in in content creation in media and life so if you watch somebody that is that

Looks like you um on youtube or if you watch somebody online making videos and they look just like you that has a much deeper impact on you so next time if i make a list i want

There to be a lot more photography slash video create videography creators from india i feel like that niche in india is still relatively new and it's just beginning to be explored is that even a

Correct sentence i don't know um but yeah i just think there's a lot of potential in that particular niche and next time i make a video like this if i make a video like this i just hope uh to include a lot more indian creators

In that particular list uh but yeah that's about it for this video if you enjoyed watching it give it a like if you did not watch down let me know in the comments why you didn't like it if you're new

Maybe consider subscribing i personally talk about photo video stuff um along with technology phones now and then um so yeah if you're new um that's the type of content you can expect on this channel

Consider subscribing if you enjoy that type of stuff it's been suraj thank you so much for watching take it easy and stay devoted repetitious shopping blaze like my serving up

Every single plate the hottest in the season even summer looks away cause i got something to prove i'm here

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