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published on July 3, 2020




good afternoon and thanks for joining us

the top stories today President Trump

denounces the wave of demonstrators

toppling historical statues he says the

US has a beautiful heritage and likin

those toppling statues to a mob

demanding total control president

Trump's administration says it's

determined to end Dhaka

the program protects illegal immigrants

from deportation if they were brought

into the US as children they say it's

unlawful and they'll try another way to

end it

violence erupted in cities across the

country this Father's Day weekend

several are dead and over a hundred or

wounded after shootings customs

officials in California are warning that

prohibited meat could contaminate us

livestock and an American is among those

killed in a knife attack in England

three people were stabbed to death in a

park by a libyan national police say it

could be an act of terrorism


president Trump likens the toppling of

American historical figures across the

country to the beginnings of a communist

revolution he blames the radical left

and says he's going to stop them

the unhinge left-wing mob is trying to

vandalize our history desecrate our

monuments our beautiful monument back on

the campaign trail in Tulsa Oklahoma

president Trump linked the recent wave

of statue toppling to an attempted

communist style revolution tear down our

statues and punish cancel and persecute

anyone who does not conform to their

demands for absolute and total control

we're not conforming that's why we're

here actually demonstrators toppled

statues including two of America's

founding fathers in recent days

protesters in Portland Oregon covered

the head of a George Washington statue

with an American flag setting the flag

on fire the crowd then pulled the statue


president Trump denounced the Act we

ought to come up with legislation that

if you burned the American flag you go

to jail for one year although it's

unclear who is responsible the statue

was spray-painted with the letters BLM

and references to George Floyd a black

man who died last month while in police


the BLM or black lives matter movement

has called for the removal of monuments

they say have links to slavery one of

the movements cofounders says it has an

ideological goal and at least two

founding members trained in Marxism

Marxism advocates overthrowing the

existing order through struggle and

revolution to allow the establishment of

communism in its place protesters in

Portland also pulled down a statue of

founding father and third President of

the United States Thomas Jefferson both

incidents come either side of Friday's

Juneteenth celebration commemorating the

end of slavery in the US but several

other statues with no links to slavery

have also been attacked and toppled

President Trump calls it the work of the

radical left and says he intends to stop



New York City's American Museum of

Natural History announced it will take

down a statue of Theodore Roosevelt from

the main entrance for what critics have

called racist undertones New York City

Mayor Bill DeBlasio supports the move

president Trump condemned the proposal

writing ridiculous don't do it on

Twitter after a setback in the Supreme

Court that administration says it's

committed to ending the deferred action

for childhood arrivals program it will

figure out another way to do it the

Trump administration says it's

determined to end the deferred action

for childhood arrivals program the US

Supreme Court on Thursday blocked

Trump's effort to end the daca policy

but the battle isn't over


we won but you have to come back and

redo it the daca program protects

illegal immigrants brought into the

United States as children from

deportation they're around 650,000

illegal immigrants covered by Daka

acting DHS secretary Chad Wolfe told

NBC's Meet the Press that the Supreme

Court did not disagree that the program

was unlawful but it ruled against the

effort to end the daca policy on

procedural grounds

he said he finds that a little troubling

seeing the policy itself was created out

of thin air Wolfe questioned why daca

was not made public for comment at the

time of its creation the policy was put

in place by former President Barack

Obama President Trump and his

administration said they would resubmit

plans to end the policy taking guidance

from the court ruling last week Wolfe

said the program was unlawful sitting he

doesn't have the luxury of ignoring the

law he said the administration would

keep renewing visas for the people

covered by the program while seeking a

way to permanently end it and news this

morning that among those killed in

Saturday night's stabbing in the English

town of Redding was an American man

Jill Ricci Bennett a relative told the

Philadelphia Enquirer that he moved to

England about 15 years ago he was one of

three victims killed in what police are

investigating as a terror incident or a

UK correspondent Jane worl has more the

brother of Jared Shi Bennett holds the

local newspaper in Philadelphia that the

family is heartbroken and beside

themselves he is the second victim to be

named in a deadly stabbing in a park in

the English town of Redding on Saturday

night it left three people dead and

three seriously injured the US

ambassador to London Woody Johnson

confirmed an American was among those

killed I offer my deepest condolences to

the families of those killed in the

attack on June 20th to our great sorrow

this includes an American citizen our

thoughts are with all those affected he

said on Twitter the suspect who was

wielding a 5-inch knife was arrested on

the scene a witness said on social media

that one man walked into the park

shouting unintelligible words then went

around a group of people who were


drinking in the park trying to stab them

this morning a minute silence was held

for the victims the first to be named

publicly was James furlong head of

history at a school in Woking him James

was a very kind and gentle man he had a

real sense of duty and cared for each

and every one of our students he truly

inspired everyone he talked earlier

pupils came together to pay tribute to

him and he wasn't just a teacher he was

a human being and he had family and

friends that loved him just as much as

we do

officials told local media that the

suspect was a 25 year old man originally

from Libya reports say he was on the

radar of the British security services

and there were suspicions last year that

he was planning terrorism abroad but a

threat wasn't found from the evidence

their British prime minister promised to

make changes in the law if required if

there are changes that need to be made

to our legal system to stop such events

happening again we will not hesitate to

take that action a black lives matter

protest was held in the same spot during

the day police have confirmed that the

attack was not connected to the

demonstration and say there is no

further threat to the public

Jane Worrell NTD news and also violence

in the United States this Father's Day

weekend it was marred by shootings in

Chicago Minneapolis Syracuse New York

multiple people are dead or wounded

across the country from shootings over

Father's Day weekend in Chicago

shootings left 14 people dead including

a three year old boy a 13 year old girl

and two teenage boys over 100 people

were shot Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot

confirmed the three year olds death on

Twitter she wrote our city's collective

heart breaks to hear the unfathomable

news of a three year old boy who was

shot and killed tonight on Chicago's

West Side a suspect shot the toddler

when he fired several rounds into the

father's SUV the Chicago Tribune says

nearly 1300 people have been shot this

year in Chicago so far that's about 230

more compared to last year in

Minneapolis a shooting in a popular

nightlife area left one young father


and 11 more injured early Sunday morning

a video posted to Twitter shows the

scene afterwards police believe there

was more than one shooter

the Minneapolis police chief called the

recent uptick in crime a public health

crisis he said they have several leads

on suspects and the FBI and state

agencies are helping it happened three

miles away from the neighborhood that

was hit by rioting following George

flight's death and in Syracuse New York

nine people were shot at a large

birthday party Sunday witnesses told a

local newspaper that's several hundred

people gathered for food and music

but shots rang out shortly before the

party was supposed to end at 9:00 in the

evening a 17 year old boy is in critical

condition after being shot in the head

they're all expected to survive us

customs officials are intercepting more

and more prohibited meats from China one

seaport in California found nearly ten

tons in just two months

us customs officials in Los Angeles

has intercepted nearly 20,000 pounds or

ten tons of prohibited meat products

from China it was seized over a period

of two months from early April to early

June before reaching American consumers

the meat products contained prohibited

pork beef chicken and duck it was

packaged in boxes with other consumer

products like kitchenware or headphones

US Customs and Border Protection says it

was a clear attempt to smuggle the meat

CBP official mark Morgan said on Twitter

great job by CBP Los Angeles

intercepting over 20,000 pounds of

prohibited meats from China we're

keeping America safe the US Department

of Agriculture says China is affected by

African swine fever and several other

diseases found in animals African swine

fever is lethal to pigs and wild boars

and it's highly contagious but it's not

too dangerous to humans the disease

first hit China in 2018 and then spread

to neighboring countries China continues

to battle against African swine flu with

new cases reported in recent months pigs

can get it from contact with food or

clothing tainted with the disease

because of this us customs officials

warn that prohibited meat shipments

could contaminate us livestock and

America's pork industry and its exports

the LA Long Beach seaport has

intercepted 70% more prohibited meats

from China this year compared to the

same time last year the us is

discussing nuclear weapons with Russia

in Vienna the Trump administration asked

China to join the talks but it seems

Chinese officials didn't attend nuclear

weapon talks between the United States

and Russia have started in Vienna with

invoice from the two countries having

little to say before the meeting few

details have been officially revealed

about the arms control negotiations but

the us in void made clear the topics

will involve nuclear weapons it suggests

the talks will include replacing the new

strategic arms reduction treaty also

known as New START it expires in

February New START – limits nuclear

weapons deployments for the US and

Russia – around 1500 each it can be

extended for up to five years if both

sides agree the agreement is considered

a safeguard against the new arms race

the us recently withdrew from the Open

Skies treaty with Russia President Trump

cites Russia's constant violations of

the treaty as the reason for pulling out

Trump has also repeatedly called for the

Chinese regime to join talks with the US

and Russia to build an agreement to

replace a new start that applies to all

three countries the Chinese regime is

estimated to have about 300 nuclear

weapons it has repeatedly rejected

Trump's proposal the State Department

sent special invoice for arms control

Marshall Billingsley to the meeting

he'll be at talks in Vienna for two days

Billingsley sent out a tweet with a

photo of empty seats designated for

members of the Chinese regime

he said the Communist officials are a

no-show he wrote Beijing still hiding

behind great wall of secrecy on its

crashed nuclear buildup reporters on

location did not see any Chinese

officials and the Apple Worldwide

Developers Conference starts today but

it'll look a little different this year

due to the pandemic this time around the

event is going entirely virtual the

company is offering a sneak peek of

what's in store for tech lovers iPhone

users will get a preview of the new

operating system and home screen

experience I'm at connoisseurs might get

a look at a redesigned model and they'll

likely hear more about Apple switched

from Intel chips to its own in-house

processor this year's event is streaming

online exclusively and runs through


and still to come in parts of the

eastern hemisphere a ring of fire was

seen in the sky the Eclipse is

especially rare during this time of year

more on that when we return





when you look at TV networks in America

a soundbite invited out culture prevails

on news and commentary programs as a

Canadian I'm fascinated with America and

I wanted to offer American

thought-leaders an opportunity to share

their thoughts in a deep dive format

where we can explore their ideas

together and so American thought-leaders

was born the world's most brilliant

thinkers believed that open discourse

was the key to greatness however all

around the world you see that discourse

is being stifled and political agendas

of subverted media the epic times

launched its global thought leaders

program to bring back this great

tradition of free thought we have as the

host of American thought leaders every

week I interview some of the most

intriguing minds on the most pressing

issues of our time

be sure to check out our new episodes

every week

a Chinese student studying in the United

States had his account on the video

platform tik-tok closed down permanently

after he posted a video mocking the

Chinese communist regime

Anthony is Juliette song got his

reaction when a Chinese student in the

us posted a video mocking the Chinese

communist regime on tik-tok he didn't

expect what happened next the next

morning in less than 24 hours

tick tock deleted my account permanently

tick tock is a video out popular with

American teenagers its popularity surged

during the virus pandemic in the first

quarter of this year the app recorded

over 2 billion downloads the country

with the third highest downloads was the

us this hugely popular app was owned

by a company in Beijing Joe is very

angry that his account was shut down

because he uses the overseas version of

the app since it operates in the United

States it should follow us law Tech

Talks Chinese counterpart censors

criticism of the communist regime but it

said it would treat its overseas users

differently it is an outrage that the

company goes against regulations and

suppresses our freedom of speech he

thinks the account shutdown has to do

with the company's ties to Beijing Joe

made the video after Hong Kong passed a

controversial bill it means anyone who

disrespects China's national anthem

could face up to three years in prison

Hong Kong pro-democracy activists see

the bill is infringement on their

freedom of expression Joe also expressed

his anger over the bill the Chinese

Communist Party has no right to dominate

and control Hong Kong like this and I'm

very angry about it joe says Beijing's

influence is not limited to Hong Kong

the regime has been sending student

spies to steal intellectual property in

Western countries Beijing also uses its

economic ties to take revenge and

control freedom of speech in the free


for example after Australia demanded an

investigation into the original the CCP

virus China imposed an 80% tariff on

Australian barley and

someone's over all those things that the

Chinese Communist Party has done are

threatening the safety of the world in

humanity so I think someone must speak

up and resist their vicious deeds that's

how I got my courage to speak out Joe is

the only one in his family that is

anti-communism not only my parents my

entire family are devoted Communist

Party supporters but he is different due

to his past experiences Joe said at 18

his mother tried sending him to a

Beijing College saying he could earn a

lot of money if he got in I passed all

their tests in the end they asked me to

pledge loyalty to the Communist Party in

the state immediately I realized

something was wrong this is really weird

and I instantly rejected the college's

offer coming no it's on there good after

I went home my mom finally admitted that

it was a college for training spies for

the Communist Party he also doesn't like

the education indoctrination Joe said

his school in the mainland forbade

students to pursue their own personality

and free will what I'm thinking about in

my head is my own individual freedom

it's my human right what does it have to

do with anybody else

after college he was able to use

software to cross over China's massive

Internet censorship system he learned

more about the vicious deeds of the

communist regime longing for democracy

and freedom Joe went to the us to

study in 2011 he's now in his second

master's degree he says he doesn't plan

on going back to China because he could

face prison for mocking the party

reporting by Juliet song NTD news

the Chinese regime is facing

international backlash as it bears down

on Hong Kong this the last time this

happened was after the Tiananmen Square

massacre in 1989 back then Beijing had a

solution and it may be trying the same

tactic again but the question remains

whether it will work this time again

Beijing plans to build a

new free trade hub in the southern

island province of Hainan the move comes

amid the crisis in Hong Kong

if Beijing imposes its national security

law on the region it effectively marks

the end of freedom in Hong Kong which is

expected to end its role as a global

business hub in 1989 Beijing faced a

similar crisis after the Tiananmen

Square massacre the West imposed

economic sanctions on China in response

the CCP made a gesture of relaxing the

economy establishing Schengen City as

communist China's first free trade zone

once a fishing village 16 miles north of

Hong Kong today Shenzhen is a major

manufacturing center a cosmopolitan hub

of 12 million people seems Beijing is

making the same moves this time why

would she Jinping launch the Hainan free

trade port planning I think it's very

clear that he wants to copy soon James

Tong thinks the move won't be very

successful for two key reasons first the

West has learned that when Beijing

loosens control economically it doesn't

alter its political motives how this its

truest purpose is to strengthen the

socialist organism with the nourishment

of capitalism by means of attracting

foreign investment Champa

so the tea tea for decades the theory in

the West was that open trade with China

would eventually lead it down a path of

democratization that never happened as

long as the system is still in place and

mainland China is still ruled by the CCP

it is simply impossible for it to change

anything politically for the Kabam the

second reason Tong thinks the strategy

will fail is that this time the West

feels threatened by the CCP more

directly Hong Kong as a former British

colony is seen as part of the family of

Western economies many Western nationals

and businesses call it home Beijing's

national security law means the CCP has

broken its promise of one country two


putted made the entire Western world

feel that the CCP was absolutely

untrustworthy the whole Western world

feels that the CCP is a huge threat

today many democratic countries are

actively divesting from China

they're moving supply chains

rejecting Chinese 5g suppliers and

taking steps to fight against

intellectual property theft Nippon I say

okay you got something you were supposed

to align yourself with the free world

and gain benefits from it but the

leaders of the free world are now your

adversaries tong says under these

circumstances it's impossible for the

CCP to succeed with a new opening up

policy without any real fundamental

change in China and coming up Paris's

most famous Avenue could be treated to a

transformation nearly 100 thousand

locals and tourists told the city what

would make it even better more on that

when we return



how do we get to this point back in

December the corona virus was already

spreading in Wuhan and the Chinese

Communist Party was covering it up and

punishing the whistleblowers who dare to

report the truth making it more critical

than ever for us to get honest reporting

about China The Epoch Times is able to

bring you the uncensored truth because

we maintain a network of underground

sources inside of China hidden from the

sensors of the communist government go

to read epic calm and try your first

month for just a single dollar and get

real journalism delivered straight to

your doorstep other european countries

while an outbreak in german meat

processing factory is raising concern

the whole district could go under

lockdown again spain opened its borders

to most European countries and ended its

state of emergency since mid-march

people had been confined to their own

provinces to contain the spread of the

virus now they can travel to other

provinces again and meet up with friends

and family some 1,300 households are

under quarantine in a district of

Germany this concerns growing that the

whole district will have to return to

lockdown after a huge outbreak in a meat

processing factory where more than 13

hundred workers tested positive

state officials forced 6,500 employees

and their families to go into quarantine

protestors took to the streets of Sao

Paulo to call for an end to virus

restrictions they showed support for

president gerbil Sandero who calls

social distancing a job-killing measure

more dangerous than the virus itself

Brazil surpassed 50 thousand 500 virus

deaths and has more than 1 million

infections South Korean health

authorities say the country is in the

midst of a second wave of virus

infections the new wave most likely came

from a holiday weekend in may Korea CDC

previously said the country's first wave

never really ended one of the most

famous avenues in the world might soon

have a different look

Paris officials asked 96 thousand people

in the area what they'd like to see

there and our friends correspondent

David vivaz has the details according to

the general manager of the sean's Alizee

committee there's a common point between

Parisians and the two million American

tourists coming to power

walking the avenue from beginning to end

when Parisians were asked what they

would change about the over 1 mile long

Avenue one request was almost unanimous

they want to leave this experience they

wanted to be more green

this is plaza la Concorde where the

short visit Avenue starts it's a place

with many classical architectural

elements such as sculptures and

buildings as you can see there are a lot

of cars according to the survey

Parisians would like to see more trees

in this area and most pace for

pedestrians which would allow people to

enjoy walking from the Java literally to

the shores of the park and appreciate

the landscape while under the shadows of

the trees Paris mayor jean de hacer said

more trees would balance the prominent

stone architecture it's a project she

might launch in the future we want to

encourage people to enjoy their walk

maybe give a better place for Shawn's

early days Park the Avenue has lived

through many changes across the

centuries there the addition of regular

shifts transformation and the

innovations that have occurred on the

Avenue lefeve says the Avenue has been a

place where storefronts of big companies

such as car companies benefit from its

prestige according to the survey

Parisians would like to see more

traditional shops as a step towards

authenticity they also want less car

traffic some wish to go so far as to

make the shah's Alizee a fully

pedestrian zone but this idea is hotly

disputed report by David vivaz NTD news

coming up next a zoo in California is

raising a very playful new cheetah cub

workers there are trying to provide the

same care a mother cheetah would more on

that after the break



or at this time




some countries in the eastern hemisphere

so a rare eclipse called the Ring of

Fire yesterday morning the astronomical

event is especially rare at this time of

year some countries in the eastern

hemisphere witnessed the rare Eclipse on

Sunday a shimmering ring of light

flashed into view as the moon drifted

across the face of the Sun happening on

the longest day of the year the path of

the Eclipse spanned parts of Asia the

Middle East and Africa

most locations saw only a partial

eclipse with just a handful witnessing

the true Ring of Fire Taiwan was one of

the lucky ones and spectators there are

glad they got to see it you need to wait

more than 190 years so that you can see

it so I feel excited about it I think I

can show off to others that I saw it

unlike in a total eclipse the moon

leaves a thin halo of light at its

maximum phase such an eclipse happens

when the moon is farther away in its

orbit around the Earth appearing smaller

as a result meanwhile in the Middle East

the moon covered less of the Sun but the

Eclipse could still be seen as with

other eclipses people are urged not to

look directly into the Sun


like a piece of string in here a ring of

fire Eclipse that falls exactly in

mid-summer is very uncommon with not one

in the last 100 years

another is expected in 2039 with a 300

year weight to follow for the one after

that and the San Diego Zoo Safari Park

is raising a very confident and playful

new cheetah cub is trying to provide the

same care a mother cheetah would San

Diego Zoo Safari Park is hand raising a

7 week old cheetah cub feeding her and

simulating the grooming she would

normally get from her mother so having a

cheetah cub here is very special we

don't hand raise that many from year to

year and most cats are really good moms

that are very tentative to their cubs so

they are a special unique animal to have

at the Animal Care Center the female cub

which hasn't yet been named was born in

April and was an only cub the zoo said

she does that give birth to just one cub

generally cannot provide enough milk the

cub now weighs about 5 pounds and plays

and pounces and an indoor nursery she is

all over the place first thing in the


she likes to jump up and down on staff

she has no qualms about new things that

are going in with her she'll usually

approach it and and she loves playing

with everything that she's presented

with the youngster will remain at the

safari park for about three months then

moved to the San Diego Zoo joining other

Cheetahs thanks for tuning in catch up

again this evening I'm Paul greeny





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