Trump Says US Making “Super Duper Missile”

published on July 2, 2020

the US is developing a new missile to

counter the threat from Russia and China


welcome back to America uncovered I'm

Chris Chappell

president Trump has an announcement to

make I call it the SuperDuper missile I

believe that's the technical term the

president's comments came on May 15th

during an event where officials

presented him with the new flag of the

us space force like a kid in the candy

store only the candy store is a new

branch of the US military with the hint

of Starfleet Command and the space force

is not candy it's meant to protect us

and allied interests in space and

although the US space force may not say

this explicitly it's meant to protect US

space assets like satellites from China

and Russia speaking of China and Russia

they've also been developing their own

hypersonic weapons hypersonic means it

goes at least five times the speed of

sound the kind of missile that could

take out a US aircraft carrier before

the sailors can say holy moly holy moly

that's how sailors talk anyway in what

seemed to be unscripted remarks at the

Oval Office President Trump went on to

describe the new SuperDuper missile the

us is working on I call it the

SuperDuper missile and I heard the other

night 17 times faster than what they

have right now then you take the fastest

missile we have right now you've heard

Russia has five times and China's

working on five or six times we have 117

times and it's just gotten to go ahead

17 times faster if you can believe that

general that's something right yes mr

president that is something that maybe

let's not say anything more about

because it's a secret high-tech weapon

but in response to follow-up questions

from reporters the chief Pentagon

spokesman did confirm that they are

working on a range of hypersonic

missiles to counter our adversaries now

it's unclear whether Trump's comments

about the SuperDuper missile or him

accidentally saying too much I know it's

a stretch or whether they were

intentional meant to let Russia and

China know that now is not a time to

mess with the US but either way this

technology is important in early 2018

pre-beard Chris was talking about these

concerns on China uncensored

of course the main fear is not so much

that the Chinese Communist Party will

nuke the United States it's that if

China is the first to successfully

develop these hypersonic missiles he

will change the balance of power in the

Asia Pacific region because of their

incredible speed and lower flight path

hypersonic missiles could get through

us missile defense systems in Asia

like fat in South Korea in March 2019

the think tank the Hudson Institute

dedicated an entire hour long panel to

just the issue of China's hypersonic

missile threat there's no clearer case

no clear challenge than in the

indo-pacific theater and the challenges

that China is imposing upon the United

States as a Pacific Power and hypersonic

weapons goes right to the heart of that

challenge because it is the capability

that will keep us out from carrying out

our treaty obligations and others

support we offer to our friends and

allies I'm really what make us a Pacific

Power and in March 2020 the Pentagon

successfully tested a hypersonic glide

body in Hawaii now it's unclear whether

these new hypersonic missiles would be

used by the us space force but the

Navy wants its ship launch capability

fielded in 2023 followed by a

submarine-launched missile in 2024 and

the Air Force wants to field its

air-launched version in 2022 and

developing these capabilities is more

important than ever

relations between the US and China are

tenser than they've been in decades

especially after the Chinese Communist

Party covered up the corona virus

allowed it to spread to the US and then

blame the US military for it and it

doesn't help that the Chinese Communist

Party has

ramped up its threats to Taiwan a US

ally the People's Liberation Army has

staged a series of war games including

flybys and warship transits through the

Taiwan Strait in recent months and in

December Russia announced it had

developed a hypersonic weapon one that

can easily evade American missile

defense systems and some media are

reporting that this month Russia even

tested a version of the missile that can

be launched straight from a bomber plane

so in the two biggest authoritarian

regimes on earth are developing

hypersonic technology maybe it's time

for the us to also up its game even if

the official name ends up not being

super duper so what do you think what

would you name America's new hypersonic

missile leave your comments below and

remember America uncovered is supported

mainly through direct viewer support

through the crowdfunding website patreon

go to patreoncom/scishow to once again

I'm Chris Chappell see you next time



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