Truthers, Slipknot, and the Ghost of Dave Grohl

by birtanpublished on July 2, 2020

there's truthers for just about

everything the JFK assassination the

moon landing the 1985 NBA Draft but the

hottest movement blowing up Reddit and

my mind right now

Slipknot truthers a few years ago I read

a book by Jonathan Kaye called among the

truthers centered on that most truthy of

ideas that 9/11 was an inside job and

Kaye spent years immersed in IRL and

online conspiracy theory culture which

since you're watching this on youtube

you probably know is a wild world I have

to say that I feel kind of bad for

Jonathan Kaye because basically he's

kind of serving the devil because he

wrote this book and all it's doing is

you know perpetuating the lies of the

mainstream media and the government

beyond the nuts and bolts of modern

conspiracy culture which are some fun

bolts and nuts to be sure Kay is most

interested in what it is about our

modern condition that makes us so prone

to suspicion some conspiracies are

definitely real but it seems like

there's more and more truther movements

coming at us faster and furious or every

year in 2014 in Richmond CBS affiliate

had to run a new segment to prove to

residents that the snow blanketing the

south at that time was not a Geoengineer

government plot but there's no liquid

dripping from it is it real snowy let's

go ahead taste it go ahead I don't know

it's not genuine Riki snow why would the

government fake snow on the set

why infuriate the citizenry so this is

unbelievable this is not snow

unbelievable people right perhaps the

answer is chemtrails genetically

modified snow this comes from chemtrails

this has various metals in it you need

to read up on it this just only proves

that what you've been seeing on Facebook

Israel dr Amanda and I are here that's

the thin piece guys it's not even

dripping the answer is always chemtrails

ultimately there is one medium one fresh

hot medium that you love a lot that has

changed the speed at which truther

movements can connect and develop and

spread and that is internet Kay's book

argues that the Internet and

specifically online video and photos

have helped conspiracy theories gain

traction with a wider audience it's one

thing for your cousin to half-assedly

explain the Magic Bullet theory to you

over Easter dinner and a whole other

thing to sit down after a couple of rips

and watch loose change so let me get

this straight gold from World Trade

Center for was found underneath World

Trade Center 5 in an empty delivery

truck with an empty escort of cars it's

a rich time for truthers whether you

simply don't believe in nasa's photos of

Pluto or you're convinced that Donald

Trump's campaign is actually a false

flag operation to get Hillary Clinton

elected or you know for sure that

Slipknot is all different dudes all the


yes there are Slipknot readers who seem

to think the band is basically super

heavy blue man group with clown masks

and corn feeders

in an article titled former Slipknot

member reveals secret about Slipknot the

website mosh co-chair seems to be the

primary source of this rumor and using

the same red circles and different

photos that you know and love from every

internet conspiracy since loose change

it details the intricate plot to deceive

Slipknot's loyal maggots

you can see how it might be easy to get

a new guy like DJ or whatever when the

regular one wasn't available which is

exactly what this article suggests

starting with guitarist Jim roots

disappearing reappearing hand tattoos it

basically says that according to this ex

member Slipknot lineup is constantly


outside of Cory Taylor who people might

be a good mojo when no one knows so it's

a fight it doesn't cup the anonymous ex

member claims that amongst the

replacements were Skrillex who once DJed

for two months on tour and frost from

Satyricon and Gorga rock it's an

interesting theory and one that Slipknot

fans on reddit are super sick of hearing

about but it's not like Slipknot would

be the first people to try to pull this

off have you ever tried to go to an MF

DOOM show

MF DOOM seen being booed vigorously in

that clip is notorious for sending

imposters in his place and he usually

doesn't even try to find someone with

the same voice or build as him and

people tend to notice I got dark dude

I honestly don't know why anyone pays to

see MF DOOM at all because it's almost

literally never mostly almost never him

ghost on the other hand I understand

because at least if you're getting

cheated it might be by Dave Gras

since the ban collaborated on an EP of

covers in 2013 womb erse have circulated

that sometimes not often but sometimes

Dave Don's the requisite outfit and

becomes one of the bands nameless goos

could any of these rumors be true I mean

the internet was right when it used the

same red circle tattoo tactics to

identify the new bass player and drummer

in Slipknot so I'm going to put aside by

inherent skepticism and say yes Dave

Grohl isn't ghost Skrillex wasn't

Slipknot and so am i I am in Slipknot

and that's why I can only make one

Episode a week what do you think do you

believe in Slipknot truthers you think

Dave Grohl's in ghost what's your

favorite conspiracy theory I will tell

you mine and it's at Stanley Kubrick

actually faked the moon landing great

filmmaker it's almost good as a shining

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every week be excellent to each other




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