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published on July 3, 2020




good evening and welcome to NTD news I'm

Stephanie Cox here at today's top


President Trump addressed West Point

Military Academy graduates today he told

them in the midst of turbulent times

look to America's timeless principles

for support protesters occupying

Seattle's autonomous zone are

negotiating with police they say they'll

leave if their demands are met

that's as police response times soar in

the area due to the lack of officers the

us is looking to sell more drones in

places where Israel and China now

dominate the market the government will

reinterpret an arms control agreement to

expand the market for US defense

contractors car rental firm Hertz is

selling its vehicles at bargain prices

the rental company filed for bankruptcy

and has started selling its 700 thousand

strong fleet and part of China's capital

city is under lockdown yet again after a

recent spike in virus cases the center

of the cluster a wholesale food market

is only a 20-minute drive from the

Communist Party's central headquarters


the president offered West Point

graduates words of wisdom today he said

when times are turbulent look to

America's timeless principles family

God country liberty and justice

President Donald Trump delivered a

commencement speech to graduates of the

US Military Academy at West Point the

President thanked all members of

America's armed forces who helped battle

the virus who stepped forward to help

battle the invisible enemy the new virus

that came to our shores from a distant

land called China we will vanquish the

virus we will extinguish this plague I

also want to thank the men and women of

our National Guard who respond with

precision to so many recent challenges

from hurricanes and natural disasters to

ensuring peace safety and the

constitutional rule of law on our

streets over 1,000 cadets graduated

representing all 50 states

they sent about six feet apart following

social distancing guidelines president

trump hailed America's timeless

principles including God and justice and

he said the era of endless wars is over

now the focus is on defending America's

vital interests we are not the policemen

of the world but let our enemies be on

notice if our people are threatened we

will never ever hesitate to act and when

we fight from now on we will only fight

to win 20



president Trump is moving the date of

his rally in Tulsa Oklahoma it was

originally going to take place on June

19th but that's the Juneteenth holiday

Trump says african-american friends and

supporters of his reached out to him to

see if he could change the date of the


Juneteenth celebrates the end of slavery

in Texas Trump will instead hold the

rally on June 20th Trump's campaign

managers set ticket requests reached

over 300,000 on June 19 1865 a Union

General traveled to Texas to tell

enslaved Americans the Civil War was

over and slavery had ended and that

President Lincoln's Emancipation

Proclamation was now in effect

Juneteenth is an official holiday in 46

states plus Washington DC the Senate

passed a resolution to declare

Juneteenth a national holiday but it has

yet to reach the house the police the

largest Police Department in the nation

may have to start revealing surveillance

technology it uses there's overwhelming

support for the bill but it's unclear if

the mayor is on board with the idea new

york is among the states moving quickly

towards police reforms this is systemic

reform of police departments this is

sitting down and taking a look at

exactly what they do and have been doing

and looking at it through a new lens of

reform and reinvention because this has

been 4050 years in the making

included was the repeal of a civil

rights protection call 58 that means

police disciplinary records can now be

made public the information released

won't contain home addresses personal

phone numbers and other sensitive

information but the president of a

sergeant union says unsubstantiated

complaints are made all the time and

disclosing them could damage the

credibility of an officer and be used

against them in court specifically

people work in narcotics

they get accused on a regular basis why

it's retaliation from the drug dealers

also being considered is reform for the

public oversight of surveillance

technology also known as the post act it

would require the NYPD to release yearly

reports and their surveillance

technology which would include how it's

being used when it was considered three

years ago the police department strongly

opposed it and the Deputy Commissioner

of intelligence and counterterrorism

said it would require them to reveal

technologies to criminals and terrorists

Mayor Bill DeBlasio opposed the bill

back then too but he's now reviewing the

legislation the act already has enough

co-sponsors to override a possible veto

by the mayor City Council members will

vote on the oversight bill next week and

in other news for a few days now

protesters have occupied a six block

radius of Seattle but that could change

soon today they were in negotiations

with the police

the protesters occupied a six-block

radius dubbed the Capitol Hill

autonomous zone or a Chaz is in

negotiations with the Seattle Police


black lives matter took over the area

after the police abandoned their

precinct station their spokesperson says

they'll leave once their demands are met

included in their demands is cutting the

police department's budget by half and

reallocating those funds to black

communities the City Council is looking

into the police budget the Seattle mayor

says she'll invest at least $100,000

into community-based programs and

minority communities but police

officials are reportedly reclaiming

their abandoned building and are in the

process of assessing it Seattle police

said that response times to rapes and

other violent crimes and chairs have

soared without a police presence they're

defunding the police has become a

rallying cry of some people protesting

the death of George Floyd but the phrase

can mean different things depending on

who you ask from reducing police budgets

to completely abolishing the police a

reporter Kevin Hogan spoke to a law

professor about the pros and cons of

downsizing police budgets activists

protesting the death of George flow

in Minneapolis police custody have

largely called for defunding the police

that concept isn't new but the protests

have brought more attention to it but

the meaning of that demand varies widely

in Edmonton a city with about a million

people in the Canadian province of

Alberta the police are to receive an

over 55 million dollar budget increase

over the next four years a black lives

matter petition seeks to cut that

increase and give the money to

community-based organizations to prevent

crime from happening in the first place

yet a law professor cautions against

giving police less money while expecting

them to still carry out the same

responsibilities because the police will

have to make up the difference and one

of the ways in which we've seen that is

really abusive tactics again largely

focused on minority communities with

respect to high-fives and fines and fees

pretextual traffic stops or traffic

stops really designed to make money for

the police not to create safety in our

on our roads protestors in Seattle who

have occupied the so called autonomous

zone are making the radical demand that

local police be completely abolished

right now the crime rate in the us is

the lowest it's been in decades in 1980

there were nearly 6,000 crimes committed

per 100,000 people

but 2018 saw less than half of that but

there is still a long way to go until

police become a necessary and we abolish

the police you know maybe I'm too

pessimistic about that certainly not

overnight sometimes reimagining a police

force can mean having more police on the

payroll and having them engaged in

community policing this system may be

even more expensive in this case police

go out on foot patrols talk to neighbors

and set up community conversations this

is what the police do in Camden New

Jersey after they defunded and dissolved

their police force so the police don't

just come into neighborhoods almost as

an occupying force but they're really

part of a neighborhood they are called

upon to help solve

so that's a very different kind of

relationship and that's part of this

defunding movement as well so it's not

just about money it's also about

changing the structures the rules of

engagement the way in which all

communities think about police

randomized experiments have shown that

when more police are on the streets for

reasons other than a crime the rate of

violent crime Falls conversely when

police stepped back from their duties

violence roads such as amid the unrest

after the deaths of Freddie gray and

Michael Brown also evidence suggests

that when vacant lots and cities are

turned into green spaces and when there

are more community nonprofits crime goes

down reporting by Kevin Hogan entity

news American rental company Hertz is

trying to raise cash after filing for

bankruptcy it's selling the 700,000 car

fleet at knockdown prices if you're

looking for a used car Hertz loss may be

your gain the rental company filed for

chapter 11 bankruptcy in May 22nd so it

started selling its fleet at bargain

prices tens of thousands of cars are now

listed on Hertz car sales calm and it

looks like people are interested five

million people visited the site in May

compared to only 500,000 in April and

Hertz will need everything it can get

it's 24 billion dollars in the hole with

only 1 billion dollars in cash reserves

it lost its only source of revenue when

travel was shut down during the pandemic

naturally its share price hit

rock-bottom after bankruptcy but in a

surprising turn of events investors

started to buy its stock again as lock

downs were lifted market analyst Jim

Cramer called it a back-alley dice roll

regardless Hertz share price is up 250

percent in the last 10 days it's open to

capitalize in the sudden demand by

raising 1 billion dollars in a sale of

new shares the virus has made it a tough

year for many families children

especially who were often separated from

their friends during the lockdown but

things are looking up as summer camps

start to reopen

excitement is in the air as children

arrive at this YMCA day camp in Florida

governor Ron de santis is letting summer

camps and youth activities in the state

open without restrictions one mother

says it's a relief knowing that the YMCA

is there for her kids yes because a lot

of people that I work with don't have

childcare right now they're going

through trying to find childcare for

their kids some people when I'm able to

come back to work because of childcare

the governor is giving local

organizations and governments the

freedom to set their own rules

the Florida YMCA president says their

training camp counselors on how to talk

to kids about the virus and the stress

that comes with it understanding that

kids have been out of school now for

almost three months the other side is is

making sure that we're providing them

with the happy great experience and a

stress release campers are organized

into smaller groups and safer activities

they also take sanitation seriously

spraying disinfectant on shoes and

washing hands for parents knowing their

children are in a safe clean environment

is a weight off their shoulders they had

doing the right thing when it comes to

safety they have a nurse they're

checking temperatures they're doing the

proper sanitation protocols so it's just

it puts my mind at ease when I'm working

and it just makes the day better for me

at work the governor said he trusts

parents to make their own decisions with

their doctors in global news about the

virus Brazil's death toll soars the

German Polish border reopens and Moscow

streets are as busy as they were before

the lockdown

Brazil's virus death toll is now over

41,000 the country has reported more

than 1,200 deaths every day since

Tuesday but is moving to ease quarantine

restrictions and reopened businesses the

Greek Prime Minister announced that

Greece is ready to welcome tourists this


he said the tourist health and safety is

the number one priority he made the

announcement from one of Greeks most

popular travel destinations Santorini

the island is famous for its sunsets and

black sandy beaches the polish German

border reopened on Saturday Poland

started to allow travel for

fellow European countries again Germany

is likely to lift border controls with

most of its remaining neighboring

countries on June 15th but the

government may reconsider if the

situation gets worse and Moscow streets

are bustling again according to Russian

search engine Yandex 76% of people

happen to be outside their homes on


Russia's number of cases recently

surpassed 500 thousand but Moscow's

mayor announced the easing of the

lockdown saying the pandemic was

receding in the city coming up a

district in Beijing has put itself on

lockdown again after a cluster CCP virus

cases broke out around a market the

whole sales centre is around 10 miles

away from the Chinese Communist Party's

main headquarters that and more after

the break



just how is the anger and grief

following the killing of George Floyd

being exploited

why does civil rights veteran Bob

Woodson argue that the national focus on

systemic racism actually distracts from

larger problems facing black America

how do funds meant for helping

low-income black communities fail to

actually go to the people who need it

most and what are real solutions to

uplift people in impoverished

neighborhoods in this episode we sit

down with Bob Woodson founder and

president of the Woodson center and one

of the founders of the 1776 initiative

this is American thought leaders and I'm

Eunhyuk ellic a part of the Chinese

capital of Beijing is under lockdown

again after a recent spike in confirmed

CCP virus cases the center of the

cluster a wholesale food market is a

20-minute drive from the headquarters of

the Chinese regime one district in

Beijing has put itself on a wartime

footing after seven people tested

positive for the CCP virus all seven

were clearly showing symptoms another 46

people also tested positive in the same

area but none of them appear to show

symptoms China doesn't count

asymptomatic patients as confirmed cases

even though they can still transmit the

virus to others the cluster of cases was

centered around a market known as sin

Phi D the market is around ten miles

away from China's seat of the state

jounin hime local officials say that six

out of the seven confirmed virus

patients had recently visited the market

authorities have since shut it down

along with other nearby markets video

posted online shows a large number of

China's armed Police Force stationed

outside scene Fadi

another showing people being taken away

by buses madad o Simhadri Amidala

research samples were also taken from

the market and the virus was found on 40

of them including on cutting boards used

for imported salmon in the market

Chinese media has cited multiple experts

saying that there has been no evidence

that salmon can transmit the virus chief

ID claims to be the largest agricultural

wholesale market in Asia the market

supplies about 80 percent of Beijing's

agricultural products and has over

15,000 people going in and out every day

local Chinese media say over 1,700

managerial staff alone work there 11

neighborhoods near the market have been

locked down complete with 24-hour guards

placed there due to the new outbreak

Beijing has suspended sports events and

tourism from other parts of China

effective immediately

it also dropped plans to reopen schools

next week for students in grades 1

through 3 investors of a us listed

Chinese company are suing it for

misleading them they say the company

failed to alert them about the potential

risk from the CCP virus investors could

lose as much as half of their money in

the company's stock a us listed

Chinese companies being sued in a

class-action lawsuit for misleading

investors Phoenix tree Holdings operates

an apartment rental chain in China

called Danka it went public on the New

York Stock Exchange on January 17th this

year issuing millions of shares at 13

and a half dollars each the class-action

lawsuit alleges Phoenix was not

transparent in its initial public

offering or IPO files investors say the

company didn't tell them about customer

complaints or negative press about its

questionable practices including signing

renters up for bank loans without their

knowledge and using the loans to fund

its operations

Danka operates in about a dozen cities

in China including Wuhan the original

epicenter of the pandemic the lawsuit

also claims in the IPO files that

Phoenix only said that its business

could be affected by Ebola virus h1n1

and some other flu type syndromes but

that didn't mention the CCP virus or

novel coronavirus even though that virus

had been spreading in Wuhan since

December last year the company shares

have traded as low as about $6 since the

IPO as less than half of its initial

price it's currently trading at around

$9 up next the us is seeking to sell

more military drones around the world

after the break

learned how the government plans to

expand the market for US defense




how do we get to this point back in

December the corona virus was already

spreading in Wuhan and the Chinese

Communist Party was covering it up and

punishing the whistleblowers who dare to

report the truth making it more critical

than ever for us to get honest reporting

about China The Epoch Times is able to

bring you the uncensored truth because

we maintain a network of underground

sources inside of China hidden from the

sensors of the communist government go

to read epic calm and try your first

month for just a single dollar and get

real journalism delivered straight to

your doorstep




the us is seeking to reinterpret a

cold war-era arms treaty defense

contractors want to sell more drones to

more nations where Israel and China

dominate the market two countries not

governed by the treaty the Trump

administration will reinterpret a cold

war air arms control agreement in order

to help American defense contractors

sell military drones to more nations

three defense industry executives and a

US official told Reuters about the

policy change which has not previously

been reported the change concerns the 33

year old missile technology control

regime or MTCR a pact created to curved

arms proliferation which counts 34

member nations washington has long seen

the MTC ARS restrictions on cruise

missile sales as applicable to large

weaponized drones and until now only

England France and Australia have been

allowed to buy large armed drones from

us manufacturers but in arms industry

executive told Reuters that Jordan

Romania Saudi Arabia and the United Arab

Emirates have shown interest in

purchasing us systems and will be

among the first customers in line when

the us policy changes a US official

and industry executives told Reuters the

State Department is expected to approve

the first drone sales under the new

interpretation as soon as this summer

the US National Security Council is

expected to support the policy change at

a meeting next week and discuss a

possible White House announcement the

virus hit Britain's economy hard

official data shows a record economic

downturn officials say they're not

surprised and that they're in for a long

and slow recovery official data shows

Britain's economy shrank by a record 20

point 4 percent in April during the

lockdown British prime minister Boris

Johnson says he's not surprised by the

data and if you think about it

coronavirus is likely to hit a country

like the UK economically very hard we

depend on services on human contact and

many wait many things that the

coronavirus makes very very difficult

but we're also very resilient in a dire

economy and we will bounce back the

service sector shrank by 19% in april

manufacturing was down over 24% and

construction crashed by nearly half

Bryn's central bank predicted as much

but it says there are signs the economy

is coming back to life the big question

is what happens next this whole question

about how much long-term damage is there

going to be and that's the thing that we

have to be very focused on because of

course that's where jobs get lost and

that's where damage is done to people's

livelihoods now you know we hope that

we'll be as small as possible but we

have to be ready and ready to take

action the Bank of England warns the UK

could see its deepest recession in the

past 300 years coming up a British

boating company tries to stay alive find

out what the company is doing

differently as Britain starts to reopen

after the break






working from home comes with its

challenges but this Belgian IT

professional is using it as an

opportunity to stay fit Itza newell has

been working from home throughout

Belgium's biros lockdown he has managed

to walk about nine hundred and thirty

miles by pacing through each day on a

treadmill installed under his desk I

decided to doing that when I read

everywhere that sitting is the new

smoking and that me humans are not

really made for sitting all the time I

knew wall said he started walking on the

treadmill while working before the

pandemic on the weekends or after work

at about 10,000 to 12,000 steps a day

Wow I've calculated that since the

lockdown for for the covered 19 that

have actually done twenty-seven thousand

steps a day for four three months now he

says he feels healthier now and it's

much easier to stay focused boring

things normally when I would be at my

desk I would be very quickly distracted

and with this I can work an hour or two

without getting distracted and actually

feeling fit afterwards the new walks at

around one-and-a-half miles an hour for

eight hours while he works sometimes he

turns the speed up in the evening while

reading a book clocking up more than

twelve point five miles and almost

double that distance on a strenuous day

and in the British city of Cambridge

punting along the river as a long-held

tradition enjoyed by students and

tourists and now companies offering the

rides are finding ways to keep afloat

during the CCP virus outbreak for over a

century that traditional punting boats

serenely glided through the calm waters

of Cambridge's River cam but for the

past three months there's been no sign

of them one of the city's biggest

punting firms Scudamore took the

decision to close down in mid-march

storing all its long wooden boats on dry

land for the first time and its 110 year

history in living memory

is the only time that it's happened

where we've had to not be able to

operate for any period of time their

tours weren't possible anymore due to

the UK strict social distancing measures

now they begin to reopen but will

operate at a reduced capacity requiring

all customers to book in advance

according to scoota Moore's the company

didn't have to make changes this big in

a very long time I think probably the

last time there was anything

insignificant as this it would have been

during the two world wars furthermore

the University of Cambridge canceled all

face-to-face lectures for the twenty

twenty to twenty one academic year all

lectures will be held virtually and

streamed online until next summer this

move will affect the tradition among

students who like to go punting to let

off steam

not having students in Cambridge is a

challenge they they do like to come

punting it's a sort of romantic

Cambridge thing but scooter Morris

operations manager expects his

popularity to continue among local

people and those looking for leisure

activities they are offering self higher

punt rentals so customers can still make

the most of the popular warmer months

and that's all for today's news thanks

for tuning in I'm Stephanie Cox










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