Trump-touted Covid-19 drug ineffective says Fauci – BBC News

by birtanpublished on August 17, 2020

Let me update you on the situation in the u.s with covid19 because the number of people who have died there has now exceeded 150 000 nearly 1300 people died on tuesday alone that's the biggest daily total since may

And america's top infectious diseases expert anthony fauci has become a central figure in co fighting kobit 19 in the us we've heard from a great deal in the last few months and he's been

Speaking to the bbc's katy k you've said before dr fauci that you during the course of your career have spent decades preparing for this possibility of a pandemic like covid19

When you were preparing for something like this did you ever imagine that the politics would make it difficult to effectively manage this kind of situation that the politics would get so mixed up in this

No i did not uh cathy i think the i mean obviously there's when you're dealing with things that involve politicians there's always a bit of political maneuvering we've seen that in

Almost every outbreak but it had been minor and didn't impact what we were doing with regard to response but i think it's no secret from looking at the situation in the united states that there is a

Considerable degree of political divisiveness to a level that everyone admits you don't need me to make that declaration i think anyone even with those who have more experience

And more ability to observe and make judgment on that that this is a very unusual situation of political divisiveness in this country now as we've seen plenty of times president trump doesn't always see

Things the same way as dr fauci uh this is what the president had to say at the white house briefing yesterday he's got a very good approval rating and i like that it's good because remember he's working for this

Administration he's working with us john we we could have gotten other people we could have gotten somebody else it didn't have to be dr fauci he's working with our administration and for the most part

We've done pretty much what he and others dr burks and others who are terrific recommended and he's got this high approval rating so why don't i have a high approval rating

With respect and the administration with respect to the virus well there's another question we'll leave that for another day but let's go back to doctor fought who's had considerable pressure from the trump

Administration but as we've been seeing in these clips from katy k is always giving very diplomatic answers i've been asking kathy about that look i think he's been put in a very

Difficult position and i i was lucky i got half an hour of his time as he's handling this pandemic and a lot of it we focused on the medical issues uh things like masks hydroxychloroquine uh vaccines that kind of thing but it is

Worth asking him about the politics because he's been put in the middle of this political situation which is making it harder for him to do his job i asked him about the president

Uh seeming to endorse just as recently as yesterday hydroxychloroquine i asked him about the president retweeting somebody who had said that you don't need to wear masks dr fauci told me he

Thought that was not helpful and then at the end of the interview i asked him how he's doing i mean he's been going at this for five months non-stop 15 16 17 hour days roz and he said it's stressful and he said

It's stressful because of all of these issues to do with politics so he's trying to do his job which is the medical side of things and he's trying to manage the politics and both of them of course very

Important because he needs to be as effective as pol as possible what i heard during the course of my half hour with him was quite a lot of frustration frankly with

People being lacks about the rules but also with this political situation he's dealing with and aside from the political drama catty president trump says on the whole his administration is

Following dr fauci's guidance i mean is that fair do you think dr fauci would categorize it in the same way well i think dr fauci would make the distinction between the white house

And the individual states and what he told me is that several states have jumped the gun the the uh medical experts at the white house on the white house task force came up with very clear

Guidelines on how america should reopen after lockdown and several states he said he wasn't going to name them but several states ignored those guidelines and opened up

Too early which is why we're in the position we're in i mean interestingly i did ask him right at the beginning of the interview you know if you if we had been talking back in april and you had described to

Me the situation in america at the end of july would it look like this and he said no this is a lot worse than he thought it was going to be well president trump's continued to promote this anti-malaria drug

Hydroxychloroquine that's despite the who and the u.s national institutes of health having found no evidence that this drug is useful for cobit 19 patients it can also have serious side

Effects if misused this is what president trump told reporters many doctors think it's extremely good and some people don't some people i think it's become very political

I happen to believe in it i would take it as you know i took it for a 14-day period and i'm here right i'm here i happen to think it's it works in the early stages

I think frontline medical people believe that too some many and so we'll take a look at it president trump's also defended his retweet of a video featuring a doctor backing the use of this drug

This same doctor in the past has talked about using dna from aliens to make medicines all of which led to this exchange for the ages the woman that you said was a great doctor in that video that you retweeted

Last night said that masks don't work and there is a cure for covid19 both of which health experts say is not true she's also made videos saying that doctors make medicine using dna from aliens and that they're trying to

Create a vaccine to make you immune from becoming religious maybe it's the same maybe it's not but i i can't i can tell you this she was on air along with many other doctors

They were big fans of hydroxy chloroquine and i thought she was very impressive in the sense that from where she came i don't know which country she comes from but she said that she's had

Tremendous success with hundreds of different patients and i thought her voice was an important voice but i know nothing about her thank you very much everybody thank you and with that the president was gone

While katie kay asked to ask dr fauci for his take on all of that what about hydroxychloroquine and i ask you about this because it's come back into the news because the president yesterday

Evening in the white house stood there and said that he believes in it and that it is safe um and again seem to be touting this drug is the president right again

Kathy it's it's not productive or helpful for me to be making judges on right or wrong but what i can say is what i have said all along that the overwhelming uh body of data from trials that will

Well run randomized placebo-controlled trials indicate that hydroxychloroquine is not effective in treating coronavirus disease or covet 19.

And here's kathy again on whether president trump's contributions to this covert 19 debate have made dr fauci's job perhaps a little harder yeah we're in the dna from aliens phase of this presidency

Which is pretty weird right um she's also suggested that doctor to that uh gynecological problems can come from having dreams about having sex with demons i mean it's it's it's bizarre and

Clearly the president didn't particularly like it because he left the briefing room immediately as he was being asked about it look i i pushed dr fauci on this a little bit and

Clearly he's not very comfortable talking about the politics of this and about the differences he has with the president but the reason that i i wanted to push him on this is because

Dr fauci has a 65 approval rating in this country very few people have that there is so much misinformation about this disease out there on the internet the president says one thing some of the

Doctors say another thing here you have somebody who has a high degree of trust from the american public and to some extent having his voice clarifying the the issues around masks the issues

Around hydroxychloroquine i think is useful when the president might be saying something else and i wanted to you know to ask dr fauci look in a sense don't you have a duty

To speak out because the american public does trust you at a time when they are getting a lot of misinformation and there is not a lot of trust in other institutions

So he doesn't necessarily want to talk about it but he does want to make his position clear his position is that masks are helpful his position is that hydro

Hydroxychloroquine for the treatment of covid19 is not helpful has not been proven to be helpful um and he he was he was very categorical that he has not misled

The american public on either of those issues you

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