Ultimate Smart Home Tech: IOTTY Smart Light Switch!

by birtanpublished on October 1, 2020

what's up everybody this is Danny and
welcome to the first episode of ultimate
smart home tech where I'll be showing
you some new products to take your smart
home to the next level and today we're
going to be taking a look at this the
yachty light switch I know a lot of you
are thinking it's a light switch big
whoop big whoop well on the side about
it this is not your normal light switch
trust me
let me show you what it can do first the
installation is extremely easy all of
the tech like the Wi-Fi and backlighting
are all packed in here
there are just three wires attached this
metal plate to the wall secured to the
wall and you are ready to go the first
thing you will notice is the clean and
modern design
the panel is made of tempered glass it
is touch sensitive so of course you can
just use it like a normal light switch
if you like and there's a customizable
backlight which you can change the color
and intensity of to give your room that
futuristic look or just use it as a
simple nightlight and you can just turn
it off altogether or you can take
advantage of the proximity sensor that's
built in so when you get closer to
switch the light will glow which I have
it set on right now I like the way it
looks on the wall and for designers this
will be perfect because it also comes in
its black color and will be available in
seven different colors when the yachty
light switch launches later this year no
matter the color scheme of your room you
have some options here to make sure that
it matches your home since the full area
is touch sensitive I chose to put the
power switch circle at the top it was
just my preference now you can install
it towards the bottom as well
no matter how you install it it looks
beautiful one of the cleanest switch
designs that I have yet to see the
switch has built-in Wi-Fi so you'll need
to connect it to your home network and
then you need to download the yachty app
on your iPhone or your Android device
and that's where the control and
features really take place under my
devices all of your switches show up
here so you can maintain all of your
rooms in one place so let's say you have
multiple light switches installed you
can turn them all on or off right here
with just one tap all of the controls
for the backlight and customization are
here of course but there are also a few
other features that I found useful I
really like this Wi-Fi monitoring
feature because I do this all the time
where I leave the house and I forget to
turn off the lights in this app you can
set it to automatically turn off the
lights connected to that switch when
smartphone disconnects from Wi-Fi this
could save me tons of money if you're
anything like me what's awesome is it
also works when you come home so if your
phone connects to Wi-Fi when you're
pulling in the lights will come on
automatically for you so you don't ever
have to come home to a dark house ever
again your location is also available so
you can have the lights turn on maybe
let's say 10 minutes from your house if
you want this is all customizable with
this app you can also track the energy
of your room so you can see which one is
using the most energy then you can
adjust that to make sure you're not
wasting power you can see the volume by
time frame time slot by the day and you
can check your interactions so if you're
into this detailed energy tracking
you're going to love this
you can also set notifications to let
you know what's going on in your home so
let's say that I can set it to the
kitchen where if I'm not in there for
over an hour it'll automatically turn
those lights off imagine the money that
you can save because a lot of times we
just forget to turn off the lights you
also have the option to set actions to
counteract the weather so if it's sun
shining outside you can have it turn the
lights off but if it's cloudy and
raining outside that you can have it
turn the lights on so that's pretty cool
you can also schedule times for sunrise
and sunset also set times for your
lights if you go on vacation to turn on
and off a certain time also the switch
can be used for open and closed
scenarios like your garage door opener
switch so you can have the garage door
open and closed if you have windy days
or rainy conditions so this light switch
is packed full of good stuff and that's
not all
when the yachty light switch launches
later this year it will be compatible
with apple homekit Amazon echo smart
things nest and if this and that so the
integration game will be on point right
now they're finalized in production and
fine-tuning the app and you can hit that
link below to check out their IndieGoGo
page sign up to get the latest details
about availability and pricing I'll also
link their website below if you're
interested in learning more you're going
to be seeing a lot more this light
switch when it comes closer to launch so
let me know if you have any questions
just hit me up in the comment section
below or on social media this will
probably be a part of my ultimate smart
home 2.0 video so you're not going to
want to miss that it's going to be epic
I don't know maybe we should partner up
and do a giveaway let yadi know in the
comment section
you know and also by smashing that like
button who knows we could give a couple
of these switches away and a smartphone
anyways thank you for watching guys let
me know what you think about this light
switch and smart home products in
general on the channel and I'll see you
guys in the next one
thanks for watching

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