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published on July 2, 2020



good evening welcome to NTD news I'm

Stephanie Cox here are today's top


president Trump is taking action to

protect America's monuments he says

people who are toppling statues are

trying to demolish our heritage and

impose a new oppressive regime in its

place Attorney General William Bar is

creating a task force to stop violent

extremists the new effort will help

local law enforcement and protect

constitutional rights the Supreme Court

is siding with Republicans on mail-in

voting and new ruling blocks a Democrat

led pitch to expand the practice in

Texas the commercial transportation and

logistics industry is barring some

economic hardships as it recovers from

the pandemic but it's also having a

major breakthrough and wives of French

police officers are standing up against

the mounting hostility towards their

spouses they want people to stop blaming

the police for the country's social




the president is taking action to

protect the nation's statues memorials

and monuments it comes after dozens have

been toppled or vandalized across the

country in recent weeks which he says is

an attempt to demolish our heritage I

think many of the president Trump signed

an executive order to protect statues

monuments and memorials in the United

States in recent weeks rioters have

vandalized and toppled dozens of statues

across the country some statues

represent Confederate generals and

soldiers but not all of them people who

destroy monuments commemorating those

who served in the US Armed Forces face

up to 10 years in prison earlier in the

day Trump called for the arrest of

people who tried to pull down a statue

of Andrew Jackson near the White House

he wrote many people in custody with

many others being sought for

vandalization of federal property in

Lafayette Park 10-year prison sentences

at his campaign rally in Tulsa Oklahoma

the president said this crew campaign of

censorship and exclusion violates

everything we hold dear as Americans

they want to demolish our heritage so

they can impose their new oppressive

regime in its place Trump said earlier

this week that statues can come down but

they should go through the legal process

the order says state and local law

enforcement agencies that fail to

protect monuments can lose federal

support the US Attorney General is

creating a new task force to counter

violent anti-government extremists the

effort will target groups that are

trying to deny other people's

constitutional rights Attorney General

William Barr created a task force to

stop violent anti-government extremists

barson a memo to all US attorneys and

department heads it said in recent weeks

we have witnessed significant threats to

the rule of law and meant peaceful

demonstrations protected by the First

Amendment we have seen anti-government

extremists engaged in indefensible acts

of violence

she says they oppose the constitutional

values of a democratic society governed

by law she wrote some pretend to profess

a message of freedom and progress but

they are in fact forces of anarchy

destruction and coercion protests

following the death of George Floyd have

largely been peaceful but

have turned into violent scenes with

looting and arson some cities are seeing

the worst violence in decades President

Trump canceled his trip to New Jersey

this weekend to keep an eye on

maintaining law and order in Washington

DC and on Friday the president sent a

letter to the governor of Illinois and

the mayor of Chicago he urged them to do

something about Chicago's violence and

accused them of putting political

interests ahead of safety bars new task

force will give training and resources

to local law enforcement to arrest

violent perpetrators it will also work

closely with the FBI to develop

information on violent anti-government

extremist groups a win for houses of

worship in New York a federal court

ruled in favor of Catholic and Jewish

plaintiffs suing officials over the

state's discriminatory shut down orders

synagogues churches and other places of

worship are no longer limited to 25

percent capacity this after a federal

judge ruled that the Governor of New

York the mayor of New York and the

Attorney General violated the

Constitution by enforcing discriminatory

restrictions during the lockdown while

indoor gatherings for certain events

were limited to 50 percent religious

gatherings were capped at 25 percent

Judge Gary sharp said the religious

activities of the Catholic and Jewish

plaintiffs would be burdened and treated

less favorably compared to secular

activities under those restrictions

sharp also noted that both Governor

Cuomo and Mayor Bill DeBlasio

expressed approval for the recent black

lives matter and Floyd protests

meanwhile restricting religious

gatherings the Justice Department hailed

the decision as a win for religious

freedom but a spokesperson for the

governor says they'll review the court's

decision like restaurants places of

worship are now limited at 50% capacity

and there's no limit for outdoor

religious events the Supreme Court

rejected a Democrat proposed expansion

to mail-in voting in Texas that

expansion would have allowed any voter

afraid of contracting the CCP virus to

get a mail-in ballot the Supreme Court

shot down e pitch by Democrats wanting

to expand mail-in voting their expansion

would have a

any Texan afraid of contracting the CCP

virus apply for a mail invalid in Texas

people who suffer from a disability like

a sickness or a physical condition can

vote by mail previously a lower court

ruled that being afraid of contracting

the virus was a physical condition and

approved mail-in voting Texas Attorney

General Paxton lauded the Supreme Court

decision and noted the potential for

election fraud with mail-in ballots this

week four men including a councilmember

Andy councilmember elect were slapped

with voter fraud charges in Paterson New

Jersey falsifying or tampering with

records unauthorized possession of

ballots and election fraud involving

mail-in ballots were among the charges

the scheme ended with about a fifth of

the ballots rejected if you've come

across a so-called facemask exempt card

it's not real the DOJ says no one is

exempt from following local guidelines

about wearing face masks but the US

Department of Justice says the cards are

being given out by a group called

freedom to breathe agency which is not a

federal or state agency it's just a

Facebook group that's trying to stop

face mask orders research continues to

show that masks wearing masks helps

prevent the spread of the virus and the

nation's trucking industry has hit a

snag due to the pandemic but experts say

not only is the industry surviving it's

also making changes for the better in

the US the commercial transportation

industry has felt a heavy impact of the

pandemic the decrease in foreign imports

as well as the drop in consumer spending

have hurt shipping lines demand for

medium to heavy duty trucks is dropping

by 40% and as the economy recovers only

a certain percentage of those who were

laid off will be returning to work

but CEO of IRC freight solutions Spencer

Smith isn't fazed by this temporary

fallout he's focusing on long-term

effects like market shifts rather than

you know a decrease in the market or

increase tomorrow we're gonna see lot

changes in the market so we're gonna see

a lot of changes in in shipping lanes

and the way that supply chains are being

run and thusly the way that

TRUCKING is is moving those supplies and

according to Smith the need to avoid a

second virus outbreak has actually

prompted a technological boost as well

certainly use technology finally what

they should have done years ago robotics

and autonomous technology are now being

used in warehouses and fulfillment

centers across the us Smith says it's

making the trucking industry more

efficient so it's actually in some cases

these workflows actually improved the

efficiency in these shippers which is

again much needed Smith says the recent

push toward manufacturing more goods

domestically will lead to a decrease in

freight shipments entering ports and a

change in shipping lanes in France wives

and partners of policemen are protesting

against mounting hostility towards the

police they say the profession doesn't

deserve the stigma attached to it this

was the message carried to the Interior

Minister Christophe castamere by several

dozen women rallied in support of French

police in central Paris a backlash to

the protests denouncing police over the

death of a young black man that died

four years ago in a police operation

many of the protesters are wives and

partners of policemen some said the

hostility towards police was unjust now

we see the stigmatization of a whole

profession which is real today we're

talking about an event and then we hear

the police are racist the police are

violent a lot of people are afraid to

say that they support the police because

it is not politically correct police

have been holding protests every day in

towns and cities across France against

the government's attempt to change their

practices and punish officers over

alleged racism police unions in France

are accusing the government of

scapegoating them for deep-rooted social

problems the Interior Minister support

of black lives matter protesters has

triggered frustration among police

forces police officers have gathered on

several occasions in France to throw

their handcuffs to the ground as a sign

of protest up next more severe flood

warnings for

central China torrential rains are

expected to continue through the weekend

see the dangers locals are facing and

more when we return





our police actually using deadly force

disproportionately against black people

and how does the focus on police

overshadow other monumental problems

facing black America today

why is believing that black lives matter

not the same as supporting the black

lives matter organization and why are

black conservatives often excluded from

mainstream public awareness and

discourse in this episode we sit down

again with radio talk-show personality

and best-selling author Larry elder who

is the larry elder show for the epic

times he is the executive producer of

the new documentary film Uncle Tom this

is America thought leaders and I'm

Janiak Alec




now to central China where torrential

rains have been hammering locals and

destroying property many dams have also

exceeded flood warning levels Aunt

Edie's Tiffany Mayer brings us more

another Code Red flood warning has been

issued in central China this time for a

city about 25 miles away from the famous

Three Gorges Dam heavy rains are

drenching the area this weekend

torrential downpours huigyeong city

inside Hubei Province on Saturday

morning within three hours over five

inches of water soaked the area it's the

heaviest rainfall on local record in the

last 20 years and many local roads are

now underwater video shows a motorcycle

rider struggling to ride against the

current the bike was soon washed away

fortunately it's rider was not a car

also succumbed to a similar fate another

clip shows the fast rising water level

came close to submerging yet another car

this time with people inside others

quickly rushed to the rescue a manhole

cover on the street isn't in its usual

place a man is walking by and falls into

the hole we don't know what happened

next according to local media reports

the water level behind a three gorges

dam had already reached critical levels

last week at the time it had risen a six

feet above its flood warning point

speculation is now rising that the dam

was leaking water downstream but local

media outlets so far haven't reported on

it a top Chinese diplomat in Australia

is now under investigation shi Jia

serves as the council general in

Brisbane the Queensland Police launched

the investigation after a formal

complaint by drew pavlo an undergrad at

the University of Queensland he alleges

as she released a statement last year

calling him a separatist and put his

life in danger in China that label is a

capital crime and is punishable by death

last year pavlo was accused of being a

chyna that's after he organized a

pro-democracy event to protest the

Communist Party's anti-democratic

actions in Hong Kong as well as the

persecution of Weger Muslims and the

universities close ties to the regime

China's state-run Global Times later

published his name followed by a

statement from the council general both

called him out as a separatist

Pavlo explained how he began receiving

death threats both against him and his

family after Shu statement was released

but the Chinese embassy defended the

council general statement calling it

appropriate and measured pavlov's

complaint is now calling for an

unreserved apology from the council

general including a retraction of the

statement a spokesman for the Queensland

Police has confirmed to media outlet

news Australia the investigation has

been launched Pavlo is also currently

embroiled in a disciplinary action

debate with the University of Queensland

which denies it has anything to do was

the Chinese regime Chinese tech giant

Huawei has been given the green light to

build a new UK research facility the

catacombs company received approval on

Thursday for a 1 billion dollar facility

in Cambridge England the consent comes

despite the company recently coming

under fire for security concerns posed

by many world powers including the UK

according to hallways press release the

9 acre facility will serve as its

international headquarters and create

around 400 jobs

the US has repeatedly criticized the

tech company alleging close ties to

China's communist regime the Pentagon

recently labeled 20 top Chinese firms

operating in the US as having ties to

the regime's military Huawei was

included on the list former UK Prime

Minister Tony Blair says the UK should

side with the US on the Huawei issue and

coming up next a global fundraiser nets

nearly seven billion dollars to battle

the virus spread participants say it's

for the common good

and a precious porcelain masterpiece is

expected to auction for 116 million US

dollars it was found collecting dust and

it covered that and more when we return




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almost seven billion dollars will now

help battle the virus spread it comes

from a host of governments around the

world many of whom said they want to see

a vaccine available for all and Buenos

Aires had to tighten its lockdown rules

again as virus cases went up in recent

weeks a global fundraising meeting this

week raised almost seven billion dollars

from the United States the European

Commission and numerous countries to

fight the virus spread many participants

stressed that if a vaccine was developed

it should be available to anyone who

needs it the biggest pledge came from

the European comission worth over five

billion dollars Argentina will tighten a

lockdown in and around Buenos Aires the

decision follows a sharp rise in cases

in recent weeks

Argentina's president said restrictions

on movement in Buenos Aires that had

previously eased would be tightened

again next week due to the rise in

infections overall cases in the country

have risen fivefold since late May

hitting over 50,000 this week India

reported over 17,000 new virus cases

over the last 24 hours

pushing the country's total to over half

a million New Delhi is among the

worst-hit cities with more than 40,000

cases detected in the last two weeks

infections are expected to continue

rising steadily in India a study

conducted by a professor at the

University of Michigan forecast that

India could see almost a million cases

by July 15th Madrid City Hall lit up the

skies with drones this week as a tribute

for virus victims and for those who have

fought the virus in Spain 40 programmed

drones with multicolored LED lights

shone over Madrid creating different

forms the location of the performance

remained a secret until it took place to

avoid crowds and large gatherings pubs

in England have the go-ahead to open

their doors on July the fourth more than

three months after they were ordered to

shut but with the new restrictions the

typical pub experience is changing our

UK correspondent Jane where'll has more

we're still not entirely sure that we

will open

the fourth of July because of the

location of where we are remain

customers for pubs in this area in

central London are office workers and

tourists often from the nearby British

Museum but was many people working from

home and fewer travellers expected

British pub owners in this location are

facing some changes outside pressures

which the business has been delivering

throughout the lockdown and now they are

shifting their focus more towards local

produce like making Mead from local

honey to coincide with reopening the UK

is easing its social distancing rules

where it is possible to keep two metres

apart people should but where it is not

we will advise people to keep a social

distance of one metre plus new guidance

means customers will notice a few other

differences when going to the pub

customers contact details will be

temporarily recorded for 21 days to

trace infections and there'll be no more

ordering a point of beer at the bar

they're not going to be able to get up

and walk to the bar like we've

traditionally done passenger our pubs to

British communities

British people love to go down the pub

have a good chat have a good discussion

have a good debate and and put the world

to right oh it's really being missed by

the British people expecting a potential

demand from office workers wanting to

socialise once they're back the crown

owners want to find ways to bring the

pub experience to their customers we do

master classes on cocktails or how to

produce your own gin bits and pieces

like that can we take that to their

offices so that they get a public

experience somewhere else and we're

hoping the answers are as yes because

well this pub won't reopen on July the

4th the owners say they are working hard

to welcome customers at a slightly later

date Jane well NTT News London once an

emperors prized possession a masterpiece

porcelain was recently rediscovered in

an elderly woman's cupboard the 18th

century Harry garner reticulated vase is

named after one of its former collectors

and was passed down in the family for 60

years before resurfacing it was

originally a gift for Emperor Qin Lowe

who kept it in the palace of heavenly

purity as a prized artifact the reason

it's so valuable

is this is the ultimate trophy base

reflecting the greatness of China and

the peak of its power and prosperity an

exceedingly complex technically

brilliant person bars the blue and white

face references a conic 15th century

Ming style porcelain production a wall

of celadon interlocking dragons in cases

it a decoration taken from the highly

regarded bronzes of the 10th century BC

and above that is a floor of ruby ground

design in European Rococo style

according to Sotheby's Asia this kind of

vase is very difficult to produce it is

expected to be sold for between nine and

eleven point six million us dollars at

a Hong Kong auction in July coming up as

the CCP virus lockdowns

ease people head out for fresh air a

tennessee camp site offers serenity and

open space that and more when we return







while we here and many know the

suffering brought by the virus so – are

there tales of kindness and hope like

this ultra marathon runner who broke the

record for the longest run for him more

than 150 miles just to go and see his

grandmother Cory cat baloney ran 7 ultra

marathons in seven days for his ninety

eight year old grandmother who recently

recovered from the virus he said when

the lockdown first started he noticed

her state of mind became worse every day

she was fearful that she wouldn't see us

she was no longer able to have family

visitors friends visit her and she

became a little depressed so I knew that

I had to do something to try to help

lift her spirits the long distance

runner began the ultra marathon at his

home in Washington DC and ended at the

nursing home where his Nana Ruth lives

in his hometown of Scranton Pennsylvania

the idea for the run came up when the

ultra marathon he was originally

training for got cancelled and his

girlfriend suggested a solution she said

well you know hey you were scheduled to

do the marathon ultra marathon that was

that you had to pull out why don't you

do an ultra marathon to annona she was

like how far is that I was like you know

that's like 220 miles and that's that's

a long distance it's longest ultra

marathon kappa Loney has completed so

far in his career and not just for one

good cause but to the run for truth

challenge raised more than 24,000 for

the elderly who have been isolated

during the pandemic he says these are

the people who deserve our help most

during these hard times they paved the

way they made the sacrifices to get us

where we are and now they're the ones

who are the most vulnerable they're the

ones who are the most alone and scared

so I think it's just a way to give back

Capel Oni crossed the finish line at the

nursing home where Nana Ruth waved to

him from her fourth storey bedroom



after months of staying inside some

families are getting much-needed fresh

air camping out at a family-owned site

in a small Tennessee town where

farmlands stretch for miles

it's a serene place to escape to traffic

lights are miles apart in this Tennessee

town where birds chirping rings out and

the air is pure down these long country

roads it's a place where people can

forget their worries and stress even if

by accident we were supposed to be in

Italy and coronavirus happened so we

decided to come out here and visit my

sister she said her experience was a

unique one it's a spot to escape society

for a while with the trek through the

woods or exploring the wide open space

like the tranquil acres of nearby farms

later visitors can spend the evenings

unwinding in a yurt or visiting with the

Roosters some call it glamorized camping

with beds bathrooms a kitchen into Wi-Fi

I love the hustle and bustle of the city

but to get away to a place like this

it's nice to get away and just have some

peace and quiet for a little while the

site is family owned and operated and

was started by locals Desiree and Cory

in 2017 but getting the business going

wasn't smooth sailing they were inspired

by visiting other family-owned camping

sites over the years they wanted to pool

all kinds of different cultures and

atmospheres together to create their own

secluded retreat or with others they've

met here I root that's that's our

ultimate goal is to give this something

or an experience they don't forget they

were forced to close down when the

pandemic hit and feared that their

business might go under but with

restrictions easing up business is

booming as people are eager to get

Rock outdoors after months of staying

inside Molina Weis Cup in TV news and

that's all for today's news thanks for

tuning in

I'm Stephanie Cox










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