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by birtanpublished on September 10, 2020

hello it's Brad Lori or blockchain brat and today respect speaking about all things Troy and to do that we have one of the key cofounders of Troy with us today his name is Kiera Tsung and as I said he is a co-founder and he's

Representing a project that many people simply don't know about yet Kiera thank you very much for your time today Thank You Brad thank you for giving me this opportunity to attack with you about Humber project joy thank you very

Much you know very welcome and thank you for being so polite but for the for transparency truth and trust it's very important that I explain that this is a sponsored video this is sponsored on behalf of block bearer and I need to

Also explain why with Lovera what we're doing is trying to enable all of the listeners have access also to unbiased content so when we do sponsorships like this what we do is we take some of those funds and we actually support unbiased

Freelance content from content creators all the way from podcasters through to writers so we're really trying to give back but it is so important that you as a listener are respected and you know that this is indeed a sponsored piece

Now once again my job is to be as objective as possible just find the sponsorship and that's what I'll certainly be doing tonight so let's get stuck into what you stand for at Troy now with Troy explains that you

Are a global prime broker specialised in crypto asset trading a mouthful and there's a lot more to come when we understand and unpack the full network but can you tell us a bit more about what it means to be a prime broker okay

A lot of people maybe maybe not that familiar with the concept of prime brokerage I could give you some big names like Goldman Sachs in the action brokers fidelity UBS those big financial firms are prime brokers so you may be

Wondering what you're offering to their clients all of what they are doing in the financial markets they will offer you a platform of a single access to the real global equity of equity bond futures Orange change and all the

Financial derivatives and fine boom is all integrated on one account so you could trade globally shared low liquidity and they could give you a serious prime broker services including the margin landing security ring

Financial reporting risk control and a lot of services they integrate these services on the platform and they call it prime broker okay so in that sense it sounds like there's a bit of an aggregation aspect or a unifier when it

Comes to liquidity is that the primary funder asset that you're trying to establish with this prime broker system or this prime brokerage in making it a bit more one-stop shop process making an easy and seamless yes because my

Mother's business is very mature in the traditional furniture market but there is a total blank in the console market so we'll only move a move this constant into a parcel market and make it right that's right it's interesting because

Defy is a buzzword and there's other parties I know of I've actually spoke to one recently trying to do that aggregation when it comes to improving liquidity scenarios but I also want to talk about your slogan now it says you

Want to redefine trade specifically by moving beyond exchange itself so I can talk us through what you actually mean there yeah you just mentioned that revision because we want to really find trading and go beyond it change by

Reshape this business about how to portray cryptocurrencies in this industry it has my background I came from the financial a traditional Finnish market I was in charge of on the trading in my prior work spirit so I have a very

Mature infrastructure to felicitate the investment process but I moved my career into cryptocurrency world I find this industry quite primitive and the absence of prime brokerage has has locked the potential for this industry for further

Development so that's why I started project to unlock the potential because we want to feel the prime broker in this industry and this industry because you see in traditional Finnish market if they ask you a question

Where do you trade your stocks you maybe tell me a name like Goldman Sachs or some brokers firms or provide some kind of service to you you won't tell me that you traded socks on and I see or CBOE but in cryptocurrency

Even asked where do you trade cryptocurrency you tell me what's right online and you trade on Toby those are the names of exchanges so you may find there it's quite awkward because in the financial market you are not you do not

Have direct engagement with each changes right but that makes no sense yeah but in this market you have to have direct engagement with exchanges this is the extorter of the absence of prime brokers so we won't feel it but so the

Desk toy is going to do in this industry okay now it's very interesting that you want to be that conduit for a multitude of exchanges but it doesn't just stop there now this is where it gets confusing perhaps for some trying to

Distinguish between the protocol distinguish between troy trade and then go one step further so i want to read you a quote it comes from your own literature it says that one of the goals for Troy is to build up a world-class

Financial platform based on fundamental infrastructure all blockchain now when I read into the premise of Troy trade and try and understand that you want to be that one-stop facility to enable cross chain and cross chain trade you

Want to be a system in which you can interact between a multitude of different exchanges that's fine but when we talk about financial platform that's another conversation that opens up so much more so can you

Tell us what is it that you are fundamentally I either protocol are you the platform ie about the trade right great question because Troy project is the combination earth toy trade and toy net look Troy

Trade either centralized the trading platform ended the prime brokers service provider the Detroit network is a decentralized a trading and settlement launch and protocol so you could consider it toy trade will be the first

Application that is run on the toy block Troy network protocol and torture there will be some kind of interface for users to get interaction with our blockchain protocol at more like an explorer but we are doing this

Just Hope Island scooter exchange business they start from the centralize that you've changed the binary team right and then they launch their own – blockchain similar we will start from the

Centralized and trading platform Detroit rate and then we will launch our toilet network so I said okay said let's pull it back so if we start with the protocol if we start with Troy trade how far along are you in that roadmap for

Example so we can understand it's clear from what you're saying it's longitudinal you are building this vision out you want to be this replete robust financial platform but right now as we speak

Where are you positioned in terms of the development are you fundamentally first and foremost that Troy trade now or have you got parts of the mechanics already building to become more of this robust system okay

As for the timeline we will launch the Troy trade at late October this year and as well a toy network we will launch at late October 2020 so is the roadmap we pass the year but as for the toy trade although we will launch the first

Reversion and make it publicly this October but we have offered this platform and service to some of our closest friends and closes clients for almost a year so Auburn for that toy trade is quite

Mature and is fully capable and functional for prime brokerage services but knowing that eased to an MVP stage and it will be launched next year okay so that's still quite fast when I've looked at the scope of the network

Itself of that financial platform or that system that you call it that is ambitious no question but you've already clearly thought about all the different components and I imagine you're working towards building this out and we're

Going to find out how but once again you made it clear that there's a distinction between choy trade and once again that fundamental protocol for settlement as you mentioned and trade and also then once again moving beyond that to the

Full network what do you want to ask though in terms of your token and we'll explore this in more detail but it's important we ask this now is that the fundamental asset that unifies the both parts you know if we use the analogy of

Building an engine you know you want to build it to the point where it has full capacity now does that unit of account or that a unit of exchange does that represent both aspects they firstly Detroit Raylan

And build upon that to have relevance in the network yes exactly so just like how B&B the finest Hilton works it is first clean you are see 20 standed and then they usually are tokens by their own – block – so toy children and our native

Token we will first apply deployed on the ERC 20 bases and to circulate the in number ecosystem and then as soon as the Tor network is alive we will issue we will transfer our DRC 20 tokens to the toy network tokens on number college

Improv I say so when do you think that transition into the native token will happen on based on your road map about 1 year later I say ok so that will all be pending and everything goes to plan and then you can really expand the ecosystem

Into those different verticals which we'll talk about now one of the things that was also mentioned as well Kyra is that it says that your non-custodial focused on decentralized trade as you build the settlement protocol can you

Talk us through those two points of non-custodial and also decentralized because later as you build your system decentralized and centralized are integrated so that's why I want to make this distinction early ok because you

See most people may think in join network protocol is a public chain but they want to make it clear we are not a public chain project we are just a settlement protocol and on the base of layer 1 plus area to architecture as for

The layer 1 public channel we will choose pocket odds or a cosmos and our layer 1 and choose a sealer network as our layer 2 solutions so we are not the public so we will tack all the services that layer 1 blockchain under there to

Dashenka can provide together and to develop our own assessment protocol on the basis of little one Miller okay now that's very interesting so essentially you are an agnostic protocol yeah and you can

Operate and interoperate later as you build this ecology on various chains on there blockchains exactly so I wanted to ask you why polkadot why cosmos now give us some clear basis for some of the proofs

Some of the research some of the evidence that you're making the right choice is to integrate and work with certain block chance yeah because once we we want to choose the very font man to apply a public chain

From the most leading cross cross block chain block chain protocol so Paula Dalton cosmos is those the top two cross block chain protocol we could find on the market and from the recommendation of our CEO we think is the most

Appropriate way that we start from our settlement prog okay things also given that your defy eccentric who focus on that vertical or that area with wasn't as well the webassembly it seems like there's a good good reciprocal and

Mutual beneficial beneficial scenario emerging there with regard to the four layers I also want to talk about that because you have a stack system you know as you build towards this network and in that you have the application layer so

In your graph or graphic that you have a choice is to the top of that as I would imagine troy trade and you can clarify this as we go and then you also have your settlement network and then you have your off chain state channels like

Seller and then at the very bottom you have those public chains as you mentioned so can you talk us through since we're starting with troy trade and this settlement protocol where does it sit in this full stack as you're

Building this plan out so because toy train will be will be the first application on the future join network watch in a blue you can consider it it is very normal centralized the trading platform or software so you could trade

Tokens you could treat it like some kind of integrated exchanges so you could do whatever treating one another platform so excellent as our joy network going alive we would transfer part of function part of our functions to the toy network

Protocol because we think the solution that blockchain technology can provide is quite long tail the blockchain can now solve all of the problems you media or trading processes so we will move some functions that are

Suitable for block chains to solve to move those functions on number okay that makes sense but just to drop there so you know in the future you'll utilize your own chain and you'll transition to that main net that main that native

Token will operate on your own independent system but right now if we use the analogy of that full four layered stack that is mentioned in your literature right now if we use the analogy of cosmos or sorry if we use the

Block chains that exists my understanding is that you're at the top of that layered structure right now if we look at what you are fundamentally today which is the settlement protocol that sits on top and at the bottom

Because you don't have your own blockchain yet yeah you can work in that full stack with things like cosmos the polka dot and others you've also mentioned so once again talk us through the layers with when it when it comes to

Public chain self change settlement network and then the the application layer that's Troy talk us through the plan and how this works today since you haven't yet built out your own blockchain but you're going to build

This system with current block chains of choice mm-hmm yes that's the reason why I mentioned at first we do we put at the time the schedule and the time length of toilet-trained are related to next year because we want to majorly focus on the

Toy tray which is the centralized product currently because it produces that kind of foliar technology architecture it would be really time consuming and fall to be honest right now the technology is that is not that

Kind of mature for support such kind of TPS or tree efficiencies for were very very integrated in treating processes because you see we have achieved a great optional data now we have achieved about average 100 million u.s. dollar a day

Trading volume so the blockchain technology is not mature to to undertake such kind of cover and functions so missing the the foliar technology architecture is what we are planning you never had all the architecture of Troy

Network but we will to see if it is effective or if it is workable your ring will we will be developed to attract because ladies it is not set yet okay so that full force for layer plan is to come in the future so that's really

Clear now Troy trade can we talk about some aspects of that going back to what you are now in terms of some tough points to understand things like cross chain interoperability super nodes and again that non-custodial system they are

All relevant to what you are now can we talk about those and what they mean for part of the value that you bring okay so shall we go start with the supernal mm-hmm so you see we just make this super node I reflection from the

Traditional financial market you see in the financial markets there are exchanges there are prime brokers but there is a staff level of network of service providers called introducing brokers those introducing brokers may

Other small broker firms all media or terminals they will invoke more users to trade on the service platform of prime broker so what we are calling super nodes so we want to develop a series of introducing brokers in the proper

Currency market for example community leaders medias terminals they could see themselves as a node and big enjoying our toy trade system and they can introduce more user to exist or to trade on try platform it's just a reflection

Of the traditional program program network system okay all right so with so what's the benefit what's the primary reason why you would introduce the super node system into this okay this has a very strong relationship with our token

Economics because you see from our token metrics about 60% of our total supply is allocated to my new rewards so if you are a super node to join our ecosystem if you provide accrued work let's say if you introduce more

Users to trade on total you create a lot of trading volume you will get mining rewards this is an incentive mechanism to maintain this hard ecosystem and to get our introducing workers intensity incentive to to get more users to trade

In this ecosystem okay so in that before we move on to that those other points I want to understand the technology itself now if you've built in the protocol firstly to be highly operational now and it's in as successful as you built out

The test because now your beta phase understand so what's the proof of the tech how can we know that the tech firstly is sound that it that it's working and what is the basis of the tech that drives you know the success of

These super nodes for example okay this super Noatak is not locked in based a technology a rather a very simple simple product because we do this in traditional financial market every day and it is quite mature it's just very

Centralized the ledger to record everything and every behavior average science has behaved on number software or trading platform and then we recorded and to see how well your performance is or how many new users are referred by

You and we could allocate those my rules to use okay all right I want to talk to you more about the centralized system that is currently the Tauri trading system now but when we talk about cross chain interoperability you know is that

A feature that you're building in the future or is that something that will be available soon a feature in the future now down the Detroits rate okay got it okay so can you tell us a bit more about that plan how are you going to achieve

That what's the strategy to achieve that cross-chain element yes because you see in the future because some of our institutional clients may have a very different need for the cross block chain transactions and they do not and they

Lacked a very transparent third party to have a proof of their transaction there's a reason why we develop this settlement protocol in the first place so because you see we do not think currently everybody trees tokens on the

Exchange is the final format for the future trading format because with the in the future as the blockchain technology gets more advanced and as TV has keep growing a lot of trading process itself will be

Transact directly on the blocked it so that's what trying to achieve and why we choose polkadot and and cosmos in the first place because we do not think currently everybody believes if we want to trade hope as we could trade it on

Exchanges but we believe in the future that exchanges will also go decentralized and all financial services will go decentralized this is a plan for future I say and we want to talk to you more about that in a moment but with

Regard to non car stereo can you just reaffirm why that's a value to have that non-custodial system built in the current model yeah because as a centralized Detroit trade we do not want to touch the essence of our science due

To the security reasons so we will des necessarily sense of our account management system so basically if you want to trade against you have to create one account on each exchange but if you click on TOI TOI will create one

Corporate grade account on each exchange and will create a serious dummy account for our clients so your SS will be deposit and custodial directly by the top exchanges because those top exchanges have the highest level of

Security and custody services so Charlie will not provide a custodial service to you and it guarantee the safety to us that's the point to our noncustodial I say now in terms of KY saying IML will you facilitate a more seamless approach

Through your protocol so that those high net-worth the clients those customers that you're playing to have won't have to go through the rigors of all of the different exchanges yeah very good question we have negotiated to a United

Form of K by sea materile template so it reached to a result and if you pass a cave I see extenders a toy you automatically pass the standards for the exchange that you change it would not require you to do a second round

You may see wow that's quite interesting so you literally negotiate that as Troy with those parties now with regard to the centralization aspect obviously your chimp your plan is to merge or move into our support for both

Centralized and decentralized exchanges you want to also support your you know a whole holistic approach but now at the beginning you know you're first and foremost centralized by a core design does that concern you at all pura given

That we hear the common narrative out there that everything's pro decentralized you know there's an argument in the space also that that word gets thrown around too much what's your viewpoint at this you know

Beginning point for Troy okay we have considers issues for quite a long time but we get back to the sense of blockchain technology which used the concept I just mentioned before we do not think everybody's talking about the

Blockchain technology is a revolutionary technology but honestly I don't believe locked in is suitable for every problems that we meet and the blockchain technology is suited for solving those long tail problems law that will take an

Example about 95 percentage of daily let's say trading process all the needs for trading can be solved by centralized solutions it is more efficient and is also very transparent and secured it doesn't need to dissolve on the blog

Based on blockchain technology but we only need to do those use cases that are born for the blockchain technology and put those functions on blockchain protocol so we think we see this very critically because blockchain cannot

Solve everything got it now for those of you who'd like to know more what I'm going to do is put in the description below a full 14 minute video to explain the entirety of what Troy Train is essentially trying to do that's been

Also uploaded on to the YouTube of the Troy from the Troy team you can certainly go there as well but make sure if you do want to know specifically more about a more you know fast-track analysis and what they're essentially

What their core tenants are what they really stand for check that out it will be in the description below and in the future hopefully you cure you and I can catch up and speak more to that particular videos so we can explore that

Yeah that we great okay now I want to talk to you a little bit more about the roles of the different parts that you plan in the future just so that people could understand the magnitude of what you want to get to the reason why I want

To do that is because your token relates to this plan and so it needs to be discussed now there are four I want to break it down to four parts the defy the enterprise the blockchains and then the exchanges can you talk us

Through that quadrangle in your plan as you move forward to that 2020 goal of having this all built out okay let's start with the enterprises the traditional enterprises because those are some of our major clients that we

Are targeting our services to right and I write them down so that's why I really want to talk about them because I was really surprised by these names great so we are approached to buy a lot of a traditional financial firms that they

Want to part of their portfolio a part of your capital in the currency market but they lack of a one-stop solution to meet all of their trading needs for example there is a hedge fund they want to invest in cryptocurrencies so

They do not they do not know how to account management they do not do how to control your risk because they haven't met an infrastructure in this area so we provide them with our trading platform and by collaborating with some

Broker front with licenses we could directly gave our services to those traditional investor who treated group has to be Fiat so they still trade token of trade equities or to the bonds but currently they could trade

Cryptocurrency on toy that solve a lot of their problem because I can't with custodial service financial reporting risk control the audience okay I don't want to talk to you about some of the names that I read things like Visa

JPMorgan Facebook Kakao fidelity in line so they just some of them now the reason one is while normally I don't list the whole lot of names but some of them really stood out I wanted to find out more about how

Established your planning is you know the Converse at the top levels you know are these just plans and ideas or where's the evidence suggests that there's a there's more than just laws ability built into

These kinds of partners working with you as Enterprise partners as you build a network out yes those are the ideal partners what we want to work maybe in the future but currently we are collaborating with smaller firms than

The big main names you just mentioned just like because you know there are so many of headphones they had a team of maybe 30 to 50 people and they just want to do their decision-making process and they didn't want to leave everything

Else behind to a third party to require services from them so by collaborating with the toy let's say you are a small hedge fund you are the founder manager and you have three to five analysts you only have intellectual property but you

Do not have an infrastructure or other mechanism to help you maintain or cooperate so by clapping with joy you could leave yourself we still you're making and delivery everything else to us got okay so just

To clarify in the future you you're hoping through your own ambition to try and partner with some of those big names but you haven't yet doing that and obviously that makes sense given that you haven't actually built out the whole

Network itself anyway because you're focused on that first component that centralized asset that is the DES settlement protocol now does that mean that the names you put forward in the literature that people can go and access

Publicly for the other parts for the the defy for the block chains and for the exchanges are they just all more than the what the types the names that you'd like to partner with or are there any that have already been established as

You're building this network out yeah as for the exchanges side that the name you see they are the table as for the leading cripple changes we have already for you all of the function we had had access to all those top three Google

Each in this round war so okay that's are the exchanges are done yeah okay what about the other parts that the defy and with the block chains all the day the and blockchain you know it is more

Related to join network so we haven't started that kind of conversation you haven't moved that far right ok so what I will say is it's good to see some of the planning you do have that it's out there so people can the reason that

People can see that you're more than just a protocol in your holistic design and plan that's really important but right now you're focused again and I keep reiterating this on that settlement protocol for prime brokerage and again

That's why you focus so much on the exchanges right now ok that's good to know running through some of the names for us or you understand when you have the top 30 exchanges you know what does that actually mean

And how did you determine what makes a top exchange when we have serious issues of washed wash Trading questionable conduct we see you know all kinds of things going on within the scope questionable volume for example fake

Volume how did you determine what makes at the top 30 and what made the cut yeah there's wonderful advantage because you usually ever see the investors and see the clients they are the most leading market makers all high-frequency

Trading firms on the market so are really well aware of which exchange have the organic and genuine treating water and which exchanges are full of fake or water trading so merely select the first attraction for early exchanges and then

I do in our business because we have done this for almost a year we have tested the organic trading volume and liquidity on definite changes and finally finalized the white list of what issues we want to get access to okay all

Right well the big question then is the real proof is in compliance and regulation because that obviously also drives particularly in in places like the u.s. that drives more of that support for the good actors in the

Exchange domain now will you be completely compliant in those regions because that will really support more of the trust for this ecosystem to build yet as for the compliance reason we have two perspectives for that because know

There are some kind of exchanges like exchange the u.s. or exchanges in Korea they require you to pass a very serious KYC standards and you have to have a domestic bank accounts so that you could trade children's listed on those

Exchanges with your Fiat like you like 403 Endora right but on towing that work those kind of compliance issue is not a problem even if I and the Chinese and I want to try I want to trade a token on the Korean exchange I don't have to

Create account directly on let's say a bit because on toy platform we have a prime or career services within you could trade with Detroit and Detroit has has met all the requirements of upbeat toy can do the trade on the opposite of

It right okay so because of that you know that conduit for the exchange is what I'm gonna get at though is will you have the approvals will you have the support of US exchanges for example that are well known for trying to be good

Actors in this space you know obviously in Europe there are others there are others worldwide so are you really trying to tap into the global marketplace not just those that are familiar perhaps in you know Asia where

There's predominance of as you mentioned by Nance or B I know there global exchanges but certainly there are parties that are really supporting them that have come from those regions so will you be able to utilize your

Protocol and once again have access indirectly to those markets yes we have that plan because I'll never really map in the first quarter of 2020 we will start acquire all crap with those financial firms we provide utilizes and

By collaborating with those licensed all.we director acquire some licenses we could meet all of the compliance and regulatory requirements of human regions and different different governments so we make this forward and to get access

To the global marketplace right so licensing is part of your roadmap to is that a difficult thing to get and obviously it's a bit of a bit really at this time as people start to really trust

That the the planning that you have because the reality is this is just the start for you with your protocol you want to build this out and people are hopefully going to you know go with you along in this roadmap but once again

Part of this is the licenses that are not yet so organized they're happening later how much homework have you done as a team to make sure it's even possible that you can get those licenses yeah it is not that hard because you see it

Highly depends on the law and the regulations of the region for example in Hong Kong there are nine kinds of licenses but if we want to perform broker-dealer we only need two kinds of licenses and those two kinds of licenses

Is quite easy to acquire if we fill in all the documents and meet all the basic standards of SDC book we could get that kind of advice so for such kind of licenses we choose to acquire one directly under the name

Of Choi but in some regions I say us it is highly compliant and the regulation is really hard and really intensive so in such market who the choose to collaborate with the traditional financial firms who has already got

Compliance proper to your license so we can collaborate together and their traditional theory master could trade on toy through their license exam yeah I say that's the beauty of also you know establishing partnerships around the

World with other entities now with regard to proof of platform partners you know that's gonna come later but I want to move it back down to the conversation of investors for your startup in the you know in its beginnings I had a look

Through you know quite a few Asian based star supporters or investors really to try and help you kick start this initiative talk us through the investors what was the process was it a case of who you know because you know a lot of

Them seem to be familiar with each other and you know yeah just talk about the investor process so we understand how you started to get capital okay we Detroit project has finalized a the private sale we have raised roughly

About a million u.s. dollar there's some of Miller names like Block B C neo global capital went Adventures Signum from Singapore a BG vast consensus lab and alpha coin gbic investor thumbs those are the most famous large

Investment firms in Asia or they have a private investor to enjoy and gave us funk besides money they also pull all of their resources and their portfolio company to provide us with wider client base a lot of their

Portfolio company run your assets and strategies on the platforms that they help us keep start in the first place ok so that's a big deal given that we're in this market we're in now in 2019 in 2000 2017 it wouldn't be such a shock when

You say 10 mil but you've already managed to achieve that with your private investors clearly there's serious power play here in that many of these parties as you mentioned quite sensibly are serious actors in this

Space and they have been so for some time but in establishing this I guess you could say investor consortium you know the ones that are believing you from the outset what's the reason for them you know what's in it for them with

Regard to the way in which your lockups lot work for example the way in which they can start access the benefits as an investor because obviously despite their success in the past they are also focused on making money so no talk us

Through that okay firstly he has a really messed resolve where a large locking us Emmitt firms they themselves have a strong need for one-stop solution of their portfolio management there's the reason why they are looking for us

As a solution to them but once they use of a platform they thinking this is the exact solution I want so they invest in us and so that's the reason why they can feel comfortable to put a lot of their assets on the platform and the second

Thing is that because they are professional investors they see the potential of this race and they see the essential role of prime brokerage that is going to play in the generation of trading process and our

Coach admitted their investment asset so they decide to invest in us and they see if we could stand in this race as a prime broker we can seize the major opportunity in the next bookmark okay so are you going to lock your investors up

So that you know those who are saying to you know potentially engage with your type in the future in open markets can trust that there's some sort of real true authentic barrel valorisation from those initial investors yes all of our

Profits run still Randy master will be locked for a year they will be unlocked on a quarterly basis so the terms is quite hard for them but they are long-term visitors they would love to make this deal because they quite they

Are quite positive in this project okay and given the climate tough question but it needs to be asks do you think it's long enough do you think that you know as you mentioned the vesting period runs through over a year for that unlock

Process do you think that's long enough or do you think it could have been longer I think this is quite long enough for them because you know currently the market is not very well and have made a lot of resolve to make such a huge

Investment amount of Troy so they showed their commitment and besides because we believe in our token economics because as a prime broker we are a firm of real profit I mean cash flow we have treaties we

Have interest spread and we have service fees from the value-added services so we are a firm of real cash flow so we believe even if we unlock their tokens our token or rubber performs will still be strongly backed by our cash flow we

Think it would it won't cause any trouble for our investors on the secondary market got it so you have a plan for revenue because obviously there's use case built into your first protocol now with regards through the

Future plan for access more publicly you mentioned you've done your initial round you've raised ten mil but what about you know eventually becoming a utility token it's in another self and being accessible on exchanges

What's the roadmap there for the public okay firstly there is a token Detroit oten is the blood running through our trading system that's the first thing and the second thing is that let's go over through our token metrics I just

Mentioned before 60% of those tokens are allocated to mining rewards so a lot for retail investors or individuals could get access to goodbye Tony our ecosystem and in mind the rewards out so they could get tokens and only about 20% are

Tokens are for sale so that's our total matrix so we already have a listing plan but as you know the market is quite volatile and it is not very well currently so we are looking very carefully at our timeline so we are

Looking at get listed in this year but I cannot guarantee a specific time okay all right so this year I need to work on every word you say so this year it's likely but not guaranteed that the public sale essentially the public

Listing rather is likely to happen when you do that will there be nigh will there be some sort of public event or some sort of tge have you got anything planned for you know that a moment when you decide to make the move and allow

The public access it yes actually ieo is one of our major plans because we want to be really because we want to be considering all of our options and those top exchanges they really welcome us to get listed on their exchanges so they

Also gave us a lot of very insightful advices so it really depends on the market temperature and so if the exchanges believe the market was quite well we may go through the ideal process but if they think the market is not as

They're expected or they need some other climate issue we would go directly it is I said well that's good to know because the climate we're in we want to hear the flexibility and response from the the team themselves because right now I did

Want to ask you this are you aware of the concerns community have with the past performance of I because quite sincerely there's a lot of empirical evidence not just just you know not just feel anymore that it

Hasn't worked you know many instances and a lot of people have been wrecked whether that being presale whether that be you know trusting the ILO itself a lot of people really suffered yeah I assured they're

Concerned so that's the reason why we are open to all kinds of listing plans right I appreciate that now the big the big question is why do we need all of this why do we need to establish some sort of unifying

Settlement protocol when we have fully functioning exchanges now many would argue that they're continuing to grow in attention in agenda in their own silos why do we need this yes that's a very good question I got this question a lot

Because people are quite familiar with currently day trade hooking so many changes but how we wondering about why this scenario was not the same in the traditional furniture market our market now is not a dead compliant and we do

Not attain a lot for regulatory requirements death that caused a lot of conflicts of interest that is changes the currency exchanges were talking about today they are playing the both roles of exchange and brokers so people

May confuse those two concepts together but if you see the traditional financial market that exchanges are definitely only exchanges and the brokers do the brokers drop right okay so you're the first time that we can differentiate

Between brokerage and exchange exactly because I can the consumer you always confuse these two ideas together because believe me people confuse I've got it okay so you want to work with a lot of

Exchanges but you want to be that primary a brokerage support system that integrates them all or at least thirty at the beginning now with regard to the assets themselves this is a tough question and want to clarify this in the

Information I read BTC etherium and EOS they were primary sort of did you set so you want to focus on but talk us through what your plan is to support which II which digital assets you want to support as you build out your

Technology any on your service so we will be supporting a lot of financial instruments not only the token spot treating also included in contracts treating all the reference trading so as for the detail about the sponsoring you

May be wondering about what kind of tokens are we supporting currently we also partner to 500 rupee currency trading pairs so we are both support major points and outcomes it depends on what our clients want because

Those high-frequency traders and marking matrix they prefer to trade in eight recordings and those headphones they prefer to buy an old major coins but some of our clients are other market makers all they are small professional

Traders so they are highly speculative they prefer to trade out front so we provide all of those services all together right okay so right through the whole continuum you support them what's the requisite to be a client

You know if to work with your protocol and to work into it for to work with your service is there any specific requisites that I need to engage with you as it to be a client actually there is not a restriction but we only offer

Our service to institutional clients our business is B to B or B to B to C but we are open to retail investors we just don't do business development directly with retail investors okay so can you talk us through what that actually means

If you don't do it directly you do it indirectly he had a retail investors work with you yeah that's the major issue how broker broker network works because in the traditional finish market I am on Frank let's say goldman sachs is

A prime broker but in the sublevel broker network i could develop a lot of partners at my introducing brokers like a sun broker system by say tiger brokers do know the financial firm it is based in hong kong

If anybody want to trade american equity in china they do not have a American accounts right they have to trade on Tiger brokers but in the superficial way you treat on Tiger brokers but in the fact all of your

Trading and settlement are happen in the interactive progress right I say so I see about this delay is above way that can interact but your underlying protocol okay that makes a lot of sense now one of the things that I did want to

Find out more about was professional traders grade capital institutional you kind of mentioned it already but are they the fundamental sort of your client base for this to really flourish yes actually our clients fees are majorly

For categories the first is professional traders and analysts and other quantitative as that management team some headphones and hand that wealth wealth personals and family offices those are the four categories we are

Covering okay all right let's make sense just so people understand exactly what your target market is now why don't we recap on the raise itself so we're really clear you mentioned ten mil I just want to be precise what's the hard

Cap of the raise that you're doing and can you just let us know once again the token numbers you know the token or mix what specifically are you raising in those categories sort of just crystal clear so that we can move from that

Great from when were told the matrix about twenty percent of our total supply is allocated to token sale currently we are already finalized a promise around fundraising it raised about twelve percent of our total spike so there is

Still eight percent fall token sale why are we leaving this eight percent because we may go through I yield process and we leave those kind of coated for I yield but if we do not do I yield we will make like say a public

Surround the fundraising according to this eight percent because we were currently actively approached by a lot of exchanges and the bowling partners they see the potential by collaborating with us so they want to invest in your

Share in each Roy yeah we are waiting for the feedback from exchanges and to decide whether in this 8% – are you or to public sale sure now can you give us some estimate roughly in numbers in the amount given

That you raise you know what it was for the seed that was approximately 10 million for those initial investors so when we acknowledged that in terms of percentage you made it clear what does that translate that what does it

Translate to in money okay so you mean number and elation right right so in terms of your full valuation you can let us know that and also what the estimates are based on percentage for when you eventually do some sort of public tge oh

It's just that 20% a mention of oh yeah what it what does that translate to in money is to totally 8.4 million u.s. god they're in for the progress around and as for the public so run old are you run the final valuation and fundraising

Amount has not been decided yet I say okay but obviously it's smaller than that first – now you mentioned for that okay now with regard to the token itself I want to explore this more because it's so important because you're building out

A very long term plan and your token is the driver of it all give us a bit of a statement to affirm what your real purpose is as a token just to help out the audience you've got words like gas fee settlement rewards staking and

Medium of value which was something I'd not read before but how can we trust that those things firstly accurate and secondly that they'll be maintained as you build out towards the network goal people may be confused about how about

Honking anomic but for easily understood purpose I could make a comparison you could see joy took and just like a platform token for exchanges like EMV or HT for betoken they are the platform token for crypto exchange advice you can

See joy token is a platform token for toy train because in one as soon as our product going alive we will collect toy token as a format of treating theme which means people could pay trading feed with joy if you pay us with Toyota

You could get access and can benefit from a very cheap and competitive treating fee compared to created tokens directly all it changes so we also have well culturally periodic learning event for that because we see

Our cash flow is toy token we will burn for children to create a deflation on the market on the quarterly basis that's why I always say with BMA happening actually that's the first major use case and the second major use case is the

Super node campaign you mentioned above we want to get a lot of the introducing brokers who get involved in our ecosystem and our toka will be used as incentive and to reward to new users or the new thanks we have stiking say for

Stacking you got burning you've got gas phase in your settlement so I want to ask this if we can use finance and B&B for a bit of a synergy you know to better understand now right now we see a lot of conversations about the potential

Expansion of the network and the system of Barnett's you know this talk talk about banking for example means in which people so the point I'm making bear is that we don't even know yet the scope of what finance can do our planning to do

And thus B&B could definitely morph into a greater token it represents a much greater plan so do you think that there's reasonable to suggest this and similarities in that as you emerge you'll be first and foremost this

Settlement protocol with the token driving that but but again likening to parts of the unknown with finance you are you at least you have a direction we know where you're going we know you're good in its network this is the fair to

Say that the scope of the two is no understandably similar and there's then the question is how we see the value of title can differentiate who the exchange tokens because with in the future we will save how people trade they're

Having about how people trade Hogans every day in the traditional Finnish market people do not know their trade how their trades are executed on different exchanges they are insensitive to exchanges but they are sensitive to

Their prime brokers so people may do not know the names of the changes but they had to know the name of their prime brokers we think as a prime broker we have already be the center of this treaty process so we think our

Value has a greater potential than exchange tokens in the future as a big statement so you possibly you know from what you're hearing you and your team feel that you could be more central to the whole ecosystem that is crypto and

That's even more valuable than something like B&B it depends on home ensure this market is because as market got expand the industrial chain will change and the exchange will will do if changing jobs and leave the broker drops to us and as

A prime broker will be at the center in the unit regime and the exchanger will not be in the center I say now given as such volatility there's such flux in in the space you mentioned your partner with 30 of the primes the top exchanges

Now if things change and you start to see some exchanges really fall and falter I do you have that sort of that a process system in place so that you can can accommodate for change that you have that flexibility built in so that you

Can cater for the integration of new and emergent exchanges yes we have because I mentioned we have the wetly whitelist of ETA – right and we are currently monitoring the organic trading flow of every exchanges because we have that

Kind of access and the data flow so we really evaluate our the organic treaty modeling for typically exchanges on the regular basis and we wipe out those who fail or who are not eligible again from our watch list okay that's good to know

Now if we can talk through these reasonably quickly but with some sort of system response some of your key features for this first development you're making these inroads into essentially the brokerage

Domain are things like master level trading platforms sophisticated data analytics diversify brokerage services services and full-stack quantitative solutions mouthful in all of those but I'm sure you've rehearsed this for all

The interviews you're going to do but they are core to your business now so talk us through why these are so important yes because all of the key features and modules you mentioned about is the sense

Of prime broker business personally I want to perform prime broker business I have to have infrastructure price which is a trading platform that that is the basic functions we offer our clients with joy trading platform and on the

Basis of trading platform prime brokerage fees or service is a service required by our client so we have to provide such kind of services and integrated these services on our platform and all the services you

Mention about I mean the brokerage it is beneath the treating club you cannot see with your eyes but it is actually there just like I could take an example for example its margin landing for example if you want you want to buy Bitcoin but

You you only have one dollar I could lend you three dollars to make your total money – for others so you could get extra absolute return right that is one of a lot of prime brokerage services and as for the data analytics you know a

Lot of retail users trade tokens by their sentiment they do not have a very intelligent decision making process but a lot of professional traders they have a very intelligent treating process they make decisions based on a lot of

Sophisticated data so we provide them with a lot of data and treaty signals will help them make decisions and as for the constancy of strategy you see a lot of our clients are cons or asset mentoring team if they run their assets

On our platform and we see their actual performance is quite well we could also help felicitate their fundraising process to our other there's no client and because other institutional clients are always bothered about they lack of a

Very transparent and third-party proof of how well the strategy really is we could provide that kind of proof to our investors and clients I said whole point of all of our features right and that's obviously logical given that you are

First and foremost a brokerage service but I want to ask you you mentioned the you want to provide those those really technical services you know want to make sure that you've got that quantitative data provision but what happens though

Akira innocent scenario we see playing out now where $9.99 or approximately that figure of digital assets don't have you yet that empirical proof of any value at all in terms of correlation that the utility token and their plan if

You're going to on board a multitude of different pairs for various assets how can we trust that any of them have any meaning at all given that you know you're providing for these brokerage service but does it matter about the

Actual asset at all for a tea or layer I imagine this case occasional lead that in the future all of those alcohol currently we may have a more than 2,000 kind of trading your own cryptocurrencies right about 99 percent

Of them will disappear but there will only be left with 2% but I am a professional trader myself or so from my perspective the courtesy is one kind of asset class I treated them not only because they have intrinsic value also

They are wallet hop they have more volatility so as a professional trader I treat molecules you rather than the asset right and that's why I want to ask you because volatility is the asset for the trader they don't really sometimes

Care about what underpins that volatility but the question I have is what happens if majority of these are just built on BS if there's just nothing there at all do people just continue capitalizing on the narrative firstly I

Believe in there are values for copra currencies like Bitcoin or other pmw coins let's say just for example they are they will not be disappeared because they are backed by a ecosystem and a bunch of minor Network effects and you

Know ok yes if there are several kinds of cryptocurrency leave-leave long let's say for example and has certain kind of volatility what kind of services we could provide to our clients it is all kinds of financial east

That is tacked to the volatility of those currents for example futures options and other derivatives hmm but does it concern you that we have things like dogecoin for example in the top hundred it was deliberately meant to

Be an experimental coin it wasn't meant to be something that had fundamental cold worth or merit but yet it's still very much in that camp of volatility and so people trade it does it concern you that's what I'm getting at is the

Integrity of the startup does it even matter at the level you're at because volatility is so valuable you know what it doesn't bother me and because you see I

I was engagement with this market since 2015 back 2015 there were already more than 2000 out corners in the market and all of those out points disappear or vanish in last four years you have to believe in the power of economic cycles

Currently we are in the new entrance of another cycle so there will be other kind of assess emerging but how can we how can we trust the longevity of the whole ecosystem if as you mentioned we say we saw two thousand startups

Literally just fall off the way sort of fall off the crypto wagon doesn't there need to be some sort of mainstay group that show that there's more than just speculation inherent with those additional is those alternative startups

Aside from just BTC itself that started this whole conversation because if we keep seeing a recycling effect but with replace a replacement effect with new to replace old how do we build trust that some are going to stay the long haul you

Know have value I think that is quite a few logical questions but isn't do we my question is more do we actually need that empirically to trust that this and their system has merit I mean quite serious not being so philosophical

Because I'm asking you do we need to see more evidence empirically that there's more to this system than just one coin personally I really do not have the answer to your questions because it because currently

We are undergoing an empirical environment as you we are it's very experimental and it makes it so exciting and I guess your writing of the wave of the volatility and the experimental aspects of this I personally and very

Excited about to experience in such kind of experiment so I do not know which path this mix is going to but I'm quite enthusiastic to be part of it I say and do you think they were moving more towards legitimacy given as a

Harder line coming from the government and enterprise sectors exactly from my perspective I already see Bitcoin as a supplement or a replacement to go because we always call it a digital code and the chairman of Federal Reserve also

Called Bitcoin and the official digital kind of goat in his hearing so we believe let's say in extra three years at least the Bitcoin will play a more important role in the global economy and add major asset class so we

Think the market will keep flourishing rather than vanish in retail do you do you think that in this instance then the top-down parties such as a government enterprise forced to pay attention given the network effects given the uptake

Given the support from the grassroots of BTC and and the big question now is what happens if they start to integrate their own blockchains base to start up or their or some sort of system whether that be a global g7 alliance base coin

Whether that be a stable coin currency or even an ideal similar to what's emerged with BTC what I'm asking is are they going to come back and respond in kind or are they simply just going to accept what's emerged as the you know

People's version of an sov asset it's now flourishing I mean they absolutely will because you know I'm from China right you know Chinese government is actually considering about the issue kind of locked him based Viette called

Digital or mb so a lot nations governments or let's say traditional enterprises is absolutely pursuing a way in this market the trend itself is inevitable but I had to admit they are giants so they have trouble about

Turning around you know a big elephant cannot stir around by recently take them some time to to get into and be accustomed to this market picture max little sense that do you think that there's any possibility if that did

Happen and what will happen eventually with their digital currencies that they could actually need us to utilize something like your protocol and later network very funny question because you know why do we name our toy in the name

Why do we name our project with the name Lovejoy please tell me because obviously in history there with Troy we always make a joke about the Libra we think the Libra is – Troy a house for Bitcoin but our project will be Detroit of those

Traditional enterprises and financial investors to get involved in this market we are either cause for them so that's a reason why we named our project in this way I say so you really do have big ambitions quite significantly just as

Libra does and Culebra we mentioned all of the regulation what about security how do you make sure that you have the best provisions of security and Trust built in from the outset so that people know they're not going to see risks

Inherent with hacks for example you know information being accessed and leaked seeing risks with regard to manipulation great the risk the security is the major issue we are concerning about every day so we make a very full stack of

Solutions to that firstly as I mentioned in the former question before we wanted a set of our clients all of your assets will be custodial directly on those exchanges and we choose our exchanges for custody very carefully we only

Choose the top circle changes like by men so for me so they will be taking all the responsibility and the Karen the safety of your air assets because we would assign a third-party custody agreements with them including the

Clients toy tray and it changes to make sure all the all is legit and all everybody's responsibility is quite clear that can about 99 percentage of the risk on the iPhone and as for the data leakage we have a whole set of

Exchange level encrypted system the user ID and the treating flow of certain clients are encrypted desperate to differently in different place so only if a hacker can have your username but he doesn't know what a traitor you have

Perform and if he had the treaty orders they do not know who make those orders we do everything to protect the data and the security of our clients ok that's good to know so you have that built-in security system plus you're bypassing

Some of the inherent risk because you're entrusting all of the the fundamental security of data with those other parties whether they be centralized or centralized exchanges that that's really interesting I want to talk to you talk

To you about some of the numbers when it comes to operational growth data things like your accumulated assets there's 250,000 BTC mentioned they're accumulated trading volume of 5 billion and then it just goes on and on on 2

Billion daily orders 100 million daily volume I mean I want to find out more about how you made those determinations and are they already empirically happening yeah because you see we are not a simple start-up because

We have been doing this for almost a year we develop our trading platform and offer our services to institutional investors especially our investors those big blockchain investment firms has been trusting at almost a year they have

Primary investment business they have trading and marketing business they have asset management business they're nearly run all of their business on their platform for almost a year so the number you see is the achievements we got in

Last year so they're real and they're like we can't miss time and I think the number we're at on the you see is not the best performance of ours because you see the average daily t1 is about one u.s. dollar I gave you

The number but average is about 300 million u.s. dollar April because the market was quite well back then April I can make her come too late the market has cooled down so I were treating water will fall down a little bit with it okay

That's good to know now how transparent are you with your protocol itself when we come when it comes to developers for example assessing the quality of your technology how willing are you to provide some of the that code for

Example or is it all closed source there may be a little difference because we are we are not a public chain we are not open source project we are as fast provided like I say as soft as a service provider so you may not be seeing our

Code directly but you can see our product is October because we've got a lot okay sorry SAS model by design makes a lot of sense a middleware essentially you're protecting that code your centralized so is that P is the reason

Because essentially that secret sauce you wouldn't want to leaked because you don't want people appropriating your technology I have to admit the technology is not the major advantage of ours so we protect this only because

It's a centralized captrick not open-source our major or the Vantage is the incentive resources and a connection we get with all the top players in this industry because Ryan brokerage is in the center of the industrial chain right

As a prime builder we have to have the most intensive resources to get the best price trading fees between us being away from exchanges and we have to have the resources to get access to Eastern investors so that is our major advantage

And is our entry barrier to knockin that makes a lot of sense but why does it matter then the more I would it need to be something that you don't you know disclose in terms of transparency if in fact you know you've got this first

Market mover position you know you're well and truly ahead with when it comes to the prime broker position with does it matter that people can can or can't see your technology even despite being centralized by design

The people because our technology is not that kind of unique let's say because this prime brokers service system is quite mature in their traditional panel market but we have to make some customized adjustments or make this

Product adapt to the climate of the cars market so that is the major differences but after all it is still a prime brokerage service system right not okay now when I talk quickly about your old-style leadership that's what you you

Guys state from your team at Troy but how can we trust that you really do have what it takes as a team I've read through credentials but I have to say it requires empirical research you can't just rely on instated but I want to hear

It from you to reaffirm and give us some confidence how did you go about picking this team and and how do we know that the skillsets were all there to continue to build this network that you plan to build by 220 okay

As you can see the three of my co-founders including me myself key Ruslan and Sheehan is the chief product officer and my CEO Clark tone we met each other when we were both in this industry because we were business

Partners we were in different companies but we have daily interaction with each other every day you can see Clark tone is exchanged technology provider he develop a lot of crypto currency the currency exchanges and they had a quite

Rich experience in the prime brokerage system and all the trading system and the Tehan is the product officer in all he acts which is the leading contract reading privilege changes in the world maybe the best in the world

And prior to okay yes he had work experience in tighter brokers and east money those are the Hong Kong yeah in Hong Kong those are the two most famous prime mover and the broker service provider in contaminating Asia

He was always in charge of product development so he had reach if there is in developing that can Prime business okay so you got some serious experience in the domains you need exactly so we met each other when we

Were doing doing business and we think we are quite comfortable with each other because everybody has their own expertise and our team get well we're together we think it's time it's the best timing and we are the best team to

Make this happen okay you know this little guarded readiness you've automatically that you've been working on this for some time now and that's important that we know that I want to talk to you got a really tough question

Now you're not going to like this but there's some baits and suggestions in the you know recent years particularly the last year that many of the startups that are emerging really function or anything in by form okay like securities

Because they're raising capital essentially from investors now what would you say to someone who asked you that question or perhaps I am now with regard to you know just questioning the nature of utility tokens themselves are

You confident that you've got the this right in terms of determined that they determine illogical determine determined determination the determining what this actual title is of the token in its use case because of the fact that there is

This preceding expectation from the investors that there is value in your token yes from my question it really really tough really tough I've this is the first time I made such kind of questions fall from my personal

Perspective we I have two answers for that the first is that upper because as a prime Booker we have a standard business model so our cash flow is Rania and everybody know the logics about how we making hash compared those public

Blockchain because they are more like a concept order product to not generate real cash flow but they are all floating in the air but we are solid on the ground we are we are a business we have to make cash and make profits to support

This development and this team right that's a data jesus drawn back forward ecosystem and the second is that because you see we are running a such kind of service so we have a plan for equity fundraising we will bring a lot of

Traditional investors us-market European margin those are feared a massive right to recap for a equity firm and active firm is a very transparent organization that is well proved because everyone raised our

Company in the traditional world right we have auditors we have accountants we have all kinds of regulations to regulate how a company works these two can help us to prove transparency to our investors okay now this is another tough

Question based on what you're saying now if you are for profit you're going to be making money and obviously that would happen pretty rapidly or imagine how do you ensure there's a strong correlation between the token as a utility token

That also has those aspects we've talked about as its inherent value how we see the correlation between that particular asset and the growth of your own ecosystem via you know revenue and the success of the brings because I would

Imagine that would make sense you know to start to see a correlation of growth in value tough question I know yeah really really tough and because you could you could still you could still think of the similarities of our talking

Anomalies to the DMV took economics we share a similar idea of periodic burning events they use part of their revenue to brand that cause tokens from the market ride we are almost exactly the same because

It was the our trading field will be in the format of troy token run will Nick rule we're transparent so the mechanism is transparent to everyone everyone could see let's say how much percentage in your burn and back from the market I

Think and is that information all yet decided in terms of calculating the amounts of burns because obviously your revenue is going to dictate the asset of the total that the value of the token as well so how do you determine that the

Amounts that are burned over time is that finite or is that based on you know other variables to be honest internally we have reached agreement about how much percentage is going to be allocated to to Britney

Vests but we will make it officially and transparent as long as we launch our product because this has to be very transparent right looks like right well I would like to say on behalf of everyone Kyra soon thank you very much

For your time today I know it's been extremely long it's extremely lately well and truly past midnight for me but I want to thank you for staying back in the office because it is so important that we can ask all of these questions

Again to reaffirm to all of the listeners this was sponsored I did my very best to ask all of the questions that I certainly wanted to know with regard to what the plan is what they stand for actually you've done that

You've answered those today and hopefully that's the first of many conversations to come whether they be sponsored in the future whether they be free it's really not the point for me I just want to make sure that we can

Better understand what you're doing as you build from now into the network you want to become so thank you very much for letting us know the first phase and that is Troy trade and once again as I said before make sure if you'd like to

Know that 14 minute recap if you like to experience that it isn't a link below and we will catch up Kyra and I to unpack that further in the future curious anything you'd like to do to finish off as a final statement for all

Those that have survived this long interview just to end you know and raise anything you want to finally add yeah I just wanted to say thank you to you Thank You Brad for your time and to give me this opportunity of sharing our

Insights and opinion to not only the product I sell but also to the perspective of our future development even if the our visions in the industry and I really feel honored by having this opportunity thank you very much and if

If the everybody is interested in the project I you can see our video and visit our official website to see the beta version of product we are really looking forward to the opinions and suggestions to help us go further thank

You very much you're very welcome and once again there's other social channels for you as well make sure you do explore them if you are interested in looking more into the Troy Network and most importantly the Troy Troy system that

Starts at all once again thank you again Keira song for your time as Coast of Troy and we'll talk to you soon Thank You Brad thank you very much

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