Ultimate Smart Home Tech Tour: Everyday Edition (2018)

by birtanpublished on August 29, 2020

What's up everybody this is Danny and today I'm gonna do sort of a mini smart home tour and the full blown ultimate smart home tour is coming very soon I just need to add a few things to it to make it more epic so make sure you stay tuned for that but what I want to do

Today is show you the smart home products that I actually use every single day because I've gotten a lot of questions about it because there's a lot of smart home products out there and sometimes they just don't fit the home

So what I'm gonna do is show you the stuff that I actually use and let's not waste any time let's go and get started so the first thing that I want to show you is my robot vacuum of choice and I partnered with Robo rock to show you how

This fits in to my lifestyle when it comes to smart home and I absolutely love this thing I did a full video on this because I loved it so much I used to be a Roomba user but this thing is half the price of the 980 and it does a

Lot more so this model by Robo rock is the s5 I've been using this for about two months now and what I love about it is number one it has a huge dust bin and it's so easily accessible from the front and it told me so it's got voice

Commands which is really cool and what I love alright and what I love is that it also has a wet mop option on the bottom it's really really easy to put on and if you look at the sensor right here this is a laser sensor so it acts a little

Bit different than some of the other robot vacuums what it does is it kind of scopes out the whole area first when it first cleans your house or if it goes to a new room and it maps out the area first so you can get a more accurate

Clean and it has big wheels on the bottom so it can transition between tile floors and carpeting and rugs I've had no problems with that whatsoever and it's one of the quietest robot vacuums that I've used my 980 used to literally

Wake up my kids at night but this thing whisper quiet I mean it's so great when it cleans the laser sensor and all of the other sensors on here that's probably one of the best things because it gives you

That accurate clean and what I want to do is I want to test the clip sensors on here because if it's on stairs it's not gonna come off but check out this table what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna start this and we're gonna see if it falls off

Check this out I gotta admit I'm a little bit nervous I told you these sensors are legit the app is also where it's at you can see that it mapped out the entire table right here and it's cleaning and you can

Control it directly through here you can dock it you can make it go clean you can also do a zone cleanup for certain areas if you want to if they make an extra mess especially my kids because they make tons of messes and what it does is

It keeps maps in here so you can go to the cleaning history and it will show you the different cleaning history so I did a full clean last night you can see that it mapped out my entire downstairs and it did a great job so if you're

Interested in picking one of these up make sure you hit the link down below and also watch my full video I'll also leave that linked but this is one of the best smart home vacuums that you can get for the money right now so when it comes

To security in the house I decided to go with the nest eco system and there are cheaper eco systems out there at like ring that kind of do the same thing so if you want to check that out then I just did a video on that I'll leave that

Linked but the reason I went with nests is because of the integration with the nest eco system so I have a nest thermostat upstairs I have nest protect everywhere from my smoke alarms I get to see everything in

One app which is really really great and when it comes to the indoor and outdoor cameras I use the nest cam IQs because it takes a 4k image and it compresses at 1080p so it is one of the best cleanest images when it comes to security and I

Love the 24/7 video recording so I can go back at any time it's kind of like looking at a time-lapse so it's continually recording one of the first things that anybody should get for a smart home is a video doorbell and

That's another reason I went with Ness so what I'm using is the nest hello doorbell and what I like about this is the wide field of view that you get from here so just like any other video doorbell but you do get 24/7 recording

On the doorbell too which is really good and it does have facial recognition just like all the other cameras if you have nests to wear so I like that as well now there is one thing that I didn't notice on here after my initial review period

Is that the cooldown time on this is about 15 minutes so that could be a problem and there is a slight delay I'm getting about a 4 to 5 second delay and when somebody actually hits the doorbell so that could be a problem for some I

Think the ring doorbell I had earlier was a little bit faster than that so those are the kind of the things that I've seen on a day to day basis after using this probably for about four or five months now but I still really like

This even though it does have those issues I hope Ness fixes those issues really soon but I do like the image quality that comes on for this especially with the HDR and all of that also ties in with my yellow door lock

This is also all connected to my nest secure security system as well so all this is combining together to give me everything in one app feed and everything kind of talks to each other which I really like about the ecosystem

So let me know what eco system that you're using to secure your home I almost forgot to mention that if you do buy the nest cam IQ it does have Google assistant built-in which is nice so you don't have to buy a Google home so even

Though they're little pricey totally worth it because it's like a two in one combo so let's go over here and take a look at some of the new TV choices that I have a lot of people been asking for a budget TV coverage so that's coming soon

But this is the Hisense h9e plus and this is a 55 inch 4k HDR TV for less than 600 bucks which is pretty insane and this has Google assistant built-in right into the remote so that's really nice and it can be controlled by Alexa

Devices as well so all the lighting that I have in the house the kitchen the living room all of that is controlled by light fix and what I like about life expose is you don't have to have a hub now sometimes I have to have to admit

That they do have some connection issues so with hue if you're into philips hue it does it is a little bit more consistent I would but you know I really like the brightness of these bulbs I think the

Bulbs are like what 1,100 lumens or something they're super bright so and you can control them by voice which I do all the time which I do every day Alexa turn living room lights to cool white you can change the color

Temperature too which is great so you have a full range of tons of colors you can use on life excites I love the way that the life exists strips look on consoles on this BDI corridor it looks really cool so I like that too so a lot

Of people ask me about that I've done that in other videos before this TV right here is the LG OLED 2017 model East 7 I'm hoping to get the new one very soon please LG but I really like the sound

Bar that's built into here but just to get some extra sound I do have the Sonos play bass right here and that also has Amazon Alexa built-in so this house is pretty much owned by Amazon when you have a lot of smart home devices

Connected on one network you definitely need a good router and some type of mesh networking system because upstairs is also full of smart home stuff and the one that I use is amplify HD I know this looks a little bit odd but these are

Little wall units that you put in these are the extenders and I love that and amplify HD is the only one that's actually worked for me the other ones have worked well but the consistent speed of amplifi HD and the ease of use

And the app I really like amplifi HD so if you're looking for a good and mesh networking device or system for a smart home I really recommend amplifi HD I just love the interface it gets constant updates I probably get a router update

At least every two weeks so that's when you know you have a good router when it constantly gets updated controlling by voice is cool when it comes smart lighting but sometimes you just want to hit a physical switch right because it's

Very satisfying when you just hit a physical switch this is the neun system I've been using this now for a property about six months or so it was early in the year that I did a full video on this and this has got a ton of updates since

It's gotten Google assistance support Amazon Alexa supports schedules and a ton of other features so when it first came out it wasn't fully baked but now it's actually worth buying so you can look into this but I really like the

Design of this I like the OLED display so what you can do is for big rooms like this all of these lights are connected over here so with just one switch I can turn them all off or I can go through different scenes

That's the bright scene where it turns everything on I'm gonna show you a couple more things and we'll end it out in the kitchen this is something that I use every single day this is the simple human sensor can with voice command

Check this out open can that is amazing if you want to just keep it simple though you got a sensor right there as well the last thing I want to show you is the Amazon echo show I use it every day because my entire smart home is

Connected with Amazon Alexa now you can use whatever voice assistant that you want I even have some home pods around here and some Google assistance devices but that's just my voice assistant of choice is really easy they're all

Equally as powerful but I love this one because it has a full display so you can see what's going on so let's say that I want to check what's happening at my front door I can say Alexa show me the front door okay so that's gonna connect

To my nest hello and it's gonna show me who's at the front door so that's pretty awesome and I just got this in the Anki vector this is gonna be this smart home robot so I'm working on the snake so make sure

You stay tuned for that I'm really excited about this thing but let me know what smartphone products that you're using in your house this is the stuff that I use every single day stuff that I can't live without so let me know I'm

Very interested to see what you guys use so if you like these type of videos make sure you give this a thumbs up and subscribe for a lot more smart home stuff and I will see you guys in the next one let's do this vector

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