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published on July 3, 2020



good evening and welcome to NTD news I'm

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President Trump will still work to end

daca despite the Supreme Court's ruling

that it can stay Trump says the justices

chose to delay the final fate of the

program rather than end it thousands of

Americans are coming together around the

country to honor Juneteenth one of the

most significant events in African

American history while demands for

police reform are growing louder talk

show host and best-selling author Larry

elder tells us what we can learn from

police data China is trying to get ahead

in the world's vaccine race but it has

been plagued by faulty vaccine scandals

for the past decade which calls into

question its product safety top health

officials in China are in dispute about

the Jing's virus situation is it really

under control and Tesla wants to start

building a new US plant as early as this

summer but first they have to choose a



President Trump says he will resubmit

papers to end Dhaka after the Supreme

Court's decision not to

he says the court chose to delay the

final fate of Dhaka rather than end it

President Trump tweeted that he will

submit enhanced papers to the Supreme

Court in an effort to end the daca

program after Thursday's ruling that the

administration could not end the program

just yet Trump mentioned he wanted to

find a solution to illegal aliens

staying in the us via daca but that

Democrats refused to negotiate in

Thursday's decision Chief Justice John

Roberts criticized the way the

administration went about trying to

cancel the program in his dissenting

opinion Justice Clarence Thomas said

that the court didn't want to make the

legally correct but politically

controversial decision to end daca the

current administration says Obama abused

his powers in office in bypassing

Congress to change critical immigration

policy that then allowed daca and we're

looking at documents currently and we're

going to move forward in a responsible

way on and cure some of the remedies and

unlawfulness that we see it with the

previous memo that brought daca into

place we want to find a compassionate

way to do this in a Fox interview acting

homeland security secretary Chad wolf

says daca is unlawful and that the

Supreme Court says he can rescind it but

even if the program was unlawful to

begin with the court is still requiring

a certain process to bring it to an end

Wolf's statement on the daca decision

says daca was created out of thin air

and the court's ruling does not give

daca recipients closure on their status

in the us various state court cases

against daca can now move forward after

the Supreme Court's ruling Trump

supporters are looking forward to the

president's first rally in months some

even started lining up two days before

the event and it's had a record number

of ticket requests dozens of Trump

supporters are already in line outside

the Tulsa Oklahoma arena for president

Trump's Saturday rally it says first

campaign rally since March 1 supporter

says this one's important the 9th one

I'd been to

after having been away from rallies for

so long

I think that there's going to be some

some very important themes that

president's going to introduce here and

I wanted to be here to support his

message which is gonna be about law and

order I'm sure the BOK Center can hold

about 20,000 people according to the

Trump campaign they're over 1 million

ticket requests that's 10 times more

than Trump's biggest rally sign up ever

governor Kevin state of Oklahoma said it

was really really exciting and he

expects it to be amazing the campaign

says each guest will get a temperature

check hand sanitizer and a mask some

Tulsa business owners and residents

brought a lawsuit to halt the rally due

to health concerns about the virus but

the judge declined to issue a court

order one couple came prepared with face

masks but said the concerns were

overblown well we have a face mask it's

all a hoax to tell you the truth he said

he thought the risk of catching the

virus had been exaggerated tens of

thousands of tons of Porter's are

expected in Tulsa Saturday it's the

first of a series of rallies across the

country to rough up his re-election

campaign across the nation marches and

rallies are taking place to commemorate

Juneteenth the day that slaves in Texas

found out they were free calls are also

being made to declare Juneteenth a

national holiday in different parts of

the us thousands have come together to

celebrate Juneteenth the holiday

commemorates June 19 1865 the day when

slaves in Texas were told they were

finally free in Chicago and Atlanta

thousands of people took part in rallies

to show their solidarity in Detroit

dozens attended a quiet gathering in

observance of the historic event and

thousands of protesters marched

peacefully in the streets of Washington

DC they were accompanied by the

washington wizards and mystics after

slavery was abolished slaves in Texas

were the last to find out which is what

makes Juneteenth so significant they

started celebrating and their

descendants move that celebration out of

Galveston Texas to around Texas around

the United States and now around the

world marches and protests

were also organized in parts of New York

City with one taking place near the

Brooklyn Bridge Mayor Bill de Blasio

announced that Juneteenth will be an

official holiday starting next year

whether it's a New Deal the civil rights

movement or any other historical marker

you want to choose this is a

transformational moment and I promise

you our city will lead the way 40 states

and cities in Missouri Kentucky and

Virginia had made legislation for

Juneteenth to become an official holiday

President Trump recently shared his

thoughts on Juneteenth he said it's a

remembrance of a blight on America's

history and a celebration of its

unsurpassed ability to triumph over

darkness and the interim Atlanta Police

Chief says race was not a factor in the

shooting death by police of a man in a

Wendy's parking lot he says the

investigation was not finished before

the officers were charged the interim

Atlanta police chief spoke about Rashard

Brooks death he was shot in a Wendy's

parking lot after grabbing a policeman's

taser and firing it at one of them while

he ran away resisting arrest

I don't think that race played any role

in this type of incident at all I think

that like I said earlier our officers

some of the best in this in this nation

less than 24 hours after the shooting

police chief Erica shields resigned and

Bryant took over

Bryant's suggested the officers involved

were charged too quickly before all the

evidence had been analyzed you know I

was so surprised that he was able to get

two charges so rapidly

and it was just interesting to see being

that the GBI had not completed their

investigation prosecutors brought felony

murder and other charges against the

officer who shot brooks another officer

at the scene charged with aggravated

assault and violation of his oath the

charge came less than five days after

the incident Bryant also addressed why

Atlanta police officers have called out

sick in large numbers recently Bryant

says they're under a lot of pressure due

to the protests and riots that started

after the death of George Floyd and now

because of the death of resharper oaks

you have to understand that we've been

in this space for about three weeks

right now where officers are working

twelve and a half and twelve and a half

hours shifts and sometimes even more

being out on the front line being yelled

that spit upon and items thrown at them

so at some point people get tired and I

recognized that and physically exhaust

it Brian said officers are feeling

confused and abandoned as the protests

continue many are demanding police

reform of what some are calling systemic

racism in the American policing system

but talk-show hosts and best-selling

author Larry elder argues that there's

no proof to support the claim that

police are disproportionately using

deadly force against black people in

America the stats simply do not reflect

the idea that the police are going after

black people if anything the stats

showed the opposite there is a economist

black economist named rolling fryer he

teaches at Harvard and because of all

these prolific profile high profile

shootings he just knew that the police

were disproportionately using deadly

force against black people and he was

kind of surprised that no one had done a

comprehensive study to corroborate that

so he thought he would do it and he said

the results were the most surprising of

my career not only were the police not

using deadly force disproportionately

against blacks they were more hesitant

more reluctant to pull the trigger on a

black suspect than on the right suspect

presumably because they were afraid of

being accused of being racist that same

result was replicated in a study

published in a publication put out by

the National Academy of

Sciences where researchers looked at

every shooting in 2015

every shooting in 2016 same conclusion

the police were not using deadly force

disproportionately against black people

now the reason the police

the reason blacks are more likely to be

killed two-and-a-half times more likely

to be killed by a cop than a white

person is because of the crime rate

which is substantially higher in the

black community than in the white

community a young black man is eight

times more likely to be a victim of

homicide compared to a young white man

the number one cause of death

preventable are not preventable for a

young black man a young black person is

homicide almost always committed by

another young black person it's not cops

killing black people it's white people

killing other black people an update on

the shooting death of Nakia Crawford in

Ohio the Akron Police Department

identified three suspects related to the

homicide of 18 year old Crawford fatally

shot this Sunday it was suspected the

attack was racially motivated but now

police say they think she was

accidentally targeted 17 year old a

Daris black is wanted for murder and

another two for obstructing justice

police are asking for any information of

their whereabouts and Secretary of State

Mike Pompeo says Europe is now facing a

choice between freedom and tyranny when

it comes to its relationship with the

Chinese regime his comments come as part

of a democracy summit in Copenhagen

speaking at the Copenhagen democracy

summit Secretary of State Mike Pompeo

addressed the idea that the us is

asking Europe to choose between it and

China which he says is simply not the


it's the Chinese Communist Party that's

forcing this choice the choice is

between the United States between

freedom and tyranny

he said that 30 years ago spurred on by

the rising tide of democracy in Eastern

Europe and the former Soviet Union

Western countries believed they could

change the Chinese Communist Party they

thought the spread of freedom was

inevitable but he described how the

Chinese regime instead took advantage of

the West's goodwill and is now deeply

intertwined with the US and Europe

Pompeyo explained that democracy isn't

fragile in the way that the CCP believes

it is is authoritarian regimes that are


while democracies are strong

there's nothing brave or visionary about

oppressing your fellow men or women

democracy is the only system of

government that honors human dignity and

personal freedom in progress for mankind

according to Pompeo there's no clear

American or European way to face a

choice but it's not possible to be

dependent on authoritarians without

compromising democratic values coming up

when we return contradicting statements

from top health experts in China about

the virus situation in Beijing find out

what we know and China is trying to lead

the world in virus vaccine race despite

a string of faulty vaccine scandals one

victim's mom tells us why she doesn't

trust vaccines coming from China also a

Hong Kong shop owner keeps a noticeable

reminder of democracy in his store

despite pressure to remove it more on

that after the break



just–how is the Chinese regime forcing

nations to choose between the China and

American models and punishing countries

like Australia and the UK that failed to

comply with its demands how is the

Chinese Communist Party exploiting the

protests and riots in America following

the killing of George Floyd for

propaganda and how is the concept of

racism in America been altered by far

left radical groups to feel the race

equivalent of communist class struggle

in this episode we sit down with Joshua

Philip an award-winning investigative

reporter at The Epoch Times and the host

of the show crossroads

this is American thought-leaders and I'm

Eunhyuk Alec




top Chinese health officials offer

conflicting statements on Beijing's new

virus outbreak a US federal prosecutors

accused a Chinese firm of selling

thousands of defective masks to the US

and T DS Tiffany Meyer brings us more

many are wondering whether or not the

CCP virus situation in Beijing is under

control but Chinese officials have given

two different answers in the span of two

days on Thursday the chief

epidemiologist at China CDC said the

virus outbreak is under control in

Beijing but on Friday an anonymous

expert from China's Health Committee

told a local media outlet that it's too

early to make a judgement

he explained that a determination should

take several factors into account not

just the number of confirmed cases one

factor is whether the confirmed cases

were diagnosed after being quarantined

or after going to the hospital on their

own initiative the latter means a much

higher risk of patients infecting others

in that case the situation cannot be

considered under control the expert

added that at the beginning of Beijing

second outbreak patient information was

made public that includes data like when

patients first noticed their symptoms

when they went to the hospital and any

places they had recently been to but now

very little patient information is made

public due to the lack of information

and how infectious the virus is the

expert says it is difficult to judge the

situation now to Beijing's hospitals one

hospital with over 1,600 staff members

is now closed that's because according

to state-run media a nurse there was

confirmed to be infected with the virus

on Wednesday us federal prosecutors

accused the china-based Crawford

Technology Group of selling a hundred

and forty thousand defective face masks

to a us distributor Crawford claimed

the masks are KN 95 grade and can filter

out 95% of harmful airborne particles

but testing shows that on average the

filter only about 20

percent before May the company produces

acessories for mobile devices but no

medical gear que n95 masks are used by

health care workers to battle the CCP

virus the effective masks can put wares

at risk China has been racing to get

ahead in developing a vaccine for the

CCP virus but its pharmaceutical

industry has been plagued with vaccine

scandals a victim's mom tells us why she

doesn't trust vaccines made in China and

T DS Juliette song has the story China

has been racing to develop a vaccine for

the CCP virus now five Chinese companies

are conducting human trials with one

claiming that it could conclude the

final testing phase as early as this

fall but for the past decade

China's pharmaceutical industry has been

plagued with scandals of faulty vaccines

calling into question is product safety

a mother posted on social media saying

even if the Chinese vaccine was ready to

go I wouldn't dare to get injected her

son was injected with a faulty vaccine

when he was three months old before the

injection he was a healthy baby about 12

days after he was injected with the

vaccine he lost his speech he lost his

voice he couldn't move and he couldn't

even raise his head now our son is 12

years old but still can't speak and is

unable to attend school in China vaccine

scandals are nothing new from 2007 to

twenty eighteen at least 13 major

manufacturers were found to produce

faulty vaccines causing severe side

effects this includes one of the

companies currently developing ccp virus

vaccines the Wuhan Institute of

biological products the vaccine given to

young son is from another company but

they're both under the same Medical

Group sino farm

it's the largest state-owned

pharmaceutical group in China it's

unclear how many children have fallen

victim to faulty vaccines in China but a

2013 documentary recorded 100 children

harmed by vaccines they were paralyzed

became mentally disabled or in a

vegetative state

young tried to seek justice for her son

but to no avail

she tried to get her son into education

but no school in her area would take him

my child is now already 12 years old he

didn't get to enjoy a single day of

school she went to her local authorities

to appeal for help guards wouldn't let


she said disabled children like her son

should enjoy an annual government feed

over $3,000 JA but she never got the

money Young said life is too difficult I

have to make money and bring my child to

see a doctor in different parts of the

country and also have to take insults

from other people I really feel it's

been too hard too hard in China is often

difficult to defend one's rights through

the legal system

Yong took two popular social media

platform Weibo to seek help but the

platform shut down all of the aid

accounts she opened poison Mahna Mahna

Yong is filled with resentment towards

the Chinese authorities she said they

don't deserve to be the leaders of the

country reporting by Wang Jing and

Juliet song and TV news and in Hong Kong

the owner of a children's clothing shop

says he won't remove a statue

symbolizing the city's recent protests

he says he wants to teach children about

democracy she's led the pro-democracy

demonstrations from on top of Hong

Kong's Lion Rock and being used in

protests on the street now the statue

dubbed Lady Liberty is in a kids

clothing store called cheeky duck but

the shop's owner Herbert Chau is facing

a request from his landlord to remove

her citing a contract clause that says

all decorations need to be approved I'll

continue to

say what I want to say I'll continue to

speak up and if speaking up for

democracy and against tyranny gets me

arrested then I guess I'll be arrested

the owner wants to include the statue in

his shop to teach children about

democracy and says he is not violating

his lease agreement customers from the

age of 4 to 11 would have an opportunity

to actually start thinking about the

subject of democracy on Thursday the

shop was full of customers despite the

controversy many taking snapshots of the

statue and writing messages of support

on the stores makeshift Lenin wall and

when one family was asked why they

stepped inside five year old Jessica

answered and her mum says it can bring

the message to our children or even

adults and let them know that the

freedom of speech and democracy are

important core values in Hong Kong the

protests that started a year ago have

evolved into pro-democracy

demonstrations and have generated

widespread enthusiastic support as well

as staunch opposition in the Chinese

ruled City and there is growing concern

businesses are coming under pressure to

distance themselves from the movement

more than 700 people are infected with

the CCP virus in one district in Germany

they all work in a meat processing plant

find out why the army was called in to

help when we return




viewers have described China uncensored

like The Daily Show but about China at

the beginning I was super excited when I

got 500 views and now the show's grown

to about half a million subscribers on

YouTube one episode reached 79 million

people I'm a little freaked out that

that many people have seen my face in

five years I see China uncensored as the

sole source of edutainment worldwide


a cluster of virus infections has broken

out inside one of Germany's biggest meat

processing factories the surge has

become too much for local forces to

handle so they are now bringing in the

army more than 700 workers tested

positive for the virus in Germany's

latest outbreak located inside one of

the country's biggest meat processing

plants the cluster size almost doubled

in just two days

the explosion of cases has proved too

much for the local officials so they've

asked for higher-level support I asked

for help from the Army and they arrived

this morning I also asked for help from

the federal and state government because

it's clear that we can't manage this on

our own anymore

about 5,000 people are to be tested as

fast as possible but safety measures had

to be set in place to avoid further

spread of infections out of your taste

we are testing the workers on the

factory site and the soldiers are

wearing full protective gear the county

decided to close all schools and

kindergartens again to halt the outbreak

most parents are not happy about that


they rely on schools and kindergartens

to go to work dust remover I totally

understand the bad mood among parents I

have four children myself and I know

that I threw over well-laid plans he

added that the step had to be taken as

citizens health is his top priority

right now

California's governor is calling for

everyone in the state to wear masks at

nearly all times outside the home the

mandate is one of the broadest of any

state children aged two years and under

and people with disabilities are exempt

California on Thursday ordered locals to

wear masks and nearly all times outside

the home the new mandate is one of the

broadest of any us state exceptions

will be made for people eating in

restaurants or exercising outdoors so

long as they maintain six feet of

physical distance according to officials

state or local authorities would be able

to charge Californians who don't wear a

mask with a misdemeanor governor Gavin

Newsom said the strict new rule is

necessary because quote we are seeing

too many people with faces uncovered

putting at risk the real progress we

have made

however Newsom did not

how the state plans to enforce the order

which even recommends masks for people

driving alone in their cars but most US

states have less strict mask guidelines

and some have none including Montana in

South Carolina automaker Tesla is eager

to expand but still hasn't decided where

once the choice is made though

construction for the new plant could

start in the following months

Tesla wants to start building a large

car assembly plant in the US as early as

this summer but the electric car company

still hasn't decided on a location

documents show they're still trying to

secure tax breaks the plant would build

Tesla's electric pickup truck and model

Y SUV Tesla told officials in Texas it

wants to invest about 1 billion dollars

to build a plant near Austin it would

employ five thousand people on what is

now a cement operation but it needs tax

breaks to make the Texas site

competitive with an alternative in


Tesla's only current plant in the us

is in California it's not large enough

they've had to build cars under a tent

next to the plant Tesla had Elon Musk

clashed with California officials

earlier this year they ordered his

factory to halt production over the

virus musk threatened to move further

operations to Texas or Nevada the plant

is now open again and that's all for our

broadcast audience but the show

continues on our NTD youtube channel so

join us live there after the break










robots are helping some people enjoy

golf during the virus crisis in a safer

way several golf courses in New York

City are using robot caddies to help

golfers keep their social distance a

robot technology is introduced to help

people to enjoy golf during the crisis

in a safer way several golf courses in

the New York City area are using robot

caddies to help golfers to keep their

social distance fit suburban Golf Club

in Union New Jersey for robot caddies

costing $4,000 each were introduced as a

new option for golfers who prefer

walking alone without carrying the bag

they're powered by a lithium battery

that lasts two rounds of 18 Holt's

before needing to be recharged they

don't have to carry their bag or use a

pull cart so they can also store drinks

on it

divot mix it's got a phone charger it's

it's great I mean it handles and holds

pretty much anything you need at all the

autonomous vehicles are controlled using

a remote that clips to the golfers belt

and follow between four and ten feet

behind the golfer one of the clubs

golfers who regularly uses a robot caddy

as attorney Richard Cort

he doesn't like to pay for a human caddy

due to cost and doesn't want to carry or

push his clubs I love it because it

actually makes you feel like a pro

golfer you're just walking along you can

look at the whole decide what club do

you want to use figure out what your

shot should look like and where the ball

should be it's almost like like you have

a real caddy

yet the robot is unable to offer advice

or companionship so some golfers like

Marco Salerno prefers a human caddy I

love technology but I still like taking

the actual caddy up you know but we

interact out there it gives me advice

and I enjoy that caddy Michael Walsh

said he isn't worried about losing his

job at least for now but he did wonder

about when technology develops in the

future whether robots may come to

replace more human jobs like his own

Chinese prosecutors say they've charged

two detained Canadians for alleged

espionage in a case that has driven a

diplomatic wedge between Ottawa and


two Canadians detained by Chinese

authorities were charged on Friday with

espionage by prosecutors former diplomat

Michael khovrakh and businessman Marcus

Pavel were arrested in late 2018 on

state security charges that have

strained diplomatic relations between

the two countries

they were first arrested shortly after

Canadian authorities arrested Huawei

chief financial officer Mequon Zhu in

Vancouver on a us warrant

China's calls for her release have gone

unanswered and subsequently has warned

Canada of consequences for aiding the

United States in Meg's case while China

maintains the detentions who are not

linked to men former diplomats and

experts have said they are being used to

pressure Canada charging the two

Canadians represents the next step in

judicial proceedings against Corrigan's

powerful and means a formal trial can

now begin the charges against the pair

include spying on sensitive national


khovrakh works for the International

Crisis Group they've previously said

that the accusations against him evade

and unsubstantiated Canadian Prime

Minister Justin Trudeau says he's very

disappointed by China's charging those

two two detained Canadians with spying

today in an apparent bid to step up

pressure on Canada to drop a US

extradition request for huawei's

executive who's under house arrest in

Vancouver we will continue to advocate

for their release for their return to

Canada while highlighting of course that

Trudeau said his government will keep

working with allies and friends around

the world who are equally concerned with

the arbitrary detention and next Neil

Woodrow brings us more news from Europe

controversial Chinese company Huawei has

built a support network of high-level

influence influencers in the UK in the

past 20 years and has recently stepped

up its up its effort thanks welcome to

NTD UK bringing you UK and European news

I'm Neil wardrobe Huawei is using money


high level influences to try to convince

London not to cut Huawei out of the

nations 5g market the Sunday Times

reports that Huawei has been building a

supports network for nearly 20 years and

recently it stepped up its efforts the

report names a former head of the

British Foreign Office and a former CEO

of the UK media regulator Ofcom they

co-founded Lobby firm Flint global that

works for Huawei and last week the

University of Bristol refused to

disclose how much Huawei has paid one of

its professors saying that could lead to

hallway cutting off financial support in

response a leading conservative

politician said as public bodies

supported by the taxpayer it is right

and proper for universities to tell us

where their funding comes from he

highlighted especially from a

controversial firm like Guam staying in

the UK the UK's chief medical officers

have downgraded its CCP virus alert

level from four to three level three

means the virus is still in general

circulation but there could be a gradual

relaxation of restrictions and social

distancing measures this decision would

make relaxing the 2-meter rule or open

pubs and restaurants politically easier

these non-essential services are

supposed to reopen in early July

international matters the UN's nuclear

watchdog is calling on Iran to stop

denying the agency access to two

suspected former weapon sites the

International Atomic Energy Agency or

IAEA says is seen evidence of efforts to

clean up the sites which could relate to

secret activities in the past the

resolution passed 25 to 2 with seven

abstentions Iran's allies China and

Russia opposed the measure the

resolution text was submitted by France

Britain and Germany this injustice

nation we know that we also expect Iran

to finally behave constructively and to

finally deescalate quickly

Iran's ambassador to the IAEA cousin


Abadi says the passing of the resolution

is deeply disappointing and a pity to

Germany the CEO of German payments

company wire card has quit over billions

of dollars that's gone missing from the

company marques Braun built Y card into

one of the

his financial tech investments in Europe

but questions over accounting as

crashing the company's value this week

wire cards auditor EU I refused to sign

off the company's accounts saying it

can't confirm if cash balances worth 21

billion us dollars exist braun accuses

fraudsters of the missing money not a

wire there are indications that false

accounts have been presented to auditors

by a trustee or the circle of those

banks for fraudulent purposes i wish to

come and forget it was braun does not

identify the fraudsters but wire card

has said the missing money should be

held in accounts at two filipino banks

the banks BPI in BDO say wire card is

not their client market analysts find a

situation hard to understand and these

were self created problems it's crazy

that you essentially have a premium car

but decide yourself to take the wheels

off I don't understand

nearly eleven billion us dollars were

wiped off wild cards market value on

Thursday and Friday and it might have to

repay bank loans of 22 billion us

dollars this week it was a welcome

technology success story but the

allegation of sham transactions has

shattered investors confidence moving on

NATO says it will investigate French

claims that turkeys Navy defied a call

for inspection earlier this month the

incident between the NATO allies

happened on July 10th in the

Mediterranean France sent a warship to

investigate a Turkish freighter after it

had turned off its transponder failed to

identify itself and did not give its

final destination French officials say

Turkish warships accompanying the

freighter flashed their radar lights

three times suggesting an imminent

missile strike Paris has repeatedly

accused turkey of violating a UN arms

embargo against selling arms to Libya

NATO says defense ministers from several

Alliance States addressed the incident

at a meeting to bring full clarity into

what happened and and I think that's the

best way now to deal with that too to

clarify actually what happened on

Wednesday Turkey rejected the accusation

saying French forces sought to search a

Turkish vessel in international waters

outside their jurisdiction

turkey says the incident as described by

France never occurred both sites now

await the outcome of the NATO

investigation and in France Airbus is

assembling some of its final a380

superjumbo marking the end of one of the

aviation industry's most ambitious

projects when the jet launched in 2007

airports had to upgrade facilities to

accommodate it trucks carrying three

fuselage sections squeeze through this

quiet village on the way to Airbus's

Toulouse assembly plant and southwest

France these will be used to make some

of the last Airbus a380 planes before

the model is retired in 2021 local

residents and production workers

accompanied the trucks it creates a lot

of emotions a lot of pride and I would

say that all the people who worked on

the a380 are already proud of it the

world's largest passenger airline

entered service in 2007 challenging a

dominance of the Boeing 747 in the

market first of all I think that this is

an important milestone of the ABC story

this is the aircraft that wrote all the

for European partners together so it was

an accelerator of the history of Airbus

the decision to stop making the jet came

after Emirates cut its outstanding order

from 53 to 14 planes last year Lufthansa

Qantas and air france-klm have all

retired the superjumbo from their fleets

Airbus still has record orders for

smaller jets but the a380 is winding

down just as Europe's aerospace industry

faces job pressures due to the pandemic

crisis that's all for today from the

entity UK newsroom back over to New York

thanks Neil now to Samsung which is

denying reports that it will shift much

of its production from China to Vietnam

Vietnamese state media says Samsung is

relocating its display production from

China to Vietnam

they cited an announcement on Samsung

Vietnam's website but the parent company

in South Korea says the reports are

groundless and they didn't elaborate

several other Vietnamese online media

also reported the news but the stories


taken down by evening Samsung is the

single largest foreign investor in

Vietnam with investments totaling

seventeen billion dollars the company

has six factories and two research and

development centers in Vietnam the

reports come as more companies try to

shift supply chains away from China

since the virus became a pandemic and

some NFL coaches want to postpone the

regular season due to complications

caused by the virus and tennis star

Djokovic is looking forward to competing

at the US Open but he's concerned not

all players will be able to travel to

the tournament three of the NFL's head

coaches reportedly want the 2020 regular

season to be delayed due to the virus

outbreak one of them expressed doubt

that the regular season can go on as


reporters reached out to the unnamed

head coaches after Cowboys running back

Ezekiel Elliott tested positive for the

virus Commissioner Roger Goodell said

teams and players must accept that some

level of risk exists due to the virus

the world's number one tennis player

Novak Djokovic says he's excited by the

prospect of playing at the US Open but

he insists that it would only be fair if

every player eligible is able to compete

he's concerned that many players won't

be able to travel even if they wanted to

due to the ongoing virus issues the

London Marathon race director said that

organisers are working to ensure the

rescheduled race is held on October 4th

the postponement and later cancellation

of the Great North Run the UK's biggest

annual half marathon had raised doubts

about the London Marathon going ahead a

further update on the status of the race

will be given on July 28th former Real

Madrid soccer star Ronaldo said that

this year's improvised Champions League

playoffs will reward teams that dare to

take risks but this year there will be

only one game in each round pushing the

teams to give their all in one game and

that's all for today's news thanks for

tuning in I'm Stephanie Cox





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