Twitter Hack. The Truth. Inside JOB to Destroy BTC!

published on August 2, 2020

egg yolk what is going on and what is up with the chico army who grows day by day and of course any newbie aka a viewer of the tube well i'm sure you've seen the disney reopening video

Very upbeat and happy but let's just watch this version real quick do not come here please do not come here stay home please don't come

It's not safe i'm scared me too me too it's not safe please don't come help us please it's not safe i have a family it's not safe you know how they perform corporate executions of the public

It's time for chico crypto well corporate america and some of its elite leaders got hit a couple days ago hacked and a plan of attack executed during the night on twitter ironically the platform that wrongly

Kicked me off for using this gif which is embedded into their platform always listen to kirk lazarus my friends but i'm sure you've heard all of it already so i'm not going to

Repeat this story although i want to look at the ceo jack dorsey and ask him why in the freak his platform is now attacking crypto the block covered it yesterday

Twitter is now restricting posts that contain cryptocurrency addresses yeah it won't allow you to tweet if you try to tweet with a crypto address bitcoin ethereum or any other strings of letters and numbers is not

Allowed on twitter as of right now which makes you scratch your head as jack the ceo has been a vocal supporter of bitcoin even just a couple months ago i think the most beautiful thing about it is

There's no one person setting the direction and there's no one person on the other side that can stop it so we have something that is pretty organic in nature and very

Principled in its original design um and uh i you know i think the bitcoin white paper is one of the most seminal works of computer science in the last 20 30 years um it's it's poetry

It's poetry and twitter even recently added the btc emoji to their platform so wtf what the funk is up well it's corporate america which ruins everything even a platform like twitter which is a

Product of its centralized design and those who want crypto destroyed may be behind everything we saw over the past couple of days months including the fallout and me being banned from twitter

So twitter is a public company it's trading on wall street and ran an ipo all the way back in 2013 so it has shareholders and a board and that board just got crypto nasty so in march of this year it was

Announced that an elliott management would be buying one billion dollars in twitter a four percent share this article covered it twitter shares surged nine percent as activist elliott management by stake

Pressures ceo jack dorsey and the article states elliott has nominated four directors to twitter's board in an attempt to fill three vacant seats at this year's annual meeting

According to reports the new york-based fund's chief paul singer is said to be having constructive discussions with the company and then just above it says what they were looking to do

Elliott is pushing for change at the company including the possible replacement of the founder jack dorsey as ceo they were looking to boot old jackie boy out if he didn't play ball which he did

The new york times covered it twitter reached its deal with activist fund that wanted jack dorsey out and the article says the agreement will keep mr dorsey atop twitter at least for now at a crucial time for a

Social network it also avoids a potentially costly fight with elliott the 40 billion dollar hedge fund that has successfully shaken up many corporate boardrooms shake it up

Baby now shake it up baby yeah elliott management let's find out who these guys are well it was founded by paul singer billionaire active republican supporter as a top source of funds for the

National republican senatorial committee who hates raising taxes on the wealthy and opposes the dodd-frank act it's a political fun group who invests to get their way now to understand what their

Way is we need to go back to the deal that was reached with twitter to keep jack as a ceo the hollywood reporter covered it too in an article titled twitter inc's 1

Billion investment deal with elliott management silverlake what another company from the article twitter has reached a settlement with activist investor elliott

Management that includes tech investor silverlake taking a 1 billion stake in the social media giant and co-founder and ceo jack dorsey remaining at the helm at least for now twitter also inked a

Cooperation agreement with elliott management that will see silver lake's investment together with cash on hand fund a 2 billion share repurchase program so not only did elliot get their way

They brought on another vc fun tech investor silver lake which if you're a long time fan of chico crypto we know who silverlake is and what their motive is

Take out bitcoin to find out why let's just see who is silver lake's co-founder using crunchbase we can see it is glenn hutchins and from his profile it says glenn hutchins

Is a co-founder of silverlake the global leader in technology investing he is a director of both a t and nasdaq inc and a director of the federal reserve bank of new york

Which going to the fed's website yes there he is one of the most powerful people of the old system based on usd so silver lake what's up with them in crypto they just got to share in twitter tyler

So explaining this web would take an entire another video but luckily i've already done that so if you want the full picture watch this video posted almost two years ago december 2018

But this is how it goes a quick version silverlake and glenn back a major crypto player digital currency group dgc led by barry silber going to their team page we can see glenn is on the board of directors

Now dgc owns the grayscale bitcoin investment trust which is stacking in a stack in btc purchasing more bitcoin last month than that were mined which puts grayscale total btc at nearly 400k basically 2 of the total

Supply now digital currency group is intertwined with many companies besides silverlake invested new york fed nasdaq mastercard many crypto techs and projects coinbase and more

Those deep connections alone are pretty suspicious but there is one not mentioned and it's a nasty one going to their current portfolio we can see they're invested in wait for it block stream which coindust

Covered their investment back in 2016 block stream raises 55 million to build out bitcoin's blockchain which barry silbert founder of dgc retweeted saying thrilled to invest in block stream alongside a fantastic group of

Ford thinking global investors and block stream they can be blamed for what has happened to bitcoin their lightning network is a failure for scaling so not only did block stream scaling plan

For bitcoin halt bitcoin adoption it also nullified all adoption at this point because merchants now need to adopt lightning which is taking forever 18 months away for the last six years with no end in

Sight in blockstream they are a part of something even more nasty decrypt covered it block stream bitfinex's staunchest defender partners with bitfinex and yes bitfinex

Integrated block streams liquid crap sidechain so they integrated tech that doesn't mean they are tied together well no you can't find evidence written evidence

That bitfinex has invested in block stream as in the documents you know but you can get evidence from a 2017 chat with their former public face zane tackett of which the guy bitfinex captured let's listen in can

You tell us something about your channel your financial position like and what are what other things does phoenix own for example uh we have investments in block stream um shape shift net key

And tether now let's just wrap up what i think is going on the war against bitcoin is coming youtube scam ads now twitter gets hit with a similar thing but by hacked accounts of celebrities

Like if you were an elite hacker and got a hold of those accounts elon musk joe biden bill gates wouldn't you use it for something better like the total amount they got is just over 118 thousand dollars it doesn't

Make sense my guess is this was planned by who else elliot and silverlake they got on the board they got jack where they want him and the narrative is being written as we speak they are bashing crypto now

On the twitter platform nullifying its reach and guess what day i was banned from twitter for using that gif march 11th as seen from my instagram post

So i was seriously critical of silverlake blockstream bgc tether and more on twitter and youtube at that time thus elliot said take him off as elliott finalized their deal on march

9th i caught you suckers hope you're watching cheers i'll see you next time don't kill me you

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