Trump: US Can Decide to ‘decouple’ from China; Pompeo Says Bolton ‘broken America’ | NTD

published on July 3, 2020




good afternoon and thanks for joining us

the top stories today President Trump

says the us still has the option of

decoupling from China he clarified the

point after US Trade Representative

Robert light hyzers that it was less of

a policy option now than it was before

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo is the

latest administrative official to refute

John Bolton's claims in his upcoming


Atlanta's interim police chief says race

wasn't a factor in the shooting dead of

Rashard Brooks he says he surprised the

officers were charged before the

investigation was complete

dozens of Trump supporters are lining up

for his rally tomorrow in Oklahoma and

the ticket requests are off the charts

California is ordering residents to wear

masks at nearly all times outside of the


is one of the broadest mandates in the

US and Tesla wants to start building a

new US plant as early as this summer but

first they have to choose a location


president Trump denies that the US

economy is unable to cut ties with China

he maintains there is a policy option to

do so that would completely decouple the

us from Beijing president Trump is

reconfirming the option for the us to

completely decoupled from China he took

to Twitter to post a message he wrote it

was not ambassador light Heiser's fault

but the us certainly does maintain a

policy option to cut ties with China

he's referring to the US Trade

Representative Robert light Heiser's

remarks on China during a hearing who

said the issue of decoupling was a

complicated one relations between the US

and China are at a low point with little

sign of improvement recent rhetoric

points to a distrust in the regime the

Trump administration has ratcheted up

actions against Beijing on multiple

fronts over issues like its crackdown on

Hong Kong and Chinese firms that pose

security risks the regime's mishandling

of the virus and suspected collusion

with the World Health Organization have

also come under scrutiny the president's

first indicated the US could cut off the

whole relationship with China back in

May he then announced plans to bring

manufacturing and supply chains back to

the US but the president's plan to

rebalance trade with China kicked off at

the start of the year with the signing

of the phase 1 trade agreement a deal

set to bring in billions through Chinese

purchases of American products and

services a deal Beijing recommitted to

honor when Secretary of State Mike

Pompeo met with China's top diplomat

young JIT sure in Hawaii this week that

should come as reassurance to Nebraska

governor Pete Ricketts who says exports

to China have been a lifeline for

farmers and ranchers during turbulent

times caused by flooding last year and

now the pandemic the phase one China

deal for example that gives a great mark

to be able to sell things so we really

appreciate all that you're doing to help

us recover through these terrible

tragedies and if China fails to fulfill

its commitments under the Phase one

trade deal it may be a further nudge

towards the option of decoupling from

China a court hearing will aim to decide

whether former national security adviser

John Bolton's new book should be

published Secretary of State Mike Pompeo

says the book contains lies and

falsehoods Secretary of State Mike

Pompeo is accusing former national

security adviser John Boland of

spreading lies in his new book branding

him a traitor in a statement Pompey

wrote that

yet read contain lies fully spun

half-truths and outright falsehoods

Pompeyo entitled the statements I was in

the room to to highlight that others

were witnessed the White House

conversations Bolin refers to in the

book many of whom hold a different

version of accounts Bolin was fired by

President Trump in September 2019 over

policy differences the book makes a

number of allegations it claims that

president Trump's law Chinese leader Xi

Jinping's helped to win reelection it

places Bolin at the scene where a

conversation about Ukraine took place a

conversation that sparked the

democrat-led impeachment trial of the

presidents for which he was later

acquitted Bolin declined to testify

during the impeachment President Trump

the White House and several top

administration officials have vehemently

refuted the claims and the Trump

administration is suing to block the

release of the book set for June 23rd

they say it contains classified

information bowen hasn't issued a public

statement in response to the lawsuit

judge Lewis Lambert scheduled a hearing

for June 19th bowen signed the book deal

in early november 2019 two months after

getting fired the deal is reportedly

worth two million dollars the interim

Atlanta police chief says race was not a

factor in the shooting dead of a man in

a Wendy's parking lot by police he says

the investigation wasn't finished before

the officers were charged the interim

Atlanta police chief spoke about Rashard

Brooks death he was shot in a Wendy's

parking lot after grabbing a policeman's

taser and firing it at one of them while

he ran away

resisting arrest I don't think that race

played any role in this type of incident

at all I think that uh

like I said earlier our offices some of

the best in this in this nation less

than 24 hours after the shooting police

chief erika shield resigned and Bryant

took over

Bryant suggested the officers involved

were charged too quickly before all the

evidence had been analyzed you know I

was so surprised that he was able to get

two charges so rapidly and it was just

interesting to see being that the GBI

had not completed their investigation

prosecutors brought felony murder and

other charges against the officer who

shot brooks another officer at the scene

charged with aggravated assault and

violation of his oath the charge came

less than five days after the incident

Bryant also addressed why Atlanta police

officers have called out sick in large

numbers recently brian says they're

under a lot of pressure due to the

protests and riots that started after

the death of George Floyd and now

because of the death of her sharp Brooks

you have to understand that we've been

in this space for about three weeks now

where officers are working 12 and a half

and more 12 and a half hours shifts and

sometimes even more being out on the

front line being yelled at spit upon and

items thrown at them so at some point

people get tired and I recognized that

and physically exhausted Brian said

officers are feeling confused and

abandoned as the protests continue and

many are demanding reform of what some

are calling systemic racism in the

American policing system but talk-show

hosts and best-selling author larry

elder org is that looking at the

evidence there's no proof of systemic

racism among police the stats simply do

not reflect the idea that the police are

going after black people if anything the

stats showed the opposite there is a

economist black economist named rolling

fryer he teaches at Harvard and because

of all these prolific

profile high profile shootings he just

knew that the police were

disproportionately using deadly force

against black people and he was kind of

surprised that no one had done a

comprehensive study to corroborate that

so he thought he would do it

and he said the results were the most

surprising of my career not only were

the police not using deadly force

disproportionately against blacks they

were more hesitant more reluctant to

pull the trigger on a black suspect than

on the right suspect presumably because

they were afraid of being accused of

being racist that same result was

replicated in a study published in a

publication put out by the National

Academy of Sciences where researchers

looked at every shooting in 2015

every shooting in 2016 same conclusion

the police were not using deadly force

disproportionately against black people

now the reason the police the reason

blacks are more likely to be killed

two-and-a-half times more likely to be

killed by a cop than a white person is

because of the crime rate which is

substantially higher in the black

community than in the white community a

young black man is eight times more

likely to be a victim of homicide

compared to a young white man the number

one cause of death preventable or not

preventable for a young black man a

young black person is homicide almost

always committed by another young black

person it's not cops killing white

people it's black people killing other

black people the Supreme Court forded to

allow daca to continue that means people

who arrived illegally in the US as

children are still shielded from

deportation the Supreme Court voted down

the decision to end daca the action

allows the program to continue at least

temporarily the deferred action for

childhood arrivals program known as daca

allows those who came to the US

illegally as children ways to avoid

deportation it does not provide a path

to citizenship there are currently about

800,000 people eligible for daca

President Trump sent out a series of

tweets referencing the decision quote I

am asking for a legal solution on daca

not a political one consistent with the

rule of law the Supreme Court is not

willing to give us one so now we have to

start this process all over again other

tweets say he is seeking more

conservative Supreme Court justices and

that he will release a list of nominees

daca was enacted by former President

Obama in 2012 the White House feels it

was political overreach and not legal

the decision was made with five justices

not agreeing to stop the program and

four who say daca needs to end Chief

Justice John Roberts joined the liberal

bloc of the court in his decision

Justice Clarence Thomas says the courts


Dokka to persist was quote an effort to

avoid a politically controversial but

legally correct decision thomas was

among the four justices voting to end

daca whether daca Ensor stays the

government is looking to pass a

comprehensive immigration solution that

Congress can agree on governor Gavin

Newsom is ordering all Californians to

wear masks at nearly all times outside

the home the new mandate is one of the

broadest of any state but children under

age two years or under and people with

disabilities are exempt California on

Thursday ordered locals to wear masks

and nearly all times outside the home

the new mandate is one of the broadest

of any us state exceptions will be

made for people eating in restaurants or

exercising outdoors so long as they

maintain six feet of physical distance

according to officials state or local

authorities would be able to charge

Californians who don't wear a mask with

a misdemeanor governor Gavin Newsom said

the strict new rule is necessary because

quote we are seeing too many people with

faces uncovered putting at risk the real

progress we have made

however Newsom did not say how the state

plans to enforce the order which even

recommends masks for people driving

alone in their cars but most US states

have less strict mask guidelines and

some have none including Montana in

South Carolina Trump supporters are

looking forward to the president's first

rally in months some even started lining

up two days before the event

there's gotten a record number of ticket

requests dozens of Trump supporters are

already in line outside the Tulsa

Oklahoma arena for president Trump's

Saturday rally it says first campaign

rally since March one supporter says

this one's important it's the ninth one

I've been to but after having been away

from rallies for so long I think that

there's going to be some some very

important themes that president's going

to introduce here

I wanted to be here to support his

message which is going to be about law

and order I'm sure the BOK Center can

hold about 20,000 people according to

the Trump campaign they're over 1

million ticket requests that's 10 times

more than Trump's biggest rally signup

ever governor Kevin state of Oklahoma

said it was really really exciting and

he expects it to be amazing that

campaign says each guest will get a

temperature check hand sanitizer and a

mask some Tulsa business owners and

residents brought a lawsuit to halt the

rally due to health concerns about the

virus but the judge declined to issue a

court order one couple came prepared

with face masks but set the concerns

were overblown well we have a face mask

it's all a hoax to tell you the truth he

said he thought the risk of catching the

virus had been exaggerated tens of

thousands of Trump supporters are

expected in Tulsa Saturday it's the

first of a series of rallies across the

country to ref up his re-election

campaign and coming up see how dentists

are using innovative technology to keep

their patients safe from the virus as

they reopened voters from Beijing show

the city looks like a ghost town –

Chinese capitalism is under wartime

measures thanks to another virus

outbreak and the owner of a shop in Hong

Kong is resisting pressure to remove a

statue that symbolizes the city's recent

protests because it teaches people about

democracy more on that when we return





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dentists in New York City are taking

every precaution to keep their patients

safe from the virus one office is using

lasers air purifiers and vacuums to

minimize the risk of the disease

spreading entities Kevin Hogan spoke

with one dentist who now has more

patients than he can treat at the moment

at dr Burton's office they're doing

everything they can to make a trip to

the dentist as safe as possible the

staff wear full PPE and they only let

one patient in at a time at the front

door the assistant checks the patient's

temperature before they can be seen

everyone follows social distancing

guidelines and they even have air

purifiers running 24/7 in every room

pretty much prepared for anything we

look like like spacemen walking around

but that's something we have to do so

apparently dental clinics are reopening

in New York City as the lockdown

measures are being lifted dr Brookman

says he has more patients than he can

keep up with the patients that had

issues in the pet in the past prior to

three months they've been calling like

crazy they really want to get in the

clinic can only handle a quarter of its

usual business because the patients need

to be spread out now his office is using

lasers to clean teeth because it's safer

than the usual scrapers when you're

using a Cavett Ron there's what vibrates

and expresses water and the water turns

into aerosol so when a laser you're

destroying bacteria not creating aerosol

the assistant uses the extra oral

suction to take the aerosols out of the


it keeps the vapors from lingering in

the room for hours that's good virus

hygiene Kevin Hogan and TV news New York

automaker Tesla is eager to expand but

still hasn't decided where once the

choice is made construction could start

in the next few months

Tesla wants to start building a large

car assembly plant in the US as early as

this summer but the electric car company

still hasn't decided on a location

documents show they're still trying to

secure tax breaks the plant would build

Tesla's electric pickup truck and model

y SUV Tesla told officials in Texas it

wants to invest about 1 billion dollars

to build a plant near Austin it would

employ five thousand people on what is

now a cement operation but it needs tax

breaks to make the Texas site

competitive with an alternative in


Tesla's only current plant in the us

is in California it's not large enough

they've had to build cars under a tent

next to the plant Tesla had Elon Musk

clashed with California officials

earlier this year they ordered his

factory to halt production over the

virus musk threatened to move further

operations to Texas or Nevada the plant

is now open again in a sign of the

economic hardship across the country

over 100 million Americans have deferred

loan payments since the lockdowns began

many are now taking advantage of

hardship programs to help get some

respite there's over 100 million

Americans enrolled in debt relief

programs to either postpone or reduce

their loan payments people with student

loans are getting the most help there

over 80 million students signed up there

were only 18 million last month the

number of people getting help on car

loans has doubled over seven million

personal loans also doubled to 13

million as part of the government

stimulus plan federal student loans can

be deferred until the end of September

without penalty if it's a

government-backed mortgage homeowners

should be able to defer payments by up

to 12 months but there's much

uncertainty some homeowners are having

trouble contacting their bank because of

CCP virus lockdowns most call centers

are closed

call wait times can be anywhere from

three to four hours and the call volume

has increased six-fold compared to March

and coming up

Chinese prosecutors have charged two

detained Canadians for alleged espionage

it's a case that's driving diplomatic

wedge between Ottawa and Beijing and in

sports some NFL coaches say football's

regular season should be postponed that

says one tennis star is concerned that

not all qualified players will be able

to compete at the US Open more on that

when we return






viewers have described China uncensored

like The Daily Show but about China but

at the beginning I was super excited

when I got 500 views and now the show's

grown to about half a million

subscribers on YouTube one episode

reached 79 million people I'm a little

freaked out that that many people have

seen my face in five years I see China

uncensored as the sole source of

edutainment worldwide


photos from Beijing show the city now

looks more like a ghost town that says

the Chinese capital is under wartime

measures after another outbreak of the

virus entities Tiffany Meyer has the


the chief epidemiologist at China CDC

says the virus outbreak is under control

in Beijing but is it really true since

China's infection figures can't be

independently verified we take a look at

other aspects instead wartime status was

declared for the entire city of Beijing

and its population of over 20 million

people that's after a handful of other

districts were given the same status

earlier this week all long-distance bus

lines out of Beijing have been suspended

the ticket hall of a major bus terminal

and train station is empty of its usual

passengers and no travelers can be seen

on the subway and the center of the city

Tiananmen Square is also empty the same

is true for a nearby park except for

policemen scene information even one of

the capital city's busiest streets now

resembles a ghost town outside a

military building a person wearing

protective gear waits for visitors and

some deliveries on route to Beijing from

other areas have been blocked from

entering the city residents living

nearby two markets with confirmed virus

cases are being forced to get tested but

not right away the longest wait time is

three months one photo suggests that

Beijing is in need of outside help a

medical team from Jiangsu province is

captured before they set up for Beijing

in order to help with the outbreak and

in Hong Kong the owner of a children's

clothing shop says he won't remove a

statue symbolizing the city's recent

protests he says he wants to teach

children about democracy

she's led the pro-democracy

demonstrations from on top of Hong

Kong's Lion Rock and being used in

protests on the street now the statue

dubbed Lady Liberty is in a kids

clothing store called cheeky duck but

the shops owner

Herbert Chou is facing a request from

his landlord to remove her citing a

contract clause that says all

decorations need to be approved I'll

continue to say what I want to say I'll

continue to speak up and if speaking up

for democracy and against tyranny gets

me arrested then I guess I'll be

arrested the owner wants to include the

statue in his shop to teach children

about democracy and says he is not

violating his lease agreement customers

from the age of 4 to 11 would have an

opportunity to actually start thinking

about the subject of democracy on

Thursday the shop was full of customers

despite the controversy many taking

snapshots of the statue and writing

messages of support on the store's

makeshift lenin wall and when one family

was asked why they stepped inside five

year old Jessica answered

and her mom says it can bring the

message to our children or even adults

and let them know that the freedom of

speech and democracy are important core

values in Hong Kong the protest that

started a year ago have evolved into

pro-democracy demonstrations and have

generated widespread enthusiastic

support as well as staunch opposition in

the Chinese ruled City and there is

growing concerned businesses are coming

under pressure to distance themselves

from the movement Chinese prosecutors

say they've charged two Canadians for

alleged espionage it's a case that's

driven a diplomatic wedge between Ottawa

and Beijing to Canadians detained by

Chinese authorities were challenged on

Friday with espionage by prosecutors

former diplomat Michel khovrakh and

businessman Marcus Pavel were arrested

in late 2018 on state security charges

that have strained diplomatic relations

between the two countries

they were first arrested shortly after

Canadian authorities arrested Huawei

chief financial officer Mequon zhu in

Vancouver on a US warrant China's calls

for her release have gone unanswered and

subsequently his warn Canada of

consequences for aiding the United

States in mangs case while China

maintains the detentions were are not

linked to men former diplomats and

experts have said they are being used to

pressure Canada charging the two

Canadians represents their next step in

judicial proceedings against Corrigan's

bevel and means a formal trial can now

begin the charges against the pair

include spying on sensitive national


khovrakh works for the International

Crisis Group they've previously said

that the accusations against him are

vague and unsubstantiated and coming up

a new robot is introduced to help people

enjoy golf games safely during the

crisis several golf courses in the New

York City area are using the new robot

caddies already or on that when we









in sports news some NFL coaches want to

postpone the regular season due to

complications caused by the virus and

tennis star Novak Djokovic is looking

forward to compete at the US Open but is

concerned not all players will be able

to travel to the tournament three of the

NFL's head coaches reportedly want the

2020 regular season to be delayed due to

the virus outbreak one of them expressed

doubt that the regular season can go on

as usual

reporters reached out to the unnamed

head coaches after Cowboys running back

Ezekiel Elliott tested positive for the

virus Commissioner Roger Goodell said

teams and players must accept that some

level of risk exists due to the virus

the world's number one tennis player

Novak Djokovic says he's excited by the

prospect of playing at the US Open but

he insists that it would only be fair if

every player eligible is able to compete

he's concerned that many players won't

be able to travel even if they wanted to

due to the ongoing virus issues the

London marathons race director said that

organisers are working to ensure the

rescheduled race is held on October 4th

the postponement and later cancellation

of the Great North Run the UK's biggest

annual half marathon had raised doubts

about the London Marathon going ahead a

further update on the status of the race

will be given on July 28th former Real

Madrid soccer star Ronaldo said that

this year's improvised Champions League

playoffs will reward teams that dare to

take risks but this year there will be

only one game in each round pushing the

teams to give their all in one game a

robot technology company is helping

people enjoy golf during the crisis in a

safer way several golf courses in the

New York City area are already using the

robot caddies to help golfers keep their

social distance a robot technology is

introduced to help people to enjoy golf

during the crisis in a safer way several

golf courses in the New York City area

are using robot caddies to help golfers

to keep their social distance fit

suburban Golf Club in Union

the four robot caddies costing $4,000

each were introduced as a new option for

golfers who prefer walking alone without

carrying the bag they're powered by a

lithium battery the last two rounds of

18 Holt's before needing to be recharged

they don't have to carry their back or

use a pull cart so they can also store

drinks on it

divot mix it's got a phone charger it's

it's great I mean it handles and holds

pretty much anything you need at all the

autonomous vehicles are controlled using

a remote that clips to the golfers belt

and follow between four and ten feet

behind the golfer one of the club's

golfers who regularly uses a robot caddy

as attorney Richard Cort

he doesn't like to pay for a human caddy

due to cost and doesn't want to carry or

push his clubs I love it because it

actually makes you feel like a pro

golfer you're just walking along you can

look at the whole decide what club you

want to use figure out what your shot

should look like and where the ball

should be it's almost like like you have

a real caddy

yeah the robot is unable to offer advice

or companionship so some golfers like

marco salir mo prefers a human caddy I

love technology but I still like taking

the actual caddy up you know but we

interact out there it gives me advice

and I enjoy that caddy Michael Walsh

said he isn't worried about losing his

job at least for now but he did wonder

about when technology develops in the

future whether robots may come to

replace more human jobs like his own if

you're watching our broadcast on

television this is the end of a

broadcast for now thank you for joining

if you're watching online we'll continue

our broadcast right after the break









welcome back

French president Emmanuel macron in

London today commemorating the 80th

anniversary of a famous wartime

broadcast for the famous French

resistance leaders General Charles de

Gaulle he spoke business with Prime

Minister Boris Johnson our UK

correspondent Jane worl has more a

ceremony to mark a shared history while

trying to keep a distance the Prince of

Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall

welcomed French president Emmanuel

macron to the UK the visits on a

significant day 80 years ago on June

18th with permission for the poignant

moment tributes little-known French

General Charles de Gaulle sent an appeal

via the BBC in London to France urging

his countrymen to not give up their

fight against the Nazis it was here in

the BBC headquarters building behind me

that General de Gaulle broadcast his

historic message calling for wartime

resistance it was a non general just

under 18 of June he studies public life

just behind us and I thoroughly become a

national hero as the French government

surrendered to Nazi Germany Dougal fled

to Britain and set up the free France a

government in exile it eventually played

a part in the liberation of France in

world war ii macron awarded London with

a legion donor Frances highest honor to

commemorate the city's help during the

war I wanted to show the infinite

gratitude of the French Republic to the

city of london by exceptionally awarding

it with the Cross of the Legion of

Honour and the UK government said for

French resistance fighters will receive

honorary awards in recognition of their

role the two leaders enjoyed a fly paths

of the UK's red arrows and its four

counterpart for Johnson and macron it's

not just a day of remembering the past

they spoke about relaxing the 14 day

quarantine between the two countries

macron was exempt from it as a

representative of a foreign country on

business and on brexit Johnson said in a

statement later that he doesn't think it

makes sense for post brexit talks with

the EU to continue into the autumn

general NTD News London

Anna poignant moment tributes have

poured in for a British singer and

songwriter dave veeral in dame vera died

today at age 103 she's remembered as a

performer who boosted morale for troops

on the front line during World War two

and more news from the Europe an EU

report ranks China as Priority One worst

intellectual property rights offender

entities neil woodrow has the details

thanks welcome to NTD UK bringing you UK

and European news I know Woodrow a

report into the state of intellectual

property rights IPR protection in Europe

says more than 80 percent of fake goods

seized by EU customs authorities

originate from China and Hong Kong the

European Commission report says China

continues to be a priority one country

for the EU because of the scale and

persistence of problems in the area of

IPR protection and enforcement the

report says forced technology transfer

by China is also an increasing problem

IPR related industries are vital for

Europe's economy they account for almost

40% of all jobs in the EU and generates

seven point four trillion dollars

annually staying in Europe state backed

foreign firms will have a harder time

buying EU companies under a proposal by

the bloc's executive according to the

plan the European Commission must be

informed if a foreign company bids to

buy more than a 35 percent stake in an

EU company if that bill is backed by a

significant state aid failure to report

could lead to fines or a veto of the


the role of the Commission is to uphold

the single market and to take action

when third country subsidies and when

serve country subsidies their companies

and distort the level playing field

within our union unlike the United

States the EU lacks tools to scrutinize

foreign investment deals the EU and its

member states are worried that foreign

powers like China will take advantage of

the economic downturn and buy up

European firms it is a priority to

protect that level playing field against

the harm that foreign subsidies can do

if passed the proposals would take

effect next year on to France the trial

of lambing diac the former head of

athletics governing body concluding in a

Paris Court today DIAC is facing charges

of corruption money laundering and

breach of trust linked to a Russian

doping scandal prosecutors allege he

solicited 39 million dollars from

athletes suspected of doping to cover up

the allegations his son Papa Masato

Dayak is also on trial in absentia he

fled to his native Senegal when the

investigation began Senegal has refused

to extradite him Lamine DXM lawyer was

upbeat as he arrived in court to hear

our defense speech and the arguments the

87 year old has been under house arrest

since 2015 prosecutors are asking for a

four year jail term and five years for

his son both also face fines of about

five hundred and sixty thousand US

dollars verdicts are expected in coming

months deaq could yet further damage

athletics image as he is also under

investigation in another French probe

into bidding contest for the 2020

Olympics and other major competitions

moving on the UK is now working with

Apple and Google to improve its CCP

virus tracing app the British government

will switch to Apple and Google

technology for its test and trace app

ditching its homegrown system the app

was designed to track anybody that a

person with coronavirus symptoms came

into close contact with the NHS X

excelled at measuring distance between

two users but it only recognized 4% of

Apple phones and 75% of Google Android

phones during testing so as it stands

our app won't work because Apple won't

change their system but it can measure

distance and their app can't measure

distance well enough to a standard that

we are satisfied with the NHS X app

started trials in early May and was

supposed to roll out to the whole

country two weeks later that rollout has

been postponed but we're not going to

put a date on it I'm afraid because I'm

absolutely determined that whilst this

technology can help it's got to be

working effectively both systems alert

people when they have been close to a CC

b virus patient the other big difference

between the two apps is data collection

the government preferred a centralized

model collecting GPS data on users while

the Apple Google model is decentralized

allowing for more privacy

staying in the UK in a town about 50

miles northwest of London residents are

loving a contactless way our food

delivery every day a fleet of robots are

ferrying food to their front doors the

last two years starship technologies has

been robbed or delivering groceries and

takeaways in Milton Keynes a town of

about 250,000 people because of the CCP

virus pandemic demand for robot

delivering is surging we've more than

doubled our delivery robot fleet to more

than a hundred robots it's the largest

fleet of delivery robots in the world

the robot is very easy to use customers

place orders through an app after shop

staff put the food in the robot heads

out when it arrives the customer unlocks

the box with their form and voila it was

much easier to actually get one of the

robots in quicker and it was actually

really good because we all did ice

lollies they did come melted so it's

pretty good this year the San Francisco

Bay's company is expanding into another

six cities including Washington DC

that's all from the entity UK newsroom

for today back to New York thanks Neil

France says it will move ahead with his

digital sales tax even without American

backing the us pulled out of talk

saying they had reached a standstill

France is going ahead with it

total sales tax even without a global

deal finance minister is criticizing the

us for withdrawing from negotiations

20g we were a few centimeters away from

an agreement for attacks on digital

giants at a time when the digital

companies are the only ones in the world

to have drawn immense profits during the

coronavirus crisis so it is a

provocation all do you mean like

Treasury secretary Stephen venusian

pulled out of the talks last week he

said the negotiations were at a

standstill and countries should focus on

public health instead France says

digital companies are profiting off of

450 million European users but they

don't pay taxes the us is the only one

blocking the global agreement and the

remaining country sent a joint response

they want a fair tax on digital

companies swapping whatever happens we

will apply a tax on digital giants in

2020 because it is a question of justice

and I want to tell my American friends

that we will not be the only ones doing

it that today many states in the world

in Europe in particular whether it's in

Austria Great Britain Italy in Spain

want to establish a tax on digital

giants and we will do it so Duluth a

governments are now focusing even more

on digital taxes to help deal with post

pandemic economic challenges that's all

for now you can catch our evening

updates it's 6:30 pm Eastern Time

I'm Paul grainy




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