Trump Rallies to Begin Subsequent Week; DC Mayor Sued for BLM Writing in Road | NTD

published on July 3, 2020



good evening and welcome to NTD news I'm

Stephanie a Cox here in today's top


president Trump's first rally is set to

happen next week but he's facing

criticism of where when and how he's

planning it the DC mayor is being sued

for allegedly picking favorites using

taxpayer money the suit comes after

black lives matter was written in big

letters on one of the city's streets the

latest development in the Michael Flynn

case three judges are divided over

whether they should order a lower judge

to drop the case after he refused

Microsoft and other companies say

they've stopped selling facial

recognition technology to police they

say they expect Congress to regulate its

use and a knife attack has been reported

in Hong Kong our on-site reporter was

involved in the altercation and one

bystander was injured


the Trump campaign is starting up

rallies next week it will be the first

in three months

some are criticizing the move because of

potential virus spread others criticize

the date and location of the planned

rally and TD's Molina weisscap has more

Trump rallies will start up again next

week the first one will be in Tulsa

Oklahoma on Friday a beautiful new venue

brand-new and they're looking forward to

it they've done a great job with kovat

as you know in the state of Oklahoma but

some now criticizing Trump for the

rallies also announced their support for

recent protests taking place across the

nation representative Val Demmings

considered Joe Biden's running mate

criticized Trump's move calling it

selfish and irresponsible

that's after she attended a healing and

hope rally earlier this week one doctor

says any kind of gathering poses a risk

for the spread and the bigger a mass

gathering becomes the more likely you're

going to have an exposure and we're

really worried about what will happen to

the contact tracers who have to then go

and try and figure out who is in contact

with you the Trump campaign is making

people RSVP which is said to help

contact tracers it's trying to keep a

log of who was there and when so they

can actually make the contact tracing

this job much easier to do but obviously

if you have a mass gathering with tens

of thousands of people that still

becomes very daunting even if you have

everybody's names anyone who wants to

attend the rally has to sign a

disclosure statement saying they won't

sue the Trump campaign if they choose to

go to the rally and then contract the

virus Trump is also facing criticism for

the date of the rally set for June 19th

which is an American holiday that

commemorates the day Texas abolished

slavery in 1865 Molina Weiss cup in TV

news Trump said in an interview with Fox

this morning that he did not choose the

June 19th date on purpose but says the

date itself being when slavery was

abolished could be seen as a celebration

and activists are suing the mayor of

Washington DC for ordering the words

black lives matter to be painted on a

city street the lawsuit alleges mayor

Bowser violated the First Amendment by

showing preference to one

leaf over another Bowser told reporters

last week that the word sent a message

to the American people that black

humanity matters a group is suing DC

Mayor Muriel Bowser for allegedly

violating the First Amendment they claim

having black lives matter painted on a

city street shows preference to one

belief over another the First Amendment

prohibits government action that favors

one religion over another the plaintiffs

argue the mayor used taxpayer money to

promote one faith or belief over another

the complaint comes about a week after

she ordered city workers to paint the

words in large yellow letters near the

White House and renamed that section of

the street black lives matter plaza the

lawsuits plaintiffs are a pastor a

former military judge in a DC lobbyist

the plaintiffs have asked the court to

order the mayor to display other banners

on the street such as blue lives matter

in all lives matter

they say that way she would not be

showing favoritism to a particular group

Bowser said that like all of the city's

public art the banner stays we think

it's going to have a central place not

in just DC history but in American

history and we should be proud of it the

lawsuit alleges the banner conveys the

message that blacks are the city's

favorite race they argue this itself is

a racist position the mayor's office did

not immediately respond to a request for

a comment a panel of three judges in the

District of Columbia appears to be at an

impasse they're split on whether or not

to intervene in the case of former Trump

adviser Lieutenant General Michael Flynn

the Justice Department alongside former

Trump advisor Michael Flynn is reaching

out to a DC appeals court it's asking

the courts judges to rule over DC

District Judge Emmett Sullivan who is

refusing to accept the do Jay's motion

to drop the Flynn case but so far they

remain divided there's nothing wrong

with him holding a hearing as far as I

know but he doesn't have the authority

to conduct that hearing your honor he

has appointed this amicus to go far

beyond the scope of his authority

Flynn formerly headed the Defense

Intelligence Agency during the Obama

administration and later served as an

security adviser to President Trump he

pleaded guilty in 2017 to one count of

lying during an FBI interview but he

abandoned the plea earlier this year the

DOJ moved to drop Flynn's case last

month saying the FBI didn't have a

reason to interview Flynn in the first


the department accused the bureau of

questioning Flynn to elicit those very

false statements and thereby criminalize

him so far judge Sullivan who presided

over Flynn's case hasn't accepted the

dismissal he's also indicated that he

wants to probe the DOJ about its motives

for dropping the case the judges didn't

set a schedule for making a decision in

response to the recent protests

microsoft says it won't sell facial

recognition technology to police at

first wants the federal government to

regulate its use they're raising

concerns over how the technology can be

used by law enforcement to racially

profile people so they're calling on the

federal government to regulate the

software and prevent profiling the

founder of Logan's security consulting

says it's possible so these technologies

like facial recognition have the ability

to differentiate between ethnicity and

race but that might be an example where

the government could tell the technology

companies and law enforcement and even

private industry who is using the

technology that they are not allowed to

filter for race IBM and Amazon have made

similar announcements following the

international Floyd protests ironically

Microsoft says it wants a strong

national law grounded in human rights

but an online security watchdog says the

company is providing web services to

blacklisted Chinese firms since time and

Megg V these two facial recognition

companies have been blacklisted by the

US for their part in the persecution of

Uighur Muslims in Shenyang the Chinese

Communist Party has installed massive

surveillance systems to track the

movement of Weger Muslims

what's happening in China is a direct

result of the government's willingness

to use this technology in impressive

ways iBM is also questioning whether law

enforcement should use facial

recognition andrew says there should be

a place for it

from the law-enforcement standpoint

generally I'm in in favor of legitimate

legal honest law enforcement the use of

any technology they use video right now

so facial recognition should have a

place there digital rights group

Electronic Frontier Foundation says the

technology is particularly bad at

recognizing african-americans correctly

Miguel Moreno NTD news state attorneys

general are suing 26 drug makers and ten

individuals for allegedly price fixing

generic drugs one of the plaintiffs

calls the companies the largest domestic

corporate cartel in the country's


forty-six state attorney generals are

filing a lawsuit against 26 drug

manufacturers and ten individuals for

price-fixing on multiple generic drugs

the 543 page lawsuit accuses the

companies of collusion on prices from at

least 2009 through early 2016

the plaintiffs of the lawsuit are 46

states the defendants include a drug

manufacturers feasor Novartis and Milan

Connecticut Attorney General William

Tong accused the defendants of stealing

billions upon billions of dollars from

American families every year Tong says

the companies were in constant

communication about fixing prices the

lawsuit says the companies colluded to

divide the market between each other the

lawsuit says the collusion kept prices

high for consumers by eliminating

competition among the companies Tong

says his investigation is ongoing and

expanding in the states are currently

preparing for the trial he called the

generic drug companies the largest

domestic corporate cartel in US history

dzifa's spokeswoman says the company

doesn't believe it engaged in unlawful

conduct Milan spokeswoman says her

company found no evidence of anything

mentioned in the accusation British

Prime Minister Boris Johnson says it's

absurd and shameful that the statue of

former Prime Minister Winston Churchill

has had to be boxed up

there are fears the statue could be

vandalized last weekend protesters

sprayed the phrase Churchill was a

racist on the statue

Johnson says the figure is a permanent

reminder of Churchill's achievement in

saving this country and the whole of

Europe from the fascist and wrath

racists tyranny he says anyone who

attacks public property or police will

face the full force of the law more

protests are expected across the UK this

weekend demonstrators say statues of

people with links to the slave trade

should be taken down but many think it's

a step too far our UK correspondent Jane

where'll has more cool is to take down

statues with links to Britain's imperial

s pastor gaining momentum across the UK

some historians are urging caution

saying that we can learn from and

reflect on history people do get carried

away especially today by the notions of

sort of moral outrage and this is very

much whipped up on social media and on

the internet so that's perhaps why

feelings are more intense at the moment

but that does often does not help

reflection and campaigners are targeting

a statue in Oxford of colonialist and

mining entrepreneur Cecil Rhodes saying

he represents white supremacy but the

university's vice-chancellor says

removing the statue could amount to

hiding history the point of history is

to understand the past and to realize

why people acted in the way that they

did then rather than try to tell them

that they were always wrong and that

they should have lived as we live today

with our views earlier this month

activists dismantled a statue of Edward

Colston an English philanthropist and

politician who was heavily involved in

the slave industry his statue was

dragged through the streets and then

thrown into the river

it has since been pulled out and the

mayor says it will be put in the city's

Museum a far left group stop Trump

Coalition has collated a hit list of

about 78 statues to pull down in the UK

it includes this statue of Lord

baden-powell the local counselor says

baden-powell who is the founder of the

scouts did a lot to bring people with

different backgrounds and races together

we want to keep him here in the long

term and that means that we have to

protect him in the short term their

strong support from the locals in the

town saying it should stay as you wanted

to stay I will fight for him and tell me

what's the strength of feeling in the

local community everyone there's nobody

against it they want it here a structure

around it to keep it safe what's the

problem with that there's no problem

with that no problem at all

so what are they going to do take the

pyramids and gloom Patras needle down

the UK's opposition party councils have

said they will review statues that have

links to slavery the London Mayor has

ordered a commission to review the

diversity of the city's landmarks which

includes street names murals and

memorials Jane Worrell ntg News London

and a YouGov poll shows most people

didn't support the way Edward Colston

statue was thrown into the river by

activists in southwest England and in

other news insurance companies say they

won't pay policy holders business losses

from the CCP virus shutdowns insurers

argue the monthly payout could cost

hundreds of billions of dollars which

could make them go bankrupt insurance

companies don't want to pay small

businesses for the revenue losses during

the CCP virus shutdowns this includes

policyholders with business interruption

coverage but one New Jersey lawmaker

wants to force insurers to pay out even

if pandemic coverage isn't explicitly

included in the policy insurers argue

that it would be unconstitutional for a

government to force them they're also

worried about the cost and insurance

trade group warns it could cost the

industry hundreds of billions of dollars


to compensate small businesses that

could bankrupt insurers but according to

Reuters its estimates are based on an

absolute worst-case scenario for the

industry the Insurance Information

Institute says that less than half of

all small businesses have business

interruption coverage and very few of

those policies explicitly cover

pandemics in this case it would only

cause the industry millions per month

not hundreds of billions but it appears

insurers don't even want to pay out to

these people they say business

interruption insurance should only cover

closures due to physical damage not

pandemics trade groups say the industry

stance has to tear people from filing

claims but some are taking legal action

with dozens of court cases lined up up

next a reported knife attack in Hong

Kong when a pro-beijing supporter turned

on protesters our on-site reporter was

also attacked more on that when we




just–how is the anger and grief

following the killing of George Floyd

being exploited

why does civil rights veteran Bob

Woodson argue that the National focus on

systemic racism actually distracts from

larger problems facing black America

how do funds meant for helping

low-income black communities fail to

actually go to the people who need it

most and what are real solutions to

uplift people in impoverished

neighborhoods in this episode we sit

down with Bob Woodson founder and

president of the Woodson Center and one

of the founders of the 1776 initiative

this is American thought leaders and I'm

Eunhyuk ellic now to Hong Kong where one

of our reporters was attacked last night

he was covering a pro-democracy protest

when a pro-beijing supporter pulled a

knife on him and tdys Tiffany Meyer has

the details

a knife attack has been reported in Hong

Kong one person was reportedly injured

at the seam of the crime the attacker

even went after our on-site reporter

during a live stream hosted by our

Cantonese news program a nearby man

could be seen arguing with others soon

after he became violent the man took out

a knife and pointed it at one of those

he was arguing with then he turned and

attacked our reporter whose mobile phone

used to film the livestream was knocked

over bystander stepped in to stop the

attack one of them was wounded in the

process the attacker was reportedly a

supporter of Hong Kong's police which

are responsible for helping to suppress

the city's pro-democracy movement some

citizens or visibly angry with him our

reporter said after the incident the man

who was injured turned to him and said

he supports us US Treasury Secretary

Stephen minuchin says he's working on a

– China's controversial new law on Hong

Kong the Treasury is reportedly

considering measures that could restrict

capital flow through Hong Kong the

Chinese Communist Party often uses Hong

Kong as a loophole to work around trade

embargoes Seoul s capital flow would

also impact mainland China Apple has

removed podcast app pocket casts from

its App Store in China that's because

the country's cyber space administration

says it could be used to access content

deemed illegal by the Communist Party at

first Chinese authorities try to get the

apps developers to censor certain

content but after they refused the

officials demanded that the app be

removed from the App Store Twitter is

dismantling a network of more than

170,000 fake accounts backed by the

Chinese communist regime Twitter says

the state backed campaign was

manipulating the platform and it had

violated its policies Twitter announced

a Thursday it removed thousands of

accounts backed by the Chinese communist

regime almost 2,400 active accounts were

suspended for artificially pushing

narratives on topics such as the CCP

virus an additional 150,000 state-backed

accounts were deleted for their role in

amplifying these posts Twitter

researchers determined that these were

fake accounts that had links to another

state backed operation that Twitter took

down last year the propaganda campaign

also targeted Taiwan and the

pro-democracy protest movement in Hong

Kong Twitter said this network was in

addition to another Beijing operated

network on Twitter identified by the US

State Department last month back in

March a pair of GOP lawmakers urged

Twitter to ban scores of accounts for

spreading propaganda by the regime such

propaganda included the claim that the

US military was responsible for bringing

the virus to China this accusation was

also made by a senior Chinese official

senator Ben Sasse of Nebraska and

Representative Mike Gallagher of

Wisconsin wrote the letter to Twitter

CEO Jack Dorsey questioning whether

Chinese officials should use the

platform when people from China are

prohibited from doing so coming up some

of the shops along Manhattan's famous

Fifth Avenue

open for customers again but shopping

isn't the same find out what's changed

after the break



hello there doesn't it feel like we're

moving further away from the very values

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adding fuel to the flame which is why

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traditional values and reports the news

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false narratives so if you want to know

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stay truly informed




here's some good news for shoppers Fifth

Avenue stores are open again New York

City Fifth Avenue shops started

reopening Thursday with curbside service

customers are glad to be back even

though they can't roam around the store

on their own yet it's about time and

it's better than nothing

it was quite nice quite nice I have a

personal shopper and she met me out here

and showed me something that I might be

interested in and it will be said to me

employees and customers have to wear

face coverings and stores are limited to

50% capacity customers say it's going

well I came out to return a few items

and I think that the process right now

is easy you know just come up to the

front you speak to a representative they

take your information your receipt and

be on your way back home many are here

to return things they ordered online

we're here for like returning some stuff

that we ordered online

how's the experience I think convenient

not to God I was like if there's some

weight which is making it a little

inconvenient but but otherwise I think

it's doing a great job at the returns

many businesses were threatened by

looting during the riots some are still

boarded up the Fifth Avenue Association

has a list of stores that are open in

store retail will start during phase two

of reopening one of the industry's

hardest hit by the virus shutdown is the

luxury food business it's turning sour

and looking for ways to stay afloat that

and more here in today's business briefs

global demand for high-end foods like

Wagyu beef bluefin tuna and caviar has

plunged since CCP virus lock downs

gourmet food producers are offering

steep discounts and selling direct to

consumers online to keep their

businesses going but others have been

forced to shut operations as some

products lost nearly half their value

since the start of the year thousands of

federal immigration staffers might be

out of work next week officials at the

US Citizenship and Immigration Services

say they might not be able to meet

payroll this is due to a plunge in

applications and unexpected revenue loss

the USCIS is asking Congress for a 12

billion dollar cash injection to help

offset the losses drugstore chains CVS

joined super retailer Walmart in

announcing it will stop keeping beauty

and personal care products designed for

people of color in Lock display cases

this comes after the policy drew

criticism online after a Walmart

customer complained the practice was


coming up 62 baby animals were born at

the Paris zoo over lockdown find out how

the zoo is reopening after the break




viewers have described China uncensored

like The Daily Show but about China at

the beginning I was super excited when I

got 500 views and now shows grown to

about half a million subscribers on

YouTube one episode reached 79 million

people I am a wolf freaked out that that

many people have seen my face in five

years I see China uncensored as the sole

source of edutainment worldwide




in France Paris zoo has reopened this

week after a long shutdown which seemed

to be easier on the animals than it was

on the staff taking care of them our

France correspondent David Vives has the

story they hadn't seen a visitor for two

and a half months after they do closed

in mid-march due to the EPP virus

shutdown but the two thousand animals

and para zoo greeted visitors this week

and heard the sounds of children again

in the alleys I checked my emails every

day to see if it was going to reopen she

used to come once a week so yes it is

magical the zoo welcomed new residents

during lockdown 62 babies were born

including new baboons Boris's and

penguins and all seems to be going well

for this ring-tailed lemur mommy

carrying her twins wherever she goes

birds often mean a species is doing well

in the zoo this family of meerkats has

also seen new arrivals during lockdown

avoid a favela the lockdown started just

before the breeding season so it's

normal nothing changed for the animals

but having no visitors not seeing our

public it was hard for the staff Paris

zoo is a facility of the French National

Museum of Natural History according to

its president the animals as well as the

staff are happy the zoo is open again by

quitting on it when visitors are gone

life doesn't stop in the zoo we have to

continue our work here we see that the

animals who are not stressed thanks to

the great work of the staff visitors

must follow new rules such as keeping to

social distancing measures and using

hydro alcoholic gel on their hands

before entering the zoo no more than

2300 visitors will be allowed in at any

one time the zoo expects to fully reopen

by the end of June report by David Rivas

NTD news Paris and that's all for

today's news thanks for tuning in I'm

Stephanie Cox











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