Unboxing Saint Oniisan Vol. 13 聖☆おにいさん I Curator’s Nook +

published on July 3, 2020

hi I'm Nicole luminaire I wanted to

share a little surprise with you this

relates to Nakamura

Cara's st only son published by

Kodansha of Buddha and Jesus living in

downtown touch koa taking a gap year

this manga is fantastic and we have the

collections in the British Museum it was

originally published in manga morning to

this morning suit in Japanese but

morning to this manga magazine in Japan

and you see various different things and

we open it up this is Buddha Buddha and

Jesus and when you open it up what you

find in Japanese manga which I

absolutely love is you get little

presents and here you open it up and you

have a special story kind of Buddha and

Jesus action figures in a SF science

fiction manga story so you have these

precedents of having these little extra

goods even folders but what I want to

share with you today is this one and I

bought volume 13 specifically because it

came with the last dinner dining mat so

I want you to open it with me we open it

up and we can see that the present is

actually bigger than the manga itself

and here we have this and I haven't seen

it yet so this is a first for both of us

I think unless you of course have one

already be maybe a little bit jealous

we're gonna hear and this is the manga

so we have the manga as you know you

open it up from the right and reads from

the right to the left and this is Buddha

and Jesus gathering autumn leaves and

being very communal right here so you

have the whole manga but what I'm

interested in is this so here it says

this is the Last Supper and luncheon mat

so let's see let's open it up and see

how it goes

of course it's taped very firmly

should we put this in the collection

it's going to be pretty fantastic hold

on yes it is a cloth last dinner mat for

your lunch Saint young man right here a

saint oniisan you have Jesus of course

you have the disciples which are all his

friends right here and do a Buddha yep

we've got Buddha and these are Buddha's

disciples and then we have Jesus's on

this side so pretty wonderful huh

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