Unboxing All The Masks…

by birtanpublished on September 14, 2020

Oh boy so if I bend down a rabbit hole or what I've been looking at these different masks just out of a general sense of curiosity given the state of things on planet earth in 2020 so far I've just I've been on the internet and I've been seeing people talk about it

I've been seeing people post pictures with masks and you're looking at this table thinking to yourself man those are some wild looking contraptions you've got there but believe it or not I've actually seen people on social media and

In real life wearing these more advanced 3m contraptions in place of something disposable in place of something you would see more typically as a solution for someone in public attempting to not be contaminated so a little bit of

Background why or what you would be looking for or just how to think about this space in general because you might be surprised to find out that in most cases these substantial looking things are probably not gonna be as good of a

Solution in most cases as more typical disposable n95 masks and I'll explain why as the video progresses I'm not saying that these things are useless they just come with other issues and they're really intended for other

Purposes as you probably already know and could have imagined background 3m they're one of the companies that makes masks but the important part that you're looking for on any mask is the actual certification that comes from the CDC

From the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health you will see this word on any mask that has the designation necessary to be used in certain circumstances in certain workplaces health care hazardous places

And so on 3m is one of the manufacturers that makes these masks but there are others as well you're looking for ni oh Sh on the package or on the actual device or on the filter that you put on to the device now in the case of the n95

Mask that's this one over here on the left that designation is going to be in reference to the efficiency of that particular mask so this chart here really illustrates it as as well as you're going to do the end

Portion of the n95 is in relationship to non oil aerosols that means that this thing is gonna work properly it's gonna work well for all that organic material viruses these types of things that you would want to protect against but it

Will do nothing against oil-based particles for the reason that people are wearing masks in public right now that's not an issue the oil-based stuff is not a concern for that group of individuals people who wear these things on the

Other hand every year up until 2020 are doing so because they may work in a paint shop or they may be exposed to dangerous vapors they may be exposed to dangerous oil-based particles so that's where these other rankings come in where

The 95 portion might stay the same but the letter changes so this mask in the middle is a P 95 I don't know which filters this thing comes with I haven't looked at these I haven't tried them on I'm gonna unbox them and give them a go

In this particular video with these types of masks you'll often see the P designation or the r designation are 95 will include oil aerosols P the highest performance now 95 is not where it stops either I've got a bag over here look at

This product this says where is it in 99 and then there's even in 100 and n 100 is 99.97% efficient now the important thing to note I was reading and and found an article relating to virus particles and the fact that in some

Cases they're small enough to fit through some of these filters but they're often attached to something in the number-one way that this stuff is transmitted is attached to a droplet as you've heard if you've been watching the

News and then that makes it substantially bigger so this is why the various governments have now been suggesting just cover your mouth with whatever you have if you have to go out in public in New York they're saying you

Absolutely have to if you're in public cover your face with something even if it's just a scarf and because these things have become so difficult to get your hands on people are having to resort to other means in order to

Protect themselves even if it's in only a minor way so this is the famous one this one is not made by 3m I had to give a shout-out to my brother who actually had a couple of these sitting at his apartment and he let me have this one

For the purpose of this video face mask 95% filter you could see if you look down I'm just gonna crack it open actually this is a 2-pack again there are different brands and different styles of this particular mask and it's

It's actually very important how you handle these things as well it seems super basic it's like it seems like a type of filter that you would put into your furnace to block particles and and that's sort of how it operates it's got

These various strands that will block particles from entering now the important thing to note here when you wear a mask like this when you inhale it's filtering but also when you exhale it's filtering because the air you're

Pushing out is going back through the same filter that's actually not the case with some of those other masks most of them you're just exhaling through a vent and even though you're pushing the air downwards which is likely away from

Other people you're probably not filtering your particles on the way out you see whereas this is a two-way street now the problem with these masks the majority of people wearing them in public are not getting a good fit on

Their face and therefore kind of negating the purpose of wearing them now I have facial hair I have a bit of a beard and that also destroys the purpose of most of these because it allows air to get in there to pass through metal

Band on the top here this is where your note where you pinch it across your nose so you kind of get this thing you kind of get it placed on there like that and you get a pinch on the nose and the key is to get the right fit now the other

Thing to note since this doesn't have a valve on it for some people that could make breathing slightly more difficult particularly an individual who might now have the best physical fitness or have other ailments as well so so that's

Something to take into consideration with this type of math 3m for example they make various versions of their disposable masks as you can see here some of them with a valve on the front to improve the ability for an individual

To feel comfortable and exhale and breathe now there is a difference between respirators and your typical surgical masks as well the surgical masks that you see a lot of people wearing that thin thing that doesn't

Quite fit as well that's good it's better than nothing once again but it's not going to filter as much particulate matter as something like an n95 or above all right now let's move to the more exciting stuff next we'll go to this guy

This is a performance respirator from 3m there's the mask and there's your filters you can see that this one actually ships with p95 filters look at that okay so that would be the filter you were looking for it's gonna give you

That extra protection against oil-based contaminants as well but see here's the problem these masks are designed for multi use scenarios like I said in a paint shop or something like that and the problem then becomes if you're

Wearing this as protection against some major virus like people are wearing these now then how do you decontaminate this mask after you've used it so with this it's meant to be one-time use you throw it in the garbage

After you're done and in fact if you're out in public and you have to then head back home you can throw this out in public in a in a public waste bin and then not bring any contamination back into your household the other key factor

With these is just how you treat them when you're when you're removing this you don't touch anywhere near the filter otherwise you're just going to contaminate your hands with whatever this thing has picked up and its job is

To pick up contaminants so you're only touching the straps to remove it and you're kind of gently disposing of it how do you do that with one of these reusable masks it's gonna be a lot more difficult this one

Since it's a bit heavier has a far more elaborate kind of setup on it for how to wear it and it's obviously way cooler looking and this is what it looks like without any filters on it now you can feel the vacuum when you breathe in and

You can be sure that you have good such an in good fit because when you put your hands over the valves you can't breathe at all but remember what I said on the exhale I feel my exhale right here I don't know if you guys heard any of that

But I can feel my exhale coming out the front now this one I can see just looking at it that the exhale valve there's no filter on that now maybe 3m makes some that do have a filter on the exhale but again you have to think of

The reason these things are manufactured in the typical usage that you would have for something like this walking into a contaminated environment where the surrounding material let's say a paint shop let's say a weld shop let's say any

Place even noxious gases which 3m makes filter specifically for that what you're exhaling is not such a concern it's strictly on the inhale what you're exhaling is not dangerous whereas when you're talking about a virus your exhale

Is also important so again that's probably the most major drawback with these types of units okay now everything on breathing is coming in through the filters it is very sealed I can feel that it's almost like a vacuum type of

Suction that's in there now so nothing's getting in so it's great that nothing gets in and if you were in a really dangerous environment you can imagine why you would want to be wearing some type of mask like this and that's really

What it's designed for is those types of environments but there's a reason you don't see the surgeons wearing these things it's it's not practical to decontaminate this thing every time it's in a potentially dangerous sick

Or place alright the last one I got this is probably the one I'm most excited for just again from a general sense of curiosity this is the 6800 from 3m it is a full face mask it will block your eyes as well believe it or not your eyes are

Another entry point it's an opening on your body so even if you're wearing any of these other styles you may still very well want to block your eyes okay so this one was exciting to me just because obviously it's the most elaborate of the

Bunch it was the most expensive of the bunch this one comes with respirator cleaning wipes particulate filter P 100 s that's some high-level stuff so when it comes to the reusable filters what 3m calls the reusable filters they have

Versions for everything for welding for metal pouring pharmaceuticals utilities operations chemical manufacturing it's bananas they have something for everything how about 3m shoutout 3m and it scales all the way from a standard

Particulate filter in this circular shape like this all the way up to these kind of combo series filters combination cartridges these things combine filters so something like this let's say six zero nine to six is a P 100 particulate

Filter for use with certain organic vapors chlorine hydrogen chloride so it filters particulates gases and vapors and these are all the various combinations of particulate cartridge filters oh my goodness now this is a

Full face shield mask it's a lot like this other half shield over here but then it adds on it a full-out coverage for your eyeballs essentially that you can stare through and maybe it even gives you extra peace of mind I suppose

If you go into a really toxic scenario kind of like when you wear a scuba diving mask when it goes around the whole face it can just create an even better seal keep in mind like I said earlier in this video I got the beard so

I'm not even talking full seal if I had to go into an actually dangerous environment this would have to be shaved okay so we removed to protect oh that's nice that's a nice looking lens they're better than I expected that's

What these look like 2:09 7 3 MP 100 once again ni oh Sh certification you can actually see some of the fibers on the inside there take a closer look oh wow okay holy moly okay what yeah this well this is a

Fallout system obviously it should be clear to you I actually find it far more comfortable than the half face mask I mean you definitely feel like you're ready for anything you can get it off without touching the

Filters it's possible but it's just it's a risky endeavor to be involved in obviously as I mentioned previously when you're seeing the experts telling you how to remove a typical n95 and they're so so gently just touching the side of

The elastic band to just kind of go over to the trash and do that so there you have it three different masks unboxed and couple of them just sold over here for 250 bucks the mark-up is massive as it stands

Right now I thought it was worth it for a little educational video obviously full disclaimer here I'm not a doctor I'm not a chemical engineer I do not work for 3m I'm a curious individual just like yourself going off the

Resources that are available online to try to figure out exactly what's going on out there in the world and what people are doing once I saw these things popping up on my social media I just felt that I had to get to the bottom of

It it just seemed like an area kind of technology related and maybe even going forward an area where we're going to see innovation now that there's such a demand in this particular market it was an area where I had a huge blind spot

I just knew nothing about these things the various ratings and what they were meant for and what they could actually filter it turns out there's a reason you see most people wearing something like this after it's all said and done

Granted like I said the key with these things is fit and in the case of most medical professionals they're going to make sure they have the key fit before they ever put themselves into a dangerous situation

Where they may be exposed so if you do have any really if you're covering your face with anything fit is going to be as important as whatever the rating is on your particular mask because it can only work if it's in between you and the air

That's getting in and the other big thing that I want to reiterate is just the handling of these if you do choose to cover your face how you remove of whatever garment it is you put in front of your face is equally important

Because otherwise you may contaminate other things with everything that has piled up on that device that you've placed between yourself and the air that you're breathing so remember it's yeah

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