Ultimate Smart Home // Nest Edition!

by birtanpublished on September 30, 2020

what's up everybody this is Danny and
welcome to another episode of ultimate
smart home and today I want to focus on
building your dream smart home with nest
if you're looking at smart home or home
automation products you should be
familiar with nest
they make very solid products that are
easy to set up and use so I this crazy
idea what if I took all the nest
products that are out right now and put
them into one video and make it a guide
for people that are interested in nest
so I reached out to nest they were
totally down with it so they sponsor
this episode to make this happen this is
gonna be epic
what most people don't know is that nest
is not just a product it's a platform so
of course integration between the
products is gonna be great but it may
tie in some of the existing smart home
products that you already own we'll take
a look at the product that started this
whole thing the nest thermostat the nest
protect smoke alarms but let's start
with the cameras focusing on the brand
new nest cam IQ and then I'll show you
how everything ties together making a
decision on a smart security camera
right now is very difficult there's so
many on the market right now but there
are a few things that make the new nest
cam IQ special first you want to have
the best image possible when you're
talking indoor security and the nest cam
IQ uses a 4k sensor with HDR imaging so
it's able to capture a ton of detail
then it encodes it down to a very crispy
1080p that you can quickly stream the
nest cam IQ can livestream 24/7 with a
wide 130 degree field of view so I can
get my entire kitchen living room and
back door with just one camera and HDR
it's really important because no matter
how uneven the lighting is with shadows
and bright lighting from the backdoor it
still looks great the night vision on
this camera is also legit with two 940
nanometer infrared LEDs so the kitchen
is fully illuminated and equality is on
point I think the best thing about this
camera is that it recognizes the people
in your home it actually recognizes
in the first few days of use the camera
will ask you are these faces familiar to
you and if there's someone in the house
that shouldn't be there that Ike using
to tell you that this is obviously great
for letting you know about the people
that shouldn't be in your home but this
is also awesome for letting you know if
they loved one or family member comes
back home it doesn't stop there though
that nest cam IQ recognizes doors and
entry points so you can get a
notification when a door is open or
entered and uses this awesome thing
called super sight where it zooms in on
the activity and follows it you can
clearly see what's going on look at how
far you can zoom in it's a 12 x digital
zoom so I can easily make out faces due
to the high resolution 4k sensor that's
built into the camera and there's even a
enhanced feature that makes the image
clearer when you zoom in I also like the
fact that the IQ can distinguish between
a person and an object so you're only
gonna get notifications that matter and
then when you get a notification of
something that should be going on you
can use the HD talk and listen feature
the speakers are seven times louder than
the original nest indoor cam the audio
is very clear and impressive with the
echo cancellation and noise suppression
all of your footage is uploaded securely
in the cloud with encryption and the
option for 2-step authentication so you
can access this footage from anywhere
and most importantly if your camera gets
stolen you still have access to the
footage three hours of snapshots are
included for free but you will need an S
to wear subscription to get either a 10
or 30 day video history the nest IQ
camera is easy to install and set up
like the other nest products I'm going
to show you today just scan with the app
plug it in and follow the prompts if
anything is wrong or you lose connection
the light ring around the camera will
let you know it has a swivel on it so
you can put it anywhere in your house
and you can angle it however you want it
but I have mine just on a flat surface
so you can do that too the nest cam IQ
is not meant to replace the older nest
cam indoor so these are still available
they can be a cheaper option you still
get up to a 1080p stream with the same
wide-angle view motion and sound alerts
with 24/7 available streaming but you
will be missing out on that crazy
supersite zoom you still get talking
listen but the nest cam IQ has the
louder and clearer HD talk and listen
the nest cam IQ also has a higher
resolution image with HDR and familiar
faces on the nest cam IQ you get
personal Ertz free but on the nest cam
indoor you will need a nest aware
subscription to enable that feature if
you don't need all those advanced
features then the nest cam indoor could
be a great choice for you to get started
if you need an outdoor solution nest
also has you covered with the you
guessed it the nest cam outdoor it's a
nice small compact package that is
weather sealed so it doesn't matter if
it gets wet and has most of the features
that you've already seen with 1080p
video 24/7 streaming abilities 8 times
zoom two-way audio and alerts to your
phone the setup and installation is just
as easy but you will need a power source
for this camera to work like the indoor
cameras I hope to see a wireless
solution from nest very soon but the
advantage of this is that you can stream
24/7 without running out of battery the
most popular product that nest makes is
the nest thermostat is currently in the
third generation already and it's
available in four colors and I have the
copper one here installed in my home and
it's gorgeous
in my opinion the nest thermostat is the
best design and best looking thermostat
out there built extremely well and looks
so clean on the wall with a very easy
scroll wheel mechanism and click
navigation I wish I was able to put my
unit directly on the wall but the
installers on the previous thermostat
decided to leave giant holes in the wall
so I had to use this plate but it still
looks nice you can control the
temperature directly through the app or
you can control it by voice which I'll
show you later and it learns your energy
habits and it programs itself to save
you money it starts to learn your
schedule so if you turn down the AC at
night and you like it cooler but then if
you go to work you turn up the
temperature just in a few days it starts
to learn that and it starts acting on it
and it just does it by itself I also
love the fact that it turns off the
display when you leave but as soon as
you walk up to it the thermostat turns
right back on being able to control your
thermostat from anywhere is an awesome
thing because let's just say you had
some unexpected cold weather come
through you can just pull out your phone
change that temperature before you get
so when you step in you're nice and
comfortable the last product is the nest
protect which is a smart smoke detector
that is low key but useful in a lot of
ways first it takes the guesswork out of
the maintenance because to protect
self-test every day and you will never
get one of those annoying chirps in the
middle of the night I hate those things
smack that like button if you hate those
random chirps it also detects carbon
monoxide so that it's so important for
people with gas furnaces and stoves and
what I like is if you have multiple
protects in the home the built-in
speakers are gonna let you know exactly
where the problem is so let's say that
you're sleeping upstairs in the master
bedroom and there's smoke downstairs
then the protect will tell you exactly
where that problem is so no guessing
where the alarms coming from when you
turn out your lights at night a green
glow tells you that everything is good
with the protect and when you walk
underneath it you can have it act as a
pad light or a night light all of the
nest products can stand alone so if
you're only interested in one of the
products they work great by themselves
but what's awesome is how well they work
together and how good they work with
other existing smart home products that
you may already own first you can
control or access the products on either
Google home or Amazon echo I have the
echo show right here and I can control
the thermostat and access the cameras
just by voice check this out
Alexa show me my kitchen okay
alexxa change the temperature in the
house to 74 degrees setting house AC to
74 if you want to just use your
smartphone or tablet
that's okay it'll work across android or
iOS and it's right here in one app it's
easy to control but let's say that you
leave your home you can set it to where
the nest products recognize that you're
away and the cameras are smart enough to
start your notifications the thermostat
uses your away settings to conserve
energy and it can work with your smart
door locks to let you know who is home I
own a Sleep Number bed and a nest
thermostat can determine what the best
temperature is for me to get optimal
sleep nests can work with my smart
lights like my life expose to enhanced
notifications if there are smoke in the
house this is a very underrated feature
especially for the hearing-impaired or
they might not be able to hear the alarm
but they can visualize it if there's
carbon monoxide detected in the home
nest thermostat can automatically shut
down the furnace or turn off your system
for safety and also if there is smoke
detected the nest protect can tell the
nest thermostat to turn off the fans so
it doesn't spread fire or smoke
throughout the house this is not all of
it this is just scratching a surface
they're adding new partnerships every
day and this is all in one app without
you even thinking about it
the biggest misconception or fear that
I'm hearing from the people that I
talked to about smart home is that smart
home is complicated it's not it's
getting so much easier with companies
like nest so check out their products if
you have any questions make sure you
leave a comment down below or hit me up
on social media I'm the most active on
Twitter and make sure you smack that
like button if you enjoyed this video
and if you enjoy more smart home stuff
on the channel and I will see you guys
in the next one

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