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published on July 2, 2020



welcome to NTD news I'm Tiffany Mayer

here are today's top stories president

Trump responding to allegations by the

New York Times he calls the claims

another Russia hoax the report alleges

that Russia plotted to pay the Taliban

to kill US soldiers and coalition troops

in Afghanistan vice president Mike Pence

states the importance of following virus

prevention rules as relevant to each


he says residents in Texas should heed

the word of local officials and wear

masks Republican senators are warming up

to a second round of stimulus checks one

senator says it's going to happen maybe

in July Senate Republicans say they'll

try again to pass a police reform bill

this week after Republican senator Tim

Scott's Justice Act was shot down by

Senate Democrats and the world surpassed

two grim milestones for both deaths and

confirmed cases of the CCP virus or

corona virus





President Trump says recent allegations

made against US intelligence are fake

news a report says they knew about

claims that Russia offered to pay the

Taliban to kill American soldiers the

White House says it didn't know about

the claims while some are calling for

action against Russia if the report

proves accurate the Taliban and Russia

say the report is baseless and nonsense

president Trump responding to a New York

Times report says neither he nor Vice

President Mike Pence were informed about

the allegations he wrote Intel just

reported to me that they did not find

this info credible and therefore did not

report it to me or the vice president he

called it possibly another fabricated

Russia hoax the report claims that

Russia offered bounties to Taliban

linked terrorist groups to kill American

and coalition troops in Afghanistan and

that US intelligence officials knew of

this the president stated on Sunday that

White House chief of staff mark meadows

was also never briefed about these

claims the New York Times allegations

were made by an anonymous source

president Trump called for the paper to

reveal its source to make the claims

credible a Taliban spokesman called the

allegations baseless saying that

targeted killings were done on their own

resources 2020 Democratic presidential

candidate Joe Biden repeated

long-standing democratic allegations

against the president that President

Trump had a close relationship with

Russian President Vladimir Putin

President Trump denied this saying that

the former vice president as well as

former President Barack Obama had been

weak on Russia Russia called The New

York Times report nonsense vice

president Mike Pence speaks about the

importance of wearing a mask if told to

do so by state officials he said some

states are seeing a steep rise in virus

cases and residents in these areas

should follow the rules around good

hygiene if your local officials in

consultation with the state are

directing you to wear a mask we

encourage everyone to wear a mask a

clear message from vice president Mike

Pence to residents in Texas virus cases

in the state are spiking especially

among younger Americans speaking

alongside the state's governor in Dallas

he urged people to wash their hands and

avoid touching their faces he

masks were just a good idea to minimize

the spread Texas governor Greg Abbott

pressed on the severity of the situation

we need to understand that Koba 19 has

taken a very swift and very dangerous

turn in Texas over just the past few


he said virus case numbers increased by

150 percent from an average of about

2,000 to more than 5,000 per day

according to the CDC the state has seen

40,000 new cases in the last seven days

pence announced that the recent spike is

suspected to be linked to young

Americans who don't follow social

distancing rules or wear masks speaking

on CBC's face the nation Pence pushed

back against criticism that President

Trump has not encouraged wearing face


he said the White House wishes to defer

to governor's he explained every state

has a unique situation and that people

should listen to their local officials

he also highlighted the different needs

of Greater New York in earlier months

Pence's remarks clash with those of

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi speaking

separately on the subject she said to

ABC News there should be a mandate for

face coverings and it should be

nationwide Republican senators are

warming up to the idea of a second round

of stimulus checks they were dead set

against it but now one Republican says

it's going to happen Senator James

Inhofe said Republican senators support

sending more direct payments to

Americans President Trump the Treasury

secretary and Republican senators have

said they expect the next stimulus to be

passed in July that's when the extra

$600 monthly unemployment benefits will

end senator Inhofe said that it is going

to happen but not yet Republican

senators discussed the direct payments

last week Inhofe says they support the

idea but they're still working out the

details Inhofe said what you don't want

to do is have a reward given to people

who don't want to work Republican

Senator John Cornyn said it's a

challenging issue he said payroll tax

pays for Medicare and Social Security

but that it would be a way to get money

directly in the hands of people who need

the cash the first round of Diary

payment started in April the cares Act

was passed in March to offset the virus

economic impact

earlier this month White House adviser

Larry Kudlow said the president wants to

help out with some type of tax relief

and they want to reward people who are

reemployed and going back to work

Senate Republicans are once again

pushing police reform legislation

following Senate Democrats lack of

support for Senator Tim Scott's Justice

Act Scott says he's hoping to find

common ground the Senate plans to try

again to pass police reform legislation

after a bill introduced by Senator Tim

Scott didn't get enough votes from

Senate Democrats Republicans plan to

continue pushing policing change this

week legislation from House Democrats

already passed in the House and Thursday

Scott said he'll meet with House

Democrats in hopes of finding common

ground too often were having a

discussion in this nation about are you

supporting the law enforcement community

or are you supporting communities of

color this is a false binary choice he

stressed that his legislation supports

people on both sides and that it

supports America as a whole

he also said he spoke with the head of

the Congressional Black Caucus the

organization is comprised of Democrats

that constructed the rival police reform

bill in the house Scott's bill called

the Justice Act and House Democrats

version to George Flight justice and

policing act share many similarities but

they include some differences like what

methods should be used to hold police

reforms in place and to what degree they

seek to directly punish police Scott

stressed his reasoning for introducing

the bill and if you support America you

support restoring the confidence that

communities of color have in

institutions of authority Scott opposes

a democratic proposal to allow victims

of misconduct to sue police for

financial damages saying it would have a

chilling effect on law enforcement but

he said he'd be willing to allow victims

to sue municipalities counties and

states the world has now surpassed two

sobering virus milestones at least

500,000 confirmed deaths and 10 million

confirmed cases of course this doesn't

account for the unknown toll of the

virus in countries was typically opaque

regimes like China Iran and North Korea

so it's likely already much higher

global cases of coronavirus exceeded 10

million on Sunday according to Reuters

tally as the number of deaths from the

respiratory illness approached half a

million the grim milestone comes as many

hard-hit countries ease their lockdown

measures while making extensive

alterations to the ways people live and

work North America Latin America and

Europe each account for around 25

percent of cases while Asia in the

Middle East have around 11 percent and 9

percent respectively

that's according to a Reuters tally

which uses government reports just two

countries account for over a third of

all new cases over the past week India

and Brazil they're both battling

outbreaks of over 10,000 cases a day and

Brazil reported a record 50 4700 new

cases on June the 19th some researchers

say the death toll in Latin America

could rise over 380,000 by October as of

Sunday morning there had been more than

four hundred ninety seven thousand

fatalities linked to kovat 19 worldwide

some countries are also experiencing a

resurgence in infections leading

authorities to partially reinstate

lockdown measures in what experts say

could be a recurring pattern in the

coming months and into 2021 coming up a

group of young Republicans gathered in

front of a New York City Museum to

defend a statue of Teddy Roosevelt

that's after the city mayor and state

governor voiced support for taking it

down that and more after the break



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over the weekend a group of New Yorkers

rallied outside the American Museum of

Natural History

they gathered in hopes of protecting a

statue of Theodore Roosevelt from being

removed the event led to a heated

discussion between a group of black

lives matter protesters and the statue

defenders entities Melina Weiss Cup

reports I'm here in New York City right

across the street from Central Park what

we're seeing at the aftermath of a group

of young Republicans who are supporting

the Teddy Roosevelt statue staying in

place so right now we're seeing some

controversy brewing one group over here

is saying they want to support and keep

the teddy roosevelt statue while the

other group over here saying we need to

tear it down and I'm willing to hear a

middle ground proposal the problem is

rebend zero transparency the young

Republicans who opposed the statues

removal pointed to New York City Mayor

Bill de Blasio's statement that he

supports taking it down he said that the

statue depicts a racial hierarchy mayor

de Blasio handed the responsibility to

his wife who heads the racial Truth and

Reconciliation Commission protesters who

seek to remove the statue say it

reflects white supremacy in systemic

racism in America but some African

Americans attending the rally said

otherwise black in this country can be

anything you want there's no nothing

holding you back if you work hard enough

you get it I didn't grow up I'm 36 years

old I didn't grow up in this country

ever in my life thinking I can't do this

I can't do that because I'm black I said

if I want to do it let me just work hard

I can do it some people told us they

feel destroying the statue would

represent much more than a call for

equality we're seeing the same thing

with black lives matter which is a pawn

but these are just branches on a tree

and the root is communism they want to

just push out every single foundation

America has had that has made us the

strongest country in the world and what

they want to do is bring us and bring us

down to our knees so desperate so where

we racially can't get along people are

terrorizing us there's no there's no

justice system if we did every deny God

and we did not righteousness and truth

we in trouble

but destroying like like the Taliban did

like the Isis there except communist Mao

or destroying what was there in our

culture it scares me because I've seen

it before they don't care about the

statue they care about culturally

resetting the country destroying or

covering statues has become a common

approach in recent weeks but some say

there may be another way I'm all for

voting on it not tearing it down and if

we do vote on taking this down I think

it should be put in a private gallery or

a museum so we understand our history he

pointed to Germany's handling of the

Holocaust where concentration camps are

left open not to idolize the Holocaust

but to educate people about the horrors

of that period of time Gabriel also

noted the moral implications and what

this period of time means for future

generations they'll open up their

textbook and say what was 2020 like and

if we don't actually correct a narrative

now or the actual story they will use a

narrative to then say that this was the

time when we fought for equality by

looting burning and they'll think that

that's the way you get a message no our

moral values are on the decline

we're not holding people responsible as

of now the theodore roosevelt statue is

still standing outside the museum

although both the mayor and governor say

it should be removed it's unclear if

when or how that might happen reporting

from New York Melina Weiss cup NTD news

the country saw more violence again this

weekend including shootings in

California Kentucky and Illinois here

are the details there were a number of

shootings across the country this

weekend in Red Bluff California a

shooting at a Walmart distribution

center left at least two people dead

four others were injured the local

sheriff says the shooter circled the

parking lot four times before crashing

his vehicle into the building he opened

fire with a semi-automatic rifle killing

one employee police officers shot the

gunman who died at the hospital

the Sheriff's Department identified the

shooter as 31 year-old Lois Lane he

worked at the distribution center until

last year when he was fired for not

showing up in Louisville Kentucky police

arrested a man over a shooting that

killed one person the park where it

happened has become a center for

protests against the police

killing of a black woman in March the

suspect opened fire at a crowd there the

shooter was wounded he's now in police

custody at the hospital this man had

been participating in the protests since

they began and he had been arrested a

couple of times over the past several

weeks he had been repeatedly asked by

other members in the park to leave due

to his disruptive behavior it's at least

the second shooting in the past month in

Louisville in Chicago at least 53 people

were shot over the weekend in various

incidents 13 are dead and 40 were

injured Chicago Police say at least

three minors were killed

up next a nearly 90 year old woman is

killed in a forced demolition in China

she was beaten and shoved to the ground

by demolition officers while her home

was destroyed more on that after the




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a nearly 90 year old woman died after

being beaten by local officials as they

were about to demolish her home forced

evictions are common in China Chinese

citizens who resist or protest the

evictions may be subjected to harassment

beatings or in this case death Pancho

Jun was almost in her 90s and living in

the rural area of a southern Chinese

province she was beaten and pushed to

the ground by demolition officers as

they broke into her family home in Lille

Jo City two of the officers took her to

a local health center she was later

transferred to a hospital where she

passed away as pond was taken to the

hospital her family reported the

incident to the police while giving

their statements in the police station

they received a call to say that pond

had died ponds family immediately rushed

to the hospital the town's mayor and

other local officials were also in the


they promised pons family no one would

touch ponds body and asked the family

members to go back to the police station

but soon afterward a large number of

police officers surrounded the hospital

they took ponds body to a funeral home

and hurriedly cremated the body without

the family's permission the family had

wanted to bury the body according to

local custom ponds nice speaks with our

reporter they diverted us away

deliberately deceiving us we have

nowhere to turn to and no one to help us

get justice it's really hard for us Hans

family reveals that the authorities

sought out their relatives persuade the

family to take a private settlement Hans

son refused Wei says he wants to find

out who's responsible he wants justice

for his mother he wants to ferret out

the culprit and that his mother rest in

peace pond left behind a 90 year old

husband who is devastated by the sudden

loss and ponds niece is still in shock I

accompanied my auntie and her husband to

lunch almost every day and she just

brought us some food the night before I

did not expect to lose her for forever


stay I didn't even get to see her one

last time the whole family is grieving

and they are desperately seeking justice

if they hadn't forced the demolition

yesterday my auntie would not have died

she was in good health way reveals that

local authorities and property

developers are demolishing housing in

her village to resell for greater profit

more than a hundred families in the

village have lost their only home and

their land they have to live in tents

and makeshift shelters they've erected

from the debris who gives them the

rights to mess with our house in one

fell swoop they forcibly demolished over

a hundred homes in their village in a

few months we villagers are displaced

however the shelters have also been cut

off from water and electricity and more

than 200 villagers are barely surviving

how can we survive when every inch of

our land is being robbed and now we have

none left due to the interplay between

law and party politics in China pons

family had nowhere to turn to redress

their grievances

now they desperately turned to publicity

to expose the incident under the

communist regime in China all land is

owned by the state which grants land

rights for a set number of years when

Chinese citizens Miya home they only own

the building over the years millions of

Chinese have lost to their homes through

forced – demolitions when local

governments decided to reclaim the land

for more profitable use coming up next

president Emmanuel macron ruling party

failed to make any significant impact at

france's local elections last weekend

there is more on that when we return




viewers have described China uncensored

like The Daily Show but about China at

the beginning I was super excited when I

got 500 views and now shows grown to

about half a million subscribers on

YouTube one episode reached 79 million

people I am a wolf freaked out that that

many people have seen my face in five

years I see China uncensored as the sole

source of edutainment worldwide our

investigative reporters at the epoch

times have spent 18 months uncovering

the biggest political scandal in modern

history we connected the dots around

Spygate the actions by Obama era

officials against Trump's 2016

presidential campaign join me under

classified as we bring you up-to-date

developments on this unfolding scandal




in France the Greenes party made major

gains and local elections marked by

record low turnout and the failure of

President Emmanuel macron ruling party

to make any significant impact French

President Emmanuel macron suffered a

major blow in municipal elections on

Sunday as the Greens celebrated

victories in several big cities after a

surge in support elections are seen as a

midterm test for macron and he had hoped

that wins would anchor his young la

república Marche party in towns and

cities across France ahead of an

anticipated 2022 re-election bid voter

participation was low Interior Ministry

data showed a turnout of just 405% exit

polls showed the Greens winning in Lyon

Marseille Bordeaux and Strasbourg

building on the momentum created by

their strong performance in France in

last year's European Parliament

elections Frances 35,000 mares set

policy on issues including urban

planning education and the environment

macron has enacted reforms to liberalize

the French economy reforms which were

bearing fruit but the past three years

have been mired in social unrest and the

pandemics impact is reversing

hard-fought gains as disillusion amongst

the leftist faction of macrons party

grows the weekends results will force

some soul-searching the green sweep may

compel him to reshuffle his government

to win back disenfranchised left-wing

voters now we turn to Poland where

nationalist incumbent Andrzej Duda won

the country's round one presidential

election over the weekend he now faces

the centrist mayor of Warsaw in a runoff

on July 12th in a race that could

transform the nation's ties with the

European Union polls stood in long lines

to vote on Sunday in a closely fought

presidential election expected to see

record turnout the result could reshape

Poland's tense relationship with the

European Union and the ruling

nationalists socially conservative

agenda the ballot takes place seven

weeks later than original

a jeweled because of lockdown measures

incumbent andrzej duda re-election is

crucial that the ruling law and justice

party is to continue an agenda that

includes judicial reforms that have put

Poland on a collision course with the

European Union if no candidate wins more

than 50% the two with the biggest share

will compete in a second round on July


Judah's main challenger centrist warsaw

mayor raphael chess Koski seeks to

provide a progressive alternative and to

end poland's isolation in the EU after

five years of conflict between the

government and brussels poland's

Electoral Commission says it expects

record turnouts and coming up your daily

dose of cuteness Denmark stiffly

amusement park holds its annual dog day

the only day of the year when man's best

friend can enjoy the fun alongside their

owners more on that when we returned





after releasing star quarterback Tom

Brady the New England Patriots have now

signed Panthers quarterback Cam Newton

and more in Sports News the New England

Patriots signed quarterback Cam Newton

to a one-year deal the move comes months

after the team parted ways with six

times Super Bowl winner Tom Brady former

NFL MVP 31 year old Newton spent nine

seasons with the Carolina Panthers and

took the team to Super Bowl 50 he

underwent foot surgery in December after

an injury cut his 2019 season short the

NFL player Association advised players

against participating in group workouts

it says they are not safe because the

spread of the virus is ongoing but

quarterbacks Russell Wilson and Tom

Brady along with other top players

posted videos on social media that

showed them practicing with teammates

last week in this weekend's NASCAR Cup

Series doubleheader at Pocono Raceway

Denny Hamlin secured a victory in the

Sunday nightcap Hamlin became the

winningest active driver at Pocono and

tied Jeff Gordon for the most all time

Cup wins at the track with six

Dustin Johnson shot 19-under par to win

the Travelers Championship but one

stroke in Cromwell Connecticut the 2016

US Open champion claimed his 21st PGA

title this marks a 13th consecutive

season with at least one victory and

Denmark's famous tivoli amusement park

held its annual dog day it's the only

day of the year in which owners can

enjoy the park alongside their furry

friends Danish amusement park Tivoli

threw dog owners a bone as they held

their annual dog day last weekend it's

the only day of the year dogs are

allowed in the almost 200 year old park

owners say they love it because their

dogs can play with other dogs in an

environment where everyone can have fun

because Ziggy my dog he loves meeting

other dogs and I've had a few

to go a new place and meet the dog she

has met before and I mean it's always

fun to bring your doctor to believe

because it's fun for us to be here as

well the park area is usually off-limits

to man's best friend but during the

event dogs can compete in agility races

walk in parades and show off in a dog

show on the parks main stage

unfortunately all events were canceled

this year as a virus spread precaution

we were part of the parade which is that

the canceled this year and he had so

much fun so I thought have come again

this year but the cancellation didn't

stop pets from enjoying each other's


swimming in fountains and munching on

treats from tivoli staff I think it's a

dream that they make it possible because

they're not allowed usually to come in

for this one day per year it's like a

freedom for dog owners to come in and

say hi to all the other tivoli says no

one knows how long the tradition has

been in place but pet owners in denmark

clearly want it kept alive and that's

the latest updates for now thanks for

tuning in

catch up again at 6:30 pm Eastern Time

I'm Tiffany Mayer




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