Two Weeks with the LG Stylo 3 Review: Budget Phone with a Pen

by birtanpublished on September 29, 2020

what's up everybody this is Danny and
Cricket Wireless is sponsoring more
budget phone coverage on this channel so
I wanted to make sure that I follow up
my first video the LG title 3 unboxing
so if you haven't checked that out yet
make sure you do and I'm gonna leave a
link down below for you but a lot of you
in the comments asked for a full review
and a more in-depth look so here we go
so I've been using this for about two
weeks now so if you're thinking about
buying it I'm going to tell you
everything that you need to know about
its durability performance battery life
how useful the pen is camera samples and
my experience of running this on Cricket
Wireless first let's talk about the
build quality it's all plastic which is
not a terrible thing it's been pretty
durable in my two weeks of daily use I
use no case with it I wasn't rough with
it but I wasn't taking it easy either
and I dropped this thing three times
while shooting this video and there are
only a few minor scratches and dents on
it and the screen is still perfect the
removable 3200 milliamp hour battery is
nice just in case you need an extra
battery but I don't think you're going
to need it because I've been getting
some crazy battery life out of this
thing even using it hardcore with full
brightness I was able to get between 5
to 6 hours of screen on time but if I
used it with auto brightness and
primarily just watch youtube videos and
posting on social media which most
people do with your phone then I'm
getting eight or maybe even nine hours
out of it I have no problems making it
through the entire day and for some of
you you might even be able to make it
into the next day it just all depends on
your usage there are some sacrifices of
style 3 had to make to achieve this
though first it has a 720p display and
the good thing is that it's large at 5.5
inches and watching media on this isn't
bad at all but it doesn't have the best
viewing angles and if you're coming from
a higher resolution display you will be
able to tell but for most people in this
price point it should be fine the
advantage of the 720p display is that
the 400 series Snapdragon processor
doesn't have to work as hard so the
performance is surprisingly good
absolutely quickly and a 2 gigabytes of
RAM does a good job but is expected you
might see some slowdown if you have a
ton of apps open the single speaker on
the back looks fine but it's pretty easy
to cover up so be mindful of that I got
some questions on the first video what
it was like being on the Cricket
Wireless Network and the good thing is
is that I reviewed plenty of cricket
or I've used a lot of them and the
network performance is solid
I live in Central Florida so the
coverage here is great I don't think
there's a time where I didn't have LTE
GPS and maps have been on point and the
data speeds have been consistent all
throughout the day no matter the times
the very little time that I spend on my
phone the call quality has been good I
mostly just snap a lot of pictures and
share them on social media and if you
know me I'm on Twitter a lot I read a
few articles maybe occasionally browse
some YouTube videos and it's been really
solid here's an example of a website
loading that's pretty quick so most
should be very happy with this
performance I didn't experience any kind
of congestion in my area while using
this phone they even have some data
saving features like streaming your
shows or videos in the lower resolution
and of course you can change this at any
time but depending on the plan you have
this could be useful and save you some
money if you have any other specific
questions about network performance –
let me know in the comment section below
and I'll answer them there the pin is
probably the biggest draw to this phone
because most phones just don't come with
one it's directed towards a small
demographic and in this price point you
don't see it much it's tucked away at
the right upper corner so that's nice
and I think for most people this pen
will do the job yes there is an input
lag but that's expected in this price
point so if you're trying to paint your
next masterpiece on this it's not going
to work but what you can do is have some
fun with it
and if you like to sketch or mess around
or if you have kids this phone could be
a lifesaver when they're acting up but
they never act up right if you need to
write something down real quick or have
a quick memo that you need to jot down
you can do that without unlocking the
phone which is nice and the pen just
works in navigating the phone some
people like using their phone with the
stylus so if you do then you'll like the
G style 3 because you will always have
one with you in my two weeks of use
though I didn't find myself using the
pen a lot so just take that for whatever
it's worth let's round things up with
the camera there is a 13 megapixel
camera on the back with an LED flash
that shoots up to 1080p video and a 5
megapixel camera on the front with
budget phones you always have to
consider the price point when you're
talking about image quality in good
lighting conditions you'll get some nice
perfect for sharing on social media or
your occasional pictures as long as your
expectations are set correctly I don't
think you'll be disappointed in
low-light conditions the camera doesn't
perform very well but once again that is
expected and here's an example of the
1080p video and audio from the style 3
this phone is a great value proposition
for people that want to buy a budget
phone with no contract and want a stylus
built in but if you don't care for the
stylus that you may want to look at some
other options on crickets that are under
$200 because some of them even have
1080p displays but if you want to saw a
smartphone with that stylus though and
killer battery life and great overall
performance then go for so let me know
what you guys think of the LG G style 3
in the comment section below thank you
for watching I hope you enjoyed it and
make sure you check out Cricket Wireless
they have tons of different phones they
have a lot of different plans and if it
works for you you can save a lot of your
hard-earned cash
solid network saving money it all makes
sense I'll see you guys in the next one

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