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published on July 3, 2020




welcome to ntd news i'm tiffany meyer

here are today's top stories

president trump is starting back on the

campaign trail with four states


and he says they're all going to be big

officials across the country are

discussing police reform including

defunding the police

the sister of an officer killed during

recent protests

shares her thoughts two senators

proposed nearly 23

billion dollars in incentives for

overseas chip makers

to set up shop in the us that's amid

washington's tech rivalry with beijing

and telecom giant huawei

and catholic schools across the nation

are feeling the economic effects of the


at least 100 won't be reopening in the




president trump is set to return to the

campaign trail

he announced four states he's planning

to visit soon speaking at the white

house yesterday with some

african-american leaders in politics

and the media president trump with

african-american leaders at a roundtable

meeting wednesday

law enforcement and the economy among

the topics for discussion

but first off an announcement about

rallies coming up we're going to start

our rallies back up now we've had a


run at rallies i don't think there's

been an empty seat and since we came

down on the escalator

the first is expected to be tulsa

oklahoma florida texas arizona and north

carolina will follow

and he said they're all going to be big

but it's looking unlikely the president

will be back in north carolina for the


and unfortunately we're going to

probably be

having no choice but to move the

republican convention to another


he said he would most likely announce

the change soon

each member of the meeting got a chance

to voice the concerns they saw facing

black americans today

secretary of housing and urban

development ben carson stressed the

importance of the economy in lifting

those in the black community out of


the fundamentals of that economy are

still in place

we will recoup that and we will move

further on

his comments come in the same week that

the nasdaq composite

passed 10 thousand for the first time

president trump mentioned this record as

an example of the economy rebounding

republican consultant and author for

black owned multimedia company black

enterprise raynor jackson

said the trump administration's

achievements for the black community

were not represented in the media also

at the meeting was a member of trump's

executive transition team

pastor darrell scott who has criticized

the widespread violence and rioting seen

during protests in recent weeks

he's also spoken against defunding the


many officials are discussing police

reform including defunding the police

the sister of an officer killed during

the recent protests

told congress what she thinks of the


the sister of an officer killed during

recent protests in california testified

wednesday on police practices

and reforms angela underwood jacobs told

congress that george floyd's death

was criminal the officers involved

should be brought to justice

and held accountable for their actions

or as well as their inaction

i wish that same justice for my brother


her brother patrick underwood was shot

and killed while protecting a us

courthouse in oakland california during

protests following the death of george


she says the actions of a few are

dividing the nation when we should be

uniting instead

we must find lawful peaceful solutions

that uplift and benefit everyone

and this this is greater than

a black white or blue issue

it is a humanity issue she says it's

wrong to use police brutality as an

excuse to loot

burn and kill it is a ridiculous

solution to proclaim that defunding

police departments

is a solution to police brutality and


because it's not a solution it gets us

nowhere as a nation and removes the

safety net

a protection that every citizen deserves

from your community's elected officials

officials in new york los angeles and

minneapolis have pledged

to defund police or divert funds

president trump has said he will not be

defunding the police


police in california have identified the

man accused of

opening fire outside of a paso robles

police station

a manhunt is underway for the suspect 26

year old mason james lira

police say one sheriff's deputy was shot

in the face in what they called an

ambush attack

lira is considered armed and dangerous

police have also linked him to the death

of a 58-year-old man

who was shot in the head near a train

station in the city

and now turning to chinese tech

companies a bipartisan group of


is proposing a new bill to cut off the

giants from

their chip suppliers by inviting them to

break ground in the us instead

a new bipartisan bill has been

introduced in the senate aiming to

incentivize chip makers to set up shop

in the united states

if passed it would offer almost 23

billion dollars in aid for semiconductor

manufacturers who start producing in the


chip factories can cost up to 15 billion

dollars to build

mainly due to the pricey tools required

for manufacturing

the proposal would create a 40

refundable income tax credit for

semiconductor equipment

10 billion dollars in federal funds to

match state incentives to build


and 12 billion dollars in research and

development funding while some firms

like intel corp and micron technology

still make chips in the us

the majority are made in asia taiwan

semiconductor manufacturing or tsmc has

more than half of the global markets

iphone maker apple inc qualcomm inc and

nvidia corp all rely on csmc for their


the move comes amid a strategic us

technology standoff with china and its

telecom giant huawei

which is considered a threat to us

national security

senators john cornyn and mark warner

introduced the bill on wednesday

aides the congressman michael mccall and

doris matsui said the two plan to

introduce a version in the house on


the treasury secretary has testified on

the virus aid package known as

cares the 3 trillion dollar package was

introduced at the height of the pandemic

to help struggling small businesses and

individual americans

members of the senate small business

committee on wednesday praised treasury

secretary steven mnuchin and the


for saving millions of businesses during

the ccp virus lockdowns

chairman marco rubio called the paycheck

protection program or pvp

an extraordinary success in a most

uncertain economic situation

the ppp offered forgivable loans to

small businesses to keep workers on


it's credited with saving tens of

millions of jobs

there was also controversy when large

businesses received the loans when they

shouldn't have

12 billion dollars of this was returned

after public outcry

as a result mnuchin told the committee

the economy is now well positioned for a

strong reopening

a report last week shows around 90

percent of small businesses are at least

partially reopened

or planning to reopen soon we remain

confident that the overall economy will

continue to improve dramatically in the

third and fourth quarters of this year

still the treasury secretary feels

another round of stimulus will be needed

for the industries and small businesses

that are still

hurting he called on both parties to

work out the details

the new package may include another

stimulus check for individual americans

getting people spending again will be

critical for the country's recovery

mnuchin also stressed the importance of

getting americans back to work as soon

as possible

the federal reserve though is painting a

grim picture for economic recovery

it says the measures put in place to

stop the virus will have a lasting

effect on the economy

to help the fed will keep interest rates

near zero and they'll likely stay there

for another

two and a half years the federal reserve

on wednesday left interest rates

unchanged at near zero to support the


and that raid is likely to last until


in march we quickly lowered our policy

interest rate to near zero

where we expect to keep it until we are

confident that the economy has weathered

recent events

is on track to achieve our maximum

employment and price stability goals

in its first economic projection since

the pandemic began

the central bank painted a grim picture

of recovery

indicating the measures put in place to

fight the crisis

will echo through the economy for years

and be difficult to quickly reverse

it expects the us economy to shrink 65

percent this year

and unemployment to be 93 percent at

year's end

going forward the recovery is expected

to begin in earnest in 2021

with growth forecast at 5 percent and

35 percent for 2022

the jobless rate is expected to go down

to 65 percent in 2021

and 55 percent in 2022

that's still two percentage points

higher than where it was

at the end of last year hamrick says

there's still a great amount of


the projections should be seen as best

guesses the numbers will be updated

quarterly down the road

they're indicative of limited

expectations for the economy for the

foreseeable future

in other news the international economic

organization or oecd

forecast a similar scale of contraction

for the global economy this year

now on the economic front the six

percent decline in global gdp

that we foresee in 2020

is larger by far

than any we have projected in the 60


since the oecd was created the

organization projects the global economy

will bounce back with 52 percent growth

in 2021

on condition that the outbreak is kept

under control

a turkish court sentenced a us

consulate employee to jail today for

aiding a terrorist organization

turkey state media said putin topez got

eight years and nine months

in the indictment topuz was accused of

links to officials connected to a us

based cleric

who turkey blames for a failed 2016 coup

topuz was a translator for the us drug

enforcement agency in istanbul

he said he contacted the officials for

his job they were high ups in the police

and judiciary

the us based cleric has denied any

involvement in the coup attempt

and in other news while we have seen

many businesses closing down

around the country due to the economic

fallout from the virus

some catholic schools have been affected


catholic schools around the country have

faced tough times for years

and it looks like the situation isn't

going to improve anytime soon

quigley catholic high school in

pennsylvania is one among many that have

recently announced

that they won't reopen this fall the

closure is sparking anger and heartbreak

in scores of affected communities

it's especially hard when they first get

the news i just

broke down i couldn't you know it was

just really hard

the school served the pittsburgh suburbs

of beaver county

since 1967 usually about 440 kids


but this year the projected number fell

below 100

it's not just a pandemic that caused it

but it did compound their troubles

if we could be funded then we would be

able to move on

and i think that's where the covid came

in that they weren't able to do a lot of

the fundraisers that they had planned on


both women have worked at quigley for

about 35 years

it's been so good that's why i'm here

sister too you know we absolutely love

our job here

burke miller who met her husband when

they both were students at quigley

said the closure is going to leave an

empty spot in all of their hearts

according to the national catholic

educational association

at least 100 schools have announced that

they won't reopen this fall

new york's mta is going strong with its

efforts in keeping its system free from

the virus as

passengers start to get back on board

but now it's facing some concern over

its finances

with the virus making its final rounds

in the us new york city is working to

get its renowned transit system back up

and running

the mta has recently reinstated full

subway service

making more frequent runs and allowing

passengers to once again take

express trains but the agency says it's

making sure to protect its customers

from any remnants of the virus

our priority right now is to do things

that will help

folks be safe and feel safe

as they come back to the system in the

next few months

since the pandemic hit new york the mta

has been disinfecting its vehicles


and urging passengers to wear face masks

along with these measures is confidence

that new york city can run on complete

mass transit as it recovers

if we observe mass vigilance and other

kinds of precautions

in the public spaces i think that we we

have a good shot

at demonstrating that we can operate


on mass transit and otherwise but the

agency is still uncertain whether or not

its belief fund will keep them afloat

the almost 4 billion dollar fund is

estimated to run out by august

something the mta says will cause a huge

setback to its expansion program and

infrastructure projects

the problem is i can't advance new

ada stations i can't advance new

re-signaling projects

with the certainty they could be funded

over the long run and that's the hold up

that we're struggling with

but pre-existing projects were able to

make progress during the pandemic and

are still

underway up next the us secretary of

state released its 2019 report on

international religious freedom find out

more about it

after the break



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a new report from the state department

this time about

international religious freedom it

follows president trump's executive

order last week

to prioritize religious freedom in

foreign aid programs

secretary of state mike pompeo on

wednesday unveiling the office of

international religious freedom's latest

report to congress

ambassador of the alliance said

repression of faith is unfortunately

still too common

in many places of the world individuals

have become more familiar with religious


than religious freedom in the worst


people are persecuted for their faith

and forced to abandon their beliefs

or face government backlash china


its decades-long war on faith

the report reveals last year the chinese

communist party regime

arrested and detained more than six

thousand people who practice falun gong

a meditation discipline that focuses on

the principles of truthfulness

compassion and forbearance the regime

banned the practice in 1999 and

continues even now

to harass and detain falun gong


and people of other faiths the chinese

communist party is now ordering

religious organizations to obey ccp


and infuse communist dogma into their

teachings and practice of their faith

the mass detentions of uyghurs

in xinjiang continues so does the

repression of tibetans and buddhists and

falun gong

and christians there are reports that

the regime

forcibly harvests organs from these

prisoners of conscience while they are


another focus of pompeo and his team is

freeing six

american oil executives who have been

detained in venezuela for two and a half

years without trial

as for the western hemisphere pompeo

says the us is working to end forced

labor of over 10

thousand cuban health care workers among

other initiatives

molina weiskopf in td news

a grand jury has indicted one of the

country's top chemists for making false


the harvard professor allegedly lied

about receiving money from the chinese


and about his involvement in china's

thousand talents program

on tuesday a federal grand jury indicted

harvard professor charles lieber for

making false statements to federal


lieber is charged with lying about his

involvement in china's thousand talents


lieber has denied the accusations

according to the justice department the

chinese regime uses the program to lure

foreign experts

to bring their knowledge and experience

to china and rewards them for stealing

intellectual property

the court documents say libra

specializes in research on nanoscience

and he has received over 15 million

dollars in grants

from the national institutes of health

and the department of defense

but to get those grants one has to be

open about any other sources of funding

conflicts of interest and foreign

collaboration the charging documents

allege that without harvard's knowledge

lieber became a strategic scientist at

the wuhan university of technology in

china in 2011

the court alleges liber entered into a

contract with china's thousand talents


at least from 2012 to 2015 in the


the chinese university allegedly paid

liber fifty thousand dollars a month

it paid him one and a half million

dollars to establish a research lab in


in 2018 and 2019 the harvard professor

allegedly lied about his involvement in

the program the charge of making false

statements carries a sentence of up to

five years in prison

three years of supervised release and a

fine of a quarter million dollars

lieber is set to be arraigned at a later


coming up sneeze guards see a massive

spike in demand

businesses are clamoring for the

transparent plastic barriers

as more and more of them start to reopen

that and more

when we return




when you look at tv networks in america


sound bite and fight it out culture

prevails on news and commentary programs

as a canadian i'm fascinated with


and i wanted to offer american thought

leaders an opportunity to share their

thoughts in a deep dive format

where we can explore their ideas

together and so american thought leaders

was born

the world's most brilliant thinkers

believed that open discourse was the key

to greatness

however all around the world we see that

discourse is being stifled

and political agendas have subverted

media the epic times launched its global

thought leaders program

to bring back this great tradition of

free thought

as the host of american thought leaders

every week i

interview some of the most intriguing

minds on the most pressing issues of our


be sure to check out our new episodes

every week



as businesses reopen many are taking

measures to protect against the virus

this has created an unexpected demand

worldwide for a certain plastic item

as economies reopen plastic firms are

rushing to meet

record demand for sneeze guards to

prevent the virus from spreading in

stores restaurants and workplaces

the urge of businesses and people to get

back to work safely has created an

unprecedented demand

plastics fabricators like tap plastics

in california

are getting an unprecedented amount of

orders for the transparent plastic


this is the bathroom or anything and


these come off so it ships flat

the amount of of guards that we are

making is phenomenal thousands and

thousands of guards are being made

and we cannot keep up with demand of

course everybody wants them to open

and we can't make them fast enough

retail stores like airport home


in the san francisco bay area has

ordered protective barriers for its

warehouses offices and stores

i think our sales associates feel a

little bit safer when they're sitting in

close proximity to a client

to protect themselves and their families

when they go home just to have some sort

of barrier

grocery stores are among the largest

buyers of plastic barriers

joe trimble owner of incinel market in

alameda california

said the sneeze guards are being

installed at checkout areas to separate

cashiers from customers

we installed them to protect the

exposure of the

cashiers and the customers

from one another really just because you


everyone walks in the door has could

have may have

copied 19 and i don't want anybody to

get sick businesses desperately need the

protective barriers to reopen

but it's becoming increasingly difficult

to buy the acrylic sheets needed to make


according to tap plastics store manager

russ miller

we went through a year's worth of

material in a month and a half

so we're getting more material shipped

in but it's a worldwide shortage on

material right now because this demand

is worldwide

the shortage is being felt worldwide as

more and more countries

seek to erect barriers in public areas

the us government is seeking a

record-breaking fine from a company

accused of placing

unwanted robocalls in states across the


in the largest proposed find in the

history of the federal communications


the fcc is seeking up to 225

million dollars from texas-based rising


a company accused of making around a

billion unwanted robo calls

spamming consumers in more than half a

dozen states

arkansas indiana michigan missouri

north carolina ohio and texas the calls

which took place in the first half of


allegedly attempted to sell fake

short-term health insurance plans

for major insurance carriers such as


and cigna following the fcc fine

attorney generals for the seven

states filed a lawsuit seeking an

injunction against the company

according to umail a company that

provides a service to block robocalls

there were 19 and a half billion robo

calls placed

nationwide so far this year equaling


60 calls per person the fcc estimates

the cost of these calls to consumers

is at least 3 billion per year from lost

time alone not including monetary losses

to fraud


the eu is asking us tech giants to

produce monthly reports containing

detailed data

on how they are combating fake news on

their platforms

facebook google and twitter should

provide monthly reports on their fight

against fake news

eu officials said wednesday as they

called out russia

and china for spreading disinformation

especially since the novel coronavirus

broke out

this was eu foreign policy chief joseph


the coronavirus pandemic has been

accompanied by a massive

infodemic we have witnessed

a wave of false and misleading


boxes and conspiracy theories as well as


influence operations by foreign actors

the next fake news front is vaccination

with a study showing german's

willingness to be vaccinated fell by 20

percentage points

in just two months facebook google

twitter and mozilla are among

signatories to a voluntary

eu code of conduct

still to come puppies are in massive

demand as lockdown measures in britain

cause many to look for comfort and a

furry new best friend

find out more when we return






arizona state first baseman spencer

torkelson got the top spot at the major

league baseball draft

he's going to the detroit tigers while

he'll play a different position

the detroit tigers drafted arizona first

baseman spencer torkelson

as the first pick in the 2020 draft

torkelson led the nation with 25 home

runs as a freshman

he made history as the first

right-handed hitting first baseman

to go number one in the draft he is also

the first college first baseman to claim

the draft's top spot

the 20 year old played first base in

college but was announced as a third

baseman in the draft

torkelson is one of the best hitters in

ncaa history

he hit 54 home runs and had 130 runs

batted in in 127 career games

with the arizona state sun devils he

says he hit his stride during freshman

year of college

the baltimore orioles picked heston

kerstad as the number two overall pick

kerstad plays in the outfield and was

part of two university of arkansas teams

that went to the college world series

the ccp virus shortened the 2020 sports

season and left scouts with less games

to analyze draft prospects

the mlb commissioner said the league's

2020 season will proceed

the league and the players union are

still negotiating a shortened term of


the virus has created an unexpected

demand for pets

and british dog breeders have seen a

huge surge in demand for puppies during

the country's lockdown

millions of britons have spent more than

11 weeks largely confined to their homes

to counter the spread of the virus

meanwhile the kennel club group has seen

a 180 percent rise from last year

in enquiries from people wanting to buy

dogs we have had a massive increase in

demand for people wanting coffees

emailing at 12 o'clock at night

one o'clock in the morning

puppies certainly are a great way to

pass the time but some breeders are

worried that many families will give

them up once they realize the scale of

the responsibility ahead

they are also worried that some britons

may be wanting to buy a puppy just to

keep the children entertained

without thinking about their life after

the lockdown you want

a dog you want a puppy and you really

have not

thought it through for the rest of that

dog's life

a puppy is a puppy only for a few weeks

and then that puppy

grows into an adult an adult dog

and you've got different completely

different animal on your hand

as you can see now breeders are seeking

as much information as possible on

potential new owners

and rejecting those inquiries that do

not appear to have been thought through

but unfortunately not all breeders care

about what happens to their puppies

after they've been sold

we are hearing stories that some

breeders are actually profiteering

they're actually putting their prices

their puppies up significantly

he added that there is both a legal and

illegal market in puppies from overseas

and often these dogs are bred in very

poor conditions

and that's the latest updates for now

thanks for tuning in

catch up again at 6 30 pm eastern time

i'm tiffany meyer

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