Turn Any Surface Into an Android Touchscreen!

published on August 3, 2020

so so this is uh this is an interesting one it's a product called hatchy and this is the infinite m1 it's a projector

On your tabletop which is also a touch screen which is also an android tablet which is also some sort of a fitness device it's it's many things in one but we're going to jump into it i'll try to get go over

Everything i'll try to show you how it operates this table top here is about to turn into a touch screen anyway packaging patchy it's like a there's some sort of a dog

Theme to it a pet theme a friendly theme as you can see from the little icon there that's some pretty hefty packaging right there this is sort of how drones are packaged

At times in this kind of dense foam like you could store it you could actually use this as a way to transport the thing and you could transport it because unlike a lot of projectors this thing

Has a battery built in so i think you can get like a couple hours of battery life without being connected to the wall okay so this is the unit and you can see right away where your

Projection is coming from right up here and it actually sits on the table like this and then the projection comes down at an angle onto the table it should be pretty obvious what the

Scale of it will be on a table top you're going to need a decent sized table they've shown this thing off on a kitchen counter top you could watch food related content even use it to

Showcase like a recipe or something like that there's an education piece where you could use it for learning you could play games on it but then i think you can actually lay it down

Flat am i crazy i think you can lay it down and project onto a wall and do the typical movie thing also but we're gonna find out as mentioned

So there you get a little sense for it yeah i was right it can go like this for the touch screen aspect or the horizontal cinema projection now it is an android based

System it actually has a snapdragon processor in it i think it's a 600 series snapdragon processor the maximum output is 1080p at 100 inches when you're doing the horizontal kind of

Broadcast onto a wall here is your power brick usb type c connector on that power brick once again the little friendly hatchy dog i didn't know this but hatchy is like a

Famous that's like a famous name for a pet dog as well so a little insight for you there they've also included a type c cable to go to the power adapter there and then a

Micro usb to usb type a see that's the other thing about this you have some ports on here i believe and is that hidden underneath this door here i'm guessing

Yes so you have you have hdmi usbc and a headphone jack and then you have your power port which is in the type c configuration so the hdmi is going to be for an input so you could put

A game console or even a laptop if you want to use this for work as a portable projector so you have some inputs as well now it's interesting if you look at the top side here you have

The projector in the center but these actually look like cameras on either side and i think that's how the touch input works it picks up the location of your hand and is capable of distinguishing

Where your inputs are and that's how you're able to turn a tabletop into a touchscreen there's also a remote control in the package fairly robust metal remote control

Slender you have your home button remember it's kind of like an android tablet so you're going to be able to navigate an android like interface with this remote does this have power let's find out

Is this a giant power button like the world's this is the world's largest power button right here and if this is volume up and down then that's also likely the world's largest volume up and down button you're not

Going to miss it i can't say i'm mad at that though because you can imagine using a projector in a dark environment and then you're searching for tiny little buttons but in this case you're searching for

I mean it's not too hard to find the button i'm guessing oh there we go do we have to go to dark mode oh no it shows up we're okay on the table here now i have seen touch screen projectors

Before but they're usually not portable or they have to be mounted in such a fashion like far away where the wall then could become touchscreen what this

One does it does it all in one so the measurements the ratio is all figured out by the way this stands oh my goodness gracious look at that by the way it stands upright so it's the correct distance to create the image

It sounds like it's doing some sort of an autofocus right now oh interesting right now you're seeing what looks like an android tablet and you have your nav buttons on the bottom and i presume

You see how i can click there i mean nothing is really opened right now but hey oh that was a kitchen application look at this look at this we're doing a little doing some recipes on the kitchen

Countertop and it's really responsive considering it's just on the table top here now they do make a mat for it if you want to have like a white surface

But you don't need it as you can see this is a wood table and it looks fine for using now do i swipe up from the bottom i can head home you have a back button chrome spotify facebook up to down

How do i see all of my apps ah there we go so again android tablet i believe this is running android 9 where you can play games on here you can well you can do anything you can do on

Android obviously so let's boot up a game real quick this is alto's adventure now it's important to know just like any projector the appearance of it is going to depend a lot on ambient light now

This is bright enough for me to see even though the environment is lit but the contrast and the vibrance is going to go up substantially if i had the

Lights turned off so the input on this game is uh it's pretty simple it's just a tap you see i don't do a flip right there boom land a backflip okay we got an actual uh level here now

so oh i missed that jump deadly so anyways you get the idea it's i know it's hard to wrap your head around

You're like he's touching the table he's touching the desk there's some pretty cool tech to actually convert my tabletop touches into tablet like touches and this is

Obviously quite a bit bigger than any android tablet you would have and that's the advantage of having the projector so the way they've shown this off is kind of on the coffee table on a desk

As i mentioned earlier uh in a kitchen where it just might not be feasible to put a display or a tablet of this scale in that kind of environment so this thing is small enough that you could butt it up against

A wall in the kitchen kind of maybe near the stove or something and then it comes down on the countertop like that no it looks good it's just the interface like if you had a controller if you had one of those and

Like a bluetooth android capable controller this would be pretty cool obviously it'd be cooler on the wall than on the table but it does it's responsive

To the interface oh behind you but yeah it's cool obviously for a game like this you would probably be better off using a

Controller as i mentioned and flipping the projector onto the wall but it does work with the touch interface if you ever got really good at it but from a gaming perspective to touch games like

Fruit ninja and things like that are well they they're easier in fact you have an advantage oh no they're using on a on a touch screen like this but i can imagine a little controller here and it's a

It's a whole different experience from your smartphone for a game like pub g so there's also this mat here and this is like an optimal surface for this thing it's kind of like a rubbery

Mat and it actually gives you a spot where you're supposed to put the projector to fill up the space and you can see that it goes straight into the autofocus mode to figure out the right focus for

The surface there's some sort of an education mode and this is a cognitive alphabet spelling exercise uh i don't know what's about to happen here what do i do

Oh i get it okay i'm gonna try to make the corn soup with the right letters what if i put let's try to put the wrong

Letter and see what happens um right i did it now please take away the letters from the screen we will go to the next step look

You might be laughing at the game obviously but it's pretty cool tech it not only knows my touch input but it recognizes the shape and this is just one application but it

Shows you the sophistication of the lens and its ability to determine things other than just a finger for touch i think it can even sense more sophisticated stuff like fruits and

Veg am i is this fruits and vegetables kirk are you tomato come on you can do it oh tomato so the way they imagine you using this

Is you have now scanned the tomato oh okay so you remove the tomato now and then it tells me what to make with the tomato you see how that goes so i go make the lasagna or

I see the fiber and the protein what happens if i i do some lasagna now interesting cooking steps i'm making lasagna now if you go to the main

Page here you can do look at it as a perfect snake with the tunes how to cook a perfect beef steak the secret to cook the perfect steak is to preheat the pan so they've obviously

Focused a little bit on the food aspect of it i think uh that's that's i mean that's a focus here in the kitchen it's one of those circumstances where you have this

Technology and you've created this product and you're trying to imagine where are the where do you perceive the various applications being we've seen project projectors that can

Put your media on the wall but once you add touch then where do you envision the thing being and i guess part of it for them is where are you lacking a touch screen interface the

Kitchen one is interesting because your gadgets can get messy right if you had a tablet on the countertop you could get food things on it maybe and then here you turn this off this is right up

Against what you wipe the you just wipe the thing you wipe your screen down kirk you just do a quick wipe you see how that goes so i don't maybe that's the angle they also put in a fitness app

Which gives you a variety of different exercises and it's not just a video it will play the video on the projection of each exercise but then it will also map your body so when you do the exercise it will tell

You how effectively you did it based on the location of your hands in space your legs and then how well that matches up to the corresponding exercise it will tell you like good

Excellent and there's just a bunch of them built in i don't know it could be like a push-up could be a plank there's a variety of different exercises that they have in their app but this is mainly to showcase the capacity

The capability of the tech that's baked into it these are just some of their pre-built applications but there could be more and if if a developer wanted to

Take advantage of the sensors inside of this thing they could be able to merge the projection and the camera for alternative inputs from strictly touch i mean there's a web browser on here

This pretty much anything you could do on android is on here and if you want to just watch youtube you can do that and the speakers the speakers are iphone 12 we've got some pricing

Leaks in the leak as you can tell it's uh very gracefully and your touch interface works as expected we have pricing for the iphone i would actually say the the speaker is a surprising attribute

Because i mean it is a fairly big chassis there so you may expect it but sometimes on products like this they could skimp on the speaker uh the speakers actually have decent to

Well you can hear it have their device appear as being something different so yeah all right so listen this is one of

Those things where it's a new concept the actual application for use sometimes you're not exactly immediately aware of it you're like okay so i have a touch screen on a projector

Now what am i going to do with that and then you kind of discover things like this as you as you explore through the various apps and things that are available

Where certain things translate really well other things that are more designed for a smartphone display or a tablet maybe less so like say pubg for example where you probably want to have an external controller

To take advantage of the bigger display and then sit back a little bit then there's applications like this one where it's a touch keyboard and now you have almost like a full-size keyboard

And the extent of what's available on android in the form of music production apps and then things kind of get interesting i'm not saying you would use this particular app for music production but you see where i'm going here

Places where you would want a big touch interface so anyways they're working on some cool stuff it's called the hatchy infinite and they want you to use

It in your kitchen possibly for fitness or you can discover your own variety of ways in which something like this could be valuable to you you

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