Trump Indicators Police Reform Govt Order; Contact Tracers Not Asking About Protests | NTD

published on July 3, 2020



good evening and welcome to NTD news I'm

Stephanie Cox here are today's top


president Trump signs an executive order

outlining new guidelines for police

reform among other provisions it creates

a database for excessive force

complaints made against police

New York City's method of contact

tracing is being scrutinized the city

has not required its workers to ask if

the virus positive person attended a

recent protest House Republicans are

urging Speaker Nancy Pelosi to reopen

the house they say the house is not

keeping up with the easing of lockdown

restrictions across the nation the

European Union is allowed to continue

putting tariffs on Chinese goods

China's dropped trying to force the EU

to treat it like a market economy and

border clashes between India and China

turned fatal at least 20 Indian soldiers

were killed and the Chinese also

suffered casualties


the White House is taking its first

major step towards police reform in the

wake of global protests following the

death of George Floyd president Trump

signed a new executive order it will

create a federal database to track

complaints made against police officers

for using excessive force a new

executive order has been signed on

Capitol Hill the White House says its

aim is to promote accountability in law

enforcement what's needed now is not

more stoking of fear and division we

need to bring law enforcement and

communities closer together not to drive

them apart the order establishes a

database for tracking officers with

excessive use of force complaints it

would allow police departments to check

an officer's record before hiring them

from another department other provisions

include banning chokeholds researching

new less lethal weapons to help prevent

deadly interactions and prioritizing

federal grants from the Justice

Department to police departments that

seek independent credentialing

certifying that they meet high standards

and in fact in certain cases the highest

standard that's where they do the best

on the use of force and de-escalation

training the order also directs more

funding to offices dealing with those

who are homeless or mentally ill and

provides more resources for Co

responders like social workers who can

help officers manage more complex

encounters Trump said the country needs

to find common ground but he remains

firmly against some of the recent calls

to defund Police Department's Americans

know the truth without police there is

chaos without law there is anarchy and

without safety there is catastrophe to

family members of those who died in

fatal police encounters Trump said their

loved ones will not have died in vain

and he promised to fight for justice for

all people

reports say New York City's contact

tracers are not required to ask whether

people have been to recent protests NTDs

Miguel Moreno has more on the city's


for about two weeks the city's been

contact tracing finding people who've

tested positive for the CCP virus and

reaching out to their contacts people

who they may have infected but the

procedure has come into question the

city is not requiring contact tracers to

ask people if they'd been to the recent

Floyd and BLM protests Mayor Bill

DeBlasio says he's concerned about a

jump in positive cases because of these

massive gatherings and because of the

unknown he says he's holding off on

giving a date for the next step in

reopening the city clearly those

protests were outdoors largely with

people with face coverings we need more

information so we're going to decide

with the state are we ready to go on

June 22nd or do we need some more time

to keep evaluating the city's contact

tracing team told us the process is

meant to identify people close to the

person who tested positive which may be

impossible in large anonymous gatherings

we asked them why they don't collect the

information on how many virus positive

people will say they attended a protest

on a certain day and make it public this

way the data could be used to alert

anyone who attended them but they didn't

get back to us a Misha doll juh a senior

scholar from Johns Hopkins University

told us he agrees that the data should

be collected a few New Yorkers said it

wouldn't hurt to ask yeah if you want to

contain the virus yeah I mean it'd be a

good idea people are probably not gonna

be under percent honest with you all the

time but it would probably help to ask

the question I don't think it would hurt

to ask the question I know the resident

told us it's none of the city's business

so their business

this virus is practically over if you

look at it the death rate has gone down

significantly it's almost down to nil

what are we worried about adult Joe also

says the issue is that some protests

turned violent and people may not feel

so comfortable giving that information

or the information of others in that

case Miguel Moreno anti D News New York

the city's contact tracer team told us

that a person may be asked if they were

in a large crowd and that their

information will be protected and

confidential and police unions in New

York are under heavy fire after falsely

accusing Shake Shack employees of

intentionally poisoning three police

officers now the city's mayor is looking

to possibly sanction these unions for

their misconduct accusations made by

police unions towards a group of Shake

Shack employees have been dropped but

now these police unions are facing

criticism by the city's mayor it's

literally anti-social what these union

leaders do they tried to undermine

efforts to bond police and community

they try to undermine progress last

night three NYPD officers were sent to a

hospital after drinking shakes from one

of the shake Shack's establishments the

NYPD reported that their drinks were

contaminated with a toxic substance a

tweet from a police union said that the

poisoning was intentional despite not

having any evidence the tweet is no

longer available Chief of Detectives

Rodney Harrison later set the record

straight with his own tweet saying there

was no criminality by Shake Shack

employees police unions are now looking

at potential ramifications for their

accusations I think it's time for a full

review of when their actions reach

beyond freedom of speech or the right to

represent one's members which are

absolutely appropriate activities the

three officers who were poisoned have

since been discharged from the hospital

and the investigation is still ongoing

House Republicans are urging Speaker

Nancy Pelosi to make official plans so

the house can reopen safely they hint

that the house is falling behind as the

rest of the country eases lockdown


House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has no plans

to bring members of the house back until


House Republicans wrote her a letter

asking how the chamber will keep pace

with the reopening of America the letter

pointed out the lack of a reopening

strategy and no plans to make Congress

building safe from the CCP virus upon an

eventual reopening most House members

also have Capitol Hill office suites

where 15 to 18 staff members work there

are also support staff that prepare food

deliver mail manage parking facilities

and more the letter adds that the House

members local district offices have also

been slow to reopen due to the lack of

official directives from the House the

letter urges Pelosi to come up with a

plan Pelosi has not responded the Senate

returned to work on May 4th

while many House members continued to

conduct their duties remotely House

Republicans previously filed a lawsuit

to question the proxy voting process

they alleged violates the Constitution's

requirement that congressmen be

physically present in the chamber to

vote Harvard University says it will not

require SAT or a CT scores for its 2021

applications admissions officers say the

pandemic has created a difficult

learning and testing environment for

high school students more than half of

all colleges and universities have

dropped standardized test scores from

their application now Harvard has – they

say this year presented too many hurdles

when it came to scheduling the tests

especially for families from modest

backgrounds Harvard also says students

will be considered all the same if they

submit pass/fail grades and low

community service participation in 2020

but the changes are temporary Harvard

says it will monitor the virus situation

and adjust admissions deadlines as


the College Board refuses to offer the

SAT online since it would require three

hours of solid internet connectivity

which the board says many applicants

just won't have Pacific Gas and Electric

pleaded guilty today to 84 counts of

involuntary manslaughter it stems from a

devastating 2018 California wildfire

caused by the utility companies power


the guilty plea is part of an agreement

with prosecutors in the country county

it's intended to end all criminal

proceedings against PG&E from the

campfire which broke out on November 8

2018 it destroyed much of the town of

Paradise the campfire killed at least 84

people and destroyed some 18,000

buildings it's considered the most

destructive wildfire in California's

history and in other news China is

bowing out after losing a landmark

trading dispute against the EU China's

hopes have been recognized as a market

economy went out on a whimper today a

World Trade Organization ruling said

that the European Union did not have to

treat China like a market economy China

had until Monday to challenge the ruling

but chose not to DRC knew that they

would lose the case EU the EU put

tariffs on Chinese goods because the

Chinese Communist Party supports private

companies in ways that Western countries

do not it'll often subsidize Chinese

exporters so that cheap Chinese Goods

can flood the international market and

undercut foreign businesses this creates

an unlevel playing field for

international trade because they have

governmental support when they're

competing with companies that are

privately or that have to source their

capital and in the private sector so to

level the playing field the EU in the

United States placed tariffs on Chinese

imports they base the tariffs and what

the price would be if China actually was

a market economy so Chinese goods then

gets tariffs or get higher tariffs

offsetting tariffs and that displeases

the Chinese Communist Party to be

recognized as a market economy the CCP

should allow prices to be set by the

market allow Western companies like

Facebook access to the Chinese market

and allow its citizens as say in the

country's political process the CCP

doesn't allow any of these things up

next a border clash between India and

turn fatal find out what happened and

more after the break



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the pandemic situation inside China's

capital is getting worse and worse

thousands are being tested and the virus

in several neighborhoods are now under

lockdown and TD's Tiffany Meyer brings

us more CCP virus cases in Beijing now

exceed 109 of the city's 18 districts

are affected so far according to local

officials 11 markets are now closed

about 300 more have increased sanitation

measures about 30 neighbourhoods have

also been put under lockdown according

to Chinese media over 70,000 people have

been tested for the CCP virus about 60

of them tested positive as for schools

all students from kindergarten to the

college level have returned home to

continue their lessons online many shops

have also closed again though still open

get few customers and are having a hard

time making ends meet yo you sang on

your sound problems I'm affected that's

hugely impacted there were no customers

now not even one comes into my shop I

have been losing money by paying rent

since Spring Festival in January I can't

even make enough money for food for

Baldonado don't rely market notices also

declare that all the meats and seafood

is currently suspended high risk groups

in Beijing including those who have been

in close contact with a confirmed virus

patient are forbidden from leaving the

city all outbound taxi and car hailing

services in Beijing have been suspended

many provinces have also imposed

quarantine requirements on people coming

from Beijing most long-distance bus

routes between Beijing and nearby

provinces have been suspended but

highways out of the capital city remain

open the World Health Organization

called the Beijing outbreak a

significant event and asked China to

share the virus's genome sequence

Beijing has a population of over 20

million twice that of whoo-hah

it's not just researchers who have been

getting undisclosed funding from the

Chinese regime universities are also

targets more than 100 universities in

the US have worked with Confucius

Institutes either in the past or

currently which are tied to the regime

the Department of Education requires

that all universities disclose foreign

gifts that exceed two hundred and fifty

thousand dollars but according to online

news outlet the washington free beacon

federal records show only 30 percent of

institutions have disclosed their

financial links to beijing concerns are

rising about the millions the Chinese

regime is pouring into American

Universities according to a Senate

report Confucius Institute funding comes

with strings that can compromise

academic freedom the report adds since

the Chinese regime chooses all teachers

events and speakers for the Confucius

Institutes there is no leeway for debate

surrounding controversial topics like

Taiwan's independence or the 1989

Tiananmen Square massacre experts are

worried that the funding could stifle

free speech damaging the academic

integrity of American institutions the

Department of Education has since

cracked down on universities and is more

strongly enforcing the disclosure

requirement it seems to be working

universities have disclosed six and a

half a billion dollars of previously

unreported funding it also shows the

majority of the funding came from the

Chinese regime and the Middle East but

the Education Department told House

Republicans that some colleges are

hindering the investigations and

refusing to disclose foreign funding

despite the resistance the influence of

Confucius Institutes in the US has been

on the decline

there are currently just over 80

programs in operation that's down from

over 100 and 2017 the weeks-long clashes

at the india china border turned fatal

when over 20 indian soldiers were killed

the Chinese side also suffered

casualties and concerns of escalation

still linger at least 20 Indian soldiers

have died from a violence faced office

Chinese troops on Monday night the two

sides clashes with iron rods and

stones at their disputed border in the

Western Himalayas Indian military

officials say three soldiers were killed

during the clashes while 17 more were

critically injured and due to the

sub-zero temperatures in the high

altitude terrain died of the injuries on

Tuesday chinese state media Global Times

editor in chief tweeted that the Chinese

side also suffered casualties but

authorities did not disclose the exact

number Indian media reported that China

suffered 43 casualties including death

and serious injuries this is the first

time in decades since clashes at the two

countries border has led to casualties

although border patrol soldiers often

engage in fistfights and stone throwing

the two nuclear-armed neighbors had

agreed not to open fire so fatal clashes

had been rare on Tuesday Indian

authorities accused the Chinese soldiers

of operating in an area under Indian

control and say the clash is a result of

an attempt by the Chinese side to

unilaterally change the status quo there

while a Chinese commander and military

spokesman blamed India saying it's

proactively attacked an area under

China's control he asked India not to

stir up trouble and move in the same

direction as China an Indian expert is

concerned the clashes could ask late

this time Odyssey is a more aggressive

posture the Chinese which looks like a

deliberate policy to create confusion

between India or rather the relationship

between India and China at the highest

level small clashes have been happening

since May Indian and Chinese army

generals have been in talks aiming to

de-escalate border disputes between the

two have continued since 1962 in China

attacked India at the desolate and

hardly inhabited border covered in rock

and ice

experts say then Chinese Communist

leader Mao sodon't started the war to

counter an internal power struggle

within the party and we establish his

authority while the situation differs

for today's si Jinping who is already in

total control of the Chinese army the

latest major clash was in 2017 when both

Indian and China ramped up military

deployments at the border for two months

both countries are currently suffering

from the virus

demek Beijing is now bracing for a

potential second wave with an already

struggling national economy penny Jo and

TV news

still to come it looks like the

pandemics enhanced unemployment benefits

will be allowed to expire at the end of

July find out what might replace them

after the break



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Idaho will begin paying people to go

back to work

it's to encourage workers to return

before the enhanced unemployment

benefits program expires at the end of

July Larry Kudlow says the program is

putting some people off returning to

work because they can earn just as much

staying unemployed Idaho will give

residents a one-time $1500 bonus for

going back to their full-time jobs only

those who became unemployed during the

pandemic and go back to work before July

1st are eligible it's to encourage

people to come off enhance unemployment

benefits sooner White House economic

advisor Larry Kudlow likes the idea he

believes the pandemics enhanced

unemployment benefits are discouraging

people from going back to work under the

cares Act anyone who becomes unemployed

during the pandemic is entitled to

unemployment benefits plus an extra $600

per week so some people are earning more

by staying at home the program will

expire July 31st Democrats want to

extend it to support people until the

end of the year but GOP lawmakers favor

return to work programs Idaho's program

will use 100 million dollars from the

125 billion dollars it received

in federal coronavirus relief funds a

new drug is being touted as a potential

treatment for the CCP virus the widely

available steroid dexamethasone could

help some of the sickest virus patients

trials in the UK show promising results

is a steroid drunk it's an old drug some

people would say it's a very boring drug

it's been around for 60 odd years it's

very cheap it costs pounds and overseas

it cost pennies researchers found a

10-day regimen of dexamethasone reduced

the risk of death by 1/3 for patients on

a ventilator it did not have the same

positive effects on patients with good

lung function dexamethasone is typically

used as treatment for arthritis severe

allergies and some types of cancer and

in other news US retail sales saw a

Rickard jumpin me exceeding analysts

expectations as American shoppers ramped

up spending with states reopening

here's more in today's business briefs

US retail sales marked a record rise in

May nearly 18 percent as shoppers

unleashed the pent-up demand from the

lock downs the bounce-back is nearly 10

percent higher than economists expected

recovering part of the sales drop from

March and April

the surgeon shopping was likely aided by

the federal government's three trillion

dollar rescue money ninety-eight percent

of investors surveyed by Bank of America

believe markets are overvalued world

stocks bounced back nearly 40 percent

from March lows fueled by generous

government stimulus and lifting of lock

downs the percentage of investors

expecting a prolonged recession dropped

by nearly half compared to April however

investors still see a second wave of

virus infections as the biggest

potential risk Hilton says it's cutting

over 2,100 corporate jobs as the hotel

chain deals with unprecedented

challenges for the travel and tourism

industry analytics company SCR reports

between late March and early April only

about 21% of hotel rooms in the US were

occupied occupancy rates have improved

since then but still show a sharp

decline for the year and coming up next

as virus infection rates drop

preparations for sporting events resume

but not without a few changes more on

that when we return






as the number of virus infections get

smaller the preparations for sporting

events are picking up but some can't

take place without a few changes the

United States Tennis Association decided

that this year's US Open tournament will

be held but some top players have

expressed concerns about attending the

tournament due to virus fears there

won't be any fans attending the games to

prevent big crowds of people from

gathering NASCAR is moving at showcase

July 15th all-star race to Bristol from

his traditional Charlotte Motor Speedway

home they plan to allow up to 30,000

spectators to attend the event the race

was shifted to Bristol Motor Speedway in

Tennessee due to a recent spike in virus

cases in North Carolina the Champions

League playoffs can expect some big

changes this year usually the playoffs

have 16 games played in the respective

team cities this year there's only eight

games all of them played in Lisbon

Portugal games will likely be played

behind closed doors but changes might be

made should public health conditions in

Portugal allow FIFA World Cup organisers

confirmed a third stadium for the 2022

tournament in Qatar has been completed

the 40,000 seater education city stadium

is a third of eight venues to be

completed dubbed the diamond in the

desert the stadium is the first to

receive a five-star rating for its

sustainability and that's all for

today's news thanks for tuning in I'm

Stephanie Cox











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