Trump Talks Jobs at Wisconsin Shipyard; Pence Remarks on Nation Opening Up | NTD

published on July 2, 2020



good evening and welcome to NTD news I'm

Stephanie Cox here are today's top


Vice President Mike Pence visits

Lordstown Ohio to speak on the country's

economic recovery from the pandemic

meanwhile virus hotspots raised the

question of a second outbreak House

Democrats are ready to pass their

version of a police reform bill police

qualified immunity is one major

difference between theirs and the GOP s

the Supreme Court rules asylum seekers

with rejected claims can face a quick

deportation it's a win for Trump's

immigration policy the case comes after

a rejected claim by a Sri Lankan

national young pro-democracy protesters

from Hong Kong are speaking up about

alleged sexual assault by the city's

police force they say they're finally

bringing their trauma to light and are

pleading for help and China's capital is

enduring more than just a second virus

wave now a hailstorm hammers at the city

but the shape of the hailstones is

taking locals by surprise


Trump visited a visited a Wisconsin

shipyard and delivered a speech to

hundreds of people he talked about

expanding the shipyard to open up more

jobs and about a contract awarded to the

shipyard worth billions of dollars

according to president Trump 9,000 more

shipyard jobs will be opened up in rural

Wisconsin thanks to a Navy contract he

visited the shipbuilding plant where he

gave a speech to around five to six

hundred people on Thursday

yep the Navy what 350 ships it was

actually down to a level which was World

War one that's a long time ago isn't it

World War one we're building it up very


he says manufacturing is coming back big

inch talked about the administration's

plans to expand to the shipyard one

purpose for the expansion is to open up

more jobs for Americans in Wisconsin in

Michigan but it's gonna be built right

here in the American heartland that it's

going to be built by you

he mentioned last month's five point

five billion dollar Navy contract

awarded to the shipyard for building ten

new ships according to local reports the

contract led the shipbuilding company to

invest 200 million in Wisconsin Trump

store of the shipyard was closed to the


Melina Weiss Cup in TD News as all 50

states start opening their economies the

number of virus infections in some

states is also climbing Vice President

Mike Pence says the administration is

working with state leaders to respond he

praised the resilience of the American

people after nearly four months of being

shut down due to the CCP virus pandemic

the us is now on a straight path to

economic recovery Vice President Mike

Pence spoke at Lordstown Ohio to give

his remarks today is one more example of

a great American comeback currently all

50 states have started to open up their

economies unemployment dropped at 13

percent and three million jobs were

created but while the economy improves

the possibility of another virus

outbreak is looming over the us

Wednesday saw over 34,000 new

coronavirus cases the highest since

April virus numbers are still increasing

in two

nine states with California Texas and

Florida being the highest national

economic advisor Larry Kudlow said

however that the hot spots are no reason

for the country to shut back down so

we're gonna see these things but the

economy is not gonna be closed down

again there may be certain places where

there is that's up to the local

authorities I don't deny that the vice

president said he'll be visiting Texas

in Arizona to meet with their governors

and health officials House Democrats are

set to pass a sweeping police reform

bill of their own part of the bill calls

for reforming qualified immunity for

police officers this comes a day after

Democrats and the Senate blocked a

police reform bill sponsored by

Republicans widespread protests are

causing Congress to consider police

reforms House Democrats are expected to

pass a sweeping proposal the bill seeks

to reform police qualified immunity and

prohibit racial profiling this comes a

day after Senate Democrats blocked a

police reform bill that Republicans

sponsored today with the George Floyd

justice in policing Act the house is

honoring his life and the lives of all

killed by police brutality and pledging

never again the Democrats bill would

reform police qualified immunity that

would make it easier to prosecute police

officers who kill someone or engage in


it establishes many rules at the federal

level that state and local police must

follow this includes a nationwide ban on

chokeholds and no-knock warrants and

drug cases it also creates a national

registry for police misconduct in tim

scott's bill actually had a lot of

overlap with the democrats bill but they

wanted to eliminate qualified immunity

they wanted to eliminate no-knock

entries and chokeholds and knee holds

that last category I think there would

have been more movement on it but it

early on was going to boil down the

qualified immunity the gops bill uses

federal money to incentivize state and

local police forces to ban chokeholds

trained police and de-escalation and use

more body cameras the bill is likely to

pass along party lines and it probably

won't become law because Senate Majority

Leader Mitch McConnell is against

centralizing too much control in

Washington Kevin Hogan and TD news the

Supreme Court has laid the tracks to

quickly remove asylum seekers from the

country if their claims are judged to be

false the 72 decision is seen as a

victory for Trump's immigration policy

the Supreme Court rules that the federal

government may deport illegal aliens

quickly and with limited judicial review

including those seeking asylum the 72

ruling is a victory for President Trump

on immigration

it could affect thousands of would-be

immigrants now living in the United

States Justice Sonia Sotomayor and

Justice Elena Kagan both voted against

the decision Justice Samuel Alito wrote

that most asylum claims ultimately fail

and some are fraudulent in his opinion

for the court the course ruling was

based on Congress's 1996 illegal

immigration reform and immigration

Responsibility Act the Act restricted

how many case reviews asylum seekers can

have before being sent back to their

home country but the system was brought

into question when a Sri Lankans claim

for asylum was rejected in 2017 a

supervisory asylum officer and an

immigration judge all rejected his

refugee claim the US Court of Appeals

for the Ninth Circuit reversed the

rejection but now the Supreme Court

decision upholds it

today's decision means the Sri Lankan

and many

Kim will be removed from the us without

allowing more Appeals justice sotomayor

dissented and said her fellow justices

were ignoring binding legal precedents

about one and a half million Americans

applied for unemployment benefits last

week similar to the week before and

higher than expected but there is a

bright spot in the numbers continuing

claims are down the Labor Department's

latest report shows nearly one and a

half million American workers filed for

unemployment last week it's lower than

the week before but higher than what

economists expected it suggests a long

labor market recovery in the wake of the

pandemic a bright spot in the figures is

the number of continuing jobless claims

these represent people who filed claims

earlier and continue to receive

unemployment benefits this figure

dropped by nearly eight hundred thousand

it now sits at around nineteen point

five million the drop in continuing

claims is encouraging but it's still

about three times higher than at the

height of the 2009 Great Recession the

Labor Department numbers also showed

that the insured unemployment rate

dropped by half a percentage point to

thirteen point four percent for the week

ending June 13th this supports the view

that more businesses are rehiring

furloughed workers still rising kovat 19

case counts in parts of the country are

likely to hurt employment as some people

stay away from restaurants and other

consumer facing establishments even if

businesses are not shut down again

coming up a black lives matter mural is

going up in front of Trump Tower in New

York City according to City Hall its

commissioned by none other than Mayor

Bill DeBlasio and in some cities school

boards are getting rid of their in

school police officers find out what

families and a school officer trainer

has to say about it when we return




our police actually using deadly force

disproportionately against black people

and how does the focus on police

overshadow other monumental problems

facing black America today

why is believing that black lives matter

not the same as supporting the black

lives matter organization and why are

black conservatives often excluded from

mainstream public awareness and

discourse in this episode we sit down

again with radio talk-show personality

and best-selling author Larry elder who

was the larry elder show for the epic

times he is the executive producer of

the new documentary film Uncle Tom

this is American thought-leaders and I'm

Janiak Alec



the mayor of New York City has

commissioned a black lives matter mural

to be painted across the street from

Trump Tower a New York City Hall

spokesperson confirmed the mayor's plan

to place a mural on the building across

from Trump Tower on Fifth Avenue they

said the president should be reminded

that black lives matter any time he sets

foot in Trump Tower President Trump

responded on Twitter and criticized an

anti-police BLM chant the mural is

expected to go up in the coming weeks

and talk about police reform is making

its way into schools a handful of school

boards in different cities have already

taken steps to remove school resource

officers NTDs Molina Weis Cup has the


school boards in Minneapolis Portland

and Seattle have eliminated contracts

with school resource officers Oakland

and Denver have taken steps in the same


the schools are now closed but what will

be the situation when school comes back

in the fall we asked some families about

how they would feel if school officers

were taken out of the picture completely

you have to be careful of the actions

that you're gonna take and the

consequences they will have and and the

kids in each of you need protection

protection in the school so I don't

think it's safe to remove them from the

school I think it would be a little

dangerous because then more people can

in effect iSchool some media reports

point to data showing that officers are

ineffective at preventing campus

violence executive director of the

National Association of school resource

officers explains why that may not be

100% accurate with a law enforcement

presence in a school environment if I'm

a would-be attacker from the outside and

I pull up to a school and there's a

police car park there that's going to be

a deterrent for most people or they see

a uniformed police presence that's going

to be a deterrent kennedy says he thinks

reforms can be made to better train

school officers but that overcorrecting

the problem isn't a solid solution

either I think what we're seeing right

now at this moment is a massive


another argument against officer

presence in schools is that it will

accelerate the school to Prison Pipeline

data collected by the National

Association of school resource officers

shows otherwise juvenile arrests in this

country not just schools but overall

have plummeted from around 25 million

in 1996 to around 500,000 in 2018

advocacy groups that want to remove

police presence in schools proposed that

school officers could be replaced by

counselors and mental health workers I

don't think that would necessarily be

like a negative change but I don't know

that they would have the same role as

the police officer would have in that

kind of a situation we very closely with

counselors kennedys Association already

offers courses about adolescent brain

development how to handle students with

disabilities in the mental health he

said they already teach about racial

bias and he plans to broaden that course

more in the future

Melina Weiss cup & DD news LA Unified

School District Board of Education

recently voted on whether to defund

school police the the board overall

rejected the proposal some board members

called the decision drastic and said

they were reluctant without first

considering alternatives and coming up

Beijing has been hit by more than

the virus now a hailstorm is hammering

the city but unusually shaped hailstones

have taken locals by surprise and in a

newly released video young protesters

from Hong Kong's pro-democracy movement

are speaking up about alleged sexual


they say the abuse took place during

police detentions that and more after

the break





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video show a heavy police presence in

China's Tiananmen Square

amid Beijing's second virus wave at the

same time the city is being hit by more

than just infection aunt Edie's Tiffany

Mayer brings us more the atmosphere in

Beijing is tense a recent video of

Tiananmen Square shows only a handful of

tourists but a large police presence

some policemen are in plainclothes and

many police vehicles can be seen nearby

Tiananmen Square is located in the

center of the Chinese capital and is

viewed as a symbol of the communist

regime a Beijing citizen captured the

photos and video he explained that as he

entered the square police scanned his

digital health code a strict software

used for virus contact tracing only

people with a green level health report

are allowed to enter Tiananmen Square

but the scanning process wasn't limited

to epidemic related measures besides his

ID card he was also required to take

every single item out of his pockets for

police inspection they paid extra

attention to the books in his bag

examining them closely

he explained that when he looked at the

squares main building three plainclothes

policemen standing close to him turned

to watch him another one was also

spotted nearby he said he didn't

understand why there were so many police

officers with almost no visitors in the

area now we turn to Beijing's virus

situation according to an internal

document new makeshift hospitals are

scheduled to be built in one of the

city's districts that construction plans

reportedly include two makeshift

hospitals and a makeshift lab but

strangely officials in the area have not

reported any confirmed virus cases so

far there's no information about plans

for other districts the report comes

after a makeshift virus testing

department was reportedly built inside

one of Beijing's biggest hospitals

earlier this week

a hailstorm in Beijing has sparked

internet buzz hailstones as big as

chicken eggs have been seen falling from

the late June sky

locals were surprised by the hailstones

unusual shape which some say resemble

many ice sculptures of the CCP virus one

that is in commented online writing you

have to believe the Trump

administration's criticism of Beijing's

politics is growing White House National

Security Advisor Robert O'Brien is

adding his voice to the administration's


he says the Chinese Communist Party's

goal is to manipulate the American

people and the government damages

economy and undermine its sovereignty he

made it clear that the CCP is aggressive

expansionism is a problem for the entire

world due to its calmness ideology and

among other things its crackdown on

human rights

according to O'Brien Americans should be

concerned not only for the Chinese

people but for themselves because the

Communist Party aims to remake the world

with its communist ideology but he added

that the days of American naivety

regarding the People's Republic of China

is over thanks Tiffany Hong Kong's

pro-democracy protesters are facing more

than just tear gas and batons some

alleged sexual assault by the police but

few victims have spoken out for fear of

retaliation as Hong Kong's fate becomes

increasingly dire under Beijing's

aggression more victims are starting to

speak out after this traumatic

experience I was often terrified to

tears when I heard loud noises more

victims are coming out to accuse Hong

Kong police of sexual assault committed

during last year's pro-democracy

protests similar allegations have been

circulating since the start of the

protests but few have spoken out for

fear of retaliation however that's

starting to change in a newly published

video victims are asking the world to

stand up against what they called the

raping of Hong Kong 1 17-year old

student who appears in the video

recounted her experience during a press

conference I also started to get

nightmares I don't want to admit I had

an emotional breakdown because of the

police's sexual harassment

Sonia Ungh a student from the Chinese

University of Hong Kong is also featured

in the video the 25 year old used her

real name to make the allegation last

October in a heartbreaking speech on

campus she pleaded with school officials

to support the students concerns over

the assaults made global headlines last

year when a 19 year old woman filed the

complaint in October against Hong Kong's

police force she said she was gang-raped

during detention and later discovered

she was pregnant but last month Hong

Kong's police commissioner issued orders

to arrest the teenager for giving what

was called a false testimony the

teenager has since fled Hong Kong Hong

Kong's police force denied the

allegations but last November

South Korea's public broadcaster one of

the area's biggest television networks

interviewed an anonymous Hong Kong

police officer the policeman said that

cases of sexual assault are not only

real but more widespread than people

realize junk

what happened you know no chocolate

eresources a-z we can follow a Hong Kong

organization conducted a questionnaire

last winter almost 70 responses were

received all of them alleging sexual

assault will in detention nearly half of

them decided not to report it because

the perpetrators are police or other law

enforcement staff there's a widespread

suspicion among protesters that some of

the police are not local law enforcement

but police sent from mainland China in

the end of the video the victims voice

concern over Beijing's increasing

crackdown on Hong Kong and has the us

for help

we are prayer to you America the leader

of the free world please stand with us

and we will light the way for a new

China to come into the world reporting

by penny Jo and T dnews

the US Senate today passed legislation

that would punish Chinese officials and

businesses that helped China crack down

on Hong Kong's freedoms the Hong Kong

autonomy Act passed unanimously and up

next a famous French landmark is

preparing the wealthy visitors for the

first time in three months tourists and

locals alike will soon have the chance

to tour the Eiffel Tower and the history

behind the ancient Dragon Boat Festival

take a look at boat racing rice

dumplings and more when we return






after more than three months closure due

to the lockdown the eiffel tower is

ready to welcome visitors again our

France correspondent David Vives has the


a moment worth celebrating the Eiffel

Tower the so-called Iron Lady of france

reopens its doors to visitors but i fell

a tree opanka having the tower closed

for a hundred and four days was really

sad for all of us today all teams and I

are really happy to open it again there

are some operational changes to keep the

public safe from the virus which

requires a bit of exercise

there are 674 steps to climb to get to

the tower second floor visitors are

encouraged to take this route because

the elevator can't welcome many people

with the social distancing rules the

monument usually welcomes 23,000

visitors of which 80% are foreign

tourists 10% from the United States the

management society now expects to have

three to four thousand per day of mostly

French visitors according to the eiffel

tower management head there is

uncertainty due to the virus situation

but the tower had to open again of

course we would like to welcome back our

tourists from the United States as well

as other countries we've put in place

all of the safety measures for them but

now it depends on whether tourists want

to come the situation remains

unpredictable the three-month lockdown

represented a loss of 27 million euros

or 30 million us dollars the Eiffel

Tower was built in 1889 and was at the

time the highest monument in the world

the first building to take over the

record was the Chrysler Building in New

York City 40 years later

report by David Rivas NTD news Chinese

communities around the world are

celebrating the Dragon Boat Festival

today waterslide parks are bustling with

dragon boat race preparations and

steaming plates of traditional food on

the fifth day of each year's fifth

month this 2,000 year old holiday honors

an ancient Chinese poet Julian his

loyalty to his country angered corrupted

officials who had him exiled on false

charges of conspiracy to un drown

himself in the milla River in protest of

the corruption around him

villagers paddled into the river to save

the beloved poet when they couldn't they

throw rice dumplings into the waters to

keep the fish from eating his body the

rowing became the colorful modern day

boat races and the tossed rice dumplings

became the distinctive steamed dish

still served in fact these rice

dumplings are such a critical part of

the festivities that Chung – of Hong

Kong begins preparing them weeks in

advance the secret to the best flavor

she says is keeping the tradition alive

according to chum the steady fire

preserves the authentic flavors of the

ingredients in a way gas stoves don't

foul on the procedures for wrapping

sticky rice dumplings are rather

complicated it's a hot season and so I

don't think many people would like to

make them in such a traditional way


I only keep doing it because it's a

family tradition simpler versions are

made around the world is a yearly

tribute to allow you poets love for his

country and that's all for our broadcast

audience but if you're watching online

the show continues live after the

weather forecast










viewers have described China uncensored

like The Daily Show but about China in

China something can be legal but still

in common practice for example bribery

or intellectual property theft or uber

but at the beginning I was super excited

when I got 500 views and now shows grown

to about half a million subscribers on

YouTube one episode reached 79 million

people and Counting I will freaked out

that that many people have seen my face

have you heard of China uncensored it's

starring me it's more and more obvious

that China is having a major influence

on the US hey have you heard of China


don't go Jamie in five years I see China

uncensored as the only show on TV or the

Internet it will be the sole source of

edutainment worldwide have you heard of

China uncensored you actually have these

heard of China



the Pentagon is making it harder for

China to secure US investment and

sensitive technologies it compiled a

list of Chinese companies with ties to

the country's military the Trump

administration has drawn up a list of

companies from China that have ties to

the country's military which may lay the

groundwork for fresh US sanctions

they include tech giant Huawei the video

surveillance company hikvision as well

as China Mobile and China Telecom both

of which are publicly listed in New York

Huawei was placed on a trade blacklist

last year over national security

concerns and Washington has led an

international campaign to convince its

allies to exclude Huawei when setting up

their 5g networks the Pentagon putting

these companies on the list doesn't

trigger penalties per se but it's

compiled as part of a 1999 law that says

the president may impose sanctions which

could include blocking all the company's

property it will also likely add to

tensions between the US and China the

world's two largest economies

they've been butting heads over a litany

of grievances recently including the

global health crisis and Beijing's move

to impose security laws on Hong Kong

most of the companies on the list and

the Chinese Embassy in Washington did

not respond to requests for comment

president Trump signed a Memorandum

designed to protect America's lobster

industry it addresses the impact of

China's retaliatory tariffs on US

lobster President Trump is directing his

administration to protect American

lobster fishermen his memorandum directs

financial assistance to lobster men

making up for lost income from Chinese

tariffs China agreed to buy seafood

including lobsters as part of the Phase

one us-china trade deal trade advisor

Peter Navarro said if those purchase

commitments are not met the US can

impose reciprocal tariffs on the China

seafood industry senator angus King of

Maine welcomed the move

he said the timing is good this has been


tough summer for a lobstermen the

industry was first hit by Chinese

tariffs in 2018 and then was collapsing

restaurant sales because of the virus

locked outs 80% of America's lobster

haul comes from Maine Maine's lobster

industry supports 4,500 state licensed

lobster men and an additional 10,000

people it generates about 15 billion

dollars in economic impact each year the

administration hasn't said how much 8

the lobster industry will get but from

2018 to 2019 it put out twenty five

billion dollars in similar offsets to

Midwestern farmers hurt by trade

policies the lobster industry could also

see massive aid a Canada Europe trade

agreement has also eaten into the us

lobster industry's market share the US

Trade Representative will develop

recommendations over the next 90 days to

address that the man leading America's

largest sheriff's department says it's

not easy to be a cop today we've heard a

lot about protests in recent weeks today

we hear his point of view on what's

going on Los Angeles County Sheriff

Alex Villanueva shares his thoughts on

the state of police reform in recent

turmoil he called the video of George

Floyd's arrest revolting but said it

must be recognized as a rare event

people are trying to sell the idea that

what happened at George Floyd is

happening every Police Department across

the nation and that's absolutely not the

truth we have to keep it in perspective

he says police officers have an

obligation to intervene in situations

like what happened to George Floyd if

one of their their partners is cross the

line is now an abusive or using

excessive force they have an obligation

to stop it if they don't they will be

held accountable and they're all says

culpable as the one that was used in the

excessive force the Los Angeles

Sheriff's Department is facing rising

tensions last week a deputy shot and

killed 18 year-old security guard on

us guado

after he reportedly showed a handgun the

death sparked fresh protests and a

curfew in Santa Ana

sheriff Villanueva leads the country's

largest sheriff's departments he says

they have to walk a fine line it's not

easy to be a cop today

and at the same time just navigating

through this whole whirlwind of

defunding the police and the police are

bad and the bad people are good I mean

it's it's like the world's upside down

but we're we're gonna block out the

noise we're going to stay focused on

keeping the people safe spring and

summer are the traditional seasons of

Renaissance festivities around the

country but with the pandemic shuttering

the popular events some fairies have

taken the act online history teaches us

the bubonic plague which swept much of

the world in the 14th century gave rise

to the Renaissance era but the kovat 19

pandemic of the 21st century has not

stopped some Renaissance Fairs from

taking place virtually anyway I am

delighted to say I declare this year of

festival to be open when Kovach 19

shuttered mass gatherings around the

world southern california's corona burg

renaissance festival took its show

online to help members of the fair

community in general what it's done with

the festival circuit as a whole is it's

taken away the ability for a lot of

these performers that rely on the

circuit for their income and a lot of

people live by going from festival to

festivals selling or performing things

like that so it's definitely kind of

effect on that community the festival

recognized the black lives matter

movement during a recent weekend black

performers and vendors because they've

also been affected by the closures of

kovin 19 and it's important for them to

be able to make income so if our

platform can be used to give them an

ability to make income during this time

all everything shut down then we'd like

to do that hello everyone this is Oh

once it's safe to open the gates again

the Baron of corona burg is ready to

welcome fair goers I know all of us who

are a part of the festival just to let

people come through our gates and kind

of escape reality and I think that's

we're getting more

are important every day as our world

changes and it's a place kind of go go

back and yes even subject to plagues now

and then but uh it is it is nice to

return to a time of politeness and

courtesy no matter who you are no matter

where you're from you're all welcome and

Cronenberg and that's all for today's

news thanks for tuning in

I'm Stephanie Cox


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Warren buffett is going big in japan the question is why america's most famous investor and the chairman of berkshire hathaway said on monday that he's ...
In the early days of world war ii franklin roosevelt told the country and i quote the news is going to get worse and worse before it gets better and better and ...
Today we commemorate the march on washington to jobs and freedom in 1963 where my father declared his dream but we must never forget the american nightmare of r...
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