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published on July 3, 2020




good evening and welcome to NTD news I'm

Stephanie Cox here today's top stories

President Trump holds a roundtable

discussion at a Dallas church to discuss

race relations he outlines a four-step

plan that includes police reform and

economic development and minority

communities in many cities people are

destroying statues of controversial

historical figures the dispute has now

even reached the federal level president

Trump signs an executive order that puts

sanctions on international criminal

court officials who investigate US

military service members and parts of

China are flooded by torrential rains

thousands are displaced as water levels

exceed warning levels


the Trump administration today held a

roundtable discussion at a mega Church

in Dallas Texas at the top of the agenda

improving race relations and police

reform in America President Trump hosted

a roundtable discussion on race

relations on Thursday he and other

prominent members of his administration

met in a Dallas Church Trump describes

steps to reform policing and increase

economic opportunity in black

communities in America he outlined a

four step program and said he wants to

increase capital available to small

business owners in minority communities

he also aims to improve the condition of

medical institutions in those

communities when it comes to policing

President Trump explained the need for

standards concerning the use of force

de-escalation tactics training and the

use of social workers to help police

and that means force but force with

compassion but if you're going to have

to really do a job if somebody's really

bad you're gonna have to do it with a

real strength thrill power and I said

and people said oh I don't know if we

like that expression I said we have to

dominate the streets you can't let that

happen what happened in New York City

the damage they've done you have to

dominate this week he said he will

absolutely not defund the police instead

saying a stronger police force is needed

we'll take care of our police we'll take

the funding police if anything we're

going the other route we're gonna make

sure that our police are well trained

perfectly trained to have the best

equipment he cited the takeover of six

Seattle city blocks and what he

described as the weakness of the local

government's response as reasons that

local officials must let police do their


the fourth step includes strengthening

education and an acting school choice an

update on the case involving the officer

charged with murdering George Floyd it

turns out state and federal prosecutors

were negotiating a possible plea deal

before the officers arrest and it

ultimately fell apart

NTV's Miguel Moreno has more a new

report shows that state and federal

prosecutors were in talks with ex

officer Derek Chauvin a day before he

was arrested and charged for the murder

of George Floyd Fox nine reported that

they were negotiating a possible plea

deal a deal with murder

civil rights charges but that deal

failed in the end 44 year-old Chauvin

faces third-degree murder and second

degree manslaughter charges three other

officers who were with him at the time

of Floyd's arrest were fired and charged

in his death as well but details about

Chauvin and Floyd's relationship are

hazy in the media a man who said he

worked alongside Floyd and Chauvin at a

club has even walked back his claim that

the two had bumped heads

he told CBS News that he mistook Floyd

for someone else who worked at the club

one of the ex officers charged has been

released on bail Chauvin is held on 125

million dollars bail Miguel Moreno

anti-d news in Boston Massachusetts this

morning Abba headed Christopher Columbus

statue was removed a symbol of recent

debates about American heritage and

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is pushing

for Confederate statues to be removed

from the US Capitol NTDs Melina wise cup

has more on the heated dispute you

protecting it against anyone who intends

to destroy it which has happened in

other states even just last night in

many cities statues like these have been

vandalized and in some cases completely

torn down from their posts although New

York City's Christopher Columbus statue

is untouched that's not the case in

other states similar scenes in Miami

Houston in Boston and Minneapolis one

historian says it's gone so far that

these people aren't even clear-headed

about which statues they're destroying I

think we see a real clear case of that

the 54th Massachusetts monument in

Boston was vandalized the other day is

probably going to take tens of thousand

dollars to repair it this was a monument

to the African American troops on the

northern side of the Civil War it's a

very much an Appalachian aligned

monument Marco Rubio posted a tweet this

morning saying he supports Americans

addressing racial inequality but has no

tolerance for this behavior he says

don't let anyone twist this pointing out

a Communist Party symbol spray-painted

on a Columbus statue mob mentality is

not new for the Communist Party

destroying statues is a tactic the

Chinese Communist Party used during

China's Cultural Revolution

a move that aimed to destroy all of

China's traditional culture and rewrite

the nation's history history in film

Agnes says America's history of slavery

and racial inequality should be looked

at and contextualized but it should be

done rationally but these are things

that need to be considered by historians

do we decide to relocate or move a

monument do we add contextual

information to plaques do we put

opposing monuments that update some of

the things that we want to commemorate

the move to re-examine these marks of

history have made its way to the federal

level House Speaker Nancy Pelosi on

Wednesday urging Congress to get rid of

statues in the Capitol an amendment to

rename the military bases introduced by

Elizabeth Warren was approved by the

Senate Thursday Trump says he will not

sign the legislation to rename them some

states governors are facing proposals to

remove statues New York's governor does

not agree with removing the Columbus

statue Melina Weiss cup NTD news

officials give remarks on president

Trump's executive order to impose

sanctions on International Criminal

Court authorities they see the court as

corrupt and overstepping its

jurisdiction president Trump signed an

executive order against the

International Criminal Court for its

intention to investigate American

military service members those in the

administration say they will not permit

Americans who served in the military to

face an overseas court that is corrupt

and is being used as a political tool

we're authorizing the imposition of

economic sanctions against ICC officials

directly engaged in ICC efforts to

investigate us personnel or allied

personnel against that Allied states


Pompeyo said that in 2017 the ICC

announced its intention to investigate

US forces for alleged war crimes in

Afghanistan the ICC revived the

investigation in March of this year the

US will impose visa restrictions on the

involved ICC officials and their

families the ICC is only supposed to

have powers of prosecution over member

states and only those that are unwilling

to prosecute relevant crimes themselves

as the executive order notes

the United States is not a party to the

Rome Statute that created the ICC nor

have we ever accepted its jurisdiction

over our personnel espera says that the

United States is capable of handling any

war crimes cases involving its own

personnel through its own courts the

administration says the ICC is also

targeting Israel officials see the court

as corrupt and say there is evidence of

manipulation by adversaries of the

United States

now turning to Chinese tech companies a

bipartisan group of lawmakers is

proposing a new bill to cut off the

Giants from their chip suppliers by

inviting the suppliers to break ground

in the US instead a new bipartisan bill

has been introduced in the Senate aiming

to incentivize chip makers to set up

shop in the United States if passed it

would offer almost 23 billion dollars in

aid for semiconductor manufacturers who

start producing in the us chip

factories can cost up to fifteen billion

dollars to build mainly due to the pricy

tools required for manufacturing the

proposal would create a 40 percent

refundable income tax credit for

semiconductor equipment ten billion

dollars in federal funds to match state

incentives to build factories and twelve

billion dollars in research and

development funding while some firms

like Intel Corp and micron technology

still make chips in the us the

majority are made in Asia Taiwan

Semiconductor Manufacturing or tsmc has

more than half of the global markets

iPhone maker Apple Inc Qualcomm Inc and

NVIDIA Corp all rely on tsmc for their

chips the move comes amid a strategic

us technology standoff with China and

its telecom giant hallway which is

considered a threat to US national


senators John Cornyn and Mark Warner

introduced the bill on Wednesday aides

the congressman Michael McCaul and Doris

Matsui said that you plan to introduce a

version in the House on Thursday

Catholic schools across the nation are

feeling the effects of the pandemic some

even having to close it's a sad time for

many dedicated staff as enrollment has

dropped some as low as one quarter of

regular volumes

catholic schools around the country have

faced tough times for years and it looks

like the situation isn't going to

improve anytime soon

Quigley Catholic High School in

Pennsylvania is one among many that have

recently announced that they won't

reopen this fall the closure is sparking

anger and heartbreak in scores of

affected communities it's especially

hard when they first get the news I just

broke down I couldn't you know it was

just really hard the school serves the

Pittsburgh suburbs of Beaver County

since 1967 usually about four hundred

and forty kids enroll but this year the

projected number fell below 100 it's not

just the pandemic that caused it but it

did compound their troubles if we could

be funded then we would be able to move

on and I think that's where the kovat

came in that they weren't able to do a

lot of the fundraisers that they had

planned on doing both women have worked

at Quigley for about 35 years it's been

so good that's why I'm here Burke Miller

who met her husband when they both were

students at Quigley said the closure is

going to leave an empty spot in all of

their hearts according to the National

Catholic educational Association at

least 100 schools have announced that

they won't reopen this fall golf is

making a comeback in the us both

veterans and newcomers are playing

rounds during CCP virus lockdowns

open spaces and minimal human contact

make it a good activity for social

distancing play is bouncing back at

American golf courses over the past few

weeks rounds played at courses in San

Francisco Phoenix in Orlando jumped more

than 20 percent the games become so

popular that some courses are fully

booked golf of course may be the perfect

pandemic sport is played outside

typically undoes ins of acres of open

turf players use their own equipment and

are naturally distanced from other

golfers most even wear gloves and

investors have taken notice shares and

top equipment makers have rallied the

owner of the Titleist and FootJoy brands

is up almost 60 percent since the end of

March the company CEO predicts the trend

will continue 800 people played the

Oregon golf Association course

Memorial Day weekend twice as many as in

previous years the US Golf Association

thinks the surge is made up of both new

golfers and dormant players returning

and with increased traffic horses are

introducing new virus prevention

measures food is only being served for

takeout and golf carts are restricted to

one rider up next heavy rains drench

southern China taking a toll on millions

of people more on the devastation after

the break



just–how is the anger and grief

following the killing of George Floyd

being exploited

why does civil rights veteran Bob

Woodson argue that the National focus on

systemic racism actually distracts from

larger problems facing black America how

do funds meant for helping low-income

black communities fail to actually go to

the people who need it most and what are

real solutions to uplift people in

impoverished neighborhoods in this

episode we sit down with Bob Woodson

founder and president of the Woodson

Center and one of the founders of the

1776 initiative this is American thought

leaders and I'm Eunhyuk Alek




now we turn to China where natural

disasters are taking their toll in some

areas and TD's Tiffany Meyer brings us

more on the millions suffering as

torrential rains drench the country

south heavy rains have been drenching

southern China for more than a week

around 3 million people from eight

provinces have been affected nearly

230,000 of them have been evacuated the

water levels of about a hundred and

fifty rivers have also reached or

exceeded local warning levels at least

nine people have died and five are

missing one house built on a now


riverbank in Guangxi province even

collapsed on Wednesday after its

foundation gave way and slid into the

river in some area streets have turned

into fast flowing rivers many cars are

almost completely submerged the entrance

of one shopping center is now impossible

to access the flood waters also left

behind huge amounts of muddy water in

one neighborhood mud completely covers

the ground some houses have been

destroyed while landslides also damaged

crops Chen home a business owner in

Guangxi province told us her city has

been under water for almost one week we

gave her a pseudonym and changed her

voice to protect her identity as Chinese

people aren't allowed to be interviewed

from overseas media without permission

from authorities this year is

particularly bad because of the heavy

rain lots of heavy rain pouring down on

us water was coming down from the

mountains everywhere in the country has

been flooded everywhere is soap-opera

miss Chen explained that a small dam in

her County collapsed a Chinese medicine

also reminded people online to be

especially careful of small dams built

within the last 20 years

he said these dams were poorly

constructed and often leaked small

amounts of water normally but added that

during a flood these dams will collapse

101 video shows residents who live close

to one such damp leaving their homes out

of fear that it could crumble Chinese

state-run media outlets have only

released a handful of reports on the

disaster in recent days the front page

of the People's Daily China's largest

newspaper didn't feature a single report

on the flooding instead readers only see

positive reports that praise the

Communist Party or details on what party

leaders are doing online China's Twitter

equivalent Weibo also hardly featured

the news out of the platform's top 50

search terms only one is about the

floods meanwhile five of them condemned

or criticized US actions or events like

the recent protests sweeping the country

one Twitter user questioned why Chinese

media continued to praise the so-called

good life there but don't show people

who lost their homes and have been

washed away by the flooding according to

weather forecasts a central northern and

northeastern China will experience

showers and heavy thunderstorms in the

coming days some areas may even face

gale force winds

according to one Taiwanese media outlet

a typhoon is expected to enter mainland

China from Hong Kong in three days

Canadian foreign affairs minister

Francois Philippe champagne has

reportedly borrowed heavily from the

Bank of China and London where he has

two registered home mortgages his

opposition says it puts him in a

vulnerable position with the Chinese

regime especially amid escalating

tensions between the two nations

Canadian newspaper The Globe and Mail

reported that champagne bought two

apartments in London in 2009 and 2013 at

the time he was working as an executive

at a UK multinational construction and

engineering firm the current balance for

the mortgages stands at over 1 million

dollars conservative member of

parliament garnet genius called the

mortgages very dangerous and says it

could present a conflict of interest for

the foreign affairs minister but

champagne defended his position he said

at the time he wasn't able to borrow

from London banks but added that he's

always been transparent about the loans

he's also noted that so far there

haven't been

any issues Twitter is banned in China

but the platform still sees a lot of

pro-beijing posts and analysis by the

New York Times suggests a Chinese regime

has launched a propaganda campaign on

the platform the study found that in the

recent weeks over four-and-a-half

thousand accounts reposted a high volume

of tweets from Chinese officials or

Chinese state-run media these accounts

are relatively new and were created

within the last three months the

analysis also found that some of the

accounts are created around the same

time tensions rose between the Chinese

regime and the Trump administration

one-third of the accounts were similarly

created within the last three months and

one in seven of them has zero followers

it wouldn't be the first time the

Chinese regime launched a propaganda

effort on the platform last year Twitter

suspended over 200,000 accounts citing

large-scale misinformation from the

regime these accounts were aimed at

discrediting Hong Kong pro-democracy

protesters up next New York's transit

system is moving along with both hope

and anxiety as the city gets back to

normal here their ups and downs and more

after the break



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New York's MTA is going strong with its

efforts to keep its system free from the

virus as passengers start getting back

on board but now it's facing some

concern over its finances with the virus

making its final rounds in the us New

York City is working together to

renowned transit system back up and

running the MTA has recently reinstated

full subway service making more frequent

runs and allowing passengers to once

again take Express trains but the agency

says it's making sure to protect its

customers from any remnants of the virus

our priority right now is to do things

that will help folks be safe and feel

safe as they come back to the system in

the next few months since the pandemic

hit New York the MTA has been

disinfecting its vehicles regularly and

urging passengers to wear face masks

along with these measures is confidence

that New York City can run on complete

mass transit as it recovers if we

observe mass vigilance and other kinds

of precautions in the public spaces I

think that we we have a good shot at

demonstrating that we can operate safely

on mass transit and otherwise but the

agency is still uncertain whether an I

it's belief fund will keep them afloat

the almost 4 billion dollar fund is

estimated to run out by August something

the MTA says will cause a huge setback

to its expansion program in

infrastructure projects the problem is I

can't advance new ATA stations I can't


Noori signalling projects with the

certainty they could be funded over the

long run and that's the holdup that

we're struggling with but pre-existing

projects were able to make progress

during the pandemic and are still


stock markets tumbled today recording

their worst day since March the three

major us indices fell between five and

seven percent that and more in our

business roundup stock markets tumbled

today erasing all of June's gains in a

single day the Dow Jones fell almost

seven percent the S&P 500 was down

almost six percent and the Nasdaq

tumbled over five percent yesterday

Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell

gave a grim outlook for the economy he

warned the labor market could take years

to recover from the pandemic the US

Treasury secretary said today the US

economy can't be shut down again even if

there's another wave of the virus

he believes the decision to shut down

this time was necessary but that the

administration has learned a lot since


he said the economic and related

problems wouldn't be worth it a second

time the Trump administration has

awarded financial breaks to energy

companies struggling during the pandemic

companies typically paid the government

125% royalty payments for oil or gas

extracted from public lands the

administration has cut that rate to as

low as 05% in some cases European food

ordering firm just eat takeaway calm

will by America's GrubHub for over seven

billion dollars uber eats tried to buy

GrubHub in May but that deal fell apart

this week media reports about the uber

offer prompted just etakeaway to make a

move Amazon may face EU antitrust

charges it's been accused of using data

from its merchants to create rival

products a practice that may violate

competition laws if it has breached EU

laws the company could face a fine of up

to ten percent of its global turnover

still to come puppies are in massive

demand as lockdown measures in Britain

caused money to look for comfort and a

furry new best friend find out more when

we return






the virus has created an unexpected

demand for pets and British dog breeders

have seen a huge surge in demand for

puppies during the country's lockdown

millions of Britons have spent more than

eleven weeks largely confined to their

homes to counter the spread of the virus

meanwhile the kennel club group has seen

a 180 percent rise from last year in

inquiries from people wanting to buy

dogs puppies certainly are a great way

to pass the time but some breeders are

worried that many families will give

them up once they realize the scale of

the responsibility ahead they are also

worried that some Britons may be wanting

to buy a puppy just to keep the children

entertained without thinking about their

life after the lockdown you want a dog

you want a puppy and you really have not

thought it through for the rest of that

dog's life a puppy is the puppy only for

a few weeks and then that puppy grows

into an adult now breeders are seeking

as much information as possible on

potential new owners and rejecting those

inquiries that do not appear to have

been thought through but unfortunately

not all breeders care about what happens

to their puppies after they've been sold

we are hearing stories that some

breeders are actually profiteering

they're actually putting their price of

their puppies up significantly he added

that there is both a legal and illegal

market in puppies from overseas and

often these dogs are bred in very poor

conditions and that's all for today's

news thanks for tuning in I'm Stephanie










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